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Say N.O. to the E.U.

"The UK belongs to the EU" - Shultz

The EU referendum question is yet to be finalised but Cameron is itching to lumber the Out camp with the ‘No’ option. Fair enough. Cameron is the EU’s man in Whitehall so no surprises there. The challenge to those who believe in the UK will be to make ‘No’ look cool; to make ‘No’ the new black. That won’t be as difficult as it might seem.

There are already many attractive ‘Nos’ in support of Brexit, including: No to 75% of UK law being made undemocratically by unaccountable foreigners; No to the lie that members of the European ‘parliament’ actually represent anyone; No to the lie that an EU Commissioner from the UK is there to represent the UK’s best interest; No to the lie that Brexit will cost millions of UK jobs and prevent the UK from trading with the EU; No to thousands of OAPs freezing to death every year to abide by a profiteering and corrupt EU ‘renewables’ policy; and No to mass, unchecked immigration.

But there are other creative and inspirational No’s that are less well-publicised and that referendum undecideds should mull before putting ballot pen to ballot paper.  Here are just five of them:

  1. No to the UK going to war with Russia: Currently, the quietly militarised EU is on an intentional collision course with Russia, as the EU persists with its empire-building in Eastern Europe. Greece’s apparent recent overtures to Russia add oxygen to that flame.

The only way to be sure that the EU will not drag the UK into a war with Russia is for the UK to leave the EU.

  1. No to HS2: Ask most EU-philes and they’ll tell you that the white elephant on steroids we refer to as High Speed (rail) 2 has nothing to do with the EU. As this excellent article shows, they are wrong. HS2 is an EU mandate and abandoning it will certainly not be on Cameron’s fairy dust list of EU reforms.

The ONLY way to prevent HS2 – and its the larger and eye-wateringly expensive TEN -T transportation plans it is part of – from taking root in the UK is for the UK to leave the EU.

  1. No to UK-destroying regionalisation: The EU’s map of Europe has no national borders. And neither does Cameron’s. They see Europe as a collection of administrative regions, an integrated system of EU governance that runs parallel to, and bypasses, existing democratic national, county, city and other democratic governments. Cameron is gradually rolling multiple city, local and other governments into large regional bundles – to be controlled by his new mayors – so that the EU’s Committee of the Regions can swing by to do a little one-stop-shopping here and there, rather than have to repeatedly expose its power grabs to democratic scrutiny and resistance.

The only way to avoid Cameron transitioning the UK from sovereign nation to an administrative EU region is for the UK to leave the EU.

  1. No to imprisonment for disagreeing with EU ideology: The EU has a long list of thoughts and phrases that it has decided are criminal when held or expressed by its ‘citizens’. The only reason for deliberately drafting vague criminal law such as this (e.g. is criticising the EU ‘xenophobia’?) is to give politicised judges the absolute freedom to arbitrarily impose severe sentences on political undesirables without having to explain themselves; all tyrannies are driven by vague laws that carry unreasonably severe punishment.

The only way for UK citizens to escape this thought cage is for the UK to leave the EU.

  1. No to EU law having primacy over UK law: When a UK law steps into the ring with an EU law, the EU law always wins by a knockout. This is because the fight has been rigged by the 1972 European Communities Act, sections 2(4) and 3(1) of which “give effect to the doctrine of the supremacy of EU law, as interpreted by the Court of Justice, over national law;” The laws we make in the UK Parliament – our laws – are illegal if they conflict with EU law.

The only way to once again make UK law supreme over EU law is for the UK to leave the EU.

As blowhard EU Parliament ‘president’ Martin Shulz’s cockily claims: “The EU is and Britain are one thing. The UK belongs to the EU.” He’s right. As things stand, the EU owns the UK, and it will do so until we screw up the courage to simply say: No! No! No!

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5 Comments on Say N.O. to the E.U.

  1. Some good points here and they need hammering home to those europhiles who like Cameron want the UK to stay in the EU.
    Also, if you ask many younger voters why the UK should leave the EU they don’t know. Ask them why the UK should remain in the EU and they say they have no idea, other than the media such as the BBC and various commentators say Britain is better off in than out, because if the UK left the EU, thousands of UK jobs would be lost and we would lose the ability to trade with Europe.
    The UKIP promotions and publicity machine needs to reach out and explain to them that the EU propaganda is designed to destablise the UK voter and avoids explaining what the EU’s plans really are about and the way Cameron may try to rig the referendum.

  2. pamela preedy // June 21, 2015 at 4:40 pm //

    Martin Schulz is certainly an odious man; his demeanour and attitude speak volumes. I’ve seen him speak and react to UKIP MEPs’ questions as if he can barely tolerate being required to respond to such insignificant minions. His claim “The UK belongs to the EU” is chilling and reminds me of the possessiveness of a kidnapper confident that there is no chance of rescue for his captive.
    I fervently hope that the British people will deliver themselves from servitude this time.

  3. Good article. Who needs a “positive” case for an independent Britain’s place in the world? These reasons are on their own more than enough to satisfy the undecided that they must vote “no”.

  4. Rob Silvertree // June 21, 2015 at 2:17 pm //

    The difference between the European ‘Napoleonic’ legal system and the Magna Carta based system in Great Britain is another problem…Our world view is incompatible on so many levels.

    • pamela preedy // June 21, 2015 at 4:20 pm //

      Indeed. In pre-Revolutionary France anyone could be detained indefinitely without charges if the person who wanted them locked up obtained ‘lettres de cachet” from someone influential, probably with money changing hands. This happened to the Marquis de Sade, who was kept in the notorious Bastille (mind you, he probably deserved locking up) and the Count of Monte Christo – fiction I know, but based on what happened to countless subjects of the king. In Wordsworth’s ‘Prelude’ he tells the sad story of a young suitor locked away by his sweetheart’s family because they didn’t approve of him.
      Meanwhile, here in the UK, we had had the law of ‘habeus corpus’ for centuries, preventing the detainment of anyone without charges being brought, and with requirements to produce the arrested person in a public court where he could be remanded, bailed or freed until a proper trial. Maybe Napoleon improved their system when he had power, but the point is that we already had a longstanding superior system long before the French, and we still do.

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