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Riots, Demos: Eurogendfor Revisited

(with contributions from Jane Kirkby and Viv Evans)

Riots are spreading across London this evening (16th June) following the total destruction of the Grenfell Tower over the last two days in a fire which surely had no right to occur in London in the 21st century.  There have been many wounded and an as-yet unknown number of residents who have died. It is understandable that the homeless survivors who have lost so many friends and family members must be intensely angry and desperate to find someone to blame for the cause of such a fast and furious blaze at the Grenfell Tower. But these rioters are also being used as an excuse to push other grievances, pro-left-wing, anti-Tory Government, anti-capitalism, anti-Brexit…anti anything.

However, should the current Government fall and a Left Wing Labour Government take its place, and since we are still in the European Union, such a Government might feel it could ask Brussels to send in their European Gendarmerie Force. The Eurogendfor was established in law during 2007 by the Treaty of Velsen and is a combined police and militia force, currently formed from six EU member States.   It is designed not only to strengthen the EU Common Security and Defence Policy but also  —  as in this case  —  to deal rapidly with any perceived threat of civil unrest in all member states.

My article about the EU’s Eurogendfor was published in UKIP Daily a couple of years ago, and in view of what is happening in London at the moment, I’m worried that, since we’re not out of the EU as of yet, and since the media have been going on about ‘Tory Cuts’ to the Police forces, Ms May’s government could have recourse to it should the situation worsen. Here are some relevant paragraphs of that article:

“The EGF was officially declared operational in 2006 but its status was not finally enshrined in law until 18th October 2007 in the Treaty of Velsen.. . According to Article 5 of this Treaty, the force may also be placed

“at the disposal of…the UN, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), NATO and other international organisations or ad hoc coalitions”for various missions.”

Article 4 of the Treaty states that the EGF forces could be placed under either civilian authority or military command to perform security and public order missions, by supervising local police and including criminal investigation work. They could also conduct public surveillance, border policing and general intelligence work and, according to a ‘Solidarity Clause’ in the Lisbon Treaty of 2007, the EGF could now even ‘assist a Member State in its territory, at the request of its political authorities’.

Our reader Jane Birkby writes: 

“They could be invited in under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 if a leader thought there was a threat and personally took complete charge of the country.  The 2004 Act is a fascist enabling act with woolly vague wording, just like Stalin and Article 58 of Lenin’s Criminal Code and the enabling act tht Hitler pushed through the Reichstag under threat of arms.   Under Stalin it enabled the woolly wording to be “interpreted”  as labelling people enemies of the state, to be arrested and sent to Gulags, to intimidate and general population.”

Does that mean we could see the Eurogendarmerie Force on the streets of Britain helping, let’s say, to put down so-called political unrest? Since no assurance to the contrary has been given by the British government that the EGF will never be allowed to operate on British soil, and indeed, it has even gone so far as to agree that the force could do so with the Government’s mere ‘consent’, this could indeed happen. And once the Eurogendfor are inside the country, no British government could ever order them to leave.”

Ed: While the government is still waffling on about what sort of Brexit we’ll get, it would be nice to hear from Ms May or indeed Ms Rudd that they would categorically not invite the EGF into our country should things run out of control.

More from that article:

“A worrying sign, pointed out by journalist Jason Groves writing in the Sunday Express a month before the signing of the Treaty of Velsen, was that with no publicity, a similar gendarmerie-type force had been in operation in Bosnia even before the Treaty had been signed. This could indicate that those organising the EGF are happy to operate outside of parliamentary control and this can be expected to determine the nature of future European interventions.”

Ed: The points following below, made in 2015 still apply – we’re not out of the EU yet, and we have had no indication from Government if they will keep these EU controls for the UK even after we’re out:

“There are now three EU controls over UK justice and home affairs –

  • The European Arrest Warrant which allows UK citizens to be arrested in this country on the request of an EU member state,  and sent to foreign jails without bail while awaiting trial.
  • Europol, the European Intelligence Agency whose officers have diplomatic immunity for whatever they do.
  • And now the European Gendarmerie Force, a multinational police force with military status, which is able to enter any EU member state, including the UK, at the request of the government and could also operate globally as a paramilitary force.

Jane Birkby then points out that the Eurogendfor

‘would also have immunity from prosecution in the execution of their duty’.

Ed: One wonders what our Human-Rights-Lawyers would have to say about that – not that they have made any noises, to my knowledge, but please correct me! Sonya Jay Porter revisited her original article, and in a communication today she raises these same questions which have been unanswered as to date  Only, they are no longer purely academic, given the events happening these past few days!

So if the police aren’t able to deal with the rioters rapidly and if the present government is brought down we might soon be facing foreign troops on our streets and a complete loss of Brexit.

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About Sonya Jay Porter (47 Articles)
Sonya Jay Porter is a free-lance writer who joined UKIP in 1994, having previously worked as a journalist in Dubai in the 1980s. Over the past few years she has had articles on various subjects -- including those related to the European Union -- published on several web sites.

11 Comments on Riots, Demos: Eurogendfor Revisited

  1. It is good to see that the issue of EU policing is now being discussed. As some know, I have been “banging on” about about policing and criminal justice in the EU context for many years. Indeed in the 2007 Express article linked here, Jason Groves quotes me by name. In my submission to the House of Lords (September 2013), I wrote:

    A major point I wish to make at once is that we do not need to wait for a Corbyn government for the danger of the EGF on our streets to materialise. Mrs May herself, when Home Secretary, said in June 2012, in reply to a Parliamentary Question from Dominic Raab MP, that “of course” she would invite “onto British soil”, “special intervention units from our EU allies, if we saw a need”. It is in Hansard. I quoted this in “Serious Risks”, my submission to the House of Lords in 2013 for the debate on whether to opt back into the European Arrest Warrant (or to keep the opt-out, as I recommended).

    I wrote, at the time,
    “The point is that once the armed, paramilitary, Eurogendarmerie are inside the country, no British government can ever order them to leave, for they will only obey orders from their masters in Brussels. For the people of Britain it will feel like being under military occupation by a foreign power, imposing alien laws on us.

    At that point British participation in the EU project will no longer be voluntary. Our sovereign right to withdraw, never denied by any British participants in the debate, will have gone.”

    Mrs May is being either devilish cunning, or completely purblind not to say of limited intelligence.

    It is unfortunate that in the recent campaign, the UKIP high command refused to mention the European Arrest Warrant, which places the personal freedom of every person in Britain under the arbitrary will or whim of any – however dodgy – judicial authority anywhere in the EU. Actually they are all pretty dodgy by our standards, for they can arrest and hold people for long months in prison on no evidence and with no public hearing. Any country which allows its citizens to be subject to this kind of manhandling by foreign powers is a vassal state. As Steven Woolfe said “If we haven’t left the EAW we won’t have left the EU”.
    And Mrs May and Ms Rudd want to KEEP THE EAW EVEN AFTER BREXIT!!!

    • I NEED TO EDIT THIS, I CLICKED ON SEND BY MISTAKE! I am actually annoyed with Sonya Porter for pinching my work – even quoting my words – without attribution. However I do not wish to discuss this in public.

      • Sonya Jay Porter // June 19, 2017 at 10:56 am // Reply

        I am so sorry, Torquil, you are quite right, I did forget to say that I was quoting from your work. All my apologies.

        For those who don’t know him, Torquil lives in Italy and has been a very strong anti-EU warrior for over 40 years. You can find his work on line if you look for Torquil Dick-Erikson.

  2. I think you are right to highlight this, Sonya. I had it vaguely in my mind but had forgotten about it recently.

    We must be under no illusion, if these Troops do come, they will be used, not on Antifa and associates, but on us. A very interesting talk with Tommy Robinson on Jon Gaunt after Manchester. He was so very worried. He says he has warned again and again about what has been happening, and yet the Government, instead of listening, have tried their best to shut him up, aided by our British Police. He says ordinary men are getting desperate. They ring him up almost in tears because they feel so powerless to protect their children from both grooming and terrorism, and even Muslim thuggery and bullying. He says that one day, if the rape gangs and terrorists continue to be enabled, he fears that people will finally kick off. He says that white lads have had all their pride stripped away, bit by bit. Not allowed to be proud of their country, their customs or their heritage. Taught in school to be ashamed. He is quite right. This is why UKIP is so important. It needs to be the Party of and for the British people, parents, grandparents young and old, gay and straight – so that they feel they are part of something, and can vote for something. They need to be brought in, not shut out. He is a very wise and intelligent man, as well as enormously brave, is Tommy Robinson.

  3. I’ve been ranting on about Eurogendfor for years, I’d forgotten about it after the referendum. What Sonya writes about here is very worrying, I think the EU can’t do without our money, they won’t let us go without a fight, they’d love an excuse to send the troops in.
    Our government too are getting very unpopular, don’t you just know that May wouldn’t hesitate to call for Eurogendfor if she felt her authority was threatened.
    This is all going to get very nasty before we get out of the EU isn’t it? I just know it, I can smell trouble. Things are going to kick off in the UK and the US.
    It’s very depressing for me to watch this from afar, I feel homesick sometimes. When I was growing up in England, I thought I was so lucky to live in the best country in the World, now I just feel fury over what is happening to it, it was all so unnecessary a total betrayal.
    I can’t bring myself to give up though.

    • Flyer, off topic in a way, and I shall keep posting this until you reply! – I expect you have already seen/listened to this fascinating video, which I urge everyone to find on utube by searching (magnifying glass at the top!) ‘End Times Productions The Deep State , 50 yr old recording explains why the world is going crazy’ – it is an hour long but I guarantee you will be gripped – tell me what you think, Flyer, it seems to answer every single one of my questions.

      • Dee- Yes, I had a look at that thanks. Sounds about right, the Rothschild and their extreme sect of Freemasonry, my article on the subject was about right. It is Lucifarian.
        These are the people we must deal with.

        Everybody should watch this.

  4. Simon Blanchard // June 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm // Reply

    I did ask this question to a few people in the military only last month when Theresa May activated Operation Temporer to bring troops onto the streets. It made no sense at the time. A suicide bomb went off in Manchester and troops sent to guard…key points in Westminster? Obviously they were looking for any “crises” to bring in a new policy to arm bobbies and merging them with soldiers and then to normalize it with propaganda in the Press with pictures of children doing selfies in front of armed troop/bobby patrols. What’s the problem I here you ask.
    Not in 30 years of the Troubles were soldiers put on the streets of London.
    Policemen are civilians who police through consent, soldiers are military and are trained to kill, but at least their loyalty is to our country.
    Then it occurred to me another plan must have been setup ready to go under Article 222 (solidarity clause) in the Lisbon Treaty, to do the same thing with our soldiers.
    The same policy is in place to decimate troop numbers,to such numbers they can’t function in “emergencies” without another member states troops.
    All they need is a “crises” to deploy this plan and we’ll be under Marshal Law with EUGendfor patrolling our streets.
    Still waiting to hear back what this Plan is called to activate the Solidarity clause. Anyone in UKIP know? They always have an operational name.

    • Simon
      The posting of soldiers on the streets was purely to free-up armed police for more active duties – though there was also a grandstanding element which was of course reprehensible.
      Things would have to be extremely bad indeed for a European gendarmerie to be called in – I don’t think we need to run such alarmist hares.

      • Simon Blanchard // June 18, 2017 at 7:38 am // Reply

        Events can change things very quickly.
        Yes we are told lots of things and it’s only meant to be temporary, but we’ll see just how temporary permanent this new arrangement is. Did they say when the soldiers will be removed from the streets?
        In Paris they’ve the same policy which was meant to be for a short period, 18 months on and they’re still there and probably for a good reason.

    • Hopefully their loyalty will be to their fellow native Brits when it does kick off.

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