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Response to Mike Munford

Two days ago, Mike Munford wrote “Will the New UKIP Leader Listen to the Membership?” (see here). The article also focussed on whether writing for UKIP Daily was a way of influencing policy in UKIP, and what was the purpose if only a small number of dedicated people followed the articles anyway.

Unfortunately I too was not inclined to write for UKIP Daily for many months as I felt disillusioned with UKIP having been treated appallingly by two Dorset Constituency groups, and had communications to UKIP Head Office ignored.  

It seems to me that UKIP, in respects of policy and function, is little different from the other parties. The rule-book is rubbish and is interpreted by Head Office in ways that result in poor democracy. Subscriptions by new members of UKIP Branches only goes to the branch in the first year so unless new members can constantly be found at branch level the branches have financial difficulties.

The funding of parties is always a difficult task but UKIP has already become an inverted pyramid with Head Office making policy and trying to control the branches. Political parties work well if the branches represent the grassroots and are the foundation on which party structure and policy is supported, not the other way round.

Nigel Farage as leader was superb and it was only because of him making remarks and standing before posters that the loony left jumped upon to embarrass him that UKIP got any mention at all by the MSM. Whoever follows him has to be a powerful person with a new vision, just like Theresa May has been for the Conservatives: a new broom sweeping away the previous inner circle and replacing it with new blood and with a bold vision.

UKIP was essentially a single-issue party, but that issue is still work in progress.  

Theresa May has said Brexit means Brexit. What a load of rubbish that statement is because it doesn’t define what Brexit really means. It is a politicians’ trick to create a sound bite that appears to have meaning but is not well defined.  

The people of Britain did not vote for Brexit. The people of Britain chose between Remain in the European Union and Leave the European Union. The vote was to Leave the European Union, and it is important to use that expression constantly instead of the term Brexit, which might not be interpreted as the same thing a year or so from now.

There is a political vacuum in the UK at present for a party that actually represents an Independent Britain and the majority of people who support the concept. This is not a right wing party but a party with a much wider appeal from a bit left of centre right through to fairly right wing.

The Conservative grassroots are apparently 60% leavers so will be unhappy and possibly alienated if Theresa May & Co enact a fudge that is still partial membership with little control over EU migration. There is the distinct possibility of that happening in an attempt to get any measure through a cabinet and parliament, both of which are two thirds or more Remoaners.

The Labour Party will likely re-elect Jeremy Corbyn, and only then will the MP’s – those who have any spirit – form a new centre left New Blair party. They will then have to do yet another leadership competition for who will be the new Opposition Leader.  

I bet there will be a whole host on the ballot paper in that contest including several who were in the previous one when Jeremy first was elected, such as the likes of Yvette Cooper, Angela Eagle, Owen Smith, David Miliband, Andy Burnham, Chukka Umunna (again), Douglas Alexander, Tristram Hunt, Hilary Benn, and Caroline Flint, to name just a few of the more capable candidates.

The present challenger, Owen Smith, is hoping to pick up votes from a platform of Jeremy Corbyn in a suit. He supposedly has the same politics but believes he is more electable in the country. Already though he has stated that if elected he will campaign for a second referendum on out membership of the EU.  

Owen Smith fails to understand that if by definition the first referendum result is not a binding and democratically decisive vote, the second one couldn’t be either. Then what? The best of three?

He and Angela Eagle both fail to realise that a majority of traditional Labour supporters also voted out. So if the break away party has a firm Remoaner policy they will be alienating more than half the grassroots supporters.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Old Labour/Socialist Workers/Millennium/Militant Tendency Party will have insufficient support in the UK and will become much like the Liberals are now. Maybe even the two should merge as the Liberals are not liberal at all but hard left.  

According to popular usage and my Compact Oxford English Dictionary, liberal means: 

  1. willing to respect and accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own.
  2. favourable to individual rights and freedoms.
  3. favouring individual liberty, free trade, and moderate reform.

I have said it before and will say it again. UKIP needs to rebrand itself into a true party of government whose core message must be self government, self sufficiency, British ownership, protection of our territorial waters, and a boldness to trade with the World again as we did when we ruled the waves.  

If we are to be a group of devolved governing nations we could be the United Islands of Britain & Ireland. Southern Ireland could be a welcome addition to this group as the UK is its biggest trading partner and, like us, it is surrounded by water and separate from the continent of Europe. They used to have the Pound then IR£ (or Punt) and could take the bold step of swapping the Euro for the pound again.

Because we have the Pound Sterling as legal tender, because all the nations in the present Union pay homage to our monarch or sovereign and because it is our intention to be a self governing group of sovereign nations, the concept must be obvious, so UKIP needs to become the Sovereign Party.  The very name should inspire belief in self dependency.

As for UKIP Daily, I realise that UKIP Head Office don’t read this and still think top down, but I actually enjoy writing for an interested following. In addition to the publication of my work on UKIP Daily I also distribute each article in original PDF format to quite a wide group on Tony’s List. They also post the articles on to others as well.  

So in addition to UKIP Daily my words are getting out there and helping to educate and amuse and alter opinion. Often I write articles to let off steam about something happening in the World of politics on which I have strong views.  

I also like reading the articles on UKIP Daily by other authors, many of whom write more informative articles than are found in popular newspapers. I just wish that UKIP Daily had a wider readership as it is not unusual for the hits counter of articles to reveal less than a 100 views.
[Ed: so do we wish for a wider readership! One way of achieving this is for all authors and comment posters to link to their own and other articles on UKIP Daily on any websites and blogs they visit …]

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About Antony Nailer (104 Articles)
Antony Nailer is a Design Engineer & Author, qualified with an HNC in Electronics and BA in Physics & Mathematics. He was on the UKIP Approved Candidates List for the 2015 General Election but is now a lapsed Member.

5 Comments on Response to Mike Munford

  1. I’ve written already in these pages on the way forward for UKIP and we’ll have to see what the new leader has in mind for us. I do hope that they see the need to restructure the party from our quite hopeless constitution upwards and create a direct connection between the party executive and the membership but, I’ve not heard this yet, perhaps when the hustings begin.
    As for the Daily being ignored that is, in my experience, sadly true. Having asked Diane James directly a couple of years ago she confirmed that she didn’t bother.
    We do not have such a pool of real talent as is often expounded, only a fortunate few masquerading as leadership material.
    Once before Nigel stood down, was replaced by a hopeless leader and the party disappeared from view so Nigel came back. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself. We have the opportunity of a lifetime with Labour self destructing and the Tories determined to continue to represent the deserved and non deserved wealthy.
    With such an open goal it would be a shame to miss it.

  2. Well done Mike Munford and Antony Nailer for raising the subject of whether the UKIP leadership actually listens and/or responds to the thoughts and ideas of the membership. As someone who has acted as a branch secretary but has additionally been in-and-out of UKIP like a fiddler’s elbow, I’m sad to report that I have seen little evidence that they do. It’s worried me in the past but for various reasons I still tag along and I’ve even become (in a small way) a donor. Maybe I can describe a couple of instances where I have been the most disappointed after contacting Head Office with ideas. Gary McKinnon was, as most people know, a young British man who hacked into computers at The Pentagon. His actions were not those of a member of an anti-American group, terrorist or otherwise. As someone who, it transpired, had a comprehensive knowledge of computers and their usage he could nonetheless be fairly described as ‘a loner’ and ‘a nerd’ who operated out of his bedroom; hardly a threat to world peace. The Americans it seemed thought otherwise and demanded his extradition to face what promised to be a long and unfair prison sentence. Based on contemporaneous events, I devised what I considered to be a relatively simple plan of action which would have saved him from such a fate. It was worth a try. I wrote to HQ with the suggestion and it was met with a truly remarkable degree of enthusiasm. It was dropped in short order and I heard nothing more (although McKinnon was happily not extradited). In January this year I wrote a letter to the Western Daily Press concerning the part being played by Ms Merkel and the EU in the unfortunate spate of drownings in the Med. No letter column for me – they made my observations into a full page editorial. Does an editor know his job? Those criticisms are valid even today and have been strengthened by remarks made to the BBC by The King Of Jordan. I sent a copy to HQ and others in the party – but enthusiastic response was there none. As we have accomplished our main objective, the Party must make up it’s mind as to whether it has a future as we know it and what its new objectives are to be – otherwise my ‘funding’, such as it is, will be withdrawn pronto. As we’ve spent so much time and effort to arrive at our current position (17 years in my case) I hope we can see an even more enthusiastic (and more listening) Party in the near future,

  3. Douglas Casey a fellow student with Bill Clinton at Georgetown University wrote:- Foreign aid is the act of taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.
    I believe it was the policy of UKIP to scrap the Department of Energy & Climate change thereby reducing the £18b a year budget down to less than £6b a year for ongoing subsidies. Also to scrap the ludicrous Foreign Aid budget of 0.7% of GDP, another £11b last year. Also to leave the EU thereby saving a least £10b a year and rising together with the poor trade deals and rising cost of regulation. Also to scrap the vanity project of HS2 which once started will likely cost £12b a year for 5 years. All these items added together would save over half of the deficit of 2015-2016.
    It is illogical to borrow money from the IMF or World Bank and then give it to the EU as a membership fee and give another chunk to countries, one of which has a higher GDP than the UK and can afford to run a space program.

  4. Robert Shatwell // July 25, 2016 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    I found the article by Anthony Nailer most interesting. I have felt for some time that the party needs to let the electorate know what our policies are. We are NOT a one policy party and should now be shouting this from the roof tops.
    One thing that a hell of a lot of people are saying is that they are sick of hearing about people committing very serious criminal offences which carry long terms of imprisonment being given paltry sentences. There is no deterrent. Perhaps the party should make that part of their policies.
    People are also sick of the government continually borrowing vast amounts of money to give away to corrupt governments. This should be another policy item that UKIP should look at
    We should be shouting our policies out loud and letting the public know that we are a fresh wind blowing in UK politics.

  5. I like the idea of the ‘Sovereign Party’; it has a gold standard, high quality ring to it and reminds everyone of the national sovereignty we are striving to reclaim, as well as appealing to those who support the monarch as Head of State.
    I cannot believe that no one at UKIP HQ reads ukipdailynews. During major election campaigns I saw the backroom boys tuned into all media and constantly reporting what was being said about UKIP and updating press releases on that basis. Surely, communication between the grassroots and those forming direction and policy is fundamental to keeping in tune with those who donate, campaign and vote for the party at elections. What is a political party without its members?
    I would advise all candidates for the leadership to publish their ideas on this site and promote it in their addresses to the membership for votes. When choosing my votes for candidates in NEC elections and the like, I always look for references to the important role of the membership and their right to be consulted and involved.

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