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Peter Whittle – Leadership Campaign Launch Part 1

We find ourselves in the middle of another leadership campaign. It certainly has been a rollercoaster for us, as a party, since that momentous day last year when the country voted to leave the EU:

  • A referendum which would not have happened without us.
  • A victory which would not have happened without us.

We did indeed make history. But history did not stop at that point, and neither does our party. Britain has entered a new era, and so will our party. This was always going to be a challenging time for us, but I believe that we can more than meet that challenge.

Yes, our morale has been battered, but we are strong, we are resilient, we are principled, we are fighters. Above all, we are patriots.

I joined UKIP five years ago because it was the only truly patriotic party in the UK. That is the case now more than ever. As a patriot, I believe this country needs UKIP. We have made the political weather. We have set the agenda, and I believe we can have a remarkable and exciting future ahead of us. As we rebuild, as we prepare ourselves for this new era in Britain’s history, it would be my honour and privilege to be your leader.

Since joining our party, right up to now being Deputy Leader, I have devoted myself to what has been the most exciting and ground-breaking movement in modern British politics. We have done this often seemingly on a wing and a prayer. That has indeed been our happy hallmark as an organisation – but all too often it has led to frustration. Now, as we make the transition to a domestic party which, once again, breaks new ground on those issues the other parties ignore, our first priority is to make sure we as an organisation are fit for purpose.

First, under my leadership, we will fight every single parliamentary seat, and make it a rule that we do not endorse or stand aside for any other party or candidate. The days when we help prop up the two-party system will be over. Standing aside at the last election led not just to inconsistencies and a loss of morale but indeed wiped away even the possibility of 1.9 million votes before we had even started. If we are to be a proper political party, we must act like one.

Secondly, I will ensure that we conduct direct democracy with members, by carrying out weekly face-to-face meetings with branches and/or groups of branches. We need to institute regular webinars and podcasts to increase engagement in policy decisions by grassroots members. The connection between local parties and the central organisation has worn very thin and in some cases is broken. I would make sure it is restored!

It is not acceptable that members feel ignored, unsupported or locked out of the decision making process. We must also ensure that every region has a training centre for candidates, and establish a ‘fighting fund’ to help candidates with their deposits. Furthermore, we will develop a completely new interactive website and a smartphone based app to further engage with supporters and potential members.

We must professionalise our Party and establish a strong sense of collective responsibility amongst our spokespeople and elected representatives.

We shouldn’t air our internal arguments in public, but instead have the professional levels of discipline that voters’ rightly expect.

We must support and resource tomorrow’s generation of Brexiteer patriots in Young Independents by providing coaching, job networking and mentoring opportunities, and we must develop and support UKIP Students, a vital new branch of our Party, at a time of increasing restrictions on freedom of speech on University campuses.

All too often, the party has under-utilised the enormous talent and specialist expertise that has been there right at its fingertips. I would make it a priority to bring forward fresh faces, and create a more streamlined team.

Finally, our party must look afresh at how it gets its message across to the public.

I am one of the party’s most experienced media spokespeople, appearing on everything from Andrew Marr to Question Time to Any Questions. But I don’t need to tell you that as a party we have to deal with a broadcast media which is hostile to our ideas and our party. I believe the time has come to emulate the success of parties in other countries – in the USA and Europe – and develop our own platforms.

I cannot emphasise how important this is. I would make it a priority as leader that we in UKIP study and develop sophisticated ways in which to bypass an increasingly distrusted and irrelevant media. Of course, all of these things require money. You can’t do anything without proper resources. I built my own business, a high-profile and influential think tank, and am an experienced and successful fundraiser. It would be a priority for me to build on our existing donor base and go out and find new backers so that our future remains secure. I believe that I have what it takes to convince donors of my vision for the party, and to take them along with me.

So what is my vision? What must UKIP’s purpose be?

It must be about putting the people of this great country of ours first.

It must be about securing our democracy, and ensuring that the anti-democratic efforts of the liberal elites do not derail the Brexit people voted for.

It must be about protecting our culture.

It must be about fighting back against those who care nothing for our country and whose actions and ideas have done nothing but damage it for decades.

It is about speaking up for the patriotic, hardworking majority.

The vote to leave the undemocratic EU and once again control our destiny was a landmark of historic proportions for our country. But it was profound in another sense: it marked a return to the prominence of the nation state.


(To be continued on Tuesday in Part II)

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28 Comments on Peter Whittle – Leadership Campaign Launch Part 1

  1. Robert Shatwell // July 20, 2017 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    I was made to resign from the party about 7 months ago due to an internal dispute which none of our previous 3 leaders, previous 2 chairmen and the NEC would even acknowledge. How anyone can praise Paul Nuttal for being a good chairman is beyond believe. He made no effort to put right the faults within the party. He made no attempt to energise the members, and I am not the only one to say that.

    What the party needs is a totally fresh start with fresh ideas. It needs to ditch the NEC and have a properly constituted cabinet with members able to speak clearly and factually about their appointed subject. It needs to get away from the “Old Boys Network”. It needs a properly constituted manifesto on which to fight the other parties. It needs to show courage and tackle such illegal activities as treating, as shown by Jeremy Corbyn and the labour party promising that “If elected we will abolish student fees”, clearly a ploy to encourage students to get off their fat arses and vote Labour both at home and at their university addresses.
    The party should explain where they will get the money from to support their manifesto promises. A lot of work to be done.

    If Mr Whittle is prepared to stand up and be counted and show that he has the courage of his convictions I could re-apply for membership and support him and the party.

  2. UKIP’s results:

    (2014) libertarian agenda

    2014 European Election result 26.6%

    (2015) Patrick O’Flynn’s socialist agenda introduced

    2015 General Election result 12.6%

    Opinion polls:

    2017/01/04 14%
    2017/01/24 14%
    2017/02/16 14%
    2017/03/27 12%
    2017/04/02 11%
    2017/04/17 10%
    2017/04/21 8%

    (2017/04/24) Peter Whittle’s “Integration” agenda launched – Burqa ban & FGM

    2017/04/25 4%
    2017/05/22 4%
    2017/05/31 4%
    2017/06/03 3%

    (2017) General Election result (2017/06/08) 1.8%

    Paul Nuttall did the decent thing, took responsibility for the disastrous General Election result and resigned forthwith. But what is the man most directly (and identifiably so) responsible for the fiasco doing? Did he resign? No, he believes he is destined for greater heights still and deserves to be Leader.

    I’ve been a member of the Party for 3 months shy of 10 years. I first heard of Whittle when he was put on top of our GLA candidates list as a result of a process which was not in any way transparent and which sidelined many, in my view, clearly more capable candidates with a much longer track record of achievements, ability, hard work and contributions to the Party. Lawrence Webb being perhaps the most obvious example.

    If anyone has any evidence to the contrary and can explain how the list was put together transparently on the basis of merit and/or democracy and how and why Whittle ended at its top, please go ahead and contradict me. I would love to see you do that.

    Due to the GLA PR election system, the Party was certain to get at least one seat in the GLA, so the Party effectively gifted Whittle a cushy and prominent salaried position with access to the media.

    Yet, Whittle refuses to tithe. There is much uproar about some MEPs who do not contribute enough financially to the Party, but what about our membes of the GLA who contribute nothing, despite having a well paid job courtesy of the Party?

    Then Paul Nuttall promoted Whittle right to the top to be his Deputy. Can anyone please tell me why? Whittle has benefited enormously from the Party. What has he ever done for the Party (apart from bypassing the Party Constitution and the NEC to announce a policy which cost us the General Election?). Apart from the author of our election manifesto herself, he’s perhaps the clearest example of a party establishment hierarchy climber who only takes and expects and gives nothing back.

    • This is an incomplete analysis.

      There was already a downward trend before the Integration policy launch. Anything to do with the Stoke disaster? Anything to do with the general election being about supporting the Tories to obtain a strong Brexit?

      • Hugo, I think it is intended to show that any confrontation of the Islamization of Britain isn’t a good idea for UKIP! Why is a mystery. I think it urgently needs to be addressed, the left and Globalists are moving fast to implement parts of Sharia because they realize that we in the West are educating ourselves and waking up. Now all we need is a leader unafraid to confront this ideology, it isn’t a ‘religion’ in any sense of the word – so that people have someone to vote for.

        • Dear Dee, you misrepresent me, and I don’t know why. I never said that the jihadi stealth war was not a problem. I have always said it was an existential problem. But, firstly, you do not fight the problem of young fighting-age men blowing themselves up by prescribing fashion restrictions on young women and by inspecting young girls’ genitals. And, secondly, you address the root of the problem, not the symptom. The root of the problem was seeded during the cold war by the KGB by infiltrating all Western state institutions with communist agents of influence. These people — our own useful idiots — shake with rage and hate of Western values and want to destroy Western countries from within – and have for decades very successfully been doing so. Despite the end of the cold war, they continue to dominate Western public sector institutions, the police, child protection services, etc. You clearly appreciate “the left” is trying to subvert Western values and implement Sharia, so why do you not see that they are the root of the problem? Sharia is just a tool – the tool with which the West will be destroyed from within BY THE LEFT. If it wasn’t Sharia, something else would be found. The Pakistanis may have raped 1400 girls in Rotherham, but it was the Common Purpose led police force and child protection services that – deliberately – stood by and NOT “did nothing” – but actively covered it up.

          If you acknowledge that the left is the root of the problem, how do you think someone linked to the Communist Party of Iran or a liberal leftie like Whittle will solve the ROOT of the problem? Please explain.

          • Tomaz, if Anne was a true Leftist Marxist she wouldn’t be fighting Sharia. It’s as simple as that. Sharia is the tool that’s being used by Globalist marxists, they intend to implement it – that’s what all this dual agenda of degeneracy coupled with fear is about – to get people to welcome Sharia as an antidote. The links you gave were interesting, and helpful, because they explained a lot. Tell me, what else would you be but a lefty if you’re fighting for workers rights is Iran – you’re hardly going to be credible under the Conservative banner! These old left-right labels are not what matters imo. What matters is that it is plain to most that Sharia and even falsely sanitized Jihad (Linda Sarsour USA) is being presented to the West as the way forward, willingly embraced by the brainwashed and feminazis – who want to believe in rainbows, and forced on everyone else – by Globalist Marxists who have planned this for a very long time. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated many Western Governments, with or without the aid of the KGB. Anne is fighting Sharia, she understands it thanks to her long time associates, and probably inspired by them, she is willing to put her life on the line to lead the fight. We can’t ask for more. She may have believed in old Labour, but that and an Iranian Communist fighting for workers rights in that country is nothing to be afraid of, imo.

          • Hi Tomaz.
            AMW manifesto looks good to me. Support SME and back to traditional values in education and uncompromising re law and order. AMW plan is target labour seats & replace labour as main opposition party. Then go for tory vote. Get power. When in power have a ‘Britain first’ criterion in drawing up policies.
            Are you saying evidence from years ago disqualifies as she has not changed and there is some hidden agenda.
            I am undergoing a major re-education and total shift of Weltanschauung on here and my views in 6 months from now will be v different I expect. I am hoping AMW is an open minded person whose views are shaped by facts and evidence. Her ideology seems to be a love of this nation and its ordinary people.
            That is how I am. Patriotic with views shaped by evidence.

          • By the way Tomaz. The AMW plan is replace ruling class rule with a government that puts the people first.
            The government has the power to tackle cultural marxism in the states institutions.
            Eg schools and universities – eg remove funding for liberal arts.
            Eg the Home Office drives ‘police mindset’ and degree of toughness on law & order. Only the government can reform CPS.
            AMW plan is target the roots of the problem.
            * Replace the government
            * Then march through the states institutions ripping out any cultural marxism along the way.
            Anyway we have the time to thoroughly checkout all the candidates and their plans.

          • Tomaž Slivnik // July 18, 2017 at 9:57 pm //

            I understand AMW’s manifesto was written with a lot of help from Stuart Agnew’s wife (and he’s no leftie, I assume his wife isn’t either).

            I did ask her why she’s changed her beliefs and when. She answered by saying she has not changed what she believes in and still believes the same she believed when that video was taken. So I’m afraid that theory doesn’t hold water.

            If you don’t want to believe she is a leftist, that’s up to you. But she says she is one herself, on video, and I see not reason to disbelieve that.

          • Tomaz,
            I agree with your comments regarding the root of the problem I.E the Left itself and its doctrine of cultural marxism.

            Also your assertion that AMW will not deal with the root of the problem (because she is a member of the left) is also accurate in my view.

            Michael Keal’s article published on July 11th also acknowledges (at least within the comments section) that it is the root of the problem that needs to be dealt with, not the symptom.

            And I am of the belief and have commented that eradicating islam will not deal with the root of the problem, the left will simply find some other tool to pursue their diabolical goals. We will continue to face serious threats to nationhood and personal liberty.

            And you have commented that AWM herself has openly admitted that she has not changed her beliefs at all – that she is still a leftie.

            I hope those who may be reading these comments take note of what you have exposed about AMW.

            This should be a stark warning to all ukip members.

            The only part of marxism which offends her is islam.

            But there are NO positive aspects of marxism.

            Cultural marxism, every single aspect of it, in all its manifestations is what has gotten us into this mess.

            A militant anti Christian, free speech hating, big state loving, pro abortionist, self-confessed leftie like AMW is not going to get us out of it.

          • Hi Tomaz & Lauren.
            I am going by AMW manifesto. So are you saying the manifesto is written to win people over but the real agenda is different. With this agenda being pro in favour of cultural marxism and economically left wing policies and big government.
            To deal with the problem by the democratic process will need a gradual approach – as it would be hard for a radical government to get the necessary voter support. For a radical approach we would need General Franco or a dose of Peronism.
            I would be interested to hear how you would propose dealing with the root of the problem and your preferred candidate for UKIP leadership.

      • And how do you explain the precipitous drop in support between 21 and 25 April? Yes, our support was low after Stoke etc. but we started the GE campaign polling at 14% and ended up on <2%, and the drop occurred on 24 April. Why?

        • People weren’t stupid, Tomaz. They knew of the Stoke Muslim leaflet debacle – then suddenly UKIP faced the other way – credibility shot to pieces, aided by Mr Nuttall hiding in a cupboard rather than speaking to reporters at that launch. Credit to Peter Whittle, he tried his best to rescue what was, by then, a complete fiasco.

          • Tomaž Slivnik // July 18, 2017 at 9:38 pm //

            And they just suddenly realized all this between 21 and 25 April, but failed to notice it at all between Stoke and 21 April? The events of 24 April had nothing to do with it? We consistently polled around 14% pretty much all the way from the 2015 social democratic agenda launch until 21 April this year (down from 27% when we had a libertarian agenda). And then since 25 April, we’ve been at 4% or less.

        • Tomaz. I am newish member so no explanation for the poll drop for those dates.
          But in general poor election result due to uninspiring leadership and insufficiently radical manifesto.
          So what is your answer Tomaz? Should we stop talking about Islam and focus on opposing the government. I suppose that is what the opposition parties should be focussed on doing – challenging the government on everything it does.
          One of the reported reasons for Marine Le Pen not successful in French election was her moving too far to the centre and trying to be respectable. Such as debating Macron on the economy and finance and job creation & the Euro – areas in which he is knowledgeable & a skilled debater. She would have done better by staying much further right and focussing on immigration policies – issues her opponents would prefer to avoid debating with her.

  3. Of the candidates giving their vision of UKIP under their leadership only one has shown a workable plan having worked on the implementation details before presenting them. Some have the idea of changes and direction but no detail while others have a strong mission. I believe we need to ask ourselves who is most likely to change the infrastructure and personnel of UKIP. This seems to be the most urgent wish of UKIP members. Without this the policies won’t matter. We also need someone who is presentable, doesn’t flap under pressure and doesn’t bring baggage to the table. I believe that JRE is that man. I was tending towards AMW but I realised that JRE could say much the same in tones that would be acceptable to the media and therefore more likely to give UKIP a voice.

    • William, I do think Johns ideas are fantastic and hopefully must be allowed to be implemented within UKIP. I think the Party will grow with his four ideas (temporarily forgotten all but UKIP connect!) BUT I fear it is a huge mistake for us politicos and would-be agenda shapers to think that the average man or woman has as their priority logging into a discussion site to influence UKIP Policy, or even British Policy. I think many people are simply struggling to keep their heads above water or put a roof over their heads. All they want is a Party that will fearlessly stand up for their aims and aspirations, and keep their children safe. It was Anne Marie who pointed this out to me when I asked her on Twitter. She said she supported the concept but it was not what ordinary people really cared about – and having given it much thought, I agree completely.
      Your own words give it away, William. “Change the infrastructure and personnel of UKIP. This seems to be the most urgent wish of UKIP members”.
      Quite so, but we have to appeal to the wider electorate. A strong Leader will deal with the infrastructure and personnel, stand by their manifesto and implement it. Internal reorganization can be delegated to the most able person to do the job, and I’m guessing whoever it is would recognize it is John. A leader should lead, it’s as simple as that, to my mind.

      • Dee, Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use the talents of all (most) of the leadership candidates? I still think that AMW will be shunned or name called by the MSM and the message will not be heard whereas JRE is very presentable to the public who do not yet know him. I contributed to AMW’s forBritain campaign but I believe JRE can be the best messenger for the new UKIP.

        • William I would hope that both will be there, with the best of the rest Stuart Agnew Gerard Batten included among them. I know Anne will be smeared by the Press but it will be ignored by all except the navel gazers. John will permanently hear about the gay donkey from MSM! Both are star candidates.

    • I was supporting David Kurten until John Rees Evans entered the contest.

      JRE now has my support, for all of the reasons you mention, and also for many others.

      As another poster below has mentioned, Peter Whittle has simply delivered a series of platitudes.

      And not sure why a cultural marxist like AMW has so much support. If it wasn’t for the proliferation of Islam she’d still be a Labour activist. In truth, her mask has slipped a couple of times, revealing her marxist attitudes.

      I do not want a radical feminist, LGBT atheist, free-speech hating totalitarian to be leader of UKIP.

      • Hi Lauren. I have listened to AMW recent speeches and read her manifestos. I do not recognise the picture you paint. You are seeing something I haven’t seen.
        Certainly we want to be identifying, calling out and challenging the opinions of the cultural marxists.
        Currently I am strongly supporting AMW.
        There are 3 educational (for me that is) articles about feminism on AMW website which to me describe a position on feminism that is commonsense and reasonable.

        • AMW has confirmed herself what Lauren is saying in her own words here:

          For the very close links between AMW and Maryam Namazie, editor for the Worker-Communist Review, and a member of the Central Committee member of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran, see these:

          • Tomaz, I have read all that you provided and I think they are entirely consistent with Anne’s current stance on One Law for All – she obviously recognized long before the rest of us the dangers of Sharia Law, presumably helped by discussions with her friend Maryam, who is an ex-Muslim in Iran and therefore very brave. I’m not sure how the Worker-Communist Party of Iran goes down in that country, but I’m thinking Workers rights may not be all that popular? Especially if it includes ex-Muslims. As to the Guido Fawkes thing – she seems young and passionate, and I don’t disagree with what she says on there, to any great degree.
            In fact, I’m glad you provided those links because it explains Anne’s passionate anti-Sharia stance completely, as well as her extensive knowledge of the subject.

        • Maximus, this mayn’t be Lauren’s reason, but some are giving Anne the Cultural Marxist label because she was unwilling to stand on a GAS March platform with a man called Peter Sweden. He has since been un-invited by GAS – because some tweets from not long ago apparently from him expressed opinions that could not be supported by GAS. Having read the tweets I fully support their decision, but some say that stopping him from having a public platform is Cultural Marxism, and Anne was involved.

  4. Hi Peter, thank you for contributing to this site – which is where all thinking Kippers reside!
    You did robustly defend the burka ban, though possibly not quite as accurately as I would have liked, in that it is all part of the tenet of Sharia where women are to be feared and isolated – that is the point of the Burka, and why it must be banned in Britain.
    However, it is disappointing that not one elected UKIP spokesperson has, to my knowledge, ever attending or spoken at any of the increasingly frequent rallies that are being held up and down the country. This is where one would expect UKIP to be, as the self proclaimed party of the United Kingdom. It is where the younger people are leading the fight against terrorism, political correctness (reference Mohan Singh’s excellent speech at the recent FLA March, 10,000 attendees – a wonderfully rousing speech) UKIP should be saying this, so that people knew they had a political party on their side. Tommy English is organizing a second Gays Against Sharia March in Bristol on 10th September, you should be there – had UKIP supported the first, you may have been asked to be one of the speakers!
    Anne Marie represents UKIP, but at the moment she hasn’t the support of the UKIP ‘elite’ which glaringly points up how useless it is to expect any of the attendees to vote for our party. I am fairly sure this is because Tommy Robinson is involved. This kind of backward thinking will ensure UKIP never gets the votes it needs. Tommy is known and respected World-wide – his book twice at the top of Amazon’s best seller list – UKIP desperately needs to get over itself and get into the now, or it will simply die.

  5. A series of platitudes – or Whittletubes. What does putting our culture first actually mean? How is the `fighting back’ to be done?

    The party is run on a shoe-string. Remember this guy refused to tithe or even demi-tithe. The cost of training, travel, a fighting fund, standing in every seat …. all paid for by?

  6. Good luck Peter you def have something positive to contribute to UKIP whish is in danger of imploding.
    The present admin of UKIP is deplorable and I do not jest.
    Oakden must go!

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