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May you live in interesting times (Part 1)

Or so goes the ‘Chinese Curse’ which incidentally probably does not have a Chinese origin but is more likely to originate from the speeches of Joseph Chamberlain.  The closest Chinese equivalent, “寧為太平犬,莫做亂離人” (nìng wéi tàipíng quǎn, mò zuò luàn lí rén), is usually translated as “Better to be a dog in a peaceful time, than to be a human in a chaotic (warring) period ” and originates from Volume 3 of the 1627 short story collection by Feng Menglong, Stories to Awaken the World.

And we are. Three terrorist attacks carried out by British Muslims or Muslims resident in Britain, in the space of less than three months:  The Westminster Bridge killings carried out by Khalid Masood (previously Adrian Russell Ajao) born in Dartford in 1964.  The Manchester Arena bombing carried out by Salman Abedi, born in Manchester in 1994 and, most recently, the London Bridge attacks carried out by three men.  Khuram Butt, born in Pakistan but brought up in Barking, London,  Youssef Zaghba, an Italian national who, thanks to the EU’s Freedom of Movement, was able to enter our country with impunity, and Rachid Redouane about whom even less information has been released but who has certainly been living in London and Dublin for some considerable time, even being married to an Irish woman, Charisee O’Leary, and having a child with her.  Going back further, the London 7/7 bombers were all either British born or grew up here.  Mohammad Siddique Khan was born in Leeds but grew up in Beeston and Dewsbury,  Shehzad Tanweer was born in Bradford and grew up in Beeston, and Germaine Lindsay, was born abroad but moved to the United Kingdom aged 5 and grew up in West Yorkshire and Aylesbury whilst Hasib Hussain was born and grew up in Leeds.

And there’s a lot of hand-wringing going on about this.  Promises of ‘tough action’ by somebody who, as Home Secretary, didn’t take any tough action previously and as of Friday morning, is even more discredited than before and in the words of one ex-Cabinet Minister, ‘a dead woman walking.’  More 11 am Minute Silences.  More flowers, balloons and teddies.  More analysis of ‘how could they do such a thing and what traumatic things happened in their past to make them so evil?  More meaningless condemnations from the Muslim Council of Britain and pointless statements such as ‘these were not Muslims’ etc etc.

ISIS and their supporters right here in the UK are having a jolly good laugh at us especially with the latest news that the firearms officer/s who shot the knife-wielding murderers are (with wearisome predictability), already under suspension. (Nothing to worry about folks, just normal procedure, don’t you know..  Politically correct, innit…?)

Let’s be really clear here.  Just to focus on the latest atrocity.  Butt, Zaghba and Redouane, all beneficiaries of all of the benefits (including the financial ones. of course), of living in a free and liberal Western democracy deliberately ran over as many pedestrians as they possibly could before jumping out of the van and stabbing and slashing people to death with twelve-inch long knives.  They and their like don’t care about your analysis, your flowers, balloons and your Minute Silences.  They want to hurt you.  They want to kill you, hopefully as painfully as possible.  And they want to change your society from being a liberal, tolerant, multicultural (in the true sense of the word), westernised one, one where women are treated as equals to men and sexual choices are matter of individual choice to a medieval caliphate where women are only worth one half of a man and homosexuals are thrown off tall buildings.

Let’s turn this on its head.  Let’s imagine that you have decided to emigrate to a new country.  Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, Saudi Arabia.  And when you get there, let’s imagine you say, “I don’t want to learn your language – I want everything translated into English for me.  I want to be able to practice my own Christian religion in my own Christian Churches in your country.  I want my children to grow up, not as Saudis but as members of a British Minority, with their own segregated schools and not having to learn Arabic.  Of course, I want your benefits, housing etc but I don’t feel that I should have to work for them.  I’d like the area around where I live to basically adopt my values.  If my wife wants to sit outside our front door in her bikini then it should be her right to do that.  If I want to sit with her drinking Tennents Extra then I should be allowed to do that.   Really, what I need, is to have my own legal system to deal with me and my fellow Brits, because I don’t actually like yours that much.”  How do you think that would work out?  We all know the answer to that.  You’d be lucky to get back out of there in one piece.

(To be continued tomorrow in Part 2)

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5 Comments on May you live in interesting times (Part 1)

  1. Phil O'Sophical // June 20, 2017 at 12:53 pm // Reply

    Exactly. He is a ‘disturbed’ character, according to his mother and others, who had his usual too much to drink and finally snapped under the incessant assault on OUR society and after seeing no corrective action from those who are supposed to be OUR guardians, not apologists for interlopers. That’s not terrorism, just lack of self-control under provocation, a response, and to call him ‘radicalised’ is absurd – but if anyone radicalised him it was Islamist attackers. But oh how this has revealed the true mind set of the MSM, our political ‘masters’ and the arrogant luvvies. They have finally let their masks slip. Rational thought totally suppressed by virtue signalling or pig ignorance.

  2. It is time to apologise to every single member of the BNP and NF because they were vilified and often their lives were ruined ( in jail through trumped up charges/ death threats/sacked from your job/couldn’t get a job etc.
    They warned for 25 years what was happening but not only did nearly everybody turn their back on them ( and this includes shamefully enough your truly)we also allowed them to suffer the abuse and vilification of the MSM and the political elites. This does not do justice to what they suffered – many on this site laud about free speech but there was no free speech in public for the groups determined by the evilbbc etc as FAR RIGHT. All this delayed the rise of sensible nationalism/patriotism/disapproval of open door immigration by decades.
    Well well well it may be too late to stop the coming bloodbath.
    Without intending to many of the comfortably off middle class (ex)tories on this site have allowed a serious nightmare to take hold of the nation which will be menacing our children’s lives for decades.

  3. This pragraph says it all….

    The British people used to have an understood contract with those in Government. We will be good, obey the law of the land and work to pay towards our society, because we know you have promised when elected to protect us, enforce our laws and spend our hard earned money to the benefit of all.
    This contract has been broken by those in power, of the left and of the right. We aren’t protected, our laws aren’t enforced and our money is taken by many who we feel are taking advantage.

    Every politician is in thrall to Soros and Bilderberger.

    Ever traitor who has ever attended a Bilderberger meeting should be immediately arrested and cast onto a deserted island in the frozen north.

  4. Gerry, you put everything in a perspective with your example of a Christian Brit moving to Saudi Arabia and demanding to live according to our Western values. Of course the difference is that the Government of Saudi Arabia wouldn’t allow it. So the question we need to ask is, why have our Western Governments allowed people to move here and have their demands met to live, not under Western values but under their own? Even Merkel said, way back before she ruined Germany, multi-culturalism doesn’t work.
    Tommy Robinson has warned for a long time that tolerance was going to be impossible to maintain under these circumstances. That has now come true with an attack on Muslims at Finsbury mosque. We have all heard about Finsbury mosque, its notorious, and not in a positive way. Any attack on anyone must be utterly condemned – but was it only Tommy who foresaw that it would happen? Another question that needs answering, and won’t be. Lunchtime airwaves have been full of the rise of ‘Right Wing extremeism’. But the fact that they have to go back to Anders Brevik would seem to indicate that right wing extremeism attacks are not that numerous. Can we even count the number of attacks perpetrated by those pursuing the aim of a Caliphate? It seems to me that attempts to change our Western society have been more numerous than those reacting to those attempts – though you wouldn’t know it from Mainstream commentators. And of course the Saudis wouldn’t countenance any attempts to change their culture in the name of multi-culturalism or anything else.

    The British people used to have an understood contract with those in Government. We will be good, obey the law of the land and work to pay towards our society, because we know you have promised when elected to protect us, enforce our laws and spend our hard earned money to the benefit of all. This contract has been broken by those in power, of the left and of the right. We aren’t protected, our laws aren’t enforced and our money is taken by many who we feel are taking advantage.
    There is no party saying this, and available as a Political choice. That’s why voices in UKIP that are afraid of backing a strong Leader who will go against the MSM Lib/Lab/Con narrative must be resisted, imo, because without a strong voice the situation will get worse. We have to give a Political choice now, or it will be too late. That’s why I am endorsing Anne Marie, and hopefully people from other branches will do so too, Or she won’t be able to stand in the Leadership election.

    • …and the single attack at Finsbury by one man,presumably p’ed off by his experiences, is now terrorism.

      Just the excuse that they needed for even more suppression of native Brits.

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