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Open Memo to Paul Nuttall

Dear Paul,

We are relieved to see you back hale and hearty after your experiences in Stoke Central and we welcome your renewed commitment to the politics of confrontation – confrontation of the Establishment with the truth.

We also congratulate you on the listening exercise conducted recently with the South East Regional branch chairmen. We hope that this is a first step towards ensuring that communications between the party leadership and the membership develop into a proper two-way street – full duplex as we technocrats say. Now that Nigel is getting his life back the Party needs to find some new political antennae quickly, and we commend the membership as an excellent sounding-board for policy proposals.

Unhappily we note that you were not elected in Stoke, largely perhaps because Mrs May is now seen to have Brexit in hand and we didn’t provide the good citizens of Stoke with enough ideas about our post-2019 priorities. If we do not look beyond 2019 we will be rightly dismissed as a one-trick pony whose trick is now obsolete.

There is no shortage of truth to feed the confrontation with the Establishment. The “liberal left” have been whittling away at our traditional democratic rights for many years – by introducing trials in secret thus ensuring that miscarriages of justice cannot be identified, by restricting the cases which can be tried by a jury of our peers, by opting back into the European Arrest Warrant, by making it easier to deny residence to the foreign-born wife of a UK citizen than to deny it to foreign criminals.

By branding incidents with the “hate” and “racist” labels regardless of actual evidence, they distort the statistics, pervert the right to free speech, legitimise witch-hunts and stigmatise those who have been found guilty of no crime. They fail to prosecute the investigation of abhorrent criminal activity in immigrant communities for fear of the accusation of racism.

Most insidiously, they still threaten those newspapers that dare to publish the truth with the huge legal costs of those that would take action against them. This is a blatant attack on both the freedom of the press and our fundamental legal principle that the law of the land applies to all equally.

We have allowed the “liberal left” to facilitate electoral fraud (often within the  immigrant communities) by relaxing the checks on postal voting in the pursuit of electoral advantage. Our democratic foundations are under attack in a number of localities.

A similar attrition by stealth in the form of defence cuts over many years has left the Kingdom in a state where we have no aircraft carriers, and when we do get one it will have neither aircraft nor escort ships to keep it safe. Our destroyers have dodgy engines and new ones lack missiles in their launchers. Our army attracts insufficient recruits and our air force is reduced to a rump which cannot be in enough places simultaneously to meet a real threat. Our veterans are plagued by lawsuits funded and promoted by our own Ministry of Defence over spurious allegations dating back many years. We have pitifully few boats to defend our coastline against illegal immigrants and when we do pick some up we bring them ashore, allow them to claim asylum and then help them play our legal system against us.

So, Paul, will UKIP under your leadership grasp the number one nettle that the other parties cannot or will not grasp, namely the full restoration of traditional British freedoms in all the above areas, and not merely the defence but also the advancement of democracy in our country?

Application of the Law

  1. UK Courts to uphold only the laws passed by our United Kingdom parliaments, and answerable only to higher Courts within the United Kingdom
  2. Full freedom of speech
  3. Full freedom of the press (subject to the laws of libel)
  4. Full equality under the law for all people, legal entities, and public bodies
  5. Full and fearless investigation of criminal activity and enforcement of the law within all communities impartially
  6. Only activity (including incitement, harassment, and conspiracy) to be criminalised, motivation (“racist” “hate” etc) to have no legal significance
  7. Strengthen our electoral systems and scrutiny thereof to ensure free and fair elections and to prosecute those who subvert them
  8. Restore our right to trial by a jury of our peers in open court for all potentially life-changing cases, including the removal of children from their parents (Family Courts) and decisions  where a defendant may be deemed to lack mental capacity or may be deprived of their liberty (Court of Protection)
  9. All Family Court and Court of Protection cases to be tried in open court, as this is ultimately the only safeguard against the miscarriage of justice
  10. Full withdrawal from the European Arrest Warrant and renegotiation of our extradition treaty with the USA
  11. No British or Commonwealth citizen or spouse thereof to be treated less advantageously than a citizen of any other country by rules governing immigration to or residence within the United Kingdom
  12. Legally enforceable undertakings to abide by the laws of the United Kingdom as enforced by its Courts to be made by all immigrants. These declarations to explicitly cover those religious or cultural practices that are illegal within the UK but which are associated with the place of origin of the immigrant. They must also acknowledge that the right to vote in an election is exercised by each voter in secret according to his or her own private views and opinions and that it is illegal to instruct or coerce anyone either to vote in a particular way or to reveal how they voted. Serious infractions may result in deportation and/or imprisonment as appropriate.
  13. All immigrants to make a declaration to respect the freedom of all people within the UK (including themselves) to choose or renounce their religious faith and to worship or not as they wish within the law of the UK. Specifically they must acknowledge that blasphemy is not an offence within the UK.

The above will be correctly taken as a declaration of war by the liberal left establishment and must be pressed relentlessly with vigour and determination at all opportunities.

All policies which detract from or are inconsistent with the above will need to be exposed and refuted.


Our armed forces must be properly funded, supported, reconstructed and trained to meet the perceived threats to the Kingdom, with priority given to flexibility and overwhelming adequacy of response.


In the not so recent past, immigration was conducted at manageable levels and we were happy to welcome immigrants in limited numbers, to offer voting rights to the law-abiding and ultimately to grant full citizenship to those who aspire to it. We must now recognise that increasing pressures of immigration, together with the associated demographics of human reproduction and the understandable tendency for immigrants to live within their own communities may eventually, through the ballot box, legitimately impose an intolerant, even Islamic, government here in the UK. The available statistics speak for themselves. The crisis is not imminent but is foreseeable.

The undeniable truth is that Islam in its many variants is a collection of controversial and historically insurgent religious and autocratic polities which may condone, even demand activities that are contrary both to British law, and to our democracy. Their Sharia religious laws were laid down around the 8th and 9th centuries to govern aspects of life as it was lived in those times. Many would contend that they have not moved on and adapted over the intervening centuries.

Islam is built upon the overriding religious imperative of obedience to God’s will and their laws are not subject to democratic change but to interpretation by Muslim scholars. Democracy (where it exists) is subservient to those who interpret God’s will, and is therefore not democracy as we would recognise it.Our democratic tradition is founded upon the responsibility of our citizens to shape our society as they see fit within the law that they through their representatives enact in Parliament. Our values have their origin in Christianity. We cannot allow democracy to become the means by which a religious Parliament could impose upon us a theocratic government rooted in the laws of a past age.

The perception that we are heading towards this political, demographic and cultural crunch already exists and will only grow whilst immigration continues at current levels. Our democracy may face its biggest challenge since the Spanish Armada sought to reconcile the recalcitrant English to Papal authority – but that threat was external and could be decisively neutralised.

This debate is multi-faceted and will not be easy. We must bring the immigrant population itself into this debate in order to foster a joint understanding of what is actually happening and develop a satisfactory solution. The majority of immigrants are surely reasonable people, but we must recognise that the same may not always be true of their future Islamic leaders.

We still have time to do this properly.

Not Required

Finally, please forget about the unwanted devolved parliament for England – we have more serious fish to fry.

Jim Makin, p.p. UKIP East Hampshire Branch Committee,

16th March 2017

[Ed: This memo, which we reproduce slightly abbreviated, was embargoed until today, Monday, 20th March, to give Paul Nuttall the chance to read it first.]

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Retired after a working life spent in IT (manufacturing systems) UKIP member since 2006 First by-election Wythenshawe and Sale Active member of UKIP East Hampshire Branch

37 Comments on Open Memo to Paul Nuttall

  1. What the hell is wrong with you traitorous cowards. State your facts clear and win the election. Islam, sharia law,must be banned in the UK, and all politicians who disagree should be hanged as traitors to this beautiful country of mine!!!!

  2. I have just watched a UKIP political broadcast on Channel 4 on housing shortages – What a pathetic showing – All subjects were covered except the real reason – Immigration – It seems as if UKIP have now decided on a policy of appeasement and non-controversial comments.I assume this change of direction is a result of decisions taken by Paul Nuttall and the gang of four.Could I point out that most people joined UKIP because they were radical and not the same as all the other PC Parties.I would warn, that if this policy continues – large resignations will follow.

    • I watched it too, Alb. It’s disgraceful – not a mention of immigration or the fact that houses can always be found for ‘refugees’.

  3. Nuttall has “cooked his goose” with that leaflet in Stoke. He can never be trusted again. Has he gone over to the other side and is simply practising taqiya?

  4. And to continue my theory, DD, May goes to the country before negotiations are finalized, people believe she will do it, she gets in with a massive majority, UKIP has very few votes – she can come out of Brexit with enough to satisfy Voters, but we will be in an E U Army and sharing our Fishing, and probably paying in as well.

  5. Thanks, DD, glad it not just me that thinks we should dig deeper.
    I think the Stoke leaflet is the single most damaging thing that could have been done to UKIP to wreck the message so many wanted to use going forward.
    My feeling is that they will ‘allow’ Anne Marie to set up her group, to mollify us, but she will never be allowed to be heard.

  6. Islam is a serious subject and the ramifications are beyond me. Think about reducing the letter down to a few pithy phrases. Plus similar answers to questions. He’s clever and can do it. Personally I would add that Putin, Eire, Kosovo ( or whoever), the american west and many others through history, have used migration of people to conquer. There are many others, and many other ares of policy for them to cover. We need more than just talkers.

  7. A really excellent letter Jim.
    May I add a couple of items to your fine list?

    1. Drain the Education Swamp (Blob if you prefer):

    1a)At the recent CPAC conference in America I noticed that one of the topics was:
    “How did the Left capture ‘Education’ and how do we get it back?”.
    Good Question! UKIP should have the answer.

    1b)In 1960 I believe the UK had about 22 universities.
    Now apparently we’ve got over 150.
    So apparently ‘Polytechnics’ and minor colleges have now become ‘Universities’; and people who used to be ‘teachers’ have now become ‘professors'(with of course suitably higher salaries); and the more Universities we have the more stupid the country seems to get!

    2. Drain the Legal Profession Swamp:
    The unelected Judiciary and vastly overpaid Legal Profession seem to think that they can ‘second guess’ Parliament (and the Electorate) to interprete laws through their own political prism.
    That’s not democracy. UKIP should have the answer.

    • Those “universities” are a great way of indoctrinating our kids in the leftists’ view of the world.

      We should consider that all such policy changes are not the outcome of the democratic process but part of the globalist plan to change our world to suit them.

  8. We are told there is a big consultation and review underway. Jim Makin confirms they had theirs in the South east, I do know that because Paul Oakden told me, during an identical event in the east Midlands.
    It seems it will be a few weeks before the exercise is complete, understandable if the consultation is to be comprehensive. How then do you expect Paull Nuttall to answer your not unreasonable questions before the fat lady sings ? Do you want him to consult or just make up policy on his own?
    We were in deep trouble after the last leadership election, the guy does not have a magic wand, OK, so Stoke was a mistake and a distraction, let’s not make another one by jumping the gun.

    • Icini, it should have been unnecessary to engage in consultation to understand that to put out a leaflet like the infamous Stoke leaflet would damage UKIP almost, I would say irrevocably beyond repair unless there is leadership change. Even then, it will be an uphill struggle.
      I would like to know THE TRUTH about how many members we have at this point.

  9. Sheer common sense, Jim, in keeping with the fact that UKIP used to be known as the Party of Common Sense, but the hierarchy seems to have taken leave of its senses. I will never forgive the people who produced that suck-up halal leaflet; it embarrasses me just to think of it.
    If Paul thinks that because he was voted as leader he has carte blanche to do it his way, change long-standing policies (halal) and introduce personal favourites (English Parliament), he’s wrong.

    • Panmelia, he’s not just wrong. He has shown catastrophic lack of judgement, and has allowed, even if he was persuaded to do so, something to be published in UKIP’s name which has not only destroyed UKIP’s credibility in a way that even the dreadful Leadership elections and the Wolfe fiasco didn’t do – doesn’t everyone see he has destroyed the UKIP message that drew both members and the public to support us.
      It doesn’t matter what he says to members – the public will never believe us, as long as he is Leader.
      The least worst option now, to avoid Evans and yet another Leadership election, would be to hoist him by his own petard (because I believe Peter Whittle was persuaded by Nuttall to withdraw, and he did out of a misguided loyalty) and insist that his Deputy take over.
      Peter may not be charismatic, but I have heard him support our stance on Sharia when he has been interviewed, which is better than,what we have now, and gives us a chance, especially if he brings in able people to support him.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 21, 2017 at 1:06 am // Reply
      Panmelia the damage that Paul Nutall (whom I supported) has done to our
      party UKIP,seems to have escaped the Author,Mr Makin,not once does he mention that most despicable Leaflet,which promotes Muslims,and Nutall’s support of vile bloody Halal.The author then fails to mention that Nutall’s support for Halal,was a
      major reversal of a policy which had been in existence for over two decades,and which was one of the most popular
      just and worthy policies,which had widespread support,not only from members,but the vast majority of the general public,Nutall hid from us in a most underhand and sly way possible.He even failed to mention it to us in his Conference nspeech at Bolton.
      Nutall’s pandering and appeasemen to the Muslims of Stoke,his despicable support for Halal was all for nothing,as the Muslims of Stoke didn’t vote for UKIP,any fool could have toid him,they always vote Labour.Since then Nutall has further disgraced himself,as not once has he or his dullard advisors,offered any explanation.If I had known that UKIP now supports bloody Halal,I would not have renewed my membership on 10 th Feb.Nutall is a disgrace and he has set us back years,the longer he remains,the sooner will be our demise.He and all his advisors should stand down now,if any of them had a decent bone in their bodies or cared about UKIP,they would do the right thing and leave right now.See from my 3 links,how out of touch we are,with America’s new leader Donald Trump,and in the second our own
      petion to ban HALAL,and in the third one,that most damaging leaflet.

    • “change long-standing policies (halal)”

      Panmelia, I am not sure what your definition of “long standing” is. However Paul Nuttall is not the one who changed UKIP policy in this area. UKIP has been pro-Halal since April 2015. Nigel was the leader at that time. You need to ask Nigel why the policy was changed. A number of NEC members wanted the humane policy but were over-ruled. I know this because I was in email contact with them. I became aware (in early April 2015) that there was going to be a policy U turn, and tried to prevent it.

      The policy U turn was done fairly quietly, so maybe not all members picked up on it.

      • Hugo, the Halal change of policy has been documented here, and was done for the last election, without the agreement of members, under Nigel’s leadership. Paul Nuttall should have known that – he was around at the top at the time – he should also have known how most members would feel, and he had the chance to change it – but it’s not the Halal policy alone – It’s the whole tenor of the leaflet, the photo, the whole ghastly embarrassing sum of it that really matters.

  10. Thank God! There is still someone out there with the guts and gumption who can see things as they really are and says so.
    Never mind about waiting to see if ‘You might’ get a response Jim, get in there and take the place of Nigel Farage, we need you and, we need you now! PLEASE!!!

  11. Would someone enlighten me are we still in the asking stage
    I did initially believe that Paul needed time but the leaflet proved me wrong I thing the asking time is over and the telling time has started.

  12. Bout ruddy time,should have a rider, shape up or ship out plus
    a time limit on a reply, like the 22/3/2017.

  13. Donald Malcolm Watson // March 20, 2017 at 6:08 pm // Reply

    Evening Viv,

    Much appreciated if you would include me on the mailing list.

  14. I expect, as with other attempts to communicate with Nuttall, this will be met with silence. The only way UKIP is going to survive is by kicking him and his cronies out and replacing them with people who are actually competent to do the job.

    Nuttall’s comments in the Stoke leaflet say all we need to know; he is an appeaser like the rest of our useless politicians.

    Or it will decline. The British people particularly the majority English want a nationalist agenda and that includes banning all immigration for five years and for the ties of language and blood with Canada NZ Oz USA etc should be the natural basis for our laws defence trade etc. We should endeavour to take Norway Iceland Denmark with us (Sweden is for the time being a lost cause).
    UKIP should endorse Marine le Pen as the candidate of choice in the French elections. It failed to do this with Donald Trump in the US elections and that was a mistake.
    Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary all have nationalist governments we could do business with. Italy Austria and Finland are going the same way. Are we going to stand sterile and not embrace tha nationalist movement.
    The MSM lied about the Netherlands. Geert Wilders came a good second despite all the media attacking and demonising him. Mark Rutte is a joke and is the last gasp of the old middle class middle of the road centrist model.
    Do we have to wait till the €uro collapses before we wake up and prepare for the nationalist firestorm that will take revenge on all the traitors of Europeasn culture and yes civilisation.??

    • Amazing how they managed to demonise the word nationalism when it means for us preserving our homeland. Farage is still at it condemning the EU as nationalist.

      • Mike, I don’t think that a fair reflection of Nigel’s remarks if they’re taken in context.

      • Mike, what do you mean about Nigel ‘condemning the EU as nationalist’?
        The EU has their opposition to nationalism literally carved in stone in their ‘Parliament’ in Brussels.

    • CK, UKIP should, Nuttall won’t. When he says Nationalist he means an English Parliament.
      He supported the Independent Candidate in the American elections (rude word, take your pick)

  16. Best of luck with this mate.

  17. UKIP is going to do disastrously in the May local elections.
    The UKIP elite of Nuttall Flynn Evans Oakden etc failed the party in Stoke.
    Membership of UKIP must now be down to 22,000 and declines month on month.
    Telling Banks to shove off – you cannot join/rejoin/renew the party was an acto of gross stupidity.
    Marginalising many of talent such as John Rees-Evans is plain stupid.
    Inventing party policy in order to curry favour with postal voting pakistanis in Hanley viz we love muslims and dont want to ban halal food is craven.
    Not fielding local stalwart Mick Harold for the byelection in UKIP’s 70th target seat (sic/sick) was hubristic.
    For Nuttall to go into hiding after the failure in Stoke was pathetic.
    Labour are in civil strife mode but their natural heir UKIP is in the doldrums due to being run by a small clique.
    The reality is that with the exception of Nigel Farage most of those who became MEPs in 2014 imagine they are talented as public speakers, policy makers, leaders of men, natural born officers, captains of the party and they are not. Woolfe, Chaudry, James and too many more are simply replaceable in any party worth its salt. There are still hundreds of talented people in UKIP who are marginalised and ignored.
    Democracy is absent from the running of the party.

    • Old timer from Hampshire // March 20, 2017 at 1:57 pm // Reply

      Quite so. It’s not too late to turn UKIP around. Paul must either get on with it (preferably) or get out of the way. We encourage him to acknowledge the errors, and take the bull by the horns.

      • Total agreement.

      • The trouble is, OT, even if he acknowledges the errors, he has lost credibility with the public. Everything could have been got over but that. It will haunt everything to do with the fight against the Islamisation of Britain. Read it again, as if you were a worried member of the public. It’s all ver Well to pay lip service to the easy bits like FGM, who doesn’t – It’s the grovelling content, and the picture of him in front of the mosque – it’s as bad as Cameron hoping for a Muslim prime minister – afraid there is no ducking it.

  18. Very good article! Call me cynical but if you get a reply it will be a promise of a ‘review’.

  19. Excellent post Jim. Let’s hope Paul responds.

  20. You got my vote Jim! And I vote for Russell Hicks as Chief Communicator for UKIP too.

    But one more for your list:
    * Abolish the BBC Licence Fee

  21. Good luck with hoping for a reply! Still you never know, but it would certainly help myself and others decision to join/rejoin UKIP if we knew for certain Nuttalls views on the above. Will you get an answer, more importantly will you get a straight answer?

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