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One month and counting…

Presidents and Prime Ministers are traditionally given a ‘honeymoon’ of 100 days when they start their new office.

UKIP not being a government and our new leader not being a PM, a ‘grace period’ of one month seems sufficient. It’s now 32 days after the election, and the ‘natives’, that’s us members, are becoming restive – and not just those who’ve been criticising Henry Bolton’s election from the moment the results were revealed at Torquay.

So let’s look at the balance sheet to date:

We had a few letters, starting with the obligatory ‘thank you’ letter to all members. We were told in another letter that Henry would report to us what he’d be doing. Then we got the letter where he introduced his shadow cabinet. That was 14 days ago – nothing since.

We’ve seen (if we happened to check his twitter account) our new leader on telly and on LBC, with certain of his remarks making the rounds of the gasping MSM, from badger-strangling to selling his house to support himself. We’ve also noted that there’s more up-to-date content on the website.

Those with contacts to members in other parts of the country are aware that some travelling around to regional meetings is in the offing. Other members tell us that branches have been closing. There were no official announcements on these issues though.

We recall that one of Henry Bolton’s planks in his manifesto was to have a ‘shadow cabinet’: spokespeople who’d work together with members to formulate policies. David Allen (one of the very few non-MEPs in that cabinet) briefly explained in his article here how that is supposed to work.

We have not seen any attempts of the new shadow cabinet members/spokespeople to engage with the wider membership, initiating an urgent review of UKIP policies or asking for input from our experienced members, especially the more critical and vocal members congregating here on UKIP Daily – with four notable exceptions: Stuart Agnew MEP, David Allen, Mike Hookem MEP and David Kurten AM.

One could perhaps make the case, if one were lenient, that the rest of the MEPs all have far too much to do. Tweeting – something our MEPs do! – is faster and demands only 140 characters. Never mind that a large number of members aren’t even using twitter, and never mind that ‘politics by twitter’ is not a winning proposition unless one is Donald Trump.

One could perhaps make the case that the MEPs haven’t quite grasped yet how this S.A.G.E thing is supposed to work, although I suspect it’s perhaps because they’d still not have fully taken on board that many members have great expertise in a huge variety of areas, not just in delivering leaflets and manning stalls. We have been clamouring for some time now that this expertise be used.

Why isn’t it? Who knows – perhaps some contacts have been going on behind closed doors …

And here, I think is the main point of why we natives are becoming restive: the impression that yet again members are not being told what is going on; that communication with members comes rock-bottom on the list of ‘priorities’; that the cloak of secrecy which we have been criticising for so long seems to shroud management and policymaking once again, that it’s the same old same old …

Many of us gave our vote to Henry Bolton because we thought there’d be an end to this. Instead, it seems, we’re being relegated back to the mushroom-zone.

Yes, we understand that Henry needs to know what’s what in UKIP management, but surely, 32 days should have given him at least an inkling by now? Surely even a meager note to members that the situation is still being investigated would have been better than silence?

There’s been no change at the management level: the same people are still running things, still keeping things ‘confidential’, are not allowing light into the murk. The Party, new leader or not, seems still to be stuck – intentionally or not – in the same old rut.

Given the brewing sex scandal in the Tory Party, chances are there soon will be a whole host of by-elections. Has anybody in the leadership or management teams actually connected the dots yet, namely that we cannot hope to fight one, never mind two or more, by-elections without some sort of organisation and without some sort of message!

Us Purple Army foot soldiers are used to fighting on thin air and shoe leather exclusively, but what the heck would we be fighting for? Whom would we be fighting for? Local candidates? MEPs trying their luck yet again? Wasn’t there supposed to be some …. change, some directive? Is anybody in the shadow cabinet working on this? Will branch chairmen, never mind members, be asked for their input? Is nothing known because no work has yet been done? Or is it ultra-super-secret and mustn’t be spoken about by us little people?

Meanwhile, Brexit  – and btw: where is this ‘OUT NOW’ campaign which was initiated at Torquay? Who is doing it? Can we be told? – doesn’t seem to be such an urgent theme for the Party. Tweets are not enough!

After 32 days in office, we ought to have seen more than just a shadow cabinet by now. While some things may take a while, that there is still a severe lack of communication is very worrying.

So – are we going to see some action? Will we get less secrecy and more information? One thing I can state with confidence: we members will never go back to the ‘good old days’ of shutting up just because “there’s an election coming”. Those times are over, as is the ‘grace period’.

Thus my appeal to the leader, shadow cabinet, and management: tell us, communicate with us, talk with us – all of us! – and show us what we are going to be fighting for, for the Party and the Nation!

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90 Comments on One month and counting…

  1. It’s now 21.11.2017. Another 3 weeks.

    I haven’t noticed anything happening . Again.

    ONE week is a long time in politics

  2. A lot of people here are saying “What is UKIP’s message today?”

    Well here is a message.

    We have a military man leading UKIP. He damn well ought to grasp this message easily enough.

    Brexit is all about one basic question:


    After 350 years of peaceful constitutional evolution and changes of government, the British people are alomost entirely concerned about voting, trade and money, and we risk forgetting the fundamental reality that


    The Hungarians learnt this truth the hard way in 1956, the Czechs in 1968, and the Catalonians may well be getting the same lesson rather soon.

    We must be aware that our Queen in Parliament’s control over our own armed forces is NOW AT SERIOUS RISK.

    I quote Tony Woodcock’s timely comment which I came across when trawling through the readers’ comments below. He flags up the little-known EU programme PESCO – “Permanent Structures Cooperation” on… Defence. i.e. an EU ARMY, branded a “dangerous fantasy” by Nick Clegg, but then confirmed by Juncker himself as a real operational project.
    Tony Woodcock // October 31, 2017 at 7:55 pm // Reply

    The most dangerous news recently has been about PESCO moving from cooperation to INTEGRATION. All the signs are that Maybe and Fallen have signed British military services up to this. Of course, there can be no Clean Brexit if our defences are answerable to the Brussels oligarchs and under German and French generals.

    Our spokesman on Defence is, I gather, Henry OBE. Has anyone heard him speak on this dire issue for Britain? Did anyone hear Etheridge, the last Defence spokesman make an issue of this treachery?

    How is this holding the government’s feet to the fire?

    NB As a preliminary to full integration, they are talking about integration of military procurement across the EU, to include British participation. This looks attractive because it means saving money. But it also means handing the keys to our armoury to Brussels. And…


    This is something that Henry Bolton, with his background in military and security should be getting his teeth into, and shouting from the rooftops. Not… strangling badgers with his bare hands!! Are we liaising with Veterans For Britain, for instance? They are talking a lot about this threat, and have inside knowledge of just what it implies.



    • 2 Corrections to my posting:
      – “Permanent Structures Cooperation” should read “Permanent Structural Cooperation”

      should, for clarity, read


      • Excellent points. Perhaps the problem here is that HB may have a conflict of interest. Due to his self-admitted financial situation, he may still wish to maintain a good relationship with HMG so they can send him on more paid secondments to the OSCE. If he is too outspoken as head of UKIP would this not compromise his position? Given the lifespan of the average UKIP leader, why would he want to sever himself from his main source of income when UKIP is unable to provide a replacement? During the leadership election I asked him why he hadn’t stood as a parliamentary candidate in the 2017 GE, to which he replied he was on a government contract at the time and the deadline was too tight for him to be able to escape it. I guess that is right because the deadlines were ridiculous (we were given 2 days by our regional chairman to decide to stand for UKIP or not), but it shows that he may be faced with these kind of choices in future.

        By the way, I would invite anyone with an interest to visit the OSCE website. When you go to their ‘what we do’ page, you can see their priorities quite clearly in the order of what they present. Of the top 3 issues they present, one is Roma and Sinti (protection of the rights thereof and combating racism against these much misunderstood people), the second is ‘tolerance and diversity to help end racism and xenophobia and intolerance against christians and muslims’ (apparently there is no intolerance against people without any religion), and the third is observing elections. The OSCE is something like the EU in that it believes in promoting its own values, so it has a #youthtrail initiative where it is ‘promoting OSCE values’ in the Balkans. Who decides OSCE values? Well, they have a ‘Parliamentary Assembly’ made up of parliamentarians from the member states. The UK has 13 delegates, appointed by the prime minister, with 7 tory and 6 others, led by Lord Bowness, who was never even an MP, he was the leader of Croydon Council then straight to the Lords…. in 1994! He has been an unlected Lord for 25 years but gets this kind of plum role in a ‘democratic’ institution. Its the usual bunch of ‘TINOs’ (Tory in Name Only) who have been totally captured by the system.

        However, it seems there is hope for the OSCE…. Austria now has the chairmanship (ho ho, I bet they were never expecting this!) and they have re-orientated it towards fighting radicalisation and violent terrorism! Of course they still can’t bring themselves to say jihadist terrorism (which is kind of amazing when you consider a core part of the OSCE mission is the Balkans) but clearly they are on the right track, and this must be highly distasteful to many. To illustrate this, the next chairmanship is with Italy, and they fail to mention counter-radicalisation as a priority, just the usual old guff and naturally things that benefit Italy directly like the meditterenean.

        Frankly, I can’t see how HB can ever be welcomed back to the OSCE if he adopts any populist policies for UKIP….. this must be playing on his mind? Or did he already decide he was done with the OSCE when he decided to run for leader? If so, and he has really thrown in his lot with us, then he should be speaking up? Or is he having second thoughts?

      • To be fair to HB, he has been on a gruelling day trip to Great Yarmouth on mission to ‘close the stable door after the horse has bolted’. What could be more important than speaking to less than 100 dedicated kippers in the most remote town in the East of England just after half the councillors have already quit?

  3. To Henry Bolton.
    We are aware that you have landed a mammoth task and will require all the support you can get. However, your silence is no longer an option. The natives are getting restless.Just a few upbeat words on a regular basis from you or a team member, will stop the haemorrhage of UKIP deserters. Good luck!

  4. I understand many of the HQ staff are spending time looking for a new job. One where you get paid.
    Oakden was last seen grovelling to a Devon tory MP something to do with licking…
    HB has been spotted in Folkestone! he was in Tesco in mufti checking out the bargain sales section.He bought 6 pork sausage and a bottle of semiskimmed milk. When questioned he made his excuses and left.
    Nigel and 2 MEPs were in Strasbourg. That leaves 20 others AWOL. Has HB been told?
    Lancashire had ten active branches now they barely have one. Same story throughout the North. No sign of Steven Woolfe nor Louise Bours. For months.
    This would be funny were it not so tragic.
    We are at the last crossroads. I suggest HB tells us how much money he needs to continue as leader then we have a whip round.

    • You know, Oakden still has not come clean about his money situation, despite him wailing in the last edition of independence that he has never earned anything like £100k a year from UKIP. According to Roger Helmer, who for whatever reason found it necessary to clarify this from the conference stage, Oakden’s job was split 50-50 between being UKIP Chairman and Helmer’s aide. The UKIP accounts show Oakden was paid 50k from August-December for this part time role, in other words £10k a month, which in anyone’s parlance means £120k a year. Then he was also paid by Helmer, which various reports put in the range of £60 – 80k a year. Why can’t he just be straight up with members, does he think we are stupid? I have 25 years experience of complex financial investigations my friend! But why you mention Woolfe, he has long since left the party. I had great hopes for Louise Bours, she was fantastic on question time and in the media in general, but disappeared. I don’t know what happened but on her wikipedia it says she is in a relationship with Paul Nuttall….. between them they must be really coining it, two MEP salaries, can share hotel rooms in Brussels, etc very nice!

  5. I am afraid there is something seriously amiss. Henry has not tweeted for 2 days, not even a fatuous but obligatory ‘thoughts and prayers’ email about New York. Could it be that he has threatened to quit unless someone finds the money to pay him? I can’t think of any other logical explanation why he would be absolutely silent.

    According to his twitter account, he did visit Thanet branch at the end of last week. I wonder what he thinks of Martyn Heale, the ex-NF activist who is the chairman? Did he attack him in the same way he attacked AMW I wonder? Or perhaps he went to Thanet first as he was looking for further evidence of Nazi infiltration? When HB asks AMW supporters to leave, does he include people like Martyn Heale in his definition of those not wanted?

    • Actually, I noticed he will be in Great Yarmouth tomorrow night to meet a maximum of 100 UKIP people from 6pm to 10pm. When you add in travel time, meaning he needs to leave around 2pm in the afternoon, do the event, stay there, drive back next morning, that is an entire DAY to meet maximum 100 people. Meanwhile, Rome is burning. What the hell is he doing???

      • To paraphrase; Playing his fiddle whilst UKIP goes down the pan! I am beginning to wonder if he is the LibDem version of Carswell.

  6. Viv I’m glad to see that Henry has appointed a shadow cabinet. I see he has also appointed a communications person. I would have thought internal communications might be part of his role.

    In the army they have commissioned officers who concentrate on the enemy and non-commissioned officers who concentrate on the soldiers and there are a lot of them.
    It’s a structure that’s stood the test of time.

    It’s clear from below that we are falling down in this area. The troops are restless, it sounds as if some may even be thinking of joining the enemy!

    As an institution we seem to be suffering from structure-hunger.

    Politics is war in peacetime. In reality war never ends. We are the soldiers and yes, we need to be led but above all we need to feel we’re being cared-for and supported in what we do.

  7. Viv – I dont suppose HB will even bother to reply to this. Which rather proves your point, doesnt it.

    • Dear Rabbit – yes, well, that’s how the Old Team has ‘always’ done things: let members moan, be cross when they dare send emails direct or complain when members phone the Chairman but otherwise let them do what they want: we’re still mushrooms, still just foot soldiers who only need to do what we’re told and otherwise STFU.
      So why should the ‘new team’ (= the old team) behave differently?
      We all know they read UKIPD.
      It’s interesting, isn’t it, that they’re all so good at tweeting. Someone ought to tell them that the time spent on checking their and others’ twitter account could as well be spent posting a comment.

  8. Further to the discussion here on the timing of AGMs, all 8 branches in West Sussex also voted to ignore the new NEC rule that AGMs should henceforth be held in the Autumn. This is because when we asked Lexdrum House what benefit there would be in holding 2 meetings (one for the AGM and one to present the accounts to members) Lexdrum could not give us any reason/benefit for doung so. So we all said “right, we will do what we want then”. We dont mind following the rule book when we can see the sense of it, but when nobody in authority can give us any explanation as to why a new rule has been brought in, or how ULIP can benefit from it, then we have to be pragmatic and ignore it.

    • Dear Ruth
      The reason is that branches must sign off their accounts in the New Year so they can be filed with El-Com; but many branches don’t want to have to re-elect/change/lose their officers/committees every year in the run-up to the election season in May.
      Regards, Steve

  9. Politics is not a nice business and UKIP (as far as I’m aware) has had zero to do with the current “sex crisis” in SW1. But other parties have and we (UKIP) do nothing about it, but by making Labour (particularly)uncomfortable in this scenario we could be shown as a party that does it’s homework and is not afraid to tell it as it is. We might even win votes. I repeat myself here: Brendan Cox ‘excused’ himself from his lavishly paid post with Save the Children in 2015 due to, it has been claimed in the press/online, “inappropriate behaviour” (not with kids). His equally well paid colleague there ‘retired’ at about the same time. They were both advisers to Gordon Brown when he was in office. (Uncomfortable yet?) Could they not be asked publicly by UKIP if they might be able to help Parliament in its struggle to sort out yet another SW1 cock-up (?) Their SW1 insider knowledge allied to their inappropriate behaviour elsewhere make them prime candidates to help resolve this situation. They have been at the coal face so to speak. Similarly, might not the SWP – so closely aligned to Labour – also be asked to assist? Look at, “Corbyn’s link with the SWP and rape culture”. Bloody appalling facts. Then of course there was the case of Lord Rennard. Remember? Another ‘cover-up, wrist slapping’ exercise. UKIP don’t need a research department for such info – I’m fast approaching the dribbling/zimmer stage of my life and I remember all this stuff and thanks to the internet I can recall, source and confirm it. Not only is UKIP now ineffectual, it’s leaders are not even behaving like a unit that has any interest in advancement or it’s own future.

  10. Thank you for your very timely and perceptive article Viv.

    Y’know, when Paul Nuttall was elected leader I was disappointed. I’d voted for JRE.
    But I thought, well…Paul’s a good guy, let’s give him a chance.

    Then Paul’s first decisions were to appoint Peter Whittle as Deputy Leader (Oh dear…), Patrick O’Flynn as Chief Political Adviser (Oh dear, Oh dear…) and Suzanne Evans as Deputy Chairman (Oh my God!…..); Paul also mentioned how well he got on with Douglas Carswell (completely unprintable!….); considerable gloom and despondency followed.
    Then Paul was gone.

    Y’know, when Henry Bolton was elected Leader I was disappointed. I’d voted for JRE.
    But I thought, well….Henry seems a nice enough bloke, and Nigel was keen on him, let’s give him a chance.

    Then Henry’s first decisions were to appoint Margot Parker as Deputy Leader and Jim Carver and Mike Hookem as Asst. Deputy Leaders.

    Now I mean no disrespect to these 3 worthy MEPs when I say that they did not leap to my mind as prime candidates for our new front line team.

    Then came the appointment of Jonathan Arnott as Political Adviser.
    Again, I mean no disrespect to Jonathan, an MEP who has battled for UKIP for many years.

    But this is also the Jonathan whose Guardian article on 11th June 2017 was headlined:
    ‘I had to quit my job at UKIP – it’s just bland and anti-Muslim’

    I would write more, but I’m afraid I can feel the old gloom and despondency descending again…..

    • Is anyone starting to get the feeling that HB is in fact Diane James mark 2? Someone selected by Farage to take over, given the blessing of the great man, but whose heart is not actually in it? Just as Diane wrote ‘at gunpoint’ on her nomination papers, HB’s protestations about a salary seem to be an excuse for doing not very much. Could it be that both were proxies for Nigel but once they got into the job and realised how hard it was then neither could be bothered?

      • You make a good point Graham.

      • Graham I said his heart wasn’t in it from the off. I also predicted that the ‘Out Now’ campaign would never get off the ground. I also predicted he would bail out before the local elections next year. I suspect ‘financial reasons’ will be the excuse. This story about selling his house to be UKIP leader is just laying the ground work for his future departure. Let’s just admit it he isn’t a Kipper. Oh yes and as we saw from last night’s events Islam hasn’t gone away. Come on guys you are all good hearted people on here. Get behind AMW even if you still want to remain Kippers.

  11. As usual Viv, right on the button and eloquently expressed.

  12. There has been no communication from head office on the ‘OUT NOW’ campaign and branches do not know what is happening about Regional Organisers or County Reps neither.

    HB has not been in the news except allegedly might have to sell his house only just recently he wrote this piece for Westmonster.

    • John thank you for that. It’s nice to see that Henry really is doing something! Is this just the tip of the iceberg? If it is he needs to stop hiding his light under a bushel!

  13. SUNDAY NOV 5TH 2017
    I hear that Lewes Bonfire Guilds are going to burn an effigy of UKIP
    or is it the leader?
    No news from Newton Abbott!
    Is Paul the fantasist spending his time applying for a job with the libdems in Devon?
    I would not be surprised

  14. I think you’ve put the case very well Vivian and I agree with you absolutely.

    The question I ask at this juncture, in relation to my membership fee, is “Am I getting value for money?”. Sadly, the answer is “No, I am not”. I am just waiting until I get another ‘begging’ letter then I will let rip.

    I can think of several ways of spending that money which would be far more beneficial to me personally or could be put to better use by a charity, Battersea Dogs Home for example.

    My membership expires next summer. I will definitely not bother to renew it.

    • I believe there are quite a few members planning not to renew, and with renewal dates before next summer, which means the party could expire before your membership does.

  15. The most dangerous news recently has been about PESCO moving from cooperation to INTEGRATION. All the signs are that Maybe and Fallen have signed British military services up to this. Of course, there can be no Clean Brexit if our defences are answerable to the Brussels oligarchs and under German and French generals.
    Our spokesman on Defence is, I gather, Henry OBE. Has anyone heard him speak on this dire issue for Britain? Did anyone hear Etheridge, the last Defence spokesman make an issue of this treachery?
    How is this holding the government’s feet to the fire?
    Everything since during the referendum is left to local initiatives and local keenies taking charge. But to make campaigns work nationally needs some minimal direction from a charismatic leader.
    We do have a comms supremo. I travelled part of the journey to Torquay with him by train. He struck me as tortured and insecure. I hear he is paid £160k.

    • What’s his name? I also read about him, but I think he defines himself more as media PR. i.e. his job is to connect UKIP to the media, but if we don’t actual have any relevant messaging, what’s the point of connecting to them?

  16. Too much wrong at this time. At our peak there were 100 voters for each member. Now there are about 30000 members but how can we get the public to add to that number of votes? We don’t know what to tell them except possibly our own ideas. HB (my choice)claims we are reverting to the 2015 manifesto as our starting point but the website shows the 2017 manifesto. It also shows D Coburn as an AM and leader in Scotland under Key People (Scotland is not an assembly, it has a parliament). My membership is now due but I cannot bring myself to cough up until I see signs of life.

    • There are not 30,000 members. Less than half that, and few are all that active. Those that are, are frequently on this site and morale isn’t great.
      Henry Bolton is not- it is proven now- George Patton.
      Oh dear……

      • Nice! But what about his ‘second-in-commands’? Should we assume that they are all cowering behind their desks and are frit to do something as novel as engaging with members to develop policies? Are they, ahem, badgers scared of getting strangled?
        Or have they bought into Ms Suzanne Evans’ attitude that policy development is not for us little people?

        • As I said earlier. No point trying to run a party from the sticks. Either set up a proper London office and man it with professionals rather than acolytes – who must be accountable for spending the members subs- or dissolve the party. Its meant to be politically active, not a back-slapping lunch club of bores and idle MEP’s sponging off the taxpayer. UKIP go on about the EU being an unelected bureaucracy who waste money, however UKIP’s ‘leaders’ are even worse. Utterly useless.

  17. The people of Great Yarmouth who voted UKIP must feel betrayed, the people in our Cities whose communities have been invaded and destroyed also feel betrayed, we look to places like Great Yarmouth for hope as all we see is a tidal wave of foreigners destroying our areas our heritage and hope — Shame on these councillors they are playing into the hands of the globalist remainers.

    Those at the top of UKIP should get their act together fast, we have a Country and the indigenous people to save, time is running out fast-

  18. It should be obvious to all Kippers, that the Party is over.
    Bolton, will never unite the party, or its member’s.


  19. I note that none of the ‘Shadow Cabinet’ / Henry Bolton or Lexdrum crew seem to take any notice whatsoever about what is said on this, the main social media site for UKIP.
    Nothing is being done.
    So what exactly are membership fees and contributions being used for? Lunches and wine? Is it all just one big racket?

  20. “There’s been no change at the management level: the same people are still running things”

    …and that is why nothing will change by way of making UKIP a force to be reckoned with. It’s a bit like Einstein’s saying about expecting a different result when repeating the same actions time and again.

    The members need and deserve a clear out.

    • One more leadership change, whoever stands, including Nigel or the arch angel Gabriel and there will certainly be a clear out, of members, including me. I don’t mind being insulted but I don’t intend to be laughed at.
      However much you moan we are stuck with Henry, If he can’t do the job we really are finished. I think he can.
      Perhaps some contributors would care to consider that fact before complaining too hard, which simply makes it more difficult for him.
      I note that AMW’s “For Britain” is not exactly setting the world on fire just now, would you be saying the same if she had won?

      • As for AMW, as previously stated ITV are going to expose to the public that she is the devil incarnate. At least the public will know that she exists. At the moment the MSM are saying very little about UKIP, for the simple reason that they believe UKIP is no longer a threat to their big money globalist paymasters. I’ll bet that even at present more of the public have heard of AMW and the FLA than HB. Next week even more will do so.

        If the voters know anything about HB , it’s about Badger Strangling, house sales and that Clegg’s missus is a fan.

      • That would have depended on her carrying out the necessary clearout. However, comparing UKIP to an emergent party is not realistic.

  21. JRE’s “Affinity” will for a long time remain a small fringe group, hardly a party.
    AMW’s new party “For Britain” will struggle to get established at the best they will function as a small party in 2-3 yrs. They will be locked out of the media and will find it hard to win support from sufficient voters to make an impact or frighten the 2 main parties. The name chosen is not great.
    Despite this I wish them luck. They really need to copy AfD.
    By now a mere 32 days after the last chance saloon UKIP must be haemorrhaging members and branches. My guess 5.000 have resigned/not renewed/ lapsed as inactive.
    I take no pleasure in this.
    Zero co-ordination of MEPs efforts (if any).
    Henry Bolton’s skills set is not that of a leader. In any event good man though he is a leader preoccupied with keeping a wife and child on a small income is not in a position to spend his day contacting the media.
    This is primarily the fault of Head Office – not the staff – the ones who like to run things their way.
    That way includes approaching insolvency, mass resignation of councillors, no prep for by elections, inactivity which beggars belief, and a leader who is playing the role of Capt Smith and Wallace Hartley rolled into one.

    • Bolton doesn’t need a budget for media, nor comms staff ALL HE NEEDS TO DO is record some carefully scripted video output and get it onto YouTube. Pat Condell has mastered this, he gets MILLIONS of views. But Bolton first needs to develop some ooompf and have something to say. He’s wasted a month doing what exactly? Blink and it will be Christmas. But we DO have a comms budget, we have a busload of MEPs on very VERY fat salaries, they are paid to fight our corner…not sit on their backsides, occasionally re-tweeting other people’s 2nd hand news and then going back to sleep.

    • “locked out of the media”

      No they won’t. For Britain is a small, new party with some radical ideas. That is enough for the media to take interest, because they think they smell racists, their favourite type of politicians more than a a gnat’s crochet to the right of the far left, ie themselves.

      AMW has received a letter from an ITV contributor explaining they are going to expose all kinds of facts about her new party. She replied to the effect, yes she agrees with all those things,as said publicly, what’s your point? And she published both the incoming letter and her reply.

      Prime time free publicity of For Britain Party, and you’ve only been able to join as a member for two days!

      Nice going, huh.

    • For Britain is to be featured and smeared in an ITV ‘Exposure’ programme on 9th November.

      Hardcash Productions had an undercover reporter following AMW since June filming secretly. They are working with Hope not Hate which is an ‘anti-racist’ pressure group.

      They state that they are going to describe AMW as DANGEROUS and willing to go to any lengths in a war against Islam.

      On Hope not Hate’s website they state:
      For Britain will stand on an explicitly anti-Muslim platform and …, will seek to stir up hatred and exacerbate divisions in the UK

      More depth here:

      • “…willing to go to any lengths in a war against Islam.”

        I can go along with that.

      • Err, so what’s new about this? Same tactics they used against UKIP. Remember the program about UKIP South Thanet, where the chairman was revealed to be an ex-NF member (he’s still there I believe) who was lucky to be a member before the ban on NF/BNP members took effect (which is a crazy policy because it means that the people who were in the NF in the 1970s – a much more violent group than the BNP in the 1990s – are allowed to stay in!). I think the way AMW is responding to it is exactly right, to stand up to them and say ‘yeah – so what’? This is what Farage also did.

  22. If CitizenKain were here he would say ‘Well, you had the chance to blow the bloody doors off…’ Instead the doors have been quietly closed and members and councillors are filling cardboard boxes. Though not a member I am still a UKIP fan but in light of all this perhaps the party has just run its course in its present format. Meanwhile ForBritain is acquiring hundreds of new members and cleverly AMW has got them paying a monthly subscription as well as a joining fee. Me being one of them. I think decision time for many kippers is drawing close. I can’t see the MEPs saving the party. They’ll leave in 2019 and say ‘Well it was nice while it lasted.’

  23. “We’ve seen (if we happened to check his twitter account) our new leader on telly and on LBC…
    … We’ve also noted that there’s more up-to-date content on the website.”

    A funny thing happened when I clicked the link. I had a ‘silly me’ moment! Because there I discovered a number of articles, nicely written and informative although more in the style of external communications as one might expect. In other words, some things are happening, which came as a welcome relief. I must confess I’d forgotten about the UKIP site and have not visited it for ages.

    Of course, with the presentation style being different, the comments section we are so used too here at UKIP daily, which are often of at least as much interest as the article itself, was absent.

    However it does have a UKIP Facebook Like Page and Twitter feed on the right which is nice for those who do not indulge to keep themselves in the loop.

    I thought I’d mention this in case I’m not the only one.

    Now, for some excitement, back to UKIP daily …

  24. Well said Viv.

  25. Comments here quite properly lament UKIP’s appalling communications. Nothing from the millions of pounds that has passed through the party since 2014 has been spent on a communications infrastructure. But even if it had been, even if the party had a half decent website, and someone producing youtube videos, the question would remain: communicate what? Our bland, unmemorable policies?

    It is not just Great Yarmouth councillors who have given up. The number of branches who will not be putting forward candidates, saying they can no longer answer a question about what UKIP stands for, is increasing.

    If UKIP is not radical it is nothing. If it is not provocative the MSM will not give us any attention. Any hint of radical, provocative policies yet? Or is HB part of the safe, respectable, mainstream tendency that has brought the party to its current pathetic state?

    Assuming the party does not go bankrupt soon (as we continue to lose members) the local elections next May should finish it off. HB can re-arrange deckchairs and appoint MEPs to this and that role (MEPs? – they know nothing about domestic politics) but the management of UKIP is the same ineffective, incompetent management as before just with possibly even blander, even less memorable, even less relevant policies.

  26. In Surrey we have Philip Hammond MP – you know, Spreadsh*t Phil. Tremendous appetite to get out in his constituency and thin gruel to offer at street stalls. The new chairman, a battle hardened cynic being that rare beast, a Leaver in academia is going to print with a version of the bland OUT NOW flyer which encourages people to write to Spreadsh*t. The constituency had an above national average Leave vote.
    Here in the Democratic Republic of Surrey the people will be coming to Henry – we want action, invitations to his office will be issued shortly.
    Trigger warning folks, go to your safe spaces – profanity punctuated rant about to begin. WTF do the Tories have to offer our councillors? One former Kippr Cllr, now an Independent is thinking of joining them FFS, as is her husband, but at least he was one once. She’s worried about Momentum thugs getting a hold in our leafier parts of true blue Surrey. Are they really so f-ing stupid as to think the TORIES have a cat in hell’s chance of appealing to the foolish, brain addled by Common Purpose idiots drawn to Momentum? Is there really anyone with the charisma to attract them? Is there hell. If we got our IT act together and started pushing REAL freedom, proper small state policies, a ‘can do’ vision (yes, Thatcherism had the latter, do not sneer at it) we could counteract Momentum. Roll on David Kurten’s foundation and csr2020.
    If we assume that all those Yarmouth Cllrs and the rest of those thinking of defecting wanted us to ‘take back control’ the Tory party is equivalent of dating one of Bridget Jones’ emotional idiots. The biggest derailers of Brexit, aided and abetted by their civil servants, are not Clegg, Blair, even the vile Miller, they are THOSE IN POWER NOW, starting with the Remainer at the top

    • Toby Micklethwait // October 31, 2017 at 4:37 pm // Reply

      Dear UKIPD readers,

      For those who like things laid out in bullet points, let me summarise:

      ** Runnymede and Weybridge branch (“RW”) is getting a leaflet printed. Mainly drafted by Dr Nicholas Wood.

      ** The leaflet is a challenge to Phillip Hammond (RW’s MP).

      ** The leaflet promotes OUT NOW (with circular logo).

      ** It promotes UKIP thus:

      UKIP (large, purple)
      An underline (yellow)
      FOR THE NATION (diluted purple)

      ** Staff from all over Surrey will hand out the leaflet at street stalls in Egham, Addlestone, Staines, Weybridge and Chertsey.

      ** Surplus stocks will be delivered to doors in RW.

      ** All before 3 December 2017.

      ** Our Surrey newspaper will be printed early Spring 2018 for delivery to houses in all Surrey branches (before the postal vote). Any county wanting an edition, please contact Purple or me.

      Toby, Treasurer, UKIP Surrey, 01932-873557

  27. I voted for and supported Henry, being quite vocal in here too. Of course he needs time and I don’t think even a couple of months is too long….but…The point about communication is valid.
    I’m a branch chairman and a councillor and so far, other than the letters referred to by Viv, I’ve heard nothing and It’s time chairmen were told at least how things are progressing and what the immediate plans are for the next few weeks. Please Henry, let us have some guidance here and something to encourage our members, it’s getting quite hard to maintain their interest in our party.

    • I agree that it is “getting quite hard to maintain their interest in our party”. And that’s just with members. SO what chance with the wider voting public?

      Here’s a little test: name the top three issues the public are concerned about but feel let down over by the main parties. Now say what our policies are on those three issues. Tricky huh?

    • Perhaps someone needs to remind Henry that the NEC in its infinite wisdom, oft manifested within this organ, changed the Branch AGMs to the final quater of the year; thus we have booked the hall, but we have nothing to say. I will also have to invite the membership early next year to hear how their money has been leveraged; will anyone turn up for that? I doubt it.

      • PurplePottymouth // October 31, 2017 at 6:28 pm // Reply

        Booked the hall? Good, have your AGM early next year & stick 2 fingers up. Surrey branches are not being held to this ridiculous edict & since the election of the new leader I understand there has been some back-pedalling on this. Mine is booked for early Feb, Toby’s branch for late Jan. all I need now is a new speaker – we had invited AMW!

        • Really, AGMs in December ? Must have missed the memo, so sorry. We’ve had ours in January for the last 3 years. All being well, I will with luck and arm twisting, be able to find a secretary and treasurer but I do not expect to fill any other vacancies for officers. If I am very lucky indeed someone else will want to be chairman but I doubt it.

          • How are you allowed to exist if you only have a chairman, I thought you needed 2 of the 3 roles as a minimum?

          • @Graham. We have all three officers, I was talking about after the AGM in January, when it will be difficult to get members to take on jobs, like membership secretary, agent and elections organiser etc. The point being that members and activist are wondering if it’s worth the effort.
            The media are completely ignoring us, perhaps because we are not quite so controversial and they have run out of muck to sling.

          • The MSM have been ignoring us not because we’re no longer controversial but as a plain election strategy. TPTB saw that the more mud was slung at us, the more people were interested and voted for UKIP. It’s the ‘underdog syndrome’. So, according to the well-described strategy of the MSM: “if we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist/didn’t happen”, we’ve been getting the silent treatment.
            Now I don’t think UKIP needs to become “controversial” by hook and crook, but we all really must stop trying to appease the MSM by being bland or by suppressing debate online because “the MSM could find something to bring us into disrepute”.
            As always, and as I’m sure you know only too well, it’s up to us members with the boots on the ground to engage the ordinary voters, and this can and must start at the local level, with policies for the local situation. Even UKIP HO must accept that an one-size-fits-all policy for UKIP doesn’t work, especially if there’s not even one policy ‘on offer’.

  28. You may have read in the news that most of the UKIP councillors on Great Yarmouth council have defected to the Tories. When one of them, Kay Grey, was interviewed she said the main reason was a lack of direction from Head Office. I would imagine there will be further defections unless Henry starts showing some leadership.

    • I really wonder what they do all day.

    • Oh, so maybe that is why HB is having a meeting in Great Yarmouth then? Horses and stable doors. He ought not to be reacting to events. He ought to be driving his own agenda. Why would they send an email to all members about this Great Yarmouth event, it seems very specific to their local circumstances and really nothing to do with members living in e.g. South-West London.

    • PurplePottymouth // October 31, 2017 at 2:04 pm // Reply

      Lack of direction? let’s see how they like being told what to do by their council leader and sod their residents. Or perhaps Yarmouth, unlike my district council actually does listen to residents. Perhaps they have a proper opposition (less now the Kippers have gone), not a cosy Con/LD cartel that sneers ‘populist’ at the Independent Cllrs who put their residents first.

    • Here is a link to an article about Gt.Yarmouth UKIP councillors defecting:

      Note the related news items: HB winning the leadership; HB Badger Strangling and HB selling his house. UKIP’s recent headline news!!!

      Agnew describes their actions as disgusting, perhaps he should consider the lack of action by UKIP leadership prior to their leaving as a contributing factor.

      • I don’t think its lack of direction from UKIP leadership that led them to leave, its the realisation that they will lose their positions in the upcoming elections. They are local councillors in a non-whipped party so they have no need of direction from above. According to the interview with their leader, they were not complaining about direction from HQ, more about HQ not being able to articulate what is the purpose of UKIP post-referendum.

  29. The re are several issues that have recently arisen: votes for prisoners and the adoption of the CFP into British law. Two topics that are meat and drink to UKIP. I’ve not heard HB opine. Add the continuing PC, cultural Marxism with the contradictions thrown up by the “sex” scandals then surely we could be having a field-day. Nigel was on TV “After the News” and he was on top form, surrounded by 3 female hostile opponents. He brought common sense to issues of our warped times and avoided losing his cool in what was a fractious atmosphere. HB needs to take note.

  30. Henry Bolton is useless. All he has done in a month is rearrange deck chairs. NO ONE at the ‘top’ of UKIP has the faintest idea how to engage with the public using social media, email, youtube etc. Meanwhile, Brexit is being watered down, every single day and the public will eventually be dished up a second referendum; and they’ll vote for it. Bolton has no real interest in leaving the EU, nor many of the MEPs. Don’t believe it? Judge them by what they have done since June 23rd 2016: NOTHING. Bolton has completely missed the massive opportunity as new leader to make an impact. You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. Bolton could have sat in front of a video camera and recorded a strong attacking video on Brexit a few days after becoming leader; by now that would have had half a million or more views, and Theresa May would know ‘UKIP are back’. But he didn’t do that painfully simple thing. Instead he plans to tour the country, meeting 100 kippers at a time. So, to get his message (whatever it is, we don’t know) to a million people, will take 10,000 such meetings. The UKIP top brass know this ‘plan’ is a waste of time and won’t work but that is their agenda and the members are falling for it. The way to wreck a political party is to infiltrate it, say all the right things to the members, sing their song, get elected, then look busy but do nothing useful.

    • There are no paid, permanent comms people ( as far as I know ) in UKIP. A party can’t be run for nothing . It has oft been said that the party needs to professionalise and now its very clear. It also can’t be based in the West country. It HAS to have a media presence in London.
      Its not looking good at the moment, but its worse for AMW. She has about 200 members, despite all the hype, and there is a ‘spy in the camp’ documentary about the baddies in her party on ITV soon.
      There will not be any by elections soon. The word in media-land is that all the big three parties could get burned by the latest ‘sugar tits’ style scandals, so the big boys have all got together and agreed to gag the stories.

      • Well said.

      • We had Patrick oflynn for years, why didn’t he do an Alastair Campbell and grab comms by the throat? He was a senior Express political journalist for gods sake. And he seems to have lots of free time at the moment.

      • Is this what you are referring to Mr Bav?

        From a link in the comments it appears the journalist has also been hanging around UKIP too.

      • Anyway, I believe Gawain Towler is the ‘Head of Press’ and it is a paid position, but like I said elsewhere his job is to manage media relationships, but if he doesn’t have anyone providing lucid content then all he can do is try to maintain relationships.

        • Gawain Towler is well liked in the media, a decent bloke by the accounts I’ve heard, but take a look at his Twitter pages. No comments on UKIP really in the past few weeks. Nothing -except a minor alleged scandal regarding Gawain himself in the press either . I can’t see how he can be getting paid for that level of output?? (Maybe he’s not?? ) It’s probably not his fault . He has nothing to report. It’s about time DETAILS of where UKIP’s money is going are published. It’s all going to look a bit fishy otherwise.

    • Hear hear…. one thing is plain, HB doesn’t have any idea about how to use social media, and neither does anyone else working with him it seems. I like your point about having to do 10,000 meetings. I have made this same point so often, at the GE when we had the regional candidates meeting with 2 weeks to go it was obvious the only way we could reach voters with only 2 weeks to go and no feet on ground was through social media, but as soon as I started to explain Facebook advertising the eyes of the regional people glaze over as they don’t understand it and aren’t willing to allow others to take away their power. Unless HB moves against these people killing the initiative of the members within the party then it is dead.

  31. So far HB’s only achievement is to last longer than Diane James. If there is one thing he needs to get a grip of it is communications strategy. There is absolutely no thought going into this, he tweets once a day on some matter or other he has seen in the media, talks about other things, MEPs randomly tweet. No coherence. I received an email yesterday inviting me to a speech in Great Yarmouth! Its 250 miles or so away, we have membership lists available, why don’t they use these lists to properly target the audience instead of sending random blasts? The overall impression being given is one of rudderless sinking into obscurity. There needs to be a MESSAGE first, so that people can get ON-MESSAGE. HB seems to have difficult coming up with a message.

    I agree members, once again, are coming last. He had a chance to turn things around. The FIRST thing he should have done was to go out and do say 15 town hall meetings around the country, putting members first. But instead, he followed the normal UKIP way of doing things.

    To put it mildly, I’m not optimistic.

  32. The very first thing he should do is question why, just yesterday, Nigel Farage demanded a meeting with M. Barnier regarding Brexit. In the letter Nigel Farage states that he is the ‘leader of UKIP’ . Reproduced here :-

    I don’t think he is . Unless its changed over the weekend.

    • Oh dear, that’s incredible.

    • I would give grace to Nigel on this in the context of his whole sentence: “As leader of the Party, UKIP, which won the European Elections of 2014 I would like to hold a meeting with you in Brussels.”

      He WAS leader at the time we won the Euros, indeed it was down primarily to his leadership and media exposure that we did. However, English can be a remarkably imprecise language, especially when partially quoted. CNN are the experts at that technique, of course, their skills being learnt by the whole of the MSM on both sides of the Atlantic.

      And as far as the EU is concerned, he’s the leader of our MEPs there as well.

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