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On Christian Values, Islam, and The Police

As I read  the early morning papers about the riots in France, the shooting dead by police of a guy trying to attack a child rapist (subsequently given a suspended sentence) and other sad news I had fleeting thought: “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. My parents were Methodists and, along with my sister, I was sent to Sunday school every week. We soon found out that we could play truant and did, although I would still maintain that we retained the “Christian values” that we were brought up with and remember the phrase above.

The reason behind the Paris riots, the “rape” of a guy by police, might be valid or it might not. We may never know how the injury was inflicted. The reaction to that single event is beyond reason unless one considers it a convenient excuse for an already planned uprising. One might ask where the rioters were when the native women and kids of France were attacked and raped by the invader.

The rioters are probably receiving financial support from the benefits system but might also be receiving support from elsewhere. That “elsewhere” needs to be investigated. I was working in Bangkok in 2008/9 when the “red shirts”, supporters of the deposed, exiled and corrupt former Prime Minister Thaksin, were rioting and blocking major road junctions for weeks. It was common knowledge that they were funded by Thaksin to an amount more than the minimum wage.

It is evident that the Police have been infected with political correctness to the extent that they can no longer perform their duties in an acceptable manner. The Rotherham child rapes are but one example of failing to prosecute the invader; that begs the question of their own involvement. Thousands of the invaders were involved in the Bradford riots yet a very small number were prosecuted. Now the fear of a similar uprising has led to the various Muslim ghettos in West Yorkshire not being policed. On the other hand we heard of Tommy Robinson (formerly EDL) being harassed and removed from a pub by police.

Our politicians are, on the whole, no better; many are supportive of subjugation to the will of the EU for now and, in the longer term, by a World Government as promoted by the UN and others. Representation of their constituents has become a very low priority or simply no longer necessary. A clean and complete departure from the EU is still uncertain and EU policy still be signed up to.

Those we may forgive

Undoubtedly many have an inbuilt bias in support of the left from their education and that which they read every day on the social media which they follow. It seems that they have never been taught to question and validate facts before acting; they follow their thought leaders without question.

Many might be swept along with the tide of hatred simply to fit in with their friends without any consideration of the justification of such acts.

If they will open their minds to reality then we should forgive them, but only after they have received a just penalty for any acts against the law.

The lower ranking policemen and policewomen might have little option but to follow orders from above. Provided that they are not enthusiastic followers then they may be forgiven.

Likewise with “our” MPs; the few who still try to represent those who voted them into office despite party policy may be forgiven.

Those we cannot forgive.

The thought leaders referred to above cannot be forgiven; they must be removed from any position which allows them to propagate their hatred.

There is a fine line between free speech and the inciting of hatred. Charges of hate speech are regularly brought against those who oppose Islam whilst the hate preachers of Islam are allowed to spew forth their bile on a regular basis without fear of prosecution. Those who facilitate such bias cannot be forgiven; they must be removed from office.

Those who preach the outrageous values of Islam every day at the many mosques and effectively support the terrorist in their quest to impose Islamic values on the native people of the UK cannot be forgiven; they must be deported to a country where they would be at home.

Any person providing financial support to the rioters cannot be forgiven; they must be hunted, captured and brought to trial.

Police officers responsible for the bias against the native Brit cannot be forgiven; they must be sacked and prosecuted if there is evidence to support that.

Those MPs who are supportive of the continued subjugation of our sovereignty by the EU or the World Government intended by others need to be removed. Fortunately all that requires is to vote them out of office at the next election.

As I started to write this article I was expecting a degree of balance between those who might be forgiven and those who cannot.  Maybe there is some balance in the actual numbers of people involved; more likely the unknowing significantly exceed the villains in number. Whatever those numbers we cannot allow the scourge of Islam and its ally, Political Correctness, to continue.

We must try to see that MPs represent the interests of the British people on every front whether that is control of immigration, removal of subservience to the god of Political Correctness and absolute support for a truly sovereign Great Britain. The only effective way to do that is to get a large number of UKIP MPs elected. We cannot rely on changes to a fairer voting system; that issue must be parked for now as simply will not happen before the next election.

We will see shortly how policies are received in Stoke but the election would have been better served by the availability of an updated and complete manifesto. UKIP needs to get in front of the game; for now it is in danger of becoming an “also ran”. It is indeed fortunate that the opposition seems to be in a worse state – for now.

There is much to do and much of it controversial if we are to recover our country. Whatever the effort that requires – we cannot fail.

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An Engineer turned software developer who often works outside the UK but retains close family ties there. For that and other reasons I am concerned that my country is being given up to the control of others

13 Comments on On Christian Values, Islam, and The Police

  1. I feel there is no doubt that there is wide spread corruption within our police forces and it starts at the top and works its way down. Of course it isn’t in all forces and it isn’t all the police but it seriously needs looking into. Perhaps to start martial law should be introduced while the police forces are investigated. We could lock down each county in turn. It would be interesting how many would resign to save being investigated

  2. Update:

    This is the situation in France:
    I doubt that it is much better here.

  3. Great article so why is Nuttall in his somewhat protected position of MEP and parliamentary candidate saying nothing. I believe senior police officers should be prosecuted as accessories to rape. They knew it was happening and did nothing or indeed arrested fathers who tried to rescue their children. An absolute crime. It’s only my opinion but there should have been a good local candidate for Stoke. I’d have thought being leader and an MEP would be enough to concentrate on.

  4. Brilliant article, Jack. The thing is, as I saw on utube yesterday, from a clip in Britain, there is no doubt that Muslims will take to the streets in their thousands if any of the ‘rights and privileges’ our cowardly Government(s) have bestowed on them are removed. Governments know this and aren’t willing to confront them. The police know that they won’t be backed up, are uncertain these days what actions will or will not be supported by Government, so they aren’t willing to enforce law and order either. This goes both for the U.K. and all of Europe too. It is no accident that the only peaceful Muslim countries with a decent living standard were, as far as I can see, Syria and Iraq where dissent was ruthlessly exterminated but ordinary people were allowed to have a good life as long as they toed a not too difficult line. However, there wasn’t equal treatment for all sects/tribes, whatever, and never has been has there?
    So it seems to me, adding different ethnic African groups into the mix, that we are in an almost impossible situation long term.
    Either we may have to accept some kind of martial law to restore British and European Laws in the end, or we accept an eventual Sharia and accompanying lawlessness, or, best case, Britain becomes like Lebanon. Any will be very difficult to accept in the West,
    Unless we outlaw Sharia immediately, or as soon as possible, it will be too late and, I believe, we will be left with the options above. Even outlawing Sharia will not be easily done now.
    Am I too pessimistic?

    • I have long argued that we need a strong military. Even if the police were able to deal with riots they still have to walk the streets the day after. A force such as the Bradford rioters can only be dealt with by an overwhelming military response; if some are daft enough to get themselves shot then so be it.
      I believe that the reductions in military personnel were prompted by forthcoming participation in an EU army and the fear that they might take the “wrong” side in an uprising against government. I also believe that the proposed EU army might become one of suppression.
      Maybe martial law is an option provided that the military are in control rather than the politicians. I lived with the coup in Bangkok following the events mentioned in my article; life went on as normal.

    • Radical political change is infectious and it’s happening. As Farage said UKIP has been in the forefront – so far. This was because of the crucial mistake the BBC made in thinking they’d pump up UKIP to deflate other groups and that UKIP would be ineffective by nature if noisy. Farage never seemed to be off the box. But this led to the referendum and Trump. The plan was too clever by half and went horribly wrong. But all that was when Farage was leader. It does not mean UKIP won’t sink now into being ineffective.

    • Dee, accepting sharia and allowing muslims to gain more influence is out of the question – I’d rather die in a civil war than see the day.
      We are in a stick, twist or bust situation: stick with the present situation of the authorities’cowardly appeasement and constant backing down – untenable; bust out into violence and civil disorder – undesirable; or my preferred option, twist.
      We need to twist around and turn the tables on creeping (or is it now galloping?) islamisation, stop it in its tracks by abolishing all laws and courts that are not Parliamentary laws and HM Courts of justice. Any attempt to circumvent this to be met with harsh jail sentences. All muslim schools to be thoroughly inspected and Trojans (another one at least found recently) closed down for good. All mosques under constant surveillance and any found subversive closed down for good.
      Yes, they will roar and protest and threaten like the devil – who cares? Put the army on the streets if necessary. Any law-breaking in connection with these self-protective measures should result in imprisonment or swift deportation. British passport holders who don’t like British law to have their citizenship revoked.
      Once the furore over this has settled down, creating a hostile environment for an ideology that is a threat to this country would be an ongoing project. Our enemies have become firmly embedded and would show no mercy given half a chance to seize power. We must use the powers available to us now if our way of life is to continue.

      I firmly believe that if a referendum were held asking for the people’s verdict on these measures, the majority would approve. That’s because the people possess more courage and wisdom than the gutless political elite.

      • I agree with you, Panmelia. But who will do this? The danger is that we will limp along with Sharia May’s party in ascendancy, and after 2020 it will be too late, demographically. While the US Army now has a Commander in Chief that supports them, what’s left of our Forces has not.
        Never was a strong UKIP more needed, never was Nigel’s appeal more apt.

  5. The strategem employed by the police is that they are charged with preserving public order and if people express ‘opinions’ someone else could disagree and this could cause trouble. This of course is true. But that’s the price of democracy.

    Under cover of the innocent sounding ‘keeping order’ they operate a policy of trying to shut down democracy at least as far as British people are concerned. Opinion staters are potential ‘enemies of the state’ like Tommy Robinson. One could say that they are only obeying orders from above but the career advantages of conformism make them enthusiastic participants as a group.

    The above tactics will be only too familiar to those who have lived in totalitarian countries. Unfortunately they are unfamiliar to most Britons who can’t understand what’s going on and attribute all the stories they read to ‘bit daft coppers’.

  6. There are certain individuals and organisations operating to the detriment of this country and its rightful inheritors, the British people, who are completely unforgivable, whether it is for their arrogant stupidity, their political malice or their self-serving treachery.

    Here are a few: Blair, Clegg, Clarke, Farron, Cameron, Mandelson, Major, Kinnock. There are multitudes more faceless and nameless apparatchiks who serve their traitorous masters and not the people.

    Brexit has been called ‘divisive’, but it has done more than show the kind of divisions of opinion that are highlighted by general elections. Brexit has exposed the enemies of democracy, those who wish to thwart the will of the people, which is the paramount engine of democracy. There should be no respect shown for their efforts to overturn Brexit – no ‘making allowances’ for those with different ‘principles’. Either you believe in democracy, or you don’t, and these enemies of the people are now exposed as having paid lip service to democracy all their hypocritical lives for furtherance of their own wicked ideological ends.

    I hope the electorate are as angry as I am and stay angry when elections come around. I hope they regard the enemies of democracy with the same contempt, disgust and hatred that has built in me over the last 8 months since Referendum Day. Things have changed forever, there is no going back to happy ignorance of the traitors who have managed to get control of this country and still wish to see it continue on the path of ruin and subjugation. There is no forgiveness. I begin to understand the revolutionary fervour of nations that have risen up against their oppressors and annhilated them.

    • France in the 18th c was very taken with how a peaceful transition from absolutist monarchy had given way to a more parliamentary system in Britain during the 1680s. They thought the same possible in France. But the sheer rage of the people resulted in horrible results in the 1790s once change began to erupt. But change was inevitable.

      People of a right-wing bent often get accused of fomenting hatred and trouble. The answer to that is that we are trying to forward a political solution before something worse happens. Change itself is inevitable.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // February 20, 2017 at 3:01 pm // Reply
      Panmelia thank you for naming the above TRAITORS,they are truly enemies of the
      state.I also could name loads more.One that springs to mind was Micheal Hesletine
      otherwise known as Tarzan,does anyone remember his famous saying”New Labour
      new Danger”,which factually was true,however he (Tarzan) was just as big a danger.
      The above and all their cronies are all vile verminous remainiacs.These are the people that are now earring £ Millions publically speaking post Brexit about the dangers of leaving the EU.The highest earner is War Criminal Blair,he and his odious wife,Cherie Blair,is no other than a Btitain Hating Human Rights Act Lawyer and Judge,whose sentences handed out,especially to criminals who belong to the Religion of Peace are all so ridiculously short.The Blair’s have epic greed addictions.
      Remember everyone,that the vast majority of all of the other Political Parties,members and MP’s wanted to remain shackled to the sinking ship which the
      corrupt EU has become.Almost without exception,all wanted open borders with no restriction or control of unwanted,unneeded,unskilled,unchecked,migrants,mostly male and more importantly mostly Muslim,who will never ever work,and whom we will have to house,clothe and feed for the rest of their lives.Please click the above link,and you will see what a mess France is in,all thanks to the Traitors who still govern France.The only hope for the indigenous French is for them to vote for Marine Le Pen,who is prepared to follow our lead and ditch the damn EU,whose policies are dragging France into the gutter,and the impending Islamification of France,and all the horror stories that go with that peverted Religion.
      Panmelia likewise I am extremely angry.allbeit over a far longer period of time.
      My brave and courageous ancestors,like countless others lost their lives fighting in Two World Wars,for our freedoms,only for the scum named above,and the present Leader Sharia May,to all pour scorn on their memories,by doing their damndest into
      turning our once great,former Christian country,into a Muslim Embracing State.
      In 1945,when I was one year old,our country had borders,and was finally at peace.
      Today much like France no one knows what our actual population is any more.
      All I know is that we so stuffed full of migrants,that just beneath the surface everything is near total collapse,as for our roads,they are now even gridlocked in the
      night.,In 2014 It was said that we had over 1.5 Million Foreign Lorries enter Britain,bringing in 79% of what we need in Imports,today I am convinced that even more foreign lorries are using our roads,and correspondingly our Imports have increased greatly.How soon will it be before it all grinds to a halt?

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