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Oil and Genocide

In trying to understand the European Union and its slow, stealthy, dishonest and insidious morphing from a trade deal to a sovereignty destroying superstate, I’d come to the conclusion that there was a strong Islamic influence or taqiya-type deception involved.

I’ve recently taken to calling the European Union the European Islamic Union. Many may think this outrageous but now I’ve realised that I have, if anything, understated the case: the European Union is fundamentally Islamic. After looking so deeply for the answers, I’ve come to realise that the answers are far more simple than I could have imagined: oil, money and power.

According to a video by author Gertrud Galster entitled: “The Islamisation of Europe: What You Didn’t Know”, Europe sold its soul to the islamic world (mainly Saudi Arabia) many years ago. I’ve checked the references to this video and the events to which she refers, while requiring further research, are true.

In 1973 after the oil crisis a little known dialogue known as the: “Euro-Arab Dialogue,” took place as a means to ensure an oil supply to Europe on favourable terms. Wikipedia mentions this dialogue briefly here and a more detailed text can be found and downloaded here.

The Europeans, in Gertrud’s own words:

“promised the Arab world Heaven and Moon,”

to secure an oil supply. The Arabs drove a very hard bargain indeed. They wanted immigration on favourable terms, free entry as workers and it was promised that Europe would spread the islamic culture. In Gertrud’s words:

“the Islamisation that we are being exposed to now, we have actually promised them.”

These promises were finally signed up to in 1978.

This islamisation also meant mosques and we certainly have enough of those now. Saudi Arabia never seems to be short of money to fund mosques in our country and Europe.

Not much happened initially. It was realised that the people of Europe were not going to tolerate this kind of agreement, least of all the Barcelona Declaration as it was known in 1995, available for download here. The Barcelona Declaration / Process or Euro-Mediterranean Partnership involved the forming of a block known as Eurabia. A fact strenuously denied by the European Union.

In 1997, enter the European Monitoring Centre on Racism (EUMC), today known as the Fundamental Rights Agency formed in France in 2007.

These organisations were formed to prepare public opinion for the coming Islamic invasion, to dictate how we should think and behave. It was however discovered that much of the anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe was not coming from Neo-Nazis but from muslims, this could never be admitted and much effort was made to divert suspicion away from islam.

Here then was the foundation to the Political Correctness and multicultural propaganda that we’re experiencing today. As Gertrud says in her conclusion: the noble ideas espoused by the European Union were never anything of the sort, it was always just a way to enable public acceptance of the unacceptable.

Eurabia came into being (although not officially known as such) in 2008 at the Paris Summit and the Union for the Mediterranean. This is an intergovernmental organisation of 43 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin; including North Africa and the Middle East.

For those of you feeling confused by the islamisation of our country, you need to realise that it is something that has been planned in detail for over forty years. The European Union is islamic and has been bought and paid for and that includes the United Kingdom from the day that we joined a supposed Common Market.

When Great Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973, plans were already afoot in Europe to sell our countries out to the islamic world and for the formation of Eurabia with the full knowledge that the indigenous Europeans would never agree to this. Our government at the time must have been fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

The islamic invasion that we’re witnessing will never stop, it is the greatest Hijrah in history, aided and abetted by the governments that we’ve elected to represent us. What this in effect means is that for over forty years we haven’t had a representative, democratic government fit for purpose.

There is a name for what our successive governments have inflicted upon us, it’s called: Cultural Genocide: cultural cleansing or should we say Ethnic Cleansing. The United Nations of course would be very quick to condemn Ethnic Cleansing in any other part of the world, but remains strangely silent when it happens to the Brits or the Europeans.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that our world and the islamic world are totally incompatible when occupying the same space but our politicians don’t care as long as there’s a ready supply of oil to keep the industries of their corporate masters supplied. This is what it has always been about: power and oil in exchange for genocide.

The future is looking very grim, demographic projections suggest that we’ll be living in a muslim country in 20/30 years, we’ve seen what muslims do to Christians, the best we can hope for is to be second or third class citizens in our own country, the worst doesn’t bear thinking about.

Until we can hold our politicians to account for their treason – and we must if we’re ever to have a democratic government again – we should ask serious questions about those politicians that would seek to hinder our departure from the European Islamic Union. Upon investigation we may just find out why some of our ex Prime Ministers become extremely wealthy after leaving office.

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I'm not living in the UK at the moment, and I'm an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don't belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I'd be with UKIP.

25 Comments on Oil and Genocide

  1. You neglect to mention the deal done between Nixon & the Saudis in the early 1970s, which has underpinned the petrodollar ever since. This enabled the US to come off the gold standard, which they were unable to sustain, having borrowed so much to fund the Vietnam war and welfare programmes.
    The deal is that the Saudis only sell their oil in US dollars. As a result, the US dollar is the currency for almost all global trade in oil & gas. This means there is always a global demand for US dollars as a reserve currency. It enables the US to run up massive debts and trade deficits without the value of its currency collapsing.
    The US get very twitchy when the dollar’s status as a reserve currency is threatened, such as when China and Russia agree to trade oil without using the dollar. Some have observed that the invasions of Iraq and Libya took place just as their rulers were preparing to trade their oil in other currencies.

  2. Guy Leven-Torres // October 5, 2017 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    All of this was planned by the Moslem Brotherhood in 1928 by Hassan Al Banna, then brought to Europe by “ex Nazis” given sanctuary by Arab regimes like Syria and Egypt. Most converted to Islam and swore to conquer as is the duty of all of the Ummah. The Coal and Steel Pact was the result. Now we see the closing stages.
    It is a very clever piece of grand strategy in fact. No I don’t want to be ruled by Islam but one has to say the authors and actors in this huge catastrophe behind it are masters of their art. And in accordance with Tsin Zhu took the West without a shot…..a few murders and riots but still impressive. However I think they will not “take” the UK, provided May leaves the planned failing EU.

    No we have been sold out. I knew about this in 1997 while at UCL. Found out about it from my postgrad tutor. Didd the researrch and presnted it to the world but was called “Mad”,

    Moslems tell me that the EU will be theirs by 2030. UK Govt know thi. I think UK will be Islamic by 2023. Police are being trecriuited and trained in Islamic law. No it is indeed a total betrayal-Hitler’s revenge. The Ayatollahs did the same to IRanwith the help of the Left. They got into power then killed the Lefties. The same will happen in EU.

    • Guy the UK will not be islamic by 2023 you will be glad to know.
      The change in 5 years is demographically impossible even allowing for large scale clandestine populations of the faithful in London, Brum, Blackburn, Bradford, Manchester.
      The Resistence is toughening up big time in Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Poland and the other Visegrad countries are leading the way.
      We as a people are despite any appearance to the contrary highly intelligent and created the modern science based world. The internet facilitates alternative info to be disseminated.
      It is going to be bloody but we shall win. One reason for this is that our political class are spineless cowards and fools; when push comes to shove they will disappear.
      Every day small things happen that are in the favour of what I call for brevity native white Europe. The message is out there in all sorts of ways.
      Recently I had a drink with a working class second hand car salesman in Stafford. he was in his 60s. He knew what was going on and how the MSM are lying etc. I was staggered by his knowledge. He knows scores of people, they either agree with him or are indifferent. The latter do not subscribe to labour and are simply fed up sceptical.
      We are better than the opposition. That is why against all the odds we won the Referendum and also why Trump won.
      The Opposition will fight (not) to the death; they will fight until it is obvious they are losing.
      We need 100,000 on the streets marching for England through say Sunderland.

      • citizencain – I wrote this article sometime ago called: “De-facto Islamic Rule.”

        Usually Muslims will try and establish a de-facto government when they reach 5% of a countries total population. We’re at 5% and we have a Muslim Mayor in our capital city and an increasingly militant Muslim population that has infiltrated our government and its departments.

        • We are almost certainly beyond 5% now. The last census was taken in March 2011. People keep quoting out of date numbers.

  3. Talking about oil dependency, has anyone else noticed how the progress of hydrogen powered cars seems to have fallen off the radar?
    A few years ago, captain sensible was driving a hydrogen powered car in California for top gear, saying this was the future.
    Here all we seem to be hearing about is the race to electric cars when we don’t have the generating capacity to support them.
    Is this a way of extending oil dependency or am I paranoid?

    • Alan
      The problem with hydrogen as a fuel is that it normally has to be derived from natural gas via an energy intensive process, which means the energy you get out isn’t much more than the energy have to put in.

  4. Flyer. Am interested to know whether or where you fit in people like coudenhove kalerghi, Vernon coleman’s take on the roots of the EU and Michael Shrimpton’s thoughts about Ted Heath?

    Totally agree importance of people joining the dots and seeing the future.

    • Alan – As citizenkain says, the whole thing isn’t as clear cut as I make it sound in this article, but I have to deal with this one point at a time in such a short article. There’s not much point in a thousand rambling words, that’s just be confusing.

      I’m sure the deals made by the EU with the Arab world fulfilled more than one purpose. Driving millions of (so called) refugees into Europe to overwhelm us is similar to a tactic used by Genghis Khan and others, a secondary tactic that will certainly further the Coudenhove-Kalerghi plan.

      Let’s face it, Tony Blair was prepared to commit genocide not only in the Middle East but also against the people he was elected to represent, his own countrymen. I hope the history books put Blair in his rightful place alongside the most evil men in history.

      The purpose of this article was to provide a solid argument for immediate and unconditional withdrawal from the European Islamic Union. This is a war that we need to fight one battle at a time, we’ll get there in the end.

  5. Some very interesting geo-political points are made. Nevertheless,
    we should not forget the part played by the bullying, Anglo-Americans in screwing up the Mohammedan world in the first place by grovelling to the money power and influence of the European Zionists in their bid to steal Arab lands to create the rogue state of Israel. Are we not to some extent getting our just desserts?

    • Leaf on the Wind // October 5, 2017 at 2:23 pm // Reply

      The political class is certainly culpable for a great deal that has ultimately damaged their own people. That damage has invariably been driven by the interests of the ‘few’, not the ‘many’. That is sadly, the best our current ‘democratic system’ seems to offer and meaningful reform is almost always resisted, by our incumbent leaders.

      The Political class is not well known for taking responsibility. Tony Blair is still walking free. For many others, on so many issues, it seems the House of Lords serves largely as a life-time comfortable sanctuary.

      Typically, ‘guilt’ is placed instead on the ‘people’ (we gettiing… just desserts). Be it colonialism, western slavery, the ‘great game’ of the middle-east, it seems ‘guilt’ always ends up with the people. The people who never had much say in the matter. That ‘guilt’ is also often casually applied across both generations and race.

      It was IMO, very gratifying to see some German descendants of WW2, finally begin to shrug off their ‘guilt’, by voting for the AfD. Remember, Hitler was never voted into power, it was a stitch-up by the political class. So naturally, the political class today, now labels the AfD as Nazis and will ignore them in the Bundestag. These AfD voters simply took back some pride in their own culture, from the purveyors of ‘guilt’. How dare they do that, how dare they stand up for themselves…

  6. Excellent and so perturbing.

    I have seen this video by Gertrud Galster.
    Highly recommended viewing and an important basis for further discussion I would have thought.

    I think I mentioned recently the section in the Barcelona Agreement which acknowledges the important role of the media in forming public opinion to accept what was to be foisted upon us.

    I would dearly love to see the Treason Act taken out from under its dust sheet and applied to all those who have had a hand in selling us and our most precious crown jewel that is our culture and the Europeans’too.

    Hugo is right. It might run counter to climate change sceptic ideas but being in thrall to oil is not a good position to be in.

    UkIP needs to get real about a civilisational debate with resultant strategy and soon.

  7. Globalist bankers did a deal with the Devil,”islam”.
    All politicians,media are bought and paid for, democracy is a sham!
    Westmonster needs gutting and fast,we have a socialist witch and her sidekick Rudd in power who will destroy us .. That’s why right wingers are demonized, viciously smeared and assaulted White genocide must continue.
    Amnesty Int,U.N.NATO,Who are all under the same umbrella, remember “Kosovo”. Using the same tactic in Burma to destroy the Burmese people the vile media spouting utter one- sided nonsense. Don’t be fooled again!

  8. Flyer you overstate the case. Nothing is as clear cut as you make out.
    What is important is to find out the real puppet masters, the hidden people who are eg destroying Sweden. The ones who have influenced the MSM and the education system. You will find them to be the same people responsible for WTC7.
    The West has various options – go for fracking and more use of liquid gas inc as fuel for cars. Make deals with Russia and end all disputes with them.
    Recognise that Turkey is our enemy. Support the Kurds to be free from Turkey and Iran. Support Assad in Syria. Stop all co-operation with Israel. In any dispute between Persia and Arabia back the former.
    Publicise and educate the mass of people about the truth of islam – this is an open door.
    Promote technologies like micronuclear fission and fusion which will within 30 years do away with the need for oil.There are many great scientists whose work remains abandoned but who had some of the technical answers – not just Tesla but also eg Raymond Royal Rife.
    Basically we go under or we fight back that is the choice – so MAN UP!!!
    We can do it and we shall do it; the only downside is that tens of thousands will be murdered before victory.
    We are at the very beginning of an extraordinary change in human destiny; the idea that a medievil(sic) desert crimedream will stop the march of time is ludicrous.
    40 years ago maybe 1,000 people in the world knew “the truth” about xyz ( random illicit knowledge)
    20 years ago it was 10,000
    10 years ago it was 1,000,000
    2 years ago it was 19,000,000
    Now it is 25,000,000
    Next year it will be 50,000,000
    In 2020 it could be 200,000,000
    The internet allows me to check the events of Las Vegas thousands of miles away, a place I have never visited. The official hotel check in date seems wrong,he had meetings in his hotel room – room service def delivered dinner for two, $100,000 was transferred abroad from his account a few days ago. If I know this why doesn’t the bbc? If the bbc know why is it not included in their broadcasts?
    I have never been to Guyana but as an excercise I was able to visit it via the internet and find out all sorts of things. Yes I know I sound like a madman and weird but I do not care.Sufficient things are irrefutable and just a matter of time before the majority discover all the lies they have been told such as WTC7 was dynamited; there is no other scientific explanation.
    And when people wake up to discover they have been lied to how do you think they are going to react?

    • Why do you say “Stop all co-operation with Israel”?

      • I oppose the GreaterIsrael policy which would see the country double,treble in size at the expense of Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.
        I oppose the ownership of nuclear weapons by that country just as much as in North Korea or Iran.

    • Nice to know other people are waking up.They want us to believe a 64yr old,overweight retired accountant managed to haul 27 rifles and guns plus ammo to a hotel room? With no expertise in the art of weaponry.
      And suddenly like (Rambo) managed to fire them all off, kill 58 conservative Americans and wound 500 plus all on his own.
      Do you remember the BBC,said wtc7 had fallen 10min before it actually did and was in screenshot when she said it.
      Why are the media not reporting on the couple who warned people they were going to die 45min- before it happened.
      False flag to disarm American citizens,then they will be easy to control. Just like the Bolshevik’s did in Russia, lambs to the slaughter.
      The media must think we are all brain dead.

      Oh! And shouldn’t there be thousands upon thousands of brass shell cases strewn everywhere?

      • rainstorm – I’m suspicious about this too. The Liberal Left, Deep State, Clintons and Obamas, call them what you will, are desperate to disarm the American people.

        The Americans aren’t such sitting ducks as we are, if pushed they can pack a hell of a wallop.

        To give you an idea: last year the Americans imported eighteen thousand tons of 7.62 – 39 Russian steel cased rounds of AK47 ammo!! This is on top of the enormous amount of ammunition that is produced domestically.

        Any attempt introduce gun controls will be fiercely and ultimately violently resisted, as far as the Americans are concerned it is their write under the Second Amendment to bear arms and they take it seriously.

        Since Obama came to power and threatened gun controls, weapons and ammo have been stashed on a massive scale, thousands if not millions of tons of guns and ammo. Have a look on Youtube and other places, there are thousands of instructional videos on how to stash firearms. Gun controls will make no practical difference, it’ll just reduce the law abiding citizen’s ability to defend himself.

        The way things are going there will be a very violent civil war in the US. Same here but we’ll probably start by throwing bricks.

        • Flyer.
          You should checkout the web site. He has a good article on there about the Illuminati and freemasonry,communism plenty food for thought on who rules over us.

          • Thanks for that, I will have a look. I have been reading David Icke’s “The Biggest Secret” and he covers a lot in there about Brotherhoods, of which the Illuminati is just one, as well as links between freemasonry and satanism. He also in this book (published originally in 1998) exposes Ted Heath as a paedophile satanist.

      • I concur with all your points.
        It is amazing to think that the cold blooded murder of 60 and the wounding of 500 more can be carried out by persons unknown and the media fail to see the real clues and only the false ones.
        Same people as WTC7?

        • Security guard found dead outside Paddock’s room.
          Paddock entrapped in a double cross. Maybe he did kill himself or was it an execution?
          An Accountant aged 64 decides to mass murder country and western fans!For what purpose? Just a lone nutter? We are told he started buying the guns some months ago, Really?
          Most of the guns found in his hotel room WERE ILLEGAL and were not available for sale since 1986. You cannot go to a gunstore and buy weapons like that which is why they have not been used in any crimes nor mass shootings since that date.
          Will someone tell the bbc to get their facts straight or are we to assume they are part of a conspiracy?

  9. flyer,

    A truly excellent article. Hopefully people will read and take note. There is much work to do in enlightening the unseeing masses, sadly in UKIP too.

  10. An excellent article.

    We have to get off our dependence on oil.

    This means we do actually need to support renewable energy. I know it is costly and inefficient and intermittent. And the global warming argument is shaky indeed. However the less oil we import from the middle east the better.

    UKIP needs to get smarter in its arguments. We cannot waste time – saving our civilisation has to be the top priority. There may be costs associated with that, we need to have a debate to balance these costs and the benefits.

    I do not like solar farms on agricultural land. However, floating solar farms on reservoirs seem like a sensible approach. They do not reduce the land area for growing food. Presumably they would also reduce evaporation from the reservoir too. They already exist:

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