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The United Kingdom Independence Party is presently in a state of flux, to put it mildly. There are factions and fighting at the top of the party not unlike the madness gripping the Labour Party. That is as far as the similarity goes though.

The Labour Party has a core of young followers who are of the mould of the early fanatics wishing to impose hard left socialism on us all and led by the old revolutionary pacifist Jeremy Corbyn. The 500,000 supporters may be just about all there is who will vote for him in 2020.

The Labour MPs elected with and subsequently to the Tony Blair era are a mix of moderately left of centre social politics together with cloud cuckoo economic policies. I doubt there are enough followers of the Blairite persuasion to ever achieve a majority in the Commons now that the SNP have gobbled up all the Scottish seats. The best they could hope for would be a Labour/SNP coalition.

The Tories are riding high with Theresa May coming across as a Prime Minister with a vision and a purpose and trying to be all things to all people. She is unashamedly stealing UKIP policies, entrenching both left and right of centre ground politics and reaching out to Labour voters as the party working for all the people of the UK.

If you read between the lines you will spot how Theresa also speaks with forked tongue. As part exiting the EU she will be enacting the Grand Repeal of the European Communities Act of 1972 and at the same time the inclusion of all existing EU law into British law to keep the Remainiacs happy. Haven’t we already got an overload of EU laws, regulations and directives incorporated into British law to repeal?

I contend that you can please some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but no-one with the problems this nation has to solve will be able to please all the people from now until the next election.

This leaves an increasing political vacuum for those former Labour voters and for a huge number of the electorate who don’t want any deal on movement of people or the all the baggage of social demands, environmental pressure, workers rights and so on that is part of the Single Market. This in itself should be enough for the disenfranchised grassroots of UKIP to work on.

There is now no UKIP forum because some turncoat took the 30 pieces of silver and gave access to the media to it. UKIP switched it off and broke their link to the membership.

UKIP Daily presumably came into being to fill that void and allows us a place to test our ideas. I am delighted that recently we have had articles from various MEPs, former NEC representatives and leadership contenders. This gives me hope that we presently are inspiring them with our thoughts and insights.

So UKIP Daily must continue the task of discussing the issues that ultimately will form the pillars on which our manifesto for the 2020 election and beyond is based. Turning us from a single issue pressure group into a mainstream political party with policies to solve the problems of these nations of Britain that we can persuade the electorate to choose us.

Vivian Evans, Mike Munford and myself have already been in discussions about the issues to research and discuss and the methods by which this can be done. Most of all we are sure there is expertise amongst our authors and readers who will contribute to this cause.

We the grassroots are united in our belief in our cause and future. We don’t want (or intend) to return with our tails between our legs to the Tories or Labour, neither of which are going to solve the economy and other problems. UKIP Daily I hope will represent the people who are desperate for UKIP to get its act together and re-engage with us.

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About Antony Nailer (104 Articles)
Antony Nailer is a Design Engineer & Author, qualified with an HNC in Electronics and BA in Physics & Mathematics. He was on the UKIP Approved Candidates List for the 2015 General Election but is now a lapsed Member.

16 Comments on What now for UKIP Daily?

  1. Friends! Forget the Hard-Right UKIP, and join with me in supporting Our Jeremy!

    In case you haven’t heard – the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media has viciously suppressed this literally stunning news – Jeremy has now assembled a new Shadow Cabinet which contains some literally heavyweight politicians, e.g. Our Diane and Our Emily, who are the envy of the world, and indeed elsewhere.

    My new Blog, as ever, provides full details, and can literally be found here:

  2. That we need a new leader, with a plan, is self evident. It’s not a job I’d want, the media hatred of UKIP continues and every word would be examined for for a flaw, some stick to beat him or her with. No wonder Paul is not standing or Diane chickened out, I don’t blame either of them. We can only hope that if an election is held, we can get it over with quickly and that whoever is chosen includes as many rivals as possible in his or her team, on condition of full and unqualified public support.
    Steven has been further damaged by the event in the EU, that’s 3 strikes and most of the alternative candidates, one way or another, have some sort of baggage of their own. We have difficult choices to make.
    All is not lost however. Evolution takes time and metamorphosis is painful. We do have this excellent site to exchange ideas, the Areas continue to run quite smoothly and we will find a leader sooner or later. Right now all Ukipers need to stop sniping at each other. Woolf and Hookham continue to do so and Hamilton seems incapable of keeping his mouth shut too, he always was. No doubt all the UK MEPs, not just ours, are wondering how they will earn a fat living after Brexit. Poor souls. Here is a word of advice guys, you won’t get selected as a UKIP constituency parliamentary candidate if you damage the party now.
    For those prospective candidates who know perfectly well they can’t win the leadership election, don’t stand.
    The rest of us need to grasp that failure to get behind whoever does win and cease internal squabbling will destroy the party, allow the usual suspects to run roughshod over us for many years and probably result in Brexit lite. I doubt any of us want that.

  3. UKIP must keep going and put pressure on the Government. We must stop TTIP and the Canadian equivalent and we must leave the EU before the French and German elections, they have nothing to do with us. If Nigel no longer wants the mantle then it should be carried by Paul, Steven or even Raheem

  4. Every party (or government) has its traitors within. Who are the ones in UKIP?

    • David,

      We definitely have some traitors in our midst, and I do not think they are who we are being told they are. However, I agree Lisa Duffy has come out of this very well by keeping a cool head, so has the most unlikely Neil Hamilton and they have been long standing members.

      I wonder if they could enlighten us as to who we should be weary of? I know I have got my own ideas as to who is behind all this destruction.

  5. The only one to come out of the last few days with any respectability is Lisa Duffy. I was wary of her in the past as she has been painted as the Carswell candidate, but she is the only one showing calm under fire. She is the only one willing to stand up for UKIP rather than literally fight each other.

    Neil Hamilton’s continual snide comments alone are enough to make me question my membership, with Mike Hookem’s inability to shut up causing more damage.

    Either a new strong leader needs to arise or we are going to shatter.

  6. Mr Corbyn is certainly NOT a pacifist.
    He and his even more extreme colleague McDonnell were and are IRA supporters.
    They attended memorial events for those killed when attacking British forces, even
    As British MPs and people like Ross McWhirter were mudered.
    They also support Muslim terrorist organisations.
    They are FOR OUR DISARMAMENT in the face of our enemies
    That does not make them pacifists.
    They just fight on the other side by the means at their command.

    Sorry to nitpick.
    I hope you keep going. I am not now a UKIP member.

    When the then leader, Alan Sked, was given the brush off by Sir James Goldsmith of the Referendum Party,
    I wrote to Sir James, saying he had made a mistake. Whilst his efforts were magnificent, they depended on his money. Even then and small as it was, UKIP was a party with a corporate existence of its own which would continue.
    So it has and, I am sure, will.

  7. If UKIP Daily converts its discussion engine to the Disqus System it will automatically link itself to other major sites with a bigger user base, this is the way to expand audience & usage, & consequently influence for the publication.

    As for how to sort out UKIP’s increasingly comical current chasing of its own tail in circles, this has been caused by Farage’s strange decision to vacate the leadership at a very inopportune moment. Paul Nuttall & Ray Finch should assume the leadership & Deputy leadership roles, & direct the party to “Hartlepool” the Labour heartlands of the English Midlands & North. This would create momentum, provide a new big star to steer for & all will fall into line behind it in consequence. I don’t understand why Nuttall has not done it?

    • Ajax, nor do I. I am completely mystified. It’s one reason that, unless he gives us a convincing reason why our Deputy Leader rode off into the sunset, I would find it difficult to vote for him as Leader. Nigel leaving I understood, he had suffered much and was burnt out, but Paul, as far as we know, was not subjected to the same amount of stress and bile.
      People assume we are leaving, because of May’s conference speech – but there is gathering momentum in Parliament to scupper as much of leaving as possible, and the Tories would, not could, be outvoted.
      Paul, Nathan, Diane (hasn’t left, just stood down), where are you? Why aren’t you, Paul for the North, Nathan for Wales, Diane for the South, all out there shouting on our behalf? At least Hamilton is visible for Wales in the Assembly. It is almost beyond belief.

  8. Mickey Mouse, what we need now is a leader! It gets more exasperating by the minute. We have May who we know full well will NOT give us what we voted for, we have Milliband now forming another Remain thing – the UKIP voice should be loudly proclaiming that voters knew what they voted for, UKIP should be speaking up for all those brave souls who went with them – and people did NOT go with the wobbly unconvincing Vote Leave, as Tories would have everyone believe – instead UKIP elected spokesmen and women have literally hung us all out to dry.
    If we hear from anyone at all, it is to bad-mouth other UKIP elected people – not a word about Brexit.
    If we are without a Leader they should all be leading the party forward. Fat chance. Sorry, Nigel, you have taken, apparently, the mantle of interim leader….if you have, where the blazes are you?

    • Dee,

      Could not agree more, so far two UKIP MEP’s have been interviewed today and have only talked about this incident in Strasberg, and both have intimated that Woolfe should really no longer stand. But if only they could have talked about policy instead, however, one did discuss Brexit so at least that’s a start. By the way Nigel is in the USA bolstering up Trumps car crash of a Presedential nomination.

      It shows where his priorities lie at the present does’nt it, I think we need him here more than over there, yet again reinforcing this bazaar notion that ‘men will be men’ and trivialise what is quite sexist banter. I really wish that Nigel would not get mixed up in this as it paints a bad picture of UKIP IMHO.

      Ajax, I do not understand where Paul Nuttall is, he has remained silent since the conference, no comments on Diane’s departure and none about Steven Woolfe, as far as I am aware, was he there when it happened?

      I know he is no longer the Deputy anymore, but where is the loyalty to the party and why be so quiet. I am of the feeling that most of these leaders have run away and do not really want to know anymore, in fact, I would go further than that and say they are cowards and could turn out to be traitors for all we know.

      • I hate to agree Mickey, we mustn’t let our love of the party, and I do still love it, blind us or make us afraid of admitting that something very odd is going on. We know the Tories don’t want us to succeed, but it seems that those key figures in UKIP who had success, and still have success within their grasp (the Tories are now openly fighting (Sky interviews tonight) in our party have left the field of battle and set out to make UKIP unelectable.
        I don’t believe the MEP’s don’t know what’s going on. I would venture to say that the only ones not in the loop are Carswell and Hamilton, which is ironic.
        I haven’t and will not give up on UKIP, as I’m sure is the general feeling, but if anyone who reads UKIP Daily knows anything that can help us going forward, please share it with us, so we know who to trust and thus who to vote for.

  9. Hopefully, as I like it, UKIPDaily won’t suffer the fate of the Lechlade “Think Tank”!

  10. I agree that UKIP must survive as an alternative to the two Punch & Judy parties (with the Limp Dumbs occasionally popping up as a toothless crocodile).
    It’s kind of eerie and strangely appealing to hear Theresa May apparently endorsing all the UKIP ideas that the Tories formerly lambasted or laughed at, but it’s a siren song designed to lure us onto the rocks. Every now and then she says something about globalisation/internationalism that jars, reminding you to resist and keep rowing away from the ‘Come with me’ invitation. I’ve heard that Theresa is referred to those who know her as ‘Submarine May’, and I think she must have earned that title.

    There are also things she hasn’t mentioned or promised to get rid of or prevent: the EAW, the EU gendarmerie on British soil, sharia law.

    Yes, we must keep UKIP Daily going. It’s not an arm of the Party, as the Forum was, but it would pay some of the party hierarchy to keep abreast of what’s being said by the rank and file. Those who do post articles on here are always eagerly read and I’m sure they find the feedback helpful.

  11. Anthony,

    What we need most now is a new leader with some new policies, otherwise Ukip Daily or not we will be history.

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