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Nothing New Under the Sun

On June 23rd, we, the people, have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to correct the fatal error made by our politicians and our establishment. We have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to vote for BREXIT.

The Grassroots Out Movement has now filed to become the designated campaign group for the “OUT” campaign. Here’s a photo reportage , showing Nigel Farage delivering some of the many boxes filled with support letters.

GO includes politicians and supporters from across the political spectrum – but there is nothing new under the sun…

As we look back on the first quarter of 2016, two issues have been dominating the MSM, here in the UK as well as on the EU-Continent: uncontrolled mass “immigration” and BREXIT. It did come as a surprise however that a German paper suddenly rediscovered Enoch Powell, and wrote an article about him which is astonishing in its even-handedness. You can read the original in German, or you can take a look at the report on BreitbartLondon.

Many of us have said for a long time that he was right in his “Rivers of Blood” speech, and that he was the best PM we never had.

It is interesting, isn’t it, that after so many decades of infamy heaped upon Enoch Powell and that speech, we now have the means of actually hearing some of it, for example in this video . It is interesting because for decades, the metro-elite has vilified the man and his speech without ever allowing us to read or watch. But nothing is forgotten, and we can now see and hear for ourselves.

But there’s another aspect to Enoch Powell’s policies.

He was, as the German writer remarked, a EUroskeptic. I confess I was amazed to see the photo in the BreitbartLondon report showing a photo taken at the time of the first EU referendum in 1975. Powell shares the stage with Barbara Castle and Michael Foot, like a preview of the GO campaign today where Tory and Labour politicians share the stage. Of course, there is one big difference, a difference which in my opinion may, will and must tip the balance. There was no UKIP in 1975 – and there was no Nigel Farage.

At that time, the establishment won, with all the dirty tricks we are now aware of.

At that time, the EU didn’t yet have as many powers to trick us into voting ‘yes’.

At that time, we had not as many ways to inform ourselves outside the establishment media.

At that time, we had no idea that what we voted for was not an economic entity but something far more sinister: an ever closer union, the destruction of the European Nation States. Hadn’t the French Premier Charles de Gaulle, only a decade earlier, spoken about a union of ‘Patries’, fatherlands, that is: nation states?

At that time, it was simply inconceivable for us to even think that our own civil servants, the Mandarins of Whitehall, who knew full well that entering would lead to ever closer union, were advising our own PMs, Mr. Heath and Mr. Wilson, to lie and obfuscate this aim of the EU. They all knew – you can read the whole saga here , where the Foreign Office Letter is quoted and annotated.

And isn’t it remarkable that the most pressing issue, that of the loss of our Sovereignty, was already studied by the Mandarins? It makes for very interesting reading!

So it can come as no surprise that someone like Enoch Powell, a Parliamentarian par excellence, was a EUroskeptic. It can come as no surprise that he shared platforms with Labour politicians campaigning to vote against staying in the EU in 1975.

After all, there is nothing new under the sun …!

It does come as surprise though that a German newspaper, of all papers, has a feature on Enoch Powell – or perhaps not, because his EUroskepticism is only mentioned in passing while much is made of the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. It comes especially as surprise because even that German writer acknowledges that Powell, in the light of recent events, had been right, and that there is none of the foaming vituperation of Powell we have been so used to over the decades – by the usual suspects in the metro-left establishment as well as by his own Party members.

Here we are – at the start of the campaign to rectify the huge mistake we were induced to make by voting to stay in what we thought would be a Common Market only, an economic union only because that’s what we were told by vested interests. One does wonder why so many in the Establishment, after only a few years’ membership, were so keen for us to remain … had the EU troughs and the promises of more troughs already become so glittering?

While many of us now have seen and read Enoch Powell’s speech, while many of us now have seen with our own eyes what mass ‘immigration’ really means, not so many of us knew why Enoch Powell was a EUroskeptic.

It is fascinating to watch and read his arguments – which always emphasise our loss of Sovereignty, something UKIP and Nigel Farage have been working so hard over the decades to drum into our minds.

We now know that there is a clear connection between mass ‘immigration’ and EU membership. We now know that remaining means not only loss of our Sovereignty especially in those areas of our liberties and freedoms which have been established here since Magna Carta 800 years ago, but also the destruction of our Nation by mass ‘immigration’: these two are linked.

It is fascinating to see how much has changed on the one hand, and how much has remained the same.

Enoch Powell’s arguments for BREXIT, across the decades, are what we, what Nigel Farage, are hammering on today: Sovereignty! We want our country back!

We have that chance on June 23rd to take our country back from Brussels.

Perhaps this once we can make it ‘something new under the sun’ by voting OUT.

Let’s not waste this chance.

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4 Comments on Nothing New Under the Sun

  1. Poor old Enoch Powell, booted out by Traitor Heath for telling the truth and making accurate predictions. I’m glad he’s not still alive to suffer the anguish of seeing today’s Britain.
    The thick, cowardly politicians and the profit-above-patriotism big businesses have built the funeral pyre very high indeed, and I think the flames are beginning to lick the lower faggots. There’s still time to douse the flames by getting out of the EU, getting rid of traitor Cameron and all pro-EU traitors from government, shutting out mentaleftist influences on public life and decisions, adopting an Australian -style immigration system, stripping all known jihadis and islamists of their citizenship, deporting all foreign criminals, sweeping away the policies of multiculturalism, insisting on one language, one law, one loyalty – British, and arranging repatriation for those who don’t like the changes.
    This is what I’d do if I were PM. I just hope that there is someone I can vote for in the future who will do most if not all those things and douse the pyre for good.

  2. OUT!!! I’m voting OUT because my ancestors died defending this green and pleasant land and loved it just as much as I do !!!
    Nigel Farage is the only man for the job and I want him to lead Britain back to being GREAT again and in November I can think of my ancestors and know they will be proud as I am that we fought for our sovereignty

  3. Voices From the Past.

    What have you done to my Country?
    That I gave my life fighting for?
    Did you cherish the freedom I left you?
    Or did you lose it forever more?
    I died protecting these precious Isles,
    From that great dictator of old,
    So that HE would never rule over us,
    Nor remove our reserves of gold.

    You lay your wreaths at the Cenotaph,
    Wear the poppy upon your lapel,
    Yet those that made the supreme sacrifice
    Are not here their tales to tell.
    Stand up straight as you stand at the Cenotaph,
    As the brave march past, heads bent low,
    T’was not they that betrayed our memory,
    Who it was in your heart, you well know.

    For those in whom WE placed our trust,
    Such treachery by them has been shown,
    On the people once more the burden will fall,
    Till the new battle for freedom, be won.

    • Anyoldiron, your poem deserves wider distribution in LEAVE literature and leaflets. Why not send it to the Daily Express, the only newspaper tho have backed Brexit and UKIP consistently? They might publish it and change ‘not decideds’ into firm LEAVE voters. The Daily Mail is still anti-UKIP as far as I can tell, but they are pro-Brexit, so they’re worth a try too. And The Sun, which tends to honour soldiers and war veterans consistently.

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