Imagine you were living in a country with a small but growing community of neo-nazis. Imagine that you were Jewish or gay, and you began to fear that this growing community posed a threat to your life and your freedom; you began to fear that your chances of being beaten up in the street were creeping upwards day by day. So you decide to do something: you go on the internet, you talk to your friends, you stand on a soapbox in the street, and you say:

“Our country has been infiltrated by a group whose views are antithetical to our values, values that have grown in the soil of nascent liberalism, values that have guaranteed our freedom for centuries. We must defend these values; we must condemn this group, and everything they stand for; we must condemn the ideology of nazism, and help our own values to overcome it”.

Now imagine that your listeners called you ‘a racist’—they called you ‘racist’ because you defended the values of liberty and tolerance against maniacal hatred—they called you a racist because you decry racists.

Does this scenario ring any bells?

We are living in an age where anyone who claims to be a defender of ‘traditional British values’ is automatically branded a racist. This problem is not helped by the presence of people who claim to defend British values without actually doing so: The British National Party, for example, does not deserve to have the word ‘British’ in its name. When I think of ‘traditional British values’, I think: democracy, liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, respect for privacy and private property, a touch of stoicism, and tolerance of those who show tolerance towards us. These are the British values worth defending, and any organisation which thinks otherwise does not deserve to call itself ‘British’. A nazi who waves a British flag is still a nazi; he should remember the only reason that flag still flies is that brave defenders of liberal values were prepared to die in order to defeat his ideological ancestors (who, by the way, allied themselves with radical Islam).

UKIP is a defender of British values. Is it the only party that is willing to defend those values? The Conservative Party has always been held to do so; this is the party whose leader recently attended the funeral of a King whose country funds terrorism, executes gay people and prohibits Jews from living and working in it (as if any would want to). What about the Labour Party? This is the party who care more about being seen as politically correct than protecting children from paedophiles, and who want to restrict our freedoms almost as much as radical Islamists do. What about the Lib Dems?….Ahem….well…what about The Green Party? This is the party who have recently made it clear that anyone in this country should be free to join ISIS or Al Qaeda.

Let me pause quickly to address that particular debacle. Imagine if, during World War II, a British citizen decided to join the Nazi party. What would happen to that British citizen? Well, they probably wouldn’t be a British citizen for much longer. I believe in freedom of association, but freedom of association works in both ways. If you want to join a terrorist organisation whose aim is to exterminate people like me, then you should not be allowed to live in this country anymore. You can join ISIS and Al Qaeda—if you move to Iraq and never come back to UK.

A minority of people call UKIP racist because UKIP is brave enough to identify a problem: there is a small but growing community of extremist Muslims (with an ideology very similar to nazism, by the way), who pose a threat to our freedom and way of life. It is emphatically not the majority of Muslims (as UKIP has had to make clear again and again and again and….), but only a growing minority. UKIP is called racist because UKIP is brave enough to propose a solution: defend British values, end political correctness, stop promoting the idea that all cultures are equal, and stop treating people with kid gloves when they treat us with machetes.

Anyone who lives in this country knows what it means to enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, democracy, and private property—even if all of those things are slowly withering away. I implore every person in this country, whether they identify as Muslim, Jew, Christian, atheist, gay, straight or whatever, provided they believe in the British values of liberty, democracy and private property, to defend Western civilisation against those who wish to destroy it and those who wish to let it crumble. You are not racists. The people you are fighting are not a race but a diverse range of ideologues (ideologues whose ideology includes racism).

If you want to fight racism and fascism and homophobia and anti-semitism and socialism and illiberalism, and if you want to defend British values, support UKIP and encourage everyone you care about to do the same.

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