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This is not Profumo Mk II !

It feels as if we’ve been inundated for months with claims of female victims having experienced inappropriate sexual advances, all the way up to rape, by men in ‘high positions’, globally.

In case you’ve forgotten, it started with accusations against the most powerful Hollywood producer Weinstein – yes, he was a sleazebag, as they say across the Big Pond. Next there was the infamous hashtag #Metoo. Next, that hashtag, like a real-life virus, crossed over to Europe, with the difference that it ‘infected’ politicians and political institutions. Suddenly Brussels and Strasbourg seemed to be heaving with ‘sex pests’.

Finally it crossed the Channel, infecting the Tory Party. Now we have the first resignation of a Tory Minister, who is reported to have said:

Sir Michael Fallon said that his conduct may have fallen below the standards now expected of those in public life. He did not detail his misdemeanours but said that the “culture has changed over the years”.

Too right it has, Mr Fallon – there’s no Statute of Limitation for having ‘touched inappropriately’ some female knee years ago! That is of course far worse than actual, physical grooming and gang raping of white underage girls. That needed no investigation over decades. Just look up Rotherham …

But this is no Profumo Mk II affair. No Russian spies involved  unless you believe that Putin made everybody do this even when he wasn’t yet the PM of Russia. There are however some rather interesting aspects to this sudden outbreak of Harvey-Weinsteinitis everywhere, from Hollywood to Westminster.

For example, these attacks happened years ago, and happened, moreover, to powerful ladies, from ‘Hollywood Royalty’ to EU Commissioners. All those ladies, more powerful, surely, than white underage girls, said nothing at the time, to no-one! We’re not talking of the 1950s here, dear readers, we’re talking of the late 1990s and early 2000s, where, according to my recollection, we already had a generation of feminists who were speaking out about rape.

So what has changed and why?

Generally, there’s the ‘Third Wave” of feminists which has changed the quality of public discourse. Just as ‘hate speech’, especially online, is now occupying our police forces more than actual, physical crime, with one ‘offended’ person being sufficient for prosecution, now knee-touching is taken to be just like actual, physical rape.

What also strikes me is that the ladies who’ve been exposed to sexual harassment by politicians (MPs and MEPs) have generally, apparently, refrained from informing their colleagues and superiors. In the private and public sector all employees have the right to bring sexual harassment accusations against the office sex pest. They have been doing so for years, with financial damages being paid to them. So why not against politicians? And again – why now?

This is where things become interesting for us in the UK.

Following the MSM, it would seem that such sex pests were confined to the Tory Party exclusively. Names of those Tory MPs and Cabinet ministers were published. If I were cynical, I’d say there’s an agenda here – more on that below – but for the moment let’s just assume that LibLab politicians have already been emasculated by the ‘powerful wimmin’ in their Parties. But wait, there’s this report:

“Bex Bailey, 25, said senior Labour figures told her not to report the attack by a fellow activist at a Party event six years ago because it could damage her political career.”

How interesting! So here we have an actual rape allegedly having taken place and Labour, the fighter for women’s rights, shush the whole thing up? No name of the rapist given? Do we really believe that someone in the MSM doesn’t have that name? Pull the other one!

Then there’s this report of yet another MP assaulting a female. That report is important because we learn that there’s a dossier of Tory sex pests circulating amongst the media, begging the immediate questions:

* Is there a dossier of LibLab MPs circulating as well – and if not, why not?

* Neither name nor party affiliation of this MP is given. Assuming that it would’ve been if that had been a Tory – who was it? Which Party? This allegation is a bit more serious, isn’t it, than ‘inappropriately touching my knee’.

Suddenly certain suspicions don’t seem to be too far fetched, given the year-long activities of the Remoaners to scupper Brexit: they want another General Election, with Corbyn in No 10 who will, so they hope, make Brexit vanish and keep us in their beloved EU – and never mind the sex pests in Labour. You don’t believe this? Look at the evidence:

  • Tory sex pest dossier circulating in the wake of #Metoo-ism, but not of the MPs on the opposite side of the House.
  • First Tory Minister already resigning, another one ‘under investigation’, and rumours of more to come.
  • Labour MPs as pure as the driven snow and who cares about the odd rape here and there amongst them: no crime if there’s no accuser.
  • Rumours of Labour ‘No Confidence’ vote in the House being prepared.
  • General Election before 2018 …

Worse: there are more Remainers in both parties than Leavers, and there’s an unholy coven of remainers-who-are feminists in the Tory Party – feminists who have more in common with their female ‘colleagues’ on the opposite benches than their male colleagues.

Moreover, because Appeaser May only knows how to appease, it’s possible that we might see a female Minister of Defence. After all, what do the Tory MPs who actually served in the Armed Forces know about the Armed Forces … look how well a female Defence Minister worked for the Germans … not!

And we in UKIP are still fighting each other like ferrets in a sack! We’re still waiting for “A Leader” to lead us because we ourselves feel we are incapable of writing to the papers, phone in at radio programmes, use social media, or talk to our neighbours!

Time to start the attack on the Westminster Establishment and their lapdog MSM again: without UKIP there would’ve been no Brexit in 2016 – without UKIP now, starting today, Brexit will surely be lost, so let’s get cracking and work to save Brexit, even if we only have thin air and frazzeld shoestrings to keep us going in that fight.


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44 Comments on This is not Profumo Mk II !

  1. My computers against me. Somehow this post got on the wrong page. I admit it I’m inept. Maybe Henry’s got the same problem.

  2. One thing a leader should be able to say from day one is ” I represent 17 million people. You need to listen, not argue. ”

    But before then, UKIP being as you say, a mess, GET YOUR FINGER OUT AND ORGANISE. It’s not remotely difficult. When you’ve done that ( One week ) you can say that the 17m listen. And I do not mean that pathetic list you produced. Waiting and doing nothing could in some circumstances be good strategy ( if you’re a tory backbencher ) but now it’s unacceptable.

  3. This whole Fallon etc. business is a load of drivel.
    Women are every bit as bad. As the “weaker sex”they have used sex to get what they want for millenia. And been very successful at it too.
    They keep quiet about it because they don’t wish to reveal the real reason for their progress. All is only revealed when they have got what they want and they want to stick the knife in.

    Our politicians need to do what they are paid to do and get back to running the country instead of this navel gazing and back stabbing.
    We are all fed up with their narcissic posturing and “me too” syndrome.

  4. kenneth james ogilvie // November 3, 2017 at 5:52 am // Reply

    I cannot believe that Fallon has resigned because he touch a female reporters knee 15 years ago. He said in his resignation to May he couldn’t guarantee other allegations would not arise. It is my belief his resignation is damage limitation and more will come out as the weeks progress. He is the first but I doubt he will be the last, these men should not only resign from the cabinet , they should be forced to resign from parliament they are far from being honourable

  5. These unsavoury activities have been carried out, mostly in secret, for years by the ‘establishment’.
    Paedophilia, sexual depravity, even Satanism.
    Its all starting to come to the surface now, and the Establishment is desperate to keep a lid on things and deny the general public full knowledge of what really goes on behind their closed doors.
    The likes of Harvey Weinstein (Hollywood Elite) and Michael Fallon (UK Political Establishment Elite) will just be ‘sacrificial lambs’, thrown to the wolves, ripped to pieces, until the general public has been conned into thinking that ‘something has been done’ (just wait for someone to pipe up with the perennial favourite ‘lessons have been learned’) but in truth nothing will have been done, and these sadistic people will just go back to doing whatever they have been doing for the past decades uninterrupted.
    Of course, there is some grand plan in place to destablise the UK government no doubt. This will either be done by ‘outing’ more Tory ‘sex-pests’, or by instigating a financial crash to collapse the UK economy. The former is a good start, but my money is on the latter, probably not until next year (although the seeds have been sown by the Bank Of England raising interest rates) as your big corporations will want to get the commercial-fest that is Christmas out the way first.

    • Stuart – I did write about this: ‘A Polished Veneer.’

      It’s about time we did away with these perverted evil scumbags.

      Yes you’re right, too much is coming to the surface at the moment here and in the US, expect a distraction: financial disaster and probably wars very soon.

    • Drivel. It goes on in all walks of life. It is the mechanism of how women make progress. It has been so since time immemorial
      Look around you. The pretty ones have the good jobs. The ugly ones flip hamburgers/have no job.

      They like to pretend they get ahead by ability but how many “pretty young things” do you see on PM’s questions? There are no ugly ones.

  6. This comment is in no way a criticism of Viv who works tirelessly to bring us an A.1. website full of news and opinion but one under-played news-bite from yesterday has crept under the radar (I think – apologies if I’m wrong) and it’s content can be read in conjunction with this report or that in The Times yesterday and featured in Viv’s newspaper report (See Nov 1)beginning ‘Ministers want to streamline cumbersome bureaucracy’. A lengthy report was published yesterday by members of the Hillsborough Panel led by Bishop Jones of Liverpool which, if its recommendations are passed into law, will be an absolute game-changer in respect of investigations into large scale tragedies (and much else). Examples of such are, of course, Hillsborough and Grenfell Tower. But the proposed responsibilities of authorities involved in such enquiries (including Police)far exceed anything that I’ve ever thought likely. I won’t bang on but reference the almost politburo- titled report: “The Patronising Disposition of Unaccountable Power”.

    • Thank you, Roger, and thanks for mentioning the report.
      Interested readers find the pdf here:
      The patronising disposition of unaccountable power

      (The typo is in the original web address)

  7. Viv, at 10.33 am you contrasted Henry OBE and A-MW. Since the election, A-MW has set up a new party and illuminated a cause for that party. We don’t know how successful it will be, but it is a bold initiative.
    What has HB done? Sent out an insulting letter attempting to engratiate himself with those he insulted before and after his election. Erhhhh…I can’t think of anything else. Oh, yes published a list of non descript cabinet members passed their sell by date, mostly.
    So no contest there.

    • Not only has AMW done what you have described but has done it with no doubt a constant threat to her personal safety and with the MSM ready to jump on the slightest slip up.

      Maybe HB has a secret plan that has yet to emerge but as Gt. Yarmouth has already demonstrated, if he doesn’t hurry up, there is going to be nothing to revive, or is that the intention?

    • I wrote “Don’t forget that AMW would have had to face the exact same circumstances in the Party Henry Bolton has to deal with”. that’s not ‘contrasting’. Yes, AMW has founded her own party, but that wasn’t her aim, was it. she wanted to be leader of UKIP – and the problems HB has to deal with now – inside the Party – would have been exactly the same for AMW.
      I don’t understand why so many members seem to be fixated on having a ‘leader’ figure while disregarding the mess we’re in, a mess which has been described in these pages often enough over the last year, a mess not least due to the defeats in by-election after by-election, local elections and the GE. These are facts, they need to be addressed and dealt with. And btw – we do have this shadow cabinet: why is nobody asking what they are doing? Should they not be in the MSM, or at least trying to inform members by articles or letters published here?
      I thought that after Nigel left, we’d gone beyond being just the Nigel-show.

      • Viv, a good leader makes all the difference. I write comments on news articles. I’ve contacted my MP about issues and received just bland, soothing replies that mean nothing. On my own I count for nothing.

        Before the 2014 EU election run up, most things UKIP was saying, I could believe in, e.g: moratorium on immigration for five years. Then when voters started to turn to us there was the big influx of especially Tories, who to my mind joined for themselves not to benefit the party and the country. Then the 2015 manifesto was written by an ex-Tory.

        A leader of men is surely one who inspires little people like myself, and it is amazing what little people can achieve when they are motivated. Where would our country be without the likes of Churchill, Wellington or Nelson. Few of us have the qualities to make a good leader, but are prepared to make a lot of sacrifices and look danger in the face if inspired by someone who is.

        • I couldn’t agree more, but would add that a good leader also thinks of the little people he’s leading, of their sacrifices, and doesn’t denigrate them or regards them simply as stepping stones for his own glory. The leaders you named were indeed such, but as we all know, there were others in the course of history who most certainly were not like that even though adored by the little people.
          As we also know from history, certainly Nelson and Wellington didn’t set out to be ‘leaders’, they set out to do their duty for the Country. They became the leaders we now admire because they succeeded in doing their duty.
          And just as people then didn’t expect Churchill’s successor to be just like Churchill, perhaps we ought to regard HB not as a failed Nigel but as someone who has set out to do his duty towards the party who has elected him. Four weeks is not that long, and IIRC, Nigel himself didn’t burst into people’s consciousness as great leader when he first was elected.

          • My Father in Law was in the RFC/RAF from WW1 through and after WW2, He started off as the lowest rank and was promoted to Flight Lt. during the Burma campaign. He was an engineer and finished up in civvy street, as a technical author for jet engines.
            He had a saying
            “any fool can be popular, but its being respected that counts”
            He was!
            He was a Scot who could be very dry and even caustic, but by golly he was respected.(super father in law – why he put up with me I don`t know – perhaps love of cricket)
            Anyway, I`d be pretty sure HB won`t set much store by popularity.
            By the way I`ve just had an invite for a meeting in Derby – December.
            Sorry won`t be there.

        • I wouldn’t entirely agree with John. I too write comments on news articles and have found that on my own I can possibly make a difference but being united is of course preferable. Many moons ago I sent a comment to the London Evening Standard – which they printed as lead letter – in which I criticised by name the Home Secretary, the Met Commissioner and a few others. I also, unwittingly, criticised the President of the Bar Council who was a QC and the Defence Counsel for Tony Martin in my comments. He took the whole of the op-ed page a couple of days later in an attempt to rebut my comments (I had said that Martin had received ‘a less than energetic defence’). That might have made a difference. I don’t trawl the archives for such examples but a man and his sister who lived a solitary life – much like Tony Martin – near Heathrow, killed a man this year in exactly similar circumstances (armed burglar). The CPS took no action in respect of the death.

    Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat
    The following EU countries either have or nearly have Brexit friendly governments inc good 2nd place ukiplite parties. We are winning. Corbyn will lose despite TMay.
    Visegrad5 (now inc Austria)73M
    Netherlands 17M Geert Wilders nxt time
    Denmark 5M
    Finland 6M
    France 60M Marine le Pen nxt time
    Germany 82M AfD biggest party nxt time
    Italy is near financial collapse and may split North vs South
    Greece is also likely to go ultra nationalist
    ditto Bulgaria
    The number one issue in the EU is immigration
    We shall see this subject explode as the hegemony of rich liberal elites fail to deal with rising crime and disorder
    Here in England the FLA will become a force to be reckoned with
    Meanwhile today 2 14yr old boys are in court charged with conspiracy to murder. Naive idiotic white boys of whom I know nothing. How it contrasts with the open marches in Luton Bradford etc where placards urge people to ‘kill the kuffar’ ditto the police ditto our soldiers. Zero arrests.
    Cowardice? Well it is hypocritical and the measures of spineless cowardly politicians. Half our MPs are unfit for public office and we need to vote them out.

  9. Don’t forget “traitor May” is a feminist as well
    She is the media favourite,shown when they all gushed over her to become P.M.
    This is all planned by the Globalist bankers who own us lock stock and barrel.Brexit will never happen ,because that would derail the Kalergi plan N.W.O slave plantation.
    Now they have fabricated a false flag,to bring down this government and install the communist’s, game over. Any rebellion will be put down by the NATO,U.N all working in lockstep with the Globalists, surely everyone can see that.
    Our working class white girls mean nothing to them in the scheme of things, our children will continue to be gang raped and tortured by the filth.Only one man speaks the truth Victor Orban of Hungary, He has stated how billionaire “Soros”
    is funding the invasion of Europe,so we will become a coffee coloured people,easier to control. The man speaks the truth.

  10. The Media run this country. Politicians are second place when it comes to setting the agenda. The British media are responsible for obstructing Brexit. They will stop Brexit and at the same time help destroy this country’s, once, great sense of humour, balance and tolerance. They are unstoppable.

  11. .
    Thanks for “joining the dots” Viv
    I have been watching Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning pointing out the difference between “inappropriate touch on the knee” and rape.
    I have also seen Fallon explaining (or I think he was trying to) that while what he was accused of (and other matters) had been dealt with amicably (?) personally by the parties involved; it did not behove the boss of the services to be able to get away with conduct that members of his armed services could not.
    I agree, but unfortunately it does happen, not just in the services, but in all (?well many) aspects of industry, education and public life.
    I think what has happened is that laddish behaviour(and drugging -illegal!!!!) has become so endemic (the norm?)in all levels of society and there is no distinction in this between the sexes. What do we expect?.
    If we (UKIP, but society in general) are not prepared to point out that ability to drink 14 pints of beer or down 6 shorts in record time or be required to name the drug pusher that you obtained your supplies from, if you are a prominent cook who has admitted in court to having taken drugs); if, collectively, then we are stuck with bad behaviour (as opposed to illegal) and to that I cannot offer a solution.
    There is good to come out of this, perhaps we will now get a minister of defence (Gavin Williamson – ex Chief Whip) who will address the appalling (treasonous?) rundown of all our services, who will scotch any truck with a European army and will not run round saying Russia is the “ENEMY”

    • IMHO laddish (and laddette-ish) behaviour has not just been allowed but was encouraged by the Left who erroneously regarded it as ‘proper working-class behaviour’, in their tiny bourgeois minds, rejecting their own upbringing at the same time.
      It’s the same de-culturation we’ve seen everywhere, from schools to MSM: everything that required the last bit of effort (from Arts to manners) was denounced as elitist, upper class, bourgeois and old-fashioned.
      That’s one of the reasons we are where we are, but the 3rd-wave-feminists, supported by social media, have certainly stirred the pot so much that literally anything goes – provided one isn’t a white (old) man. You do know that there are Lesbians, some even in the Cabinet (nothing against that: bedroom habits are of no interest) who are on that ‘sex pest dossier’ which the MSM have? How did they land on that list? Shouldn’t there be some ‘outrage’ as well?

  12. Whips have held sex-pest lists for a long time. They are useful for controlling MPs. Thus, the question of why now is very pertinent. The lists have acquired a new purpose, destabilising and possibly bringing down the government. Stopping Brexit is not the only motive for promoting scandal, at least for Labour, but it a powerful one for all remainers. Even if May’s government survives it will not be the end of assorted tactics to stop Brexit, tactics that will get more desperate next year. Remainers have until March 2019.

    I like Viv’s point “And we in UKIP are still fighting each other like ferrets in a sack! We’re still waiting for “A Leader” to lead us because we ourselves feel we are incapable of writing to the papers, phone in at radio programmes, use social media, or talk to our neighbours!” There are many groups supporting Bexit. Join all you can find and support them. The next Football Lads Alliance is one such. Westminster must not feel the demos has reverted to its normal passivity.

    • One wonders if it’s that whips’ list which got leaked to the MSMS as ‘dossier’ …

      • Leaked or stolen? Unencrypted data held on PCs are notoriously vunerable.
        The fact that the list contained members in meaningful (to them at least) relationships rather suggests a Whips list because they like to know what’s going on, for example, before recommending ministerial appointments to avoid conflicts of interest.

  13. I disagree Jack. He needs time to assess the story which is only just developing. It hasn’t even started yet. Knee-jerk reactions make for good telly and bad strategy. Bolton will have seen a lot of quickly changing events during his career and will know to resist coming to judgements too fast.
    In the meantime, where are the deputies , MEP’s and the Shadow Cabinet? Are they all so stuck for ideas or comments that they can’t express them. If so they are no good for anything.
    Here’s a challenge to ANY of them. Publish your own strategy for your own specialist area. Here. Debate it . Here.

  14. The important thing to really note is how our legislators fail to observe the laws and rules that they impose on everyone else. We have had an endemic expenses scandal in which there was an attempted cover-up and only a few paid the price of being brought in front of a beak. Now this “sex” scandal demonstrates just how they have failed to operate as other organisations have to through out the land. These politicians expect others to cut or deliver “efficiencies” and no such thing has happened at Westminster. Indeed, because of devolution, city Mayors, PCCs etc we have more politicians preying on the public purse and delivering nothing but division. It all adds up to an elite dictatorship that that says “do as I say and not as I do”. As for Fallon, he has jumped because of what Hammond has got lined up for Defence in his budget. Fallon is a coward.

  15. The opposition to all current nefarious political shenanigans is fragmented, sadly.
    Personally I laugh at these women who put their career above their honour or worse, can’t laugh off a bit of bad mannered misdemeanour. They can’t be so very sure of their professional worth, can they?

    Perhaps Jacob Rees-Mogg coukd stand up and put things into perspective. He seems to be the only politician we have of any calibre.

  16. I wait, with no expectation, for Bolton to respond to the issues raised in this article.

    • I disagree Jack. He needs time to assess the story which is only just developing. It hasn’t even started yet. Knee-jerk reactions make for good telly and bad strategy. Bolton will have seen a lot of quickly changing events during his career and will know to resist coming to judgements too fast.

      I’d give him time.

  17. I don’t think May has constructed this crisis. The end result though may deliver what half the Tory cabinet want, which is Brexit.
    Fallon has, allegedly, another serious issue (which will emerge soon enough) which would have made his position untenable. There are a number of potential casualties, but not thirty or so. I have had eyes on ‘the spreadsheet’. Not a lot is very significant, but some is, if proven. Before we start I’d advise anyone who cannot prove allegations not to publish them. Viv mentioned a no-confidence vote. This is probable. Labour does indeed have its peccadilloes, but not to the same degree as the Tories. In a tit for tat war, Labour might lose 2, but the Tories would lose 6. Enough to lose power. IF the government lose a no confidence vote, then an election WILL follow. As history tells us, with ‘shock’ elections, the country goes safe. That’s bad news for UKIP, who are not ready for an election. It means victory for Corbyn. Without a doubt.
    Henry Bolton, who has experience of the realpolitik, will grasp this and may have to make fundamental decisions about how to steer the party in the event of a snap election. The 650,000 reserve troops from UKIP’s still loyal battalions might well be able to save May’s bacon, if so directed.
    Think about this carefully. UKIP CANNOT fight a 650 seat general election. It’s far to weak right now. But it CAN wield enough power, and enough leverage, to push Brexit through. A Corbyn government will be the end of it.
    So. NOW is the time to be careful about what we say and whom we support. Forget the side issues, forget conspiracy theories. We have to be patient and let Henry develop his strategy and be unified in acting on the direction he moves in. We live in dangerous times. Support the leader when he most needs it, and we will prevail.

    • How to support him? He hasn’t said anything to agree or disagree with! He has disappeared! The speed of UKIPs collapse has accelerated under his leadership as he failed to reach out to the other defeated candidates and as a result at least 2,000 members have left. He failed to run with the ‘Out Now’ which presumably has cost the party another wasted fortune. Branches are collapsing across the country. Yet he is SILENT. Please tell me, where is the red line for you, at what point will you accept that he is the wrong man for the job?

      • I would imagine he’s still getting over the shock of picking up the job. Let’s face it, UKIP is a disorganised rabble. Bled dry by profligacy in the past . A vehicle for the Farage personality cult and his ambitions as a TV and radio star. No morale, no money , shit staff. Give Bolton a chance.
        He’s got the experience. It takes time to sort things out.

        • I think the comment about staff is unfair. To me it seems they have tried hard in thankless circumstances.

          Unfortunately he has the wrong type of experience. Its like calling an experienced plumber out to do an electrical job.

          • So who, in your opinion, would have been the ‘electrician’? Don’t forget that AMW would have had to face the exact same circumstances in the Party Henry Bolton has to deal with and that – never mind a split party – the party infrastructure would not have been able to deal with the alleged influx of ‘fresh young blood in their thousands’ should she have won, had there been such an influx which, four weeks on, seems doubtful.

        • An excellent summary of the current state of UKIP and how it got to here.

          • Viv I would like to reply to your comment but for some reason there is no reply button next to it so I can’t. But please note I am not a particular AMW supporter so I don’t know why every time I criticise HB you start talking about AMW. I just use her as a case study sometimes to highlight hyporcritical behaviour, such as HB going to Thanet for his first branch meeting when Thanet is chaired by an ex-NF member, seems he meets HBs standard as a decent party member (remember, NF followed a race-based ideology, by definition you were racist if you were an NF activist) whereas AMW and her supporters aren’t because they oppose an ideology. I don’t think the problem was with AMWs ideas, it was with the fact that she was popular and nearly won. If the problem was her ideas then Gerard Batten should be kicked out immediately as there is no difference between him and her.

        • I don’t think it is disorganised by accident. There is a small group of people who think the party belongs to them and frustrate all attempts to have power taken from their hands. They are the unelected people who occupy the various committees and the donors. They create conflict between the NEC and Leader on purpose to maintain their power. Until these people are cleaned out there can be no peace.

    • “Labour has it’s pecadilloes but not to the same degree as the Tories”. Might I advise a gander at Guido’s current news? As I’ve said before, try outing Brendan Cox (ex advisor to Gordon Brown) for his well reported ‘unacceptable behaviour, and Corbyn’s association with the ‘rape culture’ of the SWP. There is also a website which specifically refers to Labour Party personnel found guilty of sex offences; try ‘Labour 25’.

  18. What is Henry Bolton’s view on this, who knows, he did manage a lame tweet about hoping Fallon’s successor could reverse defence cuts, but he totally failed to pick up on the cultural and identity issues underpinning this resignation. He seems deaf and blind to these issues. I fear he is so conventional that he really has no idea of the division within our society.

  19. I seem to remember reading in the Telegraph that May has vowed to fire all of her ministers that are involved in these trumped up sex scandals. Given that there are over thirty ministers involved, that really would finish of the Tories and trigger an election.

    As Viv says, it’s OK to turn a blind eye when white women are brutally gang raped, beaten up and urinated on by twenty or thirty immigrant men, children groomed and sexually exploited: but touch a woman’s knee and it’s ‘shock and horror.’

    I too smell a rat, we live in ridiculous times and I think all of this madness is coming to a head very quickly now. I’m not sure where all this is leading but I’m very sure it’s somewhere extremely unpleasant.

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