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Nigel could stand for Parliament again

Nigel Farage has told Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics show that he would ‘probably’ stand for UKIP if the Tories’ dirty tricks during the General Election forced a by-election in South Thanet.

During today’s interview, Neil said that if electoral fraud were ‘substantial’ enough to declare the result void and if it were to result in a by-election, would Farage stand for UKIP? “I probably would,” was the response, “but winning seats in Parliament is not the only way to change politics,” he continued. “I’d like to think I proved that.”

Nigel refused to comment on any evidence of breaches of electoral rules, admitting only that he had ‘concerns’. “Beyond that we don’t know,” he added.

Neil started the interview by asking Nigel about the claim by the EU for €60 billion as a price for the ‘divorce bill’. “I’m concerned that even before we start we’re making concessions,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any appetite in this country to pay a massive divorce bill and €50 or €60 billion is frankly laughable.”

He spoke of the possibility of not agreeing a deal with the EU. “If there is no deal, by the time we get to that there’ll be a General Election coming down the track to us anyway,” he said. “I suspect at the end of this two year process, if Parliament said it would not back the deal, there’d be a General Election very quickly.”

The programme also interviewed MP Anna Soubry, who was asked about the final EU/UK deal. She said: “I fear we could be crashing out [of the EU] in six or nine months because the EU will stoke up the demand for €50 or €60 billion euros back,” she said. “My real concern is that if we are not making much progress and people are getting fed up with the EU, then we could crash out.

“I think the government is putting into place scaffolding at the bottom of the cliff to break our fall for when we come to fall off that cliff and I think many in government are preparing for a fall off the cliff in six to nine months.”

Nigel, who was listening, said that was a ‘lovely thought’. “But Anna is a bit out of date with this. Forty years ago there was a good argument for joining the Common Market. All of that has changed with the Word Trade Organisation. We’re leaving the EU and rejoining a great big world out there. It’s terribly exciting!”

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7 Comments on Nigel could stand for Parliament again

  1. Nigel is a Thatcherite, couldn’t win elections before and won’t in the future. For better or for worse, Britain is not red-neck America or even, yet, Wilders’ Netherlands.
    If we want to win anywhere we have to bring enough of the Labour vote across to give us any chance – and that means changes to our economic policies.

  2. Have the paid bosses at UKIP’s Head Office with ALL UKIP CHAIRMEN & CHAIRWOMEN listed all the reasons why Paul Nuttall did not win at Thanet; and, evolve strategies, policies, and practices to avoid recurrences????

  3. Why doesn’t Nigel stand for a Northern seat, one where he would be more likely to win?

  4. Nigel is UKIP’s not so secret weapon and should be used where he can do the most good for the party.

  5. Nigel said that he was “dubious” about the existence of a dossier. He said that while there was evidence of Carswell downloading Thanet data there was no evidence concerning what he did with it. No doubt, Nigel was aware of the burden of proof in criminal cases and was careful not land himself in trouble by saying something he could actually prove. But that’s the criminal standard.

    It still eaves open the question of why Carswell downloaded (and was allowed to download) Thanet specific data. Given server logs prove the data was downloaded I would want to know did he download data for other constituencies or just Thanet? If only Thanet then the suspicion is the greater. It was clear at the time that Carswell bore great antipathy for Nigel and would not have wanted the man he regarded as toxic alongside him in the commons. Carswell downloading Thanet data was inherently suspicious. What explanation has Carsell given? Was Carswell advising the campaign? Waht possible use could he have had for that data other than to pass it to the Tories the better to scupper Nigel’s chances? Has the party conducted a proper internal investigation? Leaking innuendo to the Daily Mail is not how this should be handled if nailing Carsell is the goal.

  6. If Farage stood for UKIP that might put some backbone into the leaders who are now I am afraid merely followers in his absence. Banks would probably support too. If Farage won continue to do so. It’s a possible solution allowing for radicalism. Don’t see much else as a way back for UKIP.

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