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7 Comments on Nigel Farage Exposes the Hypocrisy of the EU Leaders

  1. Just seen this and it demonstrates again how magnificent Nigel is in exposing the utter hypocrisy of the EU-loving shower who try to tone him down.

    ‘The anti-democratic zealots that I knew you always were’

    Good for the MEPs applauding Nigel; it shows that there are some in that bogus Parliament ho want to see the end of it as much as we do.
    As for that toerag Liebour twit holding up the silly message how come the soggy big cheese on the platform didn’t tell HIM off for being ‘disrespectful’? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

  2. Mr Farage superb, keep sticking it up ’em.

  3. Truly, that was Nigel at his best.
    But has there been any action taken against that kid behind with his cowardly behavior?

    Its that, that I call disrespectful.

    • I have always supported Nigel, but you cannot say that he has been respectful to the EU Parliament and the people in it.
      I don’t agree with what Seb Dance said, but it was exactly the sort of thing that Nigel would have done, so I won’t call Seb Dance cowardly or disrespectful.

      • Utter nonsense!
        MrFarage has ALWAYS given his views on adversaries to their faces. Even UKIP enemies will agree with that. NF doesn’t waste time with such childishness and in case you haven’t noticed he does not attack from behind!
        So I repeat. The kid was cowardly a bit like that egg thrower, which I imagine you also defend

  4. Love this!!!!!

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