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Nigel calls for second referendum

Westmonster reports:

Nigel Farage has said that his mind is possibly changing on another Brexit referendum. Whilst he said that he didn’t want a second referendum, he was also clear that his thoughts on such a vote to “kill off” the issue are now changing.

Farage told Channel 5’s Wright Stuff: “I have to say my mind is actually changing on this. I…what is for certain is that the Cleggs, the Blairs, the Adonises, will never ever, ever, ever give up. They will go whinging, whining, and moaning all the way through this process.

“So maybe, just maybe, I’m reaching the point of thinking, that we should have a second referendum on…EU membership.”

He went on: “I think if we had a second referendum on EU membership we’d kill it off for a generation. The percentage that would vote to Leave next time would be very much bigger than it was last time round and we may just finish the whole thing off and Blair can disappear off into total obscurity.”

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71 Comments on Nigel calls for second referendum

  1. Nigel didn’t ask for a Second Referendum or say he was coming round to wanting one. He is being quoted out of context. Outrageously.

    Instead, he said he’s coming around to thinking it may be the best way to shut up (idiotic) Remainiacs.

    What Nigel is guilty of is formulating and publishing a string of consecutive words which can (and therefore will) be used against our cause without having to introduce intervening ellipses (“…”) within the material. Only preceding or succeeding ellipses were needed to achieve a material distortion of what he was really saying.

    Nigel’s usually more careful in his wordcraft. Homer nodded there.

  2. In the interests of accuracy:
    Nigel did not ‘call for a 2nd referendum’. He does not want a 2nd referendum. He wants an effective response to fight the Government’s betrayal of the Brexit vote.

    Being the ‘very canny politician’ that Arron Banks described him as yesterday, Nigel has issued a much-needed call to arms to the apparently complacent and currently inactive Brexit movement.

    I think people would be wise to listen to what he’s actually saying, and to consider the reasoning behind it.

    • Correct.

      But he did make a mistake, by formulating it in such a way that permitted scoundrels – no shortage of these – to pick an unbroken part of what he stated and use it against us.

      It’s quite hard to avoid this happening, but Nigel usually manages it (so do others, myself included, usually).

      This time he didn’t and they pounced.

  3. Calls for a third referendum on leaving the EU – we have already had two – are an assault on democracy. It shows the extent to which our representative parliamentary system has been failing for decades and now needs to be replaced. There is now an obvious and yawning chasm between the electorate and our two Houses of Parliament. We have a 17 century replay, but this time with Parliamemt claiming divine right over the people.
    I don’t want a third referendum. I would like to aee a people’s party arise with a prospectus to replace our sham dwmocracy with a real system that puts govwrnment back in thw power of the popular majority.
    I accept that such a party is only in embrio, but having resigned from UKIP, that is what I shall try to support.
    It is in this context that I interpret Nigel’s call. But, although I think it is the wrong way, it may be the only route in the end. Much better to blow the bloody doors off Westmonster, as I think Citizen Kain remarked.

  4. I’ve checked this thread as far as it’s possible for an old man to do but I can see no reference to the conversation with a female QC on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning (12.1.18) where she said, (speaking for 5 other QC’s from Matrix chambers too) that after close scrutiny of the Brexit legislation there is a clause which allows a third option for MPs to vote on when they debate the final deal. That option is to “Remain”. This was in agreement with the Peer who wrote Article 50. Or did I mis-hear? Apologies if that is the case.

  5. If the House of Lords and Parliament want a final vote on the Independence deal, surely the choice is between acceptance or leave the EU with No Deal. We voted to leave, so remaining does not come into the choice.

    • Jac, I did not mis-hear this. On ‘TODAY’ at 07.21 this morning (12/01/18), Jessica Simor QC stated that when the deal that has been obtained from the EU is put to the vote in Parliament there can be 3 outcomes: ‘out’ with acceptance of the deal; ‘out’ under WTO rules; or we ‘Remain’. She and 5 other QC’s from the same chambers, Matrix, London, have sent a letter to Mrs May informing her of this situation which is valid in law. This, she says, has been confirmed by Lord Kerr, (ardent remainer), the Peer who concocted Article 50. In November, 2017 it was widely reported that he said the UK could withdraw from the procedure, overriding article 50, but nowhere did he say that Parliament – on having their vote – could vote to ‘remain’. Are UKIP interested in this? – it sounds rather important to me. Or are we all involved in extra curricular activities ? The broadcast remains available for 30 days. I can confirm that this information was never mentioned on any other news bulletin on the BBC that I heard today.

  6. You cannot have a 2nd Referendum without a 3rd one. Best of 3!

  7. Having read the preceding 57 comments I am reminded by a warning oft repeated: never believe all that you read in the press. And the older I get the more I take the warning to heart.

    The Westmonster report of what Nigel reportedly said on the Channel 5 programme, especially the third paragraph, is at odds with what he said during his LBC show later in the day. During that show he repeatedly stated that he is NOT calling for a second referendum, but fears that one my be hoisted upon us by the Remoaner Establishment; in which case it would be as well to be prepared by a resurgence of Leave campaigning. Nigel said that were there to be a second referendum in his view the margin in favour of leave would be significantly increased.

    So, what we really need is an unedited video of the Channel 5 interview, or a verbatim transcript. Then critics can make sure their criticism is well founded.

    Another point to bear in mind is that for UKIP to be a political force in the land there needs to be Party people who can get the public’s attention.

  8. The House of Lords and Parliament wants a say on the final deal.
    Remainers want a further referendum on the final deal.

    The EU and the Conservatives are negotiating a rubbish, expensive and anti-Brexit style final deal, probably so it will be rejected by Westminster and by any future referendum.

    The foreign fishing vessels floating around UK waters zapping sea life with high voltage electricity is a symptom of how the UK itself has being trampled over by foreign powers in collaboration with two or possibly three generations of sell-out asset stripping Westminster politicians.

  9. Lost and lonely Kipper // January 11, 2018 at 10:40 pm // Reply

    Just noticed tonight the BBC is back paying heavy duty to the “project fear” and “despite Brexit” agendas.
    Thanks Nigel.

  10. 1) Will lose job/money/expenses as an MEP in 2019.
    2) Fail to get knighthood/honour unlike hero Cleggy.
    3) Have meeting behind closed doors with Barnier.
    4) Support second referendum.

    • Yes, interesting indeed, L.G.
      certainly Mr Barnier had something on that ‘piece of paper’ discreetly passed to Nigel at the meeting and – deal struck. Oh to be a fly on the wall.
      Following on from your point, it also presents a bit of a dilemma to the UKIP MEPs would similarly would have lost their job/money/expenses in 2019.
      They’ll want more of the same if, horror of horrors, the Remoaners win any future referendum.
      If they don’t fight for Leave with vigour, we’ll know their true intentions; they’ll be in it for themselves. And I wouldn’t have thought Kippers would be likely to lend them their vote (they’ll need all the votes they can get anyway).
      Interesting times ahead. And not happy times, I fear.

  11. What in FECK is Farage playing at? This is INSANE. I did not tramp the streets in June 2016 to be betrayed by my own fecking side. Is Farage still in UKIP? If he is, he should now retract or reconsider.

  12. Didn`t he have a meeting on Monday with Barnier?
    Has he reported back to anybody?
    Is it a put – up job?
    To flush out what?

  13. There’s nothing wrong with keeping up the pressure, and our profile with the electorate. This morning I was delivering ‘out now’ leaflets, no elections on the horizon in my constituency, not even council one’s, but a need to keep us alive in the public’s mind and remind people that we are a gnats whisker from being betrayed. However, rain stopped play, it’s damned difficult to get the pesky things through the letter box when damp.

  14. I’m with Raheem Kassam on this one:
    Its very dangerous to be even hinting at a second referendum, because that just plays right into the hands of those already calling for one.
    A second referendum would just be rigged to give the result that the Establishment wants, ie to remain in the EU full stop.
    As others have already hinted at here, I’m increasingly suspicious at how events are playing out. Is it also any coincidence that Mr Farage’s comments come just days after his meeting with Mr Barnier?
    It is of course quite probable that much of the reaction to this is a result of reading too much into what Mr Farage has said – he hasn’t outright called for a second referendum as some segments of the media and posts on social media are suggesting.
    But the stench of Establishment stitch-up is growing ever more powerful by the day…

  15. This sort of comment from Nigel shows exactly why I have never wanted to him to return as leader. When he had a good chance of winning Thanet South in the general election he came out and said he would resign from politics if he wasn’t elected and thereby giving a massive incentive to the other parties to ensure he failed. From that moment, as I remember it, Ukip’s support started ebbing and only winning us one seat. And it has been ebbing ever since.
    Yes, Ukip needs a new leader. But not one so prone to shooting himself in the foot.

  16. This hasn’t been a good start to 2018.

    First, Henry … less said soonest mended.

    And now, Nigel … calling for a second referendum?!?
    I’m sorry, I just don’t get it at all. I’ve tried and tried and tried … is it a masterstroke, is it folly … and I conclude that it’s folly.

    ‘Bad luck’ comes in threes, they say. What’s next? The Govt announces a second referendum?


    • But there was one piece of good news and I’m not afraid to call it that! The death of Peter Sutherland, a rodent who wished and worked for destruction of our country and us.

  17. Excuse me posting as an ex-Ukipper, but I am so disappointed in Nigel. How can he spend 20+ years of his life working for a referendum, which we won and do this. Does he not care about all the faithful who manned stalls, leaflet dropped in all weathers and worked for the party and the referendum? Does he expect all these people – and there are a lot fewer of them since he called us nazis and racists – to suddenly put their back to the wheel again on Ukip’s behalf?

    Has he sold out to the Establishment and the NWO?

    • Heather

      No;indifferent;probably not (but he seems to like the thought of continuing as a ‘personality’ on to a good wicket.

    • Quite a number of ex members use this site. I became an ex member a few days ago.

      There’s no telling what his reasoning is but as for expecting people to put their shoulders to the wheel again, that would depend on each individual. Many of the remaining members are tired and disillusioned, with little energy left for another fight.


  18. He is right in one respect we were completely unprepared
    in the passed two WW, and we are certainly NOT prepared for this one, you cannot make him wrong on that.

  19. Re the last referendum, I believe the margin of the leave victory was greater than official figures. David Cameron and his remain bandwagon we clearly not prepared for a loss and totally failed the country by not having a plan in place to secure our country financially and for the people.

    Despite what may be described as lying to us, project fear, spoilt ballot papers and the rest they were unable to stop the tide.

    All a new referendum would achieve would be more of the same lies, project fear two and a liblabcon plan to ensure that we definitely lose even if we get 75% of the vote. There have been question marks before about the contents and delivery of ballot boxes?

    We must not allow a new referendum, we must regroup now and ensure a total exit and regain our full independence and freedom.

  20. We have all the hallmarks of dirty political tricks. There’s too many and too much to be a coincidence. Top choice:- EU Civil Service. They’ve done it before in other countries. And to imagine they would not do it is just foolishness. Incidentally that goes for Henry’s friends in Intelligence as well. The timing is perfect.

    It’s just the statistics that are wrong.Blair, Nigel, Henry, Parliament debates, The imminent meeting of the world elite, Mrs Mays virtue signalling, even Merkels desperation.

    Repair and regroup; and quick. Bite back. Yet again and again I find myself saying “it’s not my job “, but it’s plain to see

  21. I commend John Carins’ comment below.

    Some of the comments here accuse Nigel of not thinking before he speaks.
    They appear to demonstrate very short memories in respect of the political skills of arguably the’most effective politician of his generation’.

    Dare I suggest that some of the comments here might indicate a knee-jerk lack of thought before posting?

    Now where’s my tin hat…

  22. Tobias Morborne-Wensum // January 11, 2018 at 5:39 pm // Reply

    Much more of this sort of talk and we will have people leaving UKIP for BRITAIN FIRST and the like.
    Dangerous talk Nigel, we voted out, If a second try is chosen we shall have to agitate with civil disobedience etc

  23. What he might more usefully have said was : I would have no objection to Parliament having the final say, provided only that we first have an election to Westminster under a fair votes , Proportional Representation system : like the one we currently have for the EU, but with the important exception that voters can preference within the Party Lists as well as between Parties : thus voters could vote Lab or Tory ( as well as UKIP ) BUT they could also choose eg between Ann Soubry types and Jacob Rees Mogg types. Between Keir Starmer types and Frank Field types. Under such a totally fair and representative system where every vote counts by all means let Parliament decide. if not, then the Referendum was the final say.
    PLUS ~ people should not be allowed to forget that the Referendum was never a ‘fair fight’ : Remain had every single overpaid, sinecure hogging, Member of the Establishment in this country and abroad rooting for it, from the Archbishops of Canterbury, York, and Westminster down. Barring a very very few exceptions who came in at the very last minute.

    We need to move on to the fight for Fair Votes, just like the Chartists and the Suffragettes.

    Parliament is still a Club for the Establishment to play around in and pretend to fight one another, while taking their turn at the troughs.

  24. Why anybody would take the slightest bit of notice of Nigel Farage anymore and, even worse, would want him back as UKIP leader is beyond my comprehension.

    He abandoned ship at the worst possible moment. He is yesterday’s man living on past glories.

    • I agree Peter. I can’t understand the Kippers on here that want Nigel back. His input has run its course and in all honesty he can’t be trusted because in his mind he thinks he’s owed something. His endorsement of slimy Henry should be enough to let anyone know he’s not right for UKIP.

      • Yes Sean, you’re right, Farage’s input has run its course and as for Bolton, well, he never had a course to run in the first place. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like but I don’t like the look of this at all.

  25. Whatever Nigel Farage reasons were for saying what he said in the interview; the EU, the UK government, Scotland’s ruling SNP Government cannot be trusted to put in place a fair referendum on EU membership.

    Leaving aside the question of the referendum question itself, there will be vast sums of money poured into any remain campaign.
    The Government would reduce the age for voting to 16.
    Anyone who happens to be in the country and probably others outside the UK would be allowed to vote.
    The UK borders would be left wide open for all to enter pre-referendum with enhanced benefits.
    Students would be allowed to vote three times.
    Voting boxes would go missing for hours on end.
    All referendum polls would be fixed.
    The BBC campaign budget would be huge.
    Teachers would tell pupils to “persuade” their parents – grandparents to vote correctly.
    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would be on BBC radio.

    It is just too much to contemplate, given that at best a win keeps everything the same, but all other results could only worsen the situation.

  26. The New Grand old Duke of York.

    He marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again……..and when they were up they were up…and when they were down they were down.

    “We voted out and that’s that. …”

  28. If Nigel thinks we have the cash, activists and energy to fight another referendum, he’s nuts. Just imagine how much the Remainers would throw at it, we could never match them. A very stupid thing to say.

    • This is getting REALLY stupid now, what a selfish and dangerous statement.
      UKIP branches are folding left, right and centre. The coffers are empty, we have Henry making the headlines, now this.

      Make no mistake the EU, Remain, Branson, Miller, Blair, Clegg et al will pump SERIOUS money into a campaign, leave would be outspent massively. The young would be chauffeured to the polling stations and registered to vote in their millions by social media campaigns. They would probably extend the vote to EU nationals and 16 year olds, not to mention the voting options on the ballot paper.
      The remainer’s will lap this message up, and this will further support Tony Blair’s narrative.
      Miller will make hay with this tonight on QT, make no mistake and the 2nd referendum momentum will gather pace.
      Remain will use this to spread further doubt in the leave supporting public.
      Thank’s Nigel, what a mess you have created.

      I think some of the good folks of UKIP daily need to give Nige a call on his next LBC Radio show and let him know what they think…

    • And people wonder why the NEC found Nigel difficult to deal with (or vice versa)… 🙄

  29. Note NF has issued his headline grabbing rubbish on the day of Question Time with Gina Miller on the panel. Maximum stirring by the new MSM luvvie, Nigel.

  30. There is something really strange going on with UKIP. I always remember on referendum night when the news came through of the Leave victory, watching Nigel Farages’s face, he didn’t look happy until he noticed the cameras upon him.

    I suppose Farage was surprised, but it still wasn’t the ecstatic reaction that I was having. I’ve come to the the conclusion that the UKIP leadership didn’t really want to lose their comfortable little political niche, they’ve shown very little initiative on how to proceed since.

    I’ve always refrained from saying anything about Henry Bolton, in spite of the fact that I didn’t think he was right, I was just hoping I’d be proved wrong.

    Now, with the country in a worse position than in either of the last two World Wars, Henry Bolton has nothing better to do than cavort with a very dubious woman young enough to be his daughter. I can’t even bear to look this a*******s face and now that goes for Farage too.

    Just think, if the UK gets stitched up on Brexit, UKIP will have its political niche back and Bolton can get stuck into business as usual (literally) and make a career out of ineffectual bluster.

    As far as I’m concerned, choosing a political party is like catching a bus, it has to take you to your desired destination: UKIP I’ve realised is the wrong bus. I’m quietly considering my options.

    Much respect to you all here at UKIP Daily but I can’t even stand the name ‘UKIP’ now.

  31. Nigel has thrown in a hand grenade and true to form both sides of the argument have fulminated. Nigel has done this to get the stupidity of a 2nd referendum aired. It helps Brexiteers restate their position and lo and behold it gets Cabinet Ministers out insisting that their will not be a 2nd referendum. It’s a good days work by Nigel. Has Henry said anything yet?

    • Henry’s too busy with other matters…

    • Just under the photo of Clegg’s tweet in the following article Bolton has made a brief comment to the DM.

    • A very welcome more thoughtful response John. Well said.

    • John, you may be right but in my opinion, as usual, Nigel hasn’t thought this through.
      For now, his statement has the effect you describe. However events will move on – there is now, imo, a chance for UK so-called ‘negotiators’ to eventually come back with a rubbish deal and then give the choice via referendum of accepting that or staying in the EU.
      If the man who took the credit for achieving a referendum now thinks a second one might be a good idea, there is no longer any credibility left in the ‘if we don’t get a deal we will Leave and trade under WTO rules’ argument.
      Nigel may be banking on being able to come back and lead UKIP, and that’s why he has done this, but he cannot control either the negotiators or any future referendum question, and how credible would he now be as Leader? Leave now will mean whatever the final deal wants it to, or we stay.
      I am past angry.
      Btw – hi Panmelia!!
      What a pity we aren’t still all together in one place – thanks again, Nigel.

      • Hi, Dee. Yes, I am past angry and heading for despair. If the Great Brexiteer is giving comfort to the repulsive Remoaners, where shall we turn? Jacob Rees-Mogg is still free to lead a fight back and I hope he seizes the opportunity.
        I have no further interest in Nigel’s pronouncements. Was he hypnotised by Michael Barmier the other day into a volte face? There is no other excuse for this classic EU-style, Blair-approved ‘A second referendum is needed’ malarkey, something Nigel railed against more times than I can remember in the long, long Brexit campaign.

        • Seems to me that Jacob Rees Mogg is our only hope at the moment if he cares to run with it. He’d need to launch a Tory leadership challenge though.

          Kind regards.

    • John, I agree with you. The project fear campaign cannot be seriously repeated. The Leavers could have a field day about how life quality has deteriorated since the Lisbon Treaty came into effect. Remain seem unable to show how the quality of British life will improve by remaining in the EU. How will Barnier, as the next possible EU president, improve life for the British. Leave means Leave.

  32. It is not necessarily a bad idea to allow thoroughly rebarbative individuals the oxygen of publicity. Nobody wants a second referendum nor will it shut up those who despise the opinions of ordinary people; it will simply give them a further opportunity in conjunction with the Brussels regime to promote Project Fear and next time they may have far more money to spend: banksters have deep pockets.

    Think again, Nigel; I mean think before you speak!

  33. The Cleggs, Adonises and Blairs would be in 7th heaven if a 2nd Referendum were called. Another opportunity to lie, scaremonger, press panic buttons and Remoan till their heart’s content. People are already sick of the see-sawing that has gone on for 18 weary months. We cannot begin again!

    What is wrong with UKIP that it cannot elect a sound leader in three consecutive elections? As if that were not bad enough, Nigel is further undermining his own credibility and the whole Brexit cause.

  34. There is no guarantee that it would be the same question. Chances are it wouldn’t be. He is potentially opening a can of worms. Fool.

  35. Thanks to Nigel for getting us the referendum but that is all. His actions since have been destructive to our cause.

  36. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 😱

  37. What’s Nigel’s problem? Not enough listeners to his LBC show? Not enough daily publicity and/or money in the bank? Nigel is slowly turning into an MSM player and a publicity seeking pratt.

    • As far as I can see its now
      War criminal Blair 1, Farage 0
      By an own goal in the second half.

      Doesn’t the man realize this is giving comfort to the enemy. This won’t go away soon. And he can’t get it back.

  38. I really, really don’t see why the public should be dragged through another vote. We voted OUT. End of. Having another would play right into the enemy’s hands because it implies (as Blair said) “people are changing their minds”. Well, they’re damn well NOT and it makes me weep to think that the miles of street-pounding last year would all be for nowt. Why not vote again on the 2017 GE as well, while we’re at it? and 2015? and 2010? Whose side is he on?

  39. Lost for words – flabbergasted

  40. It’s just attention seeking on Farage’s behalf. With his attack on AMW, his statement regarding Bolton’s profile the other day and now this, Nigel is turning into a bit of a prat in my opinion.

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