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News review – Tuesday 20 June 2017


David Davis bowed to European demands that Britain agree the principle of its multibillion-pound Brexit bill before talks on a new trade agreement can begin, as formal negotiations got under way in Brussels yesterday. In a significant climbdown, less than a month after declaring that the sequencing of the talks would be “the row of the summer”, Mr Davis changed tack and signed up to the main principles of the EU’s position. Michel Barnier, the commission’s chief negotiator, warned Britain that he was “not in a frame of mind to make concessions” and that the consequences of Brexit would be “substantial”.

Britain caved in to the EU on the opening day of the Brexit talks, when it agreed to settle its “divorce” before trying to negotiate a future trade deal. In a major defeat, Brexit Secretary David Davis was forced to drop his central demand for the two strands of the negotiations to be staged in parallel, within hours of arriving in Brussels. Last month, Mr Davis vowed to wage the “row of the summer” to secure immediate talks on a free trade agreement – predicting an early collapse if the EU refused to give way. But both sides have now agreed to set up working groups on EU citizens’ rights, the size of Britain’s “divorce bill” and borders – but not, crucially, future trade.

Tory David Davis has crumbled on the very first day of Brexit negotiations, as he was forced to agree to the EU’s timetable. EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier revealed the pair had agreed to a “two phase” Brexit, with the terms of divorce agreed first, followed by talks on future relations with the EU. Mr Davis, the Brexit Secretary, had previously insisted the two sets of talks would be held in parallel. But in a press conference at the end of the first day of talks, Barnier said it made sense to discuss the “orderly withdrawal” of the UK first. He said “sufficient progress” would have to be made on the first phase of the talks before moving on to future trade deals. But he said once the EU decided sufficient progress had been made, the remainder of the talks could take place in parallel. Mr Davis denied he had caved on his first day, insisting the timetable was consistent with the government’s Article 50 letter.

British negotiators have capitulated to key European demands for a phased approach to Brexit talks, agreeing to park discussions on free trade until they have thrashed out the cost of the multibillion-euro UK divorce settlement. Putting a brave face on a concession that may further strengthen the tactical dominance of the EU, the Brexit secretary, David Davis, insisted his initial retreat remained consistent with long-term government strategy. “It’s not how it starts, it’s how it finishes that matters,” Davis said in Brussels after the first day of formal talks. “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” Previously Davis had threatened to turn the issue into the “row of the summer” in a bid to avoid being held to ransom over the divorce settlement. He had hoped for talks on trade to run in parallel with divorce discussions.

Britain and Europe locked horns over the thorny issue of the so-called “Brexit bill” on day one of the talks to begin Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. After initial pleasantries for the cameras at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, David Davis, the Brexit secretary and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator and their teams were soon at loggerheads. One of the biggest disagreements in the coming talks came to the surface after UK negotiators questioned the legal rationale for the €100bn gross settlement that the 27 EU members states are demanding from the UK. “They question that there is a legal basis for an exit payment,” a senior EU official told Reuters, reflecting EU nervousness that Britain will not pay up enough to cover the €10bn euro per year black hole that will be left in EU budgets after Brexit.

MICHEL Barnier tonight warned Britain he is in no mood to make concessions during the Brexit talks, saying the UK would have to pay the “substantial consequences” of its decision to leave the EU. The usually cool-headed Frenchman showed flashes of anger as he was asked what concessions he had been prepared to make to his British counterpart David Davis during a frantic opening day of talks. In response Mr Barnier, who is the EU’s chief negotiator, launched into a furious tirade against the Brexit decision but also insisted that the rest of Europe had no desire to “punish” the UK for choosing to quit. His outburst came at the end of an evening press conference which began in more jovial fashion, with the pair announcing great progress had been made on the structuring of the talks and citizens’ rights. 

BBC News
The EU’s chief negotiator said there would be “substantial” consequences from Brexit after the first round of talks with the UK. Michel Barnier said he was “not in the frame of mind to make concessions or ask for concessions”. UK Brexit Secretary David Davis said talks got off to a “promising start”. The UK appears to have conceded to the EU’s preferred order for the talks which will mean trade negotiations do not begin immediately. Mr Davis and Mr Barnier gave a joint press conference after day one of the talks in Brussels. The initial focus will be on expat rights, a financial settlement and “other separation issues”.

Queen’s speech

Sky News
The Government wants Brexit to usher in a new era of freedom of movement – as long as you strap into a space rocket. The Queen’s Speech on Wednesday will include three bills designed to funnel investment into major transport infrastructure designed to help Britain boom after leaving the European Union. One will focus on growing the space sector and would allow satellites to be launched from the UK for the first time, as well as develop scientific missions and manned vertical rockets. A second would help people switch to greener and cheaper electric cars by making it easier to access charging points around the country.

THERESA May’s government will pledge to boldly go in the Queen’s speech with a transport plan for Britain promoting space travel, high speed rail and electric cars. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has announced that the two year parliament will be asked to pass three bills to put Britain on the cutting edge of high skill technology after it leaves the EU. One bill will put Britain at the heart of new
spaceflight technology, allowing UK companies to compete in an international market and generate highly-skilled jobs and giving others the chance to get licences for spaceflights. The UK space industry is worth £13.7bn to the economy and satellites support over 38,000 jobs. The global market for launching satellites is estimated to be £25 billion over the next 20 years. A second bill will set off the next stage of High Speed 2 connecting the Midlands to the North West.


BBC News
Internet giants will face increased pressure to tackle online extremism as EU leaders are expected to back a drive for tougher web regulation. Boris Johnson will be among EU foreign ministers meeting to consider measures to ensure there is “no safe space for terrorists” to plot attacks and share radical material online. 
It comes in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in the UK and France. The PM has urged Google, Facebook and Twitter to take down terrorist content. It follows Theresa May’s agreement of measures with G7 leaders in April and a new plan with French President Emmanuel Macron last week.

Two-thirds of Europeans believe the EU should take a hard line with the UK over Brexit, according to a survey. Sixty-five per cent of those questioned in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Italy Austria, Hungary and Poland said the EU, while trying to maintain a good relationship with Britain, should not compromise on its core principles. The Chatham House-Kantar survey showed just 18% of people in the nine countries – compared with 49% of people in Britain – believed the opposite; that the European commission should aim to keep the UK as close as possible, at the expense of its principles, during the talks, which began on Monday.

Germany’s National Defence Commissioner has insisted that “in the end, there will be a European Army”. Hans-Peter Bartels made his position crystal clear: “We are currently disorganised, technically fragmented and duplicate structures unnecessarily. “We do not want to go down the solitary national path any more. Not in Germany, not in the Netherlands, not in the Czech Republic and not in Italy.” It has become increasingly apparent that the European Union has big military ambitions which it wants to realise soon. A joint defence fund has been set up and there have even been murmurings from some in Germany about EU nuclear weapons. This would represent a huge conflict with NATO whilst potentially giving huge military power to unelected EU figures.

Finsbury Park attack

Supporters of Islamic State seized on yesterday’s attack against Muslims to call for retaliatory violence on the streets of Britain and elsewhere in the West. Within hours of the north London attack, online accounts run by outlets with links to the terrorist group spread images online of the carnage. This was accompanied by a post in English by a channel on the app Telegram called War News — Ummah News, a known supporter of Isis, that tried to generate outrage that Darren Osborne, the man believed to be behind the Finsbury Park attack, was not shot dead by police unlike, for example, the London Bridge killers.

Morning Star
SECURITY at Britain’s mosques needs to be urgently stepped up following the Finsbury Park terror attack, the Muslim Council of Britain said yesterday. The council, representing 500 mosques, schools and Muslim associations, said the deadly attack was “the most violent manifestation” of Islamophobia. “It appears from eyewitness accounts that the perpetrator was motivated by Islamophobia,” said MCB secretary general Harun Khan. “Given we are approaching the end of the month of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid with many Muslims going to local mosques, we expect the authorities to increase security outside mosques as a matter of urgency.” London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the Metropolitan Police had deployed more officers to patrol around mosques.

The mayor of London urged Theresa May to reverse police cuts when he visited the scene of the Finsbury Park attack. Sadiq Khan, responding to London’s third major incident in little more than two weeks, denounced plans to reduce the budget of the Metropolitan Police. “I’ve been saying for thirteen months I’m concerned about the resources the Met police and others have,” he said. “My message to the government is, the plans you have to make the further cuts of £400 million: don’t do it. “My message to the government is, the plans you have to change the police funding formula so London loses more money: don’t do it.

LONDONERS of all faiths have come together at a defiant vigil for victims of the Finsbury Park attack, which has killed one and injured nine others. People gathered outside the mosque which is just yards from where the horror unfolded as worshippers were leaving Ramadan night prayers just after midnight on Monday. The suspected terror attack saw Muslim pedestrians mown down with a hire van – leaving bodies strewn across the pavement on Seven Sisters Road in North London. Wellwishers from all background packed the streets to show support for those caught up in the chaos and vowed “love will win, terror will lose”.


Muslim leaders have spoken out against the media for fuelling Islamophobia, following a deadly attack on a north London mosque. In the hours after a van was driven into worshippers as they finished late night prayers, local leaders and members of the Muslim community warned about rising anti-Muslim sentiment. “Hatred against Muslims is unacceptable as well,” Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, told Sky News. “We have national newspapers spreading hate and talking about how less Islam is the answer to terrorism that we face right now.  “These people are spreading hate against Muslims and people might be responding to that hate, talking about less Islam, and [something like this attack] may be the result.”

ITV News
The Finsbury Park attack has taken place against a rising backdrop of Islamaphobia in Britain and the targeting of Muslims. Finsbury Park has one of the most diverse communities in the capital – all faiths live side by side. Mosques were today promised greater protection, as police reported an unprecedented anti-muslim backlash. There’s been a spike in hate crime following the London Bridge attack, with police saying they have recorded five times as many incidents than in the same period last year. Following the attack on the 6th of June there were 20 incidents reported in London compared to an average of three attacks a day last year.

The leader of a hard-line, ‘Khomeinist‘ Islamist group was invited onto the BBC Monday, using the opportunity to label prominent journalists and a reformist Muslim as “hate preachers” who he said are to blame for the Finsbury Park terror attack. Massoud Shadjareh is the chairman of the so-called Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), which has been accused of supporting Hezbollah terrorists and organised the anti-Semitic al-Quds day in London this weekend, where many Hezbollah terror flags were flown. Mr. Shadjareh has also criticised the prosecution and deportation of Finsbury Park Mosque’s most famous preacher, Abu Hamza al-Masri, the virulently pro-jihad, anti-Western, militant who praised the 9/11 attacks.

Alien life

Nasa says it has found more evidence to suggest we are not alone in the universe. The US space agency revealed on Monday 10 new rocky, Earth-sized planets that could potentially have liquid water and support life. The Kepler mission team released a survey of 219 potential exoplanets – planets outside of our solar system – that had been detected by the space observatory launched in 2009 to scan the Milky Way galaxy. Ten of the new discoveries were orbiting their suns at a distance similar to Earth’s orbit around the sun, the so-called habitable zone that could potentially have liquid water and sustain life. Kepler has already discovered 4,034 potential exoplanets, 2,335 of which have been confirmed by other telescopes as actual planets.

Sky News
NASA has discovered more than 200 new planets and 10 of them are the right size and temperature to sustain life. The distant worlds were discovered by the planet-hunting Kepler telescope which, in four years of searching, has discovered 49 planets in the so-called Goldilocks zone. This is the area around a star which is considered neither too hot, nor too cold, to sustain complex life. Commenting on the discovery Kepler scientist Mario Perez said: “Are we alone? Maybe Kepler today has told us indirectly, although we need confirmation, that we are probably not alone.”

NASA has discovered “hundreds” of new planets – including 10 like Earth that could support alien life. The Kepler Space Telescope has discovered 219 new so-called “exoplanets” – planets outside our Solar System – NASA announced today. 
Of those, 10 are thought to be “rocky and raw” – like Earth. They are within the so-called “habitable zone” of their star – meaning they could support life. The 10 new Earth-like planets are the right temperature for liquid water to pool on their rocky surface. Liquid water is thought to be key to the existence of life. Kepler, a telescope which is flying through space, has spotted a total of 4,034 possible exoplanets – including the 219 announced today – in its four-year mission so far. Of these, 2,300 have been confirmed as planets – the others may be some other kind of celestial body. Around 50 of the planets are a similar size to Earth and are in the so-called “Goldilocks zone” – a distance from their star that is not too hot and not too cold for water to be present.

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23 Comments on News review – Tuesday 20 June 2017

  1. I see the ROP has been sending out one of it’s ‘missionaries’ out again to spread their peaceful message to the unbelievers, took his usual equipment with him: a suicide vest and probably left his Qu’ran at home left open on the page advising martyrdom. But obviously this has nothing to do with Islam. I will just repeat that in case someone does not understand, these violent attacks on innocent indigenous people have nothing to do with Islam, therefore the motive is not known and don’t you dare jump to conclusions because you will be so wrong.

    • ..and the police and pollies just state their determination to deal with “Islamophobia”.

      Truly the enemy within.

  2. Hammond backtracks again. Christ.

  3. According to Harum Khan of the muslim council of Britain, the Finsbury attack in which a British man imitated the well known muslim tactic of mowing down pedestrians (but not stabbing any of them as muslim terrorists are wont to do) is ‘a most violent manifestation of islamophobia’. Injuries, but no deaths as a direct result of the attack, are reported. Not as bad as the death toll resulting from muslim attacks, then?

    What does Khan like to call the attacks of 7/7/05, Glasgow airport, numerous attacks on individuals, including Lee Rigby and other beheadings, Westminster Bridge, Manchester, London Bridge & Borough Market? All these resulted in fatalities. as well as injuries. Aren’t we British allowed one noun to encapsulate the hate, aggression, intimidation, cruelty and bloodthirstiness displayed in those atrocities?

    I have a few suggestions: Angloathing, Anglodetestation, Britanimosity, Britantipathy. or we could just keep flogging the good old ‘phobia’ label: Britanophobia, Anglophobia.

    My preference, owing to the worldwide infliction of islamaniac violence, is kuffirphobia, which I’m going to use from now on as shorthand for ‘koran-induced hatred of anyone not stupid enough to believe in the imaginary demon-god allarrgghh or the conman liar who made it up for his own personal power-trip and enrichment’.

    We have 2 or 3m kuffirphobics living in this country, which is a big problem that the asinine government are trying to address by sticking up for their safety and human rights instead of ours. Remember us, Theresa – the indigenous people of Britain who have been betrayed and are still being betrayed by every government since the end of WW2?
    Please don’t use that bogus term ‘islamophobia’ again, sharia May, or we really will begin to hate you and be thrilled when your party has back-stabbed you with all the ferocity of which it is capable.

    • Can anyone explain why all these stinking traitors in government are deliberately flooding Europe with Islam.
      There is absolutely no doubt that they are all working together to a plan.
      Every single one of them is well aware of the outcome and they should be hanged Now as the traitors that they are.

      PM T.May is not just a CofE Vicar’s daughter in name but also is such iconically that is to say she is acting out the part. Her natural belief is that all religions are similar and that any differences are merely cultural; it is impossible for her to understand that an imam is not like a vicar ( instead think warlord) nor will islam become touchy feely like the tea parties she used to attend in the village of Upper Bottomly. Because of this she could not comprehend the sheer evil of the muslim rapegangs in Rotherham/ Rochdale/ Oldham/Birmingham/ Keighley/Oxford and 40 other towns. Her public comments are weak and shallow on most subjects – she could not decide between Leaver or remainer in the Great Referendum. By chance after cameron’s departure she was able to be the compromise candidate and the rest is history. her faulty judgement meant there were some serious mistakes at the Home Office and now as PM she has a field day for fluster, prevarication, fudge, bad compromise etc. There is something very selfish about her hence her revenge on UKIP ( a major cause of the GE together with no gong for NigelF). She has surrounded herself with weakness and the most craven example of this is mobilising COBRA over the death by heart attack of a man outside a mosque in the early hours of Monday.
      Parliament (both Houses) is full to the rafters with mediocrity due to the development of professional politicians who have never done anything else since finishing a politics type degree at university.
      Odin must help us or it may be Ragnarok.

    • Howard Keating // June 20, 2017 at 6:55 pm // Reply

      Thanks for the suggested terms Panmelia.
      With your permission I will borrow a few for various future comments.

  4. Theresa May is reported as saying that she is determined ‘to wipe out hatred and evil’ (!) Good luck with that, Tess, are you on a hotline to God or something? There’s a touch of the Tony Blairs in that statement when he was in his most ego-megalo-maniacal-I’ll-save-the-world mode.

    But if she’s sincere in her quest to conquer mankind’s greatest historical problem, Theresa should start with the abolition of the koran from this land. Granted, there’s a lot of hatred and evil in the Bible as well, but Christians are much better at ignoring the bad bits and trying to promote the nicer bits. islamics swallow the whole koran, find it indigestible and spew the foul brew over all the rest of us.

    That’s a plan for emptying the country of our unwelcome invaders: ban the koran and we’ll see a mass exodus of muslims back to where they belong in islamanialand.

  5. Davis has just proved that he’s the globalist sell-out that I’ve suspected him of being for some time.

    This is going to be a stitch-up, folks.

    • Howard Keating // June 20, 2017 at 1:17 pm // Reply

      I prefer to listen to what David Davis actually says himself rather than taking much notice of what the largely ‘remainer’ MSM like to pretend he said.

      • Agree, Howard. The following is a list of the verbs used to describe what Davis Davis did yesterday. Apparently, he –
        ‘bowed’ – Times
        ‘caved’ – Independent
        ‘crumbled’ – Mirror
        capitulated’ – Guardian
        The Telegraph managed a more neutral description: the negotiators ‘locked horns’. Barnier is huffing and puffing like a BBW as usual and whatever he says is not worthy of repeating. Davis says that the talks so far are ‘promising’.
        Davis is quite a wily chap and is likely to concede unimportant points while planning to extract big concessions as the talks go on.

        Meanwhile, I am bored to death by the leftard Remainer MSM doing their usual gig: portraying the EU shysters as the clever Big Bad Wolves threatening the helpless little British Piggies. They must have forgotten how that story ended.

    • Hammond is now backtracking on Sunday’s pledge to leave the single market and customs union with the delaying leaving tactic. Sometime never. Shameless.

  6. What a way to start the day, reading about David Davis’ approach to negotiation.

    Perhaps someone should send David Davis a copy of the Art of the Deal by Donald Trump although I doubt he would read it. And the money he’s so blithely agreed to give away isn’t his, it’s ours. And we don’t have it. All we have is a huge and ever-growing national debt.

    And as for Electric Cars! Don’t these technical incompetents realise that the energy stored per unit mass in even the most advanced batteries available to today don’t come even close to the energy stored in petrol? And in case it’s passed them by a petrol tank is as cheap as chips compared to a battery and doesn’t wear out.

    And now we’re being told we’re getting HS2 which will run at a loss. We’re already getting Hinckley which I predict will be obsolete before it’s been built when we’re sitting on coal island all because our dear leaders think that by the year 2100 the global temperature will have increased by an inconsequential and imperceptible amount due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide, most of which is being merrily produced by the Marxists in China and which will in all probability be completely swamped by the much larger temperature swings due to natural climate variability.

    And to top it all we hear the EU politburo is pressing ahead in haste with its EU army. In times of peace prepare for war – Sun Tzu.

    Queen Victoria must be not just turning but, quite literally, spinning in her grave.

    • With all these charts and referendum,I will expct that every tom, dick and harry incomer has been included in the votes.
      I wonder how the figures would look if it was only the original indigenous population.

  7. “Hatred against Muslims is unacceptable as well,” Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, told Sky News. “We have national newspapers spreading hate and talking about how less Islam is the answer to terrorism that we face right now.

    I think the Muslims themselves are doing a very good job of spreading hate against Islam. Thousands of women brutally gang raped and young children groomed for sex. Young people blown up, constant terror attacks and we haven’t forgotten the decapitation of Lee Rigby either.

    It would be a bit strange if we weren’t getting Islamaphobic, we’d have to have been Lobotomized, I think Political Correctness is a form of Lobotomy.

    Perhaps Miqdaad Versi should shut his stupid mouth, I’m sure there are plenty of sandy, sun baked hellholes he could go and live in if here isn’t good enough for him.

    • Flyer, do you remember the graffiti of yesteryear – “Americans Go Home” appearing on the sides of bridges and other inaccessible places? I never did understand why anyone wanted the Americans to go home, since they had recently helped to defeat the enemy. That’s ingratitude for you.

      Perhaps it’s time to revive that British tradition of graffiti in the service of serious message-delivering rather than the meaningless tag-scrawls of the simple-minded .

      The time has passed for the English politeness of ‘Muslims, please go home’. Just ‘Muslims go home’ might be construed as a mere suggestion. I think now is the moment to use the imperative, signalled by an exclamation mark: ‘Muslims Go Home!’

      An alternative would be to invest in extra paint for the sake of a clear explanation: “Those who think, say and do Hateful things will be Hated”. This obvious observation would be for the enlightenment of not only slow-to-catch-on-muslims, but also for any extra-thick politicians who, for the want of any original ideas, keep banging on about a strange, yawn-inducing phenomenon they call ‘islamophobia’.

  8. On the specific issue of the so called divorce ‘Bill’ ~ I have seen detailed legal argument


    to the effect that the UK owes absolutely NOTHING as a consequence of leaving.

    What I long to see is the detailed legal argument, if indeed it can be constructed, to the opposite effect.
    THIS is what the UK Government should be demanding to see : the legal basis ( if such exists ) for the EU to require the departing State to make a financial contribution to the EU consequent upon the departure.

    This cannot seriously be discussed around a silly UN style negotiating table ~the arguments on both sides need to be set out clearly IN WRITING.
    Only thus can their strengths be properly evaluated.
    There may be some kind of political mileage in saying, ‘ well for the sake of keeping everyone happy we’ll pay such and such an amount on the basis of zero legal liability to do so, but just to tidy things up ‘ ~ but that is entirely different from saying, ‘on the basis of the legal arguments advanced we agree ( or not ) that the ‘better view’ is that the UK does indeed ‘owe’ such and such a sum.

    In my view the UK Government should be holding these negotiations largely by way of exchange of documentation ~analogous to the parties in a civil case exchanging disclosure of their evidence and their arguments in advance of the oral hearing before a Judge.

    In the end, the EU is a legal construct, based on Treaties.
    There is LAW applicable to Treaties.

    So if the UK does indeed have an obligation to pay a leaving ‘Bill’ then there must be legal arguments to advance this case ~ but what are they ?
    And crucially, why is the UK Government not demanding to see the EU’s legal arguments in writing in advance of oral discussions ?
    rhys burriss

    • It should be less than nothing; we are owed a refund for our contribution to their extravagant buildings, art collection and wine cellar.

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