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News Review – Thursday 9th June 2016



A BRILLIANT new song which rips into the European Union and David Cameron’s failed renegotiation is set to become an internet hit. You can watch the Referendum Game, released today on YouTube. It paints a picture of a proud, independent Britain free of the bureaucratic shackles of Brussels. The song’s catchy chorus asks: “Do we stay or do we go? Is it yes or is it no?” “Cameron says ‘I’ll save the nation from uncontrolled immigration. “Our saviour! On his best behaviour.”

The Times

One of Britain’s leading businessmen has told his 6,000 employees in the UK that there is “very little to fear” from leaving the European Union and he is confident that the country can “stand on its own two feet”. In the first such letter from a Brexit supporter to his workforce, Lord Bamford, chairman of JCB, set out the case for leaving the bloc, saying that it was of “diminishing economic importance”. The move by the Tory donor, whose company is one of Britain’s biggest exporters, will boost the Leave campaign and frustrate David Cameron.


Twitter users are talking about Britain leaving the EU around twice as much as they are discussing staying in, data showed on Wednesday, as some observers look to social media to help track the likelihood of a Brexit. With polls too close to call, hashtags related to a “Leave” vote have received over 800,000 mentions, against more than 400,000 for “Remain,” according to an analysis by social media monitoring tool Brandwatch. Up until June 7, there were 5.4 million tweets mentioning the EU referendum in the last two months, it said.

BBC News

Britain would not face tariffs on trade if it voted to leave the EU on 23 June, UKIP MP and Vote Leave campaigner Douglas Carswell has suggested. Mr Carswell said Turkey and Iceland had “unrestricted, tariff-free trade” even though they were not in the EU. There was “no question” the UK, as the world’s fifth largest economy, would face worse trade terms, he said. The Remain side say quitting the EU and its single market would hit the UK economy, and cost jobs.


A PRO-European Union Tory has admitted the Vote Leave campaign is winning in the run-up to this month’s referendum, revealing the British public is swaying towards a Brexit. Lord Robert Hayward said polls suggesting the EU referendum will be a close run are wrong and that “more and more people” are set to vote ‘Out’. The former Tory MP told Newsnight: “As far as I am concerned the polls are over-estimating how close its going to be, as far as I can see, more and more people are deviating towards leave.

Turkey in the EU


Prime Minister David Cameron may be planning to make a last-minute pledge to hold a referendum on Turkish European Union (EU) membership in a bid to stop Brexit. The Financial Times says that if ‘Leave’ continues to gain momentum in the run-up to the EU vote later this month, David Cameron could make the pledge in a desperate bid to take the wind out of its sails. Such a promise would echo the run-up to the 2014 Scottish independence vote when Westminster political leaders made a desperate set of “pledges” in the last days of the campaign after a rogue poll put the pro-independence camp ahead.

BBC News

Justice Secretary and Leave campaigner Michael Gove has issued a fresh warning about the risk of allowing visa-free EU travel for Turkish citizens. The proposed deal is aimed at trying to ease Europe’s migration crisis. But Mr Gove said Turkey had seen an “erosion of fundamental democratic freedoms” and the EU should be protesting, not offering “concessions”. David Cameron has said it would be “literally decades” before Turkey was ready to join the EU. And he has said the UK has a veto over it happening, saying the agreement of every other EU member – as well as 28 national Parliaments – was necessary before a new country could join. But Mr Gove said it was “official British government policy” for Turkey to become a member of the bloc and “not to have a referendum on new countries joining”.



A MAJOR leak from Brussels has revealed the NHS will be killed off if Britain remains in the European Union. Hundreds of papers from the secretive trade talks between the US and EU have been released online.  They appear to confirm fears that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks between Brussels and Washington will, when ratified, lead to the health service being privatised or dismantled.  The documents, obtained by Greenpeace Netherlands, include a US proposal to have a committee with representatives from Washington and Brussels to meet each year “to review state-owned enterprises and monopolies” which would include the NHS.

Voter registration


The EU referendum result could be open to a legal challenge after the online voter registration process descended into ‘a shambles’, ministers were warned last night. The deadline for voters to register online was extended by 48 hours after the official website crashed on Tuesday night in the run-up to the midnight cutoff, potentially denying thousands the chance to take part in the June 23 poll. Chris Grayling, the pro-Brexit Leader of the House of Commons, made an emergency statement to say legislation will be introduced today to allow an extension to midnight tonight. But Bernard Jenkin, a Tory backbencher and Leave campaigner, warned that in extending the deadline by two days, when the website was down for only 90 minutes, the Government was on the ‘cusp of legality’. He said that if the Remain side narrowly wins the referendum, there could be a court injunction against the result.


The deadline to register to vote in the European Union referendum has been extended following technical problems with the registration service. Voters will be able to sign up to the electoral register until midnight on Thursday 9 June. The previous deadline had been midnight on Tuesday June 7.  The GOV.UK website service however ground to a halt just after 10pm under the “unprecedented” weight of people registering to vote.



Jeremy Corbyn will take to the airwaves to answer questions about the European Union referendum from a live studio audience, it has been announced. The Labour leader’s only set-piece event of the campaign will take place on 20 June, three days before polling day. Mr Corbyn will appear on Sky News at 6pm where he will appear in front of a representative audience of young people. The programme will be presented by the channel’s political editor Faisal Islam. Mr Corbyn has faced some criticism for not taking a more hands-on approach during the referendum campaign.

Sky News

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will make his only live set-piece television appearance of the EU referendum campaign on Sky News in the final week of the campaign. The leader of the opposition will face questions from a live studio audience made up of a representative selection of young people at an event which I will be chairing. The event will take place on the evening of Monday 20 June, less than three days before the EU referendum polls open



The European Union is doomed unless Brussels ends free movement across the continent, Labour’s Andy Burnham warns today. The Shadow Home Secretary says “there will have to be changes” to EU rules which have let eastern Europeans­ flood to the UK. “The EU won’t survive if it won’t make them,” he will warn in a break from Jeremy Corbyn ’s official position. Mr Burnham will urge voters not to use the referendum­ as a “protest vote” on immigration, but to think long-term and back Remain.


Britain’s lack of coastal border security was laid bare last night as it was revealed the country has only a handful of boats to guard our waters – while Italy has 600. UK Border Force has just three vessels monitoring 7,700 miles of coast despite mounting evidence of smugglers and migrants targeting small harbours and isolated beaches. On Tuesday border guards detained three Iranians spotted drifting in an inflatable boat a few miles off Dover. All three have now claimed asylum. And figures show the size of our operational fleet is tiny compared to other European nations.


More than 30,000 non-EU immigrants a year are taking advantage of a backdoor into Britain created by Brussels, it has emerged. The number of people benefiting from the so-called European Economic Area family permit route has rocketed by 50 per cent under David Cameron. Last night Vote Leave said the figures showed that edicts handed down by Brussels were now allowing both EU and non-EU migrants into the UK. Under British immigration rules, migrants from outside the EU need to obtain a visa for either work or family settlement. But under the family permit route, an exception is made for those with a spouse or close relative who is an EU citizen. These people are known as third country nationals, and since Mr Cameron was elected the UK has issued them with 140,921 permits. For 2014/15, the figure was 30,879 – up by 48 per cent since 2010-2011.

Overseas aid

The Times

The overseas aid department has been criticised by the National Audit Office for wasting £285 million on an airport for the South Atlantic island of St Helena that may never be used. The cost will rise after its opening last month was abandoned for safety reasons. It had been hoped that the airport would attract 30,000 tourists a year to the British overseas territory. Due to dangerous wind and turbulence risks, however, the airport is not open to commercial flights and may never welcome holidaymakers.

Euro 2016


This is the scene in Paris just days before the start of Euro 2016 with rubbish piled high in the streets during strikes that have also brought chaos to the city’s transport system. Still reeling from floods that hit the capital last week, Parisians are now facing overflowing bins as industrial action by waste treatment workers continues to take its toll on the country. Meanwhile, rail passengers are facing disruption for the eighth day running and riot police were even brought in as strikers threatened to disrupt a Euro 2016 publicity event at one of the city’s main stations. It comes as the government unveiled a smartphone app ahead of thetournament which can alert fans to possible terror attacks.


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9 Comments on News Review – Thursday 9th June 2016

  1. ‘The Referendum Game’ on youtube – google it and giggle at the depictions of a devilish, red-eyed Cameron, listen to the catchy song, and send it to your friends, especially the undecideds.

  2. From the Express/Brexit piece above.
    Notice the unconscious pejorative here, from the Pro-EU Tory, showing how these people view the rest of us: “…as far as I can see, more and more people are deviating towards leave.”

    Deviating? Ha, like from the true faith? Gravitating, moving, leaning, tending, any of those would have done.

    • Huh, was the use of the word ‘deviating’ really ‘unconscious’? I seriously doubt it. If you watch the Tory drones in the HoC during PMQS, they nod and bray at every bit of pro-EU blether spouted by Cameron and his cronies.

      Whenever a Brexiteer stands to ask a question, the Remainiacs moan, groan, snigger and smirk at each other.

      They gesture at the Brexiteer in a way that suggests he or she is at least mentally-challenged, if not an outright nutter. The Tories use words such as ‘defect’ and ‘deviate’ quite deliberately in order to pillory and undermine anyone who doesn’t agree with their groupthink.

  3. Remain have laboured the circumstances surrounding the huge capital sum we are obliged to put up front on a regular weekly basis which the EU has total right to distribute how it wishes.
    This arrangement, so lauded and defended by the remain campaign, is exactly like the pathetic husband, who hands over all his pay packet to his wife and she hands back just enough cash for petrol money to keep him on the treadmill.
    Divorce is his only escape.

  4. The Independent: So Jeremy’everyone has their price’ Corbyn is changing the habit of a lifetime in trying to persuade the young to vote remain in an Institution which can guarantee them nothing.
    When was he struck by the divine revelation that he had been wrong all these years and will he apologise for his political stance which was based on a lie. Is he now going to join the Gallery of flawed politicians who down the decades have hoodwinked the people and from whom he has spent his whole career pursuing vengeance?

  5. Why is the environmental argument of EU membership consistently ignored? Surely there is more to life and the running of a nation than “The Economy”?

    If the EU was purely about (fair and ethical) trade and commerce, Brits would be more receptive. However, as we are painfully aware, the EU “project” is FAR from a trading pact!!

    EU-dictated Mass immigration is contributing to the destruction of English and British natural heritage and countryside, as the perpetually high demand for new housing and necessary supporting infrastructure (roads, sewage farms, airports, transport hubs, out of town shopping centres, hospitals, schools, etc) is driven by unsustainable population growth entirely the consequence of years of mass immigration. Britain (and England especially) is already overpopulated enough as it is, so continued mass immigration is a disaster for our Biodiversity and wellbeing of our countryside. “Build on brownfield”, I hear you cry. Do you honestly think that there is enough brownfield to support the perpetually high demand for new housing and supporting infrastructure that is entirely the result of years of mass immigration? I have heard that a new house needs to be built every 6 minutes just to keep up with the current rate of immigration.

    I am sorry, but I cannot support an organisation whose actions are destructive to my cherished natural heritage. Beautiful and wildlife-rich greenfield and greenbelt land across the length and breadth of England is being built on- and this is all because of the EU immigration diktat. I have no doubt that large developer, property agents and construction companies support continued EU membership, as they stand to rake in more Mega Bucks as more and more migrants (aka “consumer units” or “economic units” in the eyes of the globalist corporations) are imported into Britain.

    Tell me this: what is the point of the EU Habitat Directives when EU-dictated mass immigration is contributing to the destruction of wildlife habitats and beautiful lush green countryside here in Britain?

    I have put my argument across to the pro-EU “hip and trendy” young Green Party supporters, and this is what they respond with (as though they are brainwashed robots and rose-tinted spectacle-wearing idealists who are either incapable of thinking for themselves, who are fearful of going against the pro-immigration liberal narrative): “You are “waycist” for daring to criticise EU immigration. We are global citizens, and people can live wherever they like”.

    I despair at times!


    Cranleigh, Surrey, England

    • Gaz, you have to take into account that Greens are watermelons – green on the outside and red on the inside. They’re all mentally challenged leftards and have to congregate in groups in order to have two brain cells to rub together.
      When they have no satisfactory answer to a question, their auto-response mode activates and they chant ‘waycist’ until the inquirer becomes bored and moves away.

      Your post reminded me of an essay one of my mature students wrote in 1988 for a GCSE English course. The story was set in a future UK in which the country had become so over-run by immigrants that every piece of land was concreted over and there was nothing green or pleasant to be seen. You might imagine that you had seen a tree, but it was a hologram set there to remind people what a tree looked like.

      Some of my PC teaching colleagues (probably all of them actually) would have accused him of ‘waycism’, but I was more broad-minded and understood his anxieties. Bearing in mind that immigration in 1988 was nowhere near the ridiculous level that it is today, I have come to appreciate the prescience of that student.

      • Thank goodness there are those who think like me and can see things from my perspective! The very same left-leaning pro-EU, pro-mass immigration “greenies” have labelled me “mentally ill” for my views (depending on their mood, it is a choice between “waycist”, “uneducated”, “Neanderthal”, “little Englander” and “mentally unwell”).

        Concern for the environment and the things that affect it (such as immigration) is a positive thing, but whereas the left-leaning Watermelons grasp of the environment rarely ventures out of the usual arenas of “carbon footprints” and “man-made climate change”, I am able to see how mass immigration, which inevitably has a knock-on effect on housing/infrastructure demand and rate of population growth, is not compatible with environmental protection here in Britain.

        “Population is growing globally”, the Watermelons cry. Maybe, but the ongoing loss of BRITISH countryside- OUR countryside- to urbanisation is entirely avoidable- it is simply a matter of leaving the EU and regaining control of our own borders. We have no moral obligation to accommodate a limitless tsunami of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. We are overcrowded enough as it is- SE England especially so.

        • Mmmm, now who was it that used the ‘mentally unwell’ tactic when wanting to shut up (in both senses of that phrase) people who didn’t agree with them? Oh, yes it was the jolly old Soviet authorities in the days when the blood-Red Communist USSR was a world power and the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain were firmly in place.
          Many dissidents, some famous, were pronounced ‘mentally ill’ and confined in psychiatric hospitals to stop them criticising or challenging the Communist group-think.
          It goes to show the political inheritance of the Greens, and the rottenness of the melon on the inside, doesn’t it? That’s why I dislike and distrust them in spite of their ‘do-gooding’ facade.

          It’s obvious that the more people you cram onto a small island, the more the countryside and wildlife habitat will be destroyed and concreted over. But what is obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence is denied by those who prefer political correctness to reality. Denial is their fallback position every time, along with their ritual repetition of ‘rayyyycist’.

          It is up to the historic inhabitants of this country to say who comes here and if we don’t want millions flooding in unwanted and uninvited, that is our prerogative. This country doesn’t belong to everyone in the world, it belongs to us, and we have fought many wars to keep out invaders. Oh, for a government that obeys the will of the British people: we haven’t had one for many years.

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