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News review – Thursday 4 January 2018


Tony Blair has launched a blistering attack on what he calls Labour’s “confusing” and “mistaken” stance on Brexit. In a major intervention, the former Prime Minister warned that voters will not find Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to EU withdrawal “credible”. Mr Blair singled out senior figures in Mr Corbyn’s top team – including his key ally John McDonnell – as having made apparently contradictory remarks on the party’s proposals. He concluded that if the country does leave, then Labour’s “timidity” will bear responsibility alongside Tory right-wingers who have been pushing for Brexit. It comes just days after 
The Independent  reported how insiders fear Labour is heading for a “reckoning” – with the party apparently backing Brexit, but many supporters still believing it is opposed. In a 2,400-word article published on his own website, Mr Blair dissected what he believes is the central contradiction in the Government’s approach – that it is incorrectly suggesting it can have the benefits of the single market without following its rules.

BBC News
Tony Blair has attacked Labour’s “timidity” on Brexit, saying it would deliver a departure from the EU designed by the “Tory right”. He urged the party he once led to “nail” the “myths” of the Brexit campaign – and fight for the rights of voters to “think again” about leaving. He said 2018 would be the year the fate of Britain would be decided. Labour has backed Brexit and ruled out a second referendum if it wins power. Britain is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, but Mr Blair said it would be too late to change course by then. Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer says Labour will push for a deal that would preserve as many of the benefits of the single market and customs union as possible, as well as protecting workers’ rights and the environment. But Mr Blair believes this is a “confusing” strategy and is not “credible”. “Far better to fight for the right for the country to re-think, demand that we know the full details of the new relationship before we quit the old one, go to the high ground on opposing Brexit and go after the Tories for their failures to tackle the country’s real challenges. “Make Brexit the Tory Brexit. Make them own it 100%. Show people why Brexit isn’t and never was the answer.” Mr Blair – a longstanding critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – has ditched his business interests to take a more active role in British politics through his Institute for Global Change think tank.

Labour will become “the handmaiden of Brexit” if it continues to prevaricate and be timid over the issue, Tony Blair has warned in a passionate call for the party he formerly led to oppose the government on leaving the EU. In a lengthy article published on his own website, coinciding with the release of a report from his political institute detailing the current state of play over Brexit, Blair reiterates his call for the British people to have the final decision on whether the withdrawal from the EU goes ahead or not. Describing 2018 as “the year when the fate of Brexit and thus of Britain will be decided”, Blair is open about his opposition to leaving the EU and argues that the 2016 referendum cannot be seen as binding as it contained no detail on what a post-Brexit future would involve. Much of the 2,300-word article lambasts the Conservatives’ plans on Brexit as contradictory and confusing, saying it is absurd for ministers to pretend the UK can replicate the benefits of the EU’s single market and customs union while accepting none of the rules. But he ends with a plea to Labour to “be on the high ground of progressive politics, explaining why membership of the European Union is right as a matter of principle, for profound political as well as economic reasons”. 
Blair argues that Labour’s current ambiguity on the issue is a tactical error as it means the party cannot fully attack Theresa May’s government for neglecting issues such as the NHS and policing amid an all-consuming focus on Brexit.

ITV News
Tony Blair has attacked Labour’s “timidity”, warning it will usher in Brexit should the party continue to back leaving the European Union and the single market. Criticising the party he once led, the former prime minister said Labour was wrong “strategically” and “mistaken” tactically over exiting the EU, and should instead look to “make Brexit the Tory Brexit”. “First, because the Labour Party is saying that we too would do Brexit, we cannot attack its vast distructive impact,” he said. “Labour could mount such a powerful assault on the Government’s record from the appalling state of the NHS to crime, which through neglect and failure to support the police is on the rise again, if we were saying to the country: here’s the agenda which could be delivered for the people were it not for the fact that all the energies of Government and substantial amounts of cash are devoted to Brexit. “And, second, it puts us in a vulnerable position when the Government concludes ‘the deal’ some time in 2018.” Blair said it would be “far better to fight for the right for the country to re-think”, and demand full details of the new relationship before leaving. He suggested going “to the high ground on opposing Brexit and go after the Tories for their failures to tackle the country’s real challenges”.

Sky News
Tony Blair has said 2018 will be the year the “fate of Brexit” is decided, as he hit out at Labour’s “mistaken” stance on Britain’s EU divorce. The former prime minister said the next 12 months will be crucial as 2017 was “too early in the negotiation” and by 2019 it will be “too late” to have a say on whether Britain’s future relationship with Brussels is better than the current arrangements. In the latest in a string of interventions since the June 2016 referendum, Mr Blair attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying the party’s “timidity” over Europe under his leadership will usher in Brexit if it continues. Mr Blair’s comments quickly provoked the ire of Brexit supporters. The campaign group Leave Means Leave said voters would take no notice of a leader “who took us to war on a lie and who cannot admit when he is wrong”, the former accusation a reference to controversial Iraq War in 2003. In his call for his successor to radically alter his approach, Mr Blair urged Labour to “make Brexit the Tory Brexit”.


Ukip’s leader admitted last night that he had left his 42-year-old wife for a model aged just 25. Henry Bolton, 54, who took over from Paul Nuttall last September, confirmed that he had started a relationship in recent weeks with Jo Marney, a party member from Kent. Miss Marney, who describes herself as a model, actor and journalist, appears to have spent a good amount of time with Mr Bolton over Christmas and has posted Facebook pictures of them together.  She posted one picture showing Mr Bolton with his arm around her on December 16, with the caption: ‘Fantastic Xmas dinner with our leader Henry Bolton.’  On Boxing Day she posted a picture of them together in a bar along with a heart. She wrote: ‘Fantastic Boxing Day drinks with Henry Bolton.’ Then on December 29, she posted a picture that appears to just show Mr Bolton’s feet with Union Jack socks. 

UKIP’S new leader has left his wife for a topless model 25 years his junior. Twice-wed ex-Army captain Henry Bolton, 54, spent Christmas with 29-year-old Jo Marney and has introduced her to party bigwigs. She describes herself as a “model, actor and Brexiteer” — and her social media mixes pro-Brexit pieces with scantily-clad snaps. Tonight a friend told The Sun: “It certainly took us all by surprise, but Jo is one of the Ukip family now. “She’s lovely and clever and wants to help and support Henry.” Dad-of-three Mr Bolton referred to his Russian wife Tatiana as “supportive” when he pulled off a shock victory to take over the party from Nigel Farage last September. But tonight he said they had split in July. Mr Bolton, wearing slippers, answered the door at Jo’s family home near Maidstone in Kent. Asked if they were in a relationship, he replied: “The answer is yes, I’m here just visiting for the moment. “My wife is fully aware of what’s been going on and has been abroad since July.”

Ukip leader Henry Bolton has started a relationship with a “model, actor and Brexiteer” 28 years his junior after splitting up with his wife, it has been revealed. Ukip leader Henry Bolton has started a relationship with a “model, actor and Brexiteer” 28 years his junior after splitting up with his wife, it has been revealed. Mr Bolton, who took over as leader of the party last September from Nigel Farage, admitted last night that he started a relationship recently with Jo Marney – a 25-year-old model and party member from Kent. Appearing in slippers when answering the door at Ms Marney’s home near Maidstone in Kent, he was asked about the relationship and replied: “The answer is yes, I’m here just visiting for the moment. “My wife is fully aware of what’s been going on and has been abroad since July.” Ms Marney describes herself as a Brexiteer and her social media mixes pro-Brexit pieces with glamour photos. On Boxing Day she tweeted a picture of Mr Bolton with a purple heart, which is the UKIP Party colour. The UKIP leader posted on social media on New Year’s Day: “Myself and Jo Marney nearly run over by George Osborne in Covent Garden.”


Health bosses are failing to declare millions of pounds received from drug companies, an investigation has found. Pharmaceutical giants have bought tickets to sports matches and pop concerts for NHS officials as well as sponsoring training events and meetings, the British Medical Journal revealed. However, only £1,283,767 of £5,027,818 paid from 2015 to 2017 was declared on public registers. Experts said it was inappropriate for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), the GP-led bodies in charge of buying health services for their local areas, to accept funding from the private sector. CCGs released data on payments from private companies and charities under the Freedom of Information Act.

Jeremy Hunt has apologised to patients after tens of thousands of non-urgent operations were postponed in England. The Health Secretary admitted there were “real pressures” facing the health service as NHS England urged hospitals to defer routine procedures such as hip replacements until the end of January to free up hospital beds and staff, amid reports many hospitals were plunged into crisis over the festive period. Mr Hunt said the move, which could lead to up to 55,000 routine operations being delayed, was “absolutely not what I want” but conceded that hospitals were under huge pressure from the ageing population and a spike in flu and respiratory diseases. Meanwhile, Theresa May acknowledged the news was frustrating for affected patients but said the NHS was “better prepared for this winter than ever before”. However, critics said the situation was putting patients at risk, with former Liberal Democrat health minister Norman Lamb warning  there was “no doubt that patients will die and families will suffer” because of the pressure the NHS is under. Mr Hunt told Sky News: “There are real pressures, no doubt about it. This is the busiest week of the year for the NHS and the first thing I want to say is a massive thank you to NHS staff who are working incredibly long hours, throughout the night and beyond the call of duty in every possible way.

Jeremy Hunt last night called for a ten-year strategy to adapt the health service – as Tories rounded on Labour for ‘politicising’ a health crisis they insist is afflicting Western nations. The Health Secretary acknowledged that the  NHS  would need more cash in the coming years to cope with an ageing population. But ministers bridled at Labour claims the current crisis – which forced the NHS to cancel thousands of operations – was the result of funding cuts. An ally of Mr Hunt pointed out that the Welsh NHS, which is under the stewardship of Labour, has suffered similar problems – if not worse – while countries from Australia to France have been hit by serious flu outbreaks in recent months. They said: ‘It is irresponsible and wrong for Labour to try to politicise the current situation – the problems are worse in Wales and Scotland. France has had a million people with flu. There is a long-term funding situation which we have to address as a society. But that is not what the current situation is about.’ Parts of the health establishment appear to have tried to exploit the crisis too. Consultant Anu Mitra said staff were forced to carry out ‘battlefield medicine’, although he later apologised to military doctors who practice ‘actual battlefield medicine’. On Tuesday, another consultant, Richard Fawcett at Royal Stoke University Hospital, described conditions there as being like the ‘third world’.

NHS providers, doctors and patients have joined opposition parties in accusing the government of failing to stop the growing crisis in the NHS this winter. Pressure on the health service in England continues to mount with at least 21 trusts – many responsible for multiple hospitals – on black alert, known as opel 4, on Wednesday. Hospitals are forced to announce this when they can no longer guarantee patient safety and provide their full range of services. In Somerset, three trusts – Yeovil district hospital, Taunton and Somerset and Somerset Partnership – were operating at the highest alert level. Bristol North Somerset and South Gloucestershire were in similar positions. Ashford and St Peter’s hospital trust in Surrey declared it was on black alert and had had “very high A&E attendances over the last few days”, with 320 patients in the department on Tuesday. In an email to staff, Valerie Bartlett, the trust’s deputy chief executive, said: “We also have 80 patients classed as medical outliers – where due to lack of space on our medical wards they are being cared for on other wards … this is not best practice in terms of providing the best and safest care for our patients and has a knock-on effect for planned surgery.” Many more trusts that reported problems refused to disclose their alert level because they were no longer obliged to do so by NHS guidelines. A lot of trusts that said they were not at black alert level admitted to being under pressure.


Michael Gove will set out proposals to replace EU farming subsidies with new incentives to reward landowners for environmentally friendly practices after Brexit. The Environment Secretary plans to scrap the much-criticised  Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in favour of subsidies for farmers who try to enhance the natural environment by planting woods, creating wildflower meadows and providing habitats for wildlife. A leading figure in the Leave campaign,  Mr Gove has vowed to deliver a “Green Brexit” by using Britain’s departure from the bloc as an opportunity to transform agriculture and revitalise the countryside. In a speech at the Oxford Farming Conference, he is expected to say: “I want to develop a new method of providing financial support for farmers which moves away from subsidies for inefficiency to public money for public goods.” Warning that the CAP is “fundamentally flawed by design”, Mr Gove will outline a major shake-up in how farmers receive funding, where they will bid for cash based on environmental benefits delivered on their land.

FARMERS should continue to receive their £3.1billion in annual subsidies currently set by the EU for five years after the UK leaves the bloc, Michael Gove will signal today. In a move designed to help British food producers plan for Brexit, the Environment Secretary is to indicate his support for the Government guaranteeing the payments at their present level until 2024. He will say the time is needed to avoid a sudden shock when the country quits the “unjust” Brussels Common Agricultural Policy. “I want to give farmers and land managers time and tools to adapt to the future so we can avoid a precipitate cliff edge but also prepare properly for the changes which are coming,” the Tory Cabinet minister will say. And in a swipe at the widely-criticised Brussels farming payments system, he will add: “We can, and must, do better.” Mr Gove, who helped lead the Leave campaign in the run up to the 2016 EU referendum, will use a keynote speech today at the Oxford Farming Conference to set out his latest thinking on how the agricultural sector will change after the break with Brussels due in March 2019. He will confirm his desire to scrap the “fundamentally flawed” EU system of paying lavish handouts to wealthy landowners to maintain outdated farming practises. 

BBC News
UK farmers are to receive the same level of subsidies they receive from the EU for five years after Brexit, the government is to promise. Environment Secretary Michael Gove will tell farmers the current system of payments based on the land they own will continue until March 2024. The subsidies – now £3bn a year – will then be replaced by a system to encourage environmental improvements. Meanwhile, a report warns Brexit trade deals could threaten UK food security. MPs and peers in the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology (AAPG) say ministers must ensure famers are not undermined by future trade deals which permit imports of food produced with lower welfare or environmental standards. Mr Gove, who has promised that standards would not be compromised post-Brexit, is due to address two farmers’ conferences in Oxford later. His speech comes ahead of the government’s agriculture plans being published this spring.


The war on powerful crime syndicates has been hampered by cuts to neighbourhood policing even though the threat outstrips that from terrorism, a senior officer has said. Bobbies on the beat deliver crucial intelligence and help to combat a culture of silence in communities blighted by gang violence, extortion and drug addiction, Chief Constable Andy Cooke, who co-ordinates the fight against serious organised crime, said. He added that the rising tide of violence, including knife and gun crime, as well as the associated rise in drug deaths, made organised crime the greatest threat facing Britain. He added that homegrown British syndicates still dominated, despite the influence of international criminal enterprises with links to the UK’s settled migrant communities.


THE number of devastating earthquakes this year could increase dramatically because of changes in the Earth’s rotation, experts fear. Boffins have discovered a link between massive Magnitude 7 or greater quakes and the Earth’s rotation since 1900. They found periods where the number of large earthquakes rocketed from 15 to as many as 30 a year. And these periods had all followed a slowing down of the Earth’s rotation which could be as little as a millisecond a day. The Earth began rotating slower four years ago so the spike in mega earthquakes could happen in 2018, based on this theory. The link was uncovered by Roger Bilham and Rebecca Bendick from the universities of Colorado and Montana in America. “The Earth is offering us a five-year heads-up on future earthquakes, which is remarkable,” said Mr Bilham. “Next year we should see a significant increase in numbers of severe earthquakes. “We could easily have 20 a year starting in 2018.”

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23 Comments on News review – Thursday 4 January 2018

  1. After some reflection last night I would like Henry Bolton to resign as soon as possible.

    Those that have read my posts on here will know by now my principle concern is Islam and the Islamisation of this country. I actually think this is the principle concern for many both inside and outside UKIP. If it wasn’t then AMW wouldn’t have been as successful as she has been with her own party which now already exceeds more than 3000 members in just 3 months.

    Why do I want Henry Bolton to resign? Well I now don’t want him having anything to say on the topics of Islam and Islamisation. Henry will from now on be paired in people’s minds with some nameless topless model as soon as his name is mentioned. He has lost all credibility in my eyes and in the eyes of many others I’m guessing. Islam is far too serious a subject for an ill-prepared, ill-informed party leader who people don’t take seriously to be speaking about.

    I don’t want him anywhere near the topic.

    That’s why I want him gone.

  2. Henry and his new friend.
    No doubt the media will have a field day and Jo Marney will now go under the microscope. I can’t count the number of senior politicians who have had more than one partner, there are so many. The job takes a huge toll on relationships, especially when one of a couple has no interest in politics. The people concerned are all adults, no laws have been broken. Age and nature will decide how long this one lasts but I doubt it will harm UKIP, it may even generate publicity, though the media will always spin anything to do with us in the worst possible light.
    OK, we could have done without this but as far as I’m concerned Henry’s domestic arrangements are for him to decide and if he ceases to be leader any time soon we really will be a laughing stock and I’m done with the party, we would be simply too divided to survive.

    • Sadly, the party is already a laughing stock and has, likewise, been divided for some considerable time.


    • Don’t you think UKIP was already a laughing stock after Diane James and Hookem punching out Woolfe, surely that was the nadir? The point is the party needs a leader to make people listen to the message again. Henry is now a laughing stock and nobody will listen to him, if he ever says anything of consequence. Having him around simply guarantees a slow, painful death. The general public have already lost count of UKIP leaders and I don’t think they would even notice if we had one more. The point is we need to have the RIGHT leader, only then can the party be re-energised. It seems to me that David Kuerten is the man who can get UKIP back on the map, because he tackles the issues head-on and is controversial. He has the backing of the radical right media to amplify his message, he has the backing of many religious people, he destroys the racist tag, and is a nice guy to boot. Maybe Henry’s dalliances will come to be seen as a blessing in disguise.

      • Funnily enough I’d also been thinking that if there is any way of salvaging the situation then David Kurten might be the one to do it.

        The runner up in the leadership election has left the party to forge her own path and David, I believe, came third. That being the case I think Bolton should be quietly removed and David put in place as leader. If that means rewriting the rulebook or even the constitution then so be it, desperate situations call for desperate measures. As deputy leader, Margot Parker has been very much out of sight out of mind so a new deputy would be in order as well. Also, a new chairman is long overdue.

        This all needs to be done swiftly – by Monday if possible.

  3. The news about Henry Bolton does not, sadly, surprise me.
    I suspect we will see another resignation quite soon.

    I was very hopeful for HB’s leadership in September – purely on the basis that he made a good speech at Conference ( before the result of the vote was known ) and because his CV seemed to show that he had substantial real life experience in useful jobs.

    Sadly, since becoming Leader he has become invisible on the national stage ( until this nonsense about leaving his wife [ and nb two very young children ] ).
    He has no clear line on immigration ~ his policy appears to be the same kind of apologetic line of Mrs May ~’ it needs to be lower than it is but I am not prepared to put a number on it / Australian bla bla ‘ ( as if Australia with its huge territory and its population less than half that of the UK should be a template for grotesquely overcrowded us ).

    In other words ~he has not the slightest idea what to do with the platform that being Leader of the third major party potentially gives him.

    How did he even have TIME to take up with this person ?
    A few months ago he was saying he was going to have to sell the family home to help UKIP’s finances ~yet if the marriage was over by summer ~several months before he became Leader – he must have known that that will be impossible : with two young children to look after the W will get the house and he will have to leave it. It is not his to sell.

    It might be amusing for someone to take odds as to which event will happen first : the very public casting off of HB by the young lady ( who clearly has her sights set on Tom Jones………..and why shouldn’t she? he clearly looks a lot younger / cooler than HB ) or HB’s resignation from the Leadership ? ( If both happen on the same day Bookie keeps all the dosh. )

    • I would imagine he found ‘TIME’ to be with this person by not finding the time to do what he was elected to do. It would also explain why he has been invisible on the national stage. He’s turned out to be a pig in a poke.


  4. Well, I wasn’t impressed when I looked at the online newspapers this morning. Or when I went to the supermarket a bit later and there was our not so esteemed leader and his floozy plastered on a few front pages.

    I’m also less than impressed to see the floozy pictured in what might be described as ‘soft porn’ poses. UKIP
    is becoming an embarrassment now, not least that Bolton hasn’t been entirely honest. Giving us the impression he was a solid family man when, all the time, he and his wife had already split. What else has he been dishonest about, I wonder? He’s not someone I would trust again and I have lost all respect for him.

    He should have known the party could not afford any further scandal and not got involved with this creature. He hasn’t given any thought as to the effect this is likely to have on UKIP and I don’t suppose the floozy has either. He is unfit to lead any party, not that it looks like we’ll be a party for much longer at this rate.

    Add all this to the fact that, in the past few days, a UKIP councillor in Suffolk has just been charged with the murder of his wife…

    I am now ashamed to admit to being a member of UKIP but that, at least, is a matter that can be remedied.


  5. Let’s rewind back to September. Those that had Henry’s back no matter what

    Bernard from Bucks
    Brenda Rattle
    Marie and

    I’d like to hear their views now.

    Given his overall behaviour some people might describe Henry as a bit of a chancer. Guys the whole non-payment of his service charges rumour should have sent the alarm bells ringing not to mention his behaviour during the campaign.

    • Can you clarify what you mean about the service charges please ? I have no idea what this relates to and feel I should know.

      • When he was elected, someone on twitter was alleging that he was in dispute with the property management company of the flats he was living in over unpaid management fee arrears. Who knows if true or not, but with hindsight it seems to be the canary in the coalmine because if true it would have meant that he had already left the ‘family home’ and was living in a bachelor pad before he was elected. So his October 23 interviews about him being forced to sell “family home” were not exactly straightforward answers (and it makes you wonder why he ever brought this up as he dug a big hole for himself). A family home requires a family after all, a home without a family is just a house that you have to sell to sort out the divorce.

        I’m curious, has anyone ever heard anything from ‘deputy leader’ Margot Parker? Because if Henry falls on his sword (the media attacks on him and his girlfriend getting more serious today, see Times attack on her) then Margot might have to step up.

        • Graham

          You quite correctly say that media attacks on J Marney are getting more serious today and mention the Times.

          The Sun published an article very similar to the one in the Times. The Sun also published an article attacking YI regarding ‘pervy’ tweets that YI had to delete.

          I have posted links to both articles in a comment on ‘News Review’ for 5th Jan.

          The media attacks are becoming perhaps rather more serious than we thought and I don’t anticipate we’ve seen the end of it yet.


      • Rhys it is believed Henry bought an apartment four years ago in in an apartment block in Brighton and it has been alleged that he hasn’t paid service charges since he moved in despite numerous demands for the arrears.

        The block is run by a small managing agent company setup by the pensioner residents of the block which apparently make up the majority of the occupants.

        It is rare for someone to buy a flat and not pay any service charges from the off. Something doesn’t sound right.

        The allegation was made by another resident of the block on a Twitter feed. You’ll find the links to those Twitter posts on other articles here on UKIPDaily though I wouldn’t know how to retrieve them.

        • How long till the media unearth this allegation then? How will that look to our voters?

          • I believe it was mentioned in his local media but the national MSM will have their knives out now so possibly just a matter of time.


  6. Bernard from Bucks. // January 4, 2018 at 10:16 am // Reply

    Do we consider this as ‘good publicity’? There will be more.

  7. There another story in Breitbart London worth a look at
    Britain considers joining up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
    This move if they go ahead with it would be out of frying pan into the fire.
    Kassam sums it up beautifully
    Fundamentally, the TPP talk is about British politicians and bureaucrats once again attempting to offshore their responsibilities, and offshoring ordinary people’s jobs while mass importing more cheap migrant labour at the same time.

    It’s a way to remain part of an EU-style system without being part of the European Union

    It also tells us the powers-that-be learned nothing from Brexit. They didn’t get that Brexit was a pro-sovereignty, pro-bilateral trade deals, anti-mass migration vote. So now they’re just chasing a new “ever closer union“.

  8. Two articles worth reading on…the first one states Brexit will not happen and May is playing a clever game…See
    “The battle for Brexit and the globalist Agenda: what’s going on?”
    The article he refers to on Totalitarian Europe is on the same site…

    Also worth reading, “ Draconian state surveillance : Britain’s falling press freedom tells of another disturbing story “
    Combined with the clamp down on social media , very little free speech is left…

  9. Worth reading “ The 545 people responsible for America’s woes”…See

    On the basis of that article that the problems exist because the government want them to exist …. published in 1984 🙂 🙂 …
    We can expect more privatisation of the NHS shortly…
    We have ops cancelled, May and Hunt obsequiously thanking staff etc …all making it headline news…obviously all planned…why?

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