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News review – Friday 4 August 2017


JEAN Claude Juncker has dismissed claims that Brexit will not happen in a crushing blow to the hopes of Remainers who want to reverse last year’s referendum result. The President of the European Commission claimed that the divorce negotiations will throw up a “density of problems” but insisted that the UK will leave. His comments came amid fury over an apparent new attempt by big business to delay 
Brexit. The Institute of Directors (IoD) caused anger by issuing a demand that a transition deal is prioritised and listing delaying the official leave date beyond 29 March 2019 as an option. Mr Juncker’s comments also came after leading Remainers including new Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable suggested that they believe “Brexit will not happen”. They claimed that the complexity of negotiations and problems it will cause economically will mean that Britons will eventually change their mind.

Eurocrats believe Britain’s position on Brexit is so chaotic that we must be bluffing as part of an elaborate plan. Splits over the government’s position on leaving the bloc have burst into the open in recent weeks with rows over chlorinated chicken and free movement.  European diplomats have been so shocked by the divisions that they are growing convinced that it must be a tactical ploy to lull Brussels into a false sense of security.  They are predicting that ministers will get their act together in the autumn and suddenly start flooding the EU with detailed position papers which exploit the weakness within the bloc.

A second referendum to decide if the British people wish to plough ahead with Brexit is becoming more likely, says David Cameron’s former politics tutor. The further vote will become a “life raft” for Theresa May and the only solution to her mounting problems over the terms of EU withdrawal, Vernon Bogdanor predicted. The professor of government at King’s College London acknowledged a second referendum “appears unlikely at the moment”, given the Prime Minister’s determination to press ahead.

REMAINERS attempts to plot a second Brexit referendum have been branded “pathetic” by a leading eurosceptic. Kate Hoey, the Labour  MP for Vauxhall, blasted comments from Professor Vernon Bogdanor who claimed the General Election “changed everything” and the final Brexit deal “may have to go back to the people” – prompting fears among Leave voters that Britain could remain in the European Union after all. Professor Bogdanor, a professor of government at King’s College London, warned a second referendum on Britain’s EU membership could be inevitable.  But a furious Ms Hoey hit back, describing Remainers demands a “last dying plea” and declaring the British people will “reject this pathetic attempt to undermine Brexit”. 

Labour has been slammed for “betraying” voters as shadow ministers appear to pressure leader Jeremy Corbyn towards forcing a vote on Single Market membership – something which could split the Tory Party and cause Brexit chaos. Officially, the Conservatives want to leave the European Union’s (EU) protectionist trade area, but many Tory MPs are sympathetic to a so-called “soft-Brexit”, with the UK locked inside unable to control migration. The Labour Party’s position on the matter is even more unclear, with Mr. Corbyn committed to keeping the UK in during a ‘transition period’ and open to long-term continued membership after Brexit. Until 10 days ago, however, the Eurosceptic Labour leader was promising to bring the UK out of the Single Market, but later bowed to pressure from his shadow chancellor and Brexit secretary, who wanted all options kept open.

EU citizens applying for jobs in the UK are being discriminated against amid uncertainty over their post-Brexit status, according to a dossier from a campaign group. David Davis, the Brexit secretary, is being pressed to clarify the rights of EU workers after evidence emerged that employers were barring European citizens from applying for jobs. Paul Blomfield, Labour’s shadow Brexit minister, has written to Mr Davis outlining instances of “unlawful” discrimination against EU citizens by employers and businesses. It is illegal for employers to turn down job seekers or for companies to deny goods or services to customers on the basis of nationality.


BBC bosses have incensed Eurosceptic MPs by dismissing calls for new guidelines on Brexit coverage – and mocking them about a second referendum. In a letter seen by The Sun, BBC Director of News James Harding insisted the BBC’s job was not to be “pushed or pulled by one political interest or another”. And he said the Beeb was “impartial” on the EU. Separately BBC chair Sir David Clementi rejected calls for a meeting with the MPs led by Labour’s Kate Hoey, the DUP’s Iain Paisley Jr and Tory backbenchers including Philip Davies. He said the only reason for new guidelines would be a second referendum – noting: “I do not believe you and your colleagues are arguing for a second referendum.” The MPs met BBC bosses for showdown talks earlier this month – demanding an end to alleged “anti-Brexit bias” during EU divorce talks.

The BBC has rejected claims of anti-Brexit bias and dismissed calls for new guidelines after a group of Leave MPs criticised its one-sided coverage. Philip Davies and Kate Hoey were among the MPs who took issue with relentless pro-EU reporting, but now the Beeb’s Head of News, James Harding, has issued a withering response. He said it’s not the BBC’s job to be “pushed or pulled by one political interest or another” and was adamant the Beeb was “impartial” on the EU. And BBC chairman David Clementi actually taunted MPs, saying the only way to change guidelines would be during a second EU referendum. The most recent example of BBC madness was when Newsnight asked if planes would still fly after Brexit – yeah, seriously.


BRITAIN’S hopes of negotiating a comprehensive new trade deal with the European Union after Brexit are forlorn because it will be “impossible” to come to an agreement, a former eurocrat has warned. Law professor Dr John Temple Lang, who previously worked at the EU Commission, said the UK should look to pursue the Norway model of staying in the Single Market upon leaving the bloc.  In a gloomy paper the academic, unsurprisingly a self-professed Remainer, says Brussels will be unable to accept any of the trade options Theresa May is planning to put on the table.  He believes that eurocrats will veto any proposal Britain puts forward either on the grounds that it creates unfair competition or breaches the terms of the bloc’s Single Market. 


Britain will be powerless to stop migrants sneaking into the country and will need an extra 3,000 Border Force guards after Brexit. All of Britain’s airports are currently short of staff to monitor who is coming into the country, with the exception of London City. It has been revealed that officers are being swamped by the number of immigrants   sneaking into the country in lorries, with 300 out of 7,900 having quit the force in the last year. The general secretary of the Borders, Immigration and Customs Union, Luce Moreton, told the Sun:  ‘Britain’s borders aren’t secure.’ She said: ‘We don’t have enough staff to respond to all the small vessels spotted. We don’t have enough cutters to intercept small vessels at sea.

BRITAIN is helpless to stop migrants sneaking into the UK – and needs 3,000 more Border Force guards for Brexit, it was claimed last night. A senior union official claimed the huge gaps in staffing levels meant “Britain’s borders weren’t secure”. Lucy Moreton, general secretary of the Borders, Immigration and Customs Union, said London City Airport was the only entry point in the UK with no Border Force vacancies. And she warned there were nowhere near enough staff to respond to DAILY reports of lorry drops – where immigrants are spotted jumping out of a truck or van on the roadside. She said a big investment programme was necessary if Britain was to be ready for extra demands of Brexit in 18 months’ time.

Passport checks

Britain should introduce UK-only passport lanes at its airports amid concerns that Europe has brought in tougher security checks on holidaymakers as a “warning” over Brexit, a minister has said. Tourists are having to queue for up to four hours at passport control in some European countries after the introduction of tougher security checks in the wake of terror attacks on the continent. The more detailed checks, which were introduced in May, apply to British citizens because the UK is not a member of the open-borders Schengen zone.

Whilst the EU has suddenly managed to strengthen border controls (for British holidaymakers instead of jihadis), an unnamed Minister in the government has pushed back with a great idea: British lanes at our airports. Hitting back, the Minister told The Telegraph: “Holland, Belgium and Germany have among the highest numbers of Isil fighters. Should we be putting extra controls on them? “We should consider British-only lanes in the UK if they want to behave like that. Border controls should be based on reciprocal relationships. If it abuses this reciprocity we should have British only lanes.” This is an idea the UK should implement post-Brexit anyway. After all, anyone who has visited an American airport will know that there are two queues: ‘US citizens/permanent residents’ and ‘visitors’.

Holidaymakers trying to return from Europe this weekend have been told to get to airports at least three hours early amid fears of mayhem at passport control. Airline bosses say thousands of UK travellers could miss flights as airports struggle to cope with new EU border rules on one of the busiest weekends of the year. There was chaos earlier this week as UK tourists were left queuing for up to four hours at passport checks in Spain and France. But with ten million people expected to pass through Europe’s airports tomorrow and on Sunday, airlines fear a complete meltdown that could leave passengers stranded.


Momentum is to launch a series of training camps for Labour activists to target 160 marginal constituencies in a campaign aimed at unseating MPs such as the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson. The grassroots group of Jeremy Corbyn supporters, which was credited with helping motivate voters before the 8 June general election, will run the one-day workshops across the country in a sign Labour is preparing for the possibility of another snap election. Activists will be taught a range of campaigning techniques, including how to make viral videos similar to Momentum’s parody of middle-class people  sitting around discussing the Labour leader’s policies, which reached nearly 2 million people in less than 24 hours.

Labour-supporting campaign group Momentum is to launch a new training network to “skill up” party activists in 160 key marginal seats. The left-wing group, which has been leading canvassing teams in Iain Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson’s constituencies since the June election, says it wants the party to be “ready to beat the Tories”. Activists are to be trained in “persuasive canvassing” – a technique that differs from the usual door-knocking techniques employed by most political parties in that it seeks to change the minds of voters instead of only collecting intelligence.


Michael Gove has told European fishermen that they will still be able to catch “large amounts” in British waters after Brexit because Britain’s industry cannot process all the fish itself. The environment secretary, speaking during a trip to Denmark, said Britain did not have the boats “or the production facilities to catch all the fish in British waters”, according to reports in the Danish media. The comment, made as the first round of withdrawal talks between Britain and the EU continues, has delighted the European fishing industry but alarmed the British one.

MICHAEL GOVE sparked a furious backlash by suggesting foreign trawlers will still have access to British waters after Brexit. The Environment Secretary said Danish boats would still be able to catch “large amounts” of UK fish as Britain does not have the capacity to land all of the fish in our territorial waters. Nigel Farage branded the comments “appalling” and accused the Tories of betrayal over Brexit. But allies of Mr Gove pointed that the Environment Secretary had made clear earlier this month that “We will have control” after Brexit and “we can then negotiate with other countries about their access” as part of a future trade deal. 

EU boats can carry on fishing in British waters after Brexit – that’s according to Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who’s just committed yet another Brexit back-track. Gove served up the British fishing industry on a plate when he met industry representatives in Denmark, reportedly telling them Britain doesn’t have the capacity to extract all the fish from our territorial waters, so EU vessels may as well help us out. According to Niels Wichmann, Managing Director of the Danish Fisheries Association, who attended the meeting, Gove said: “The British do not have the capacity to catch and process all the fish in British waters. Therefore, fishermen from Denmark and other EU countries will continue to have access to British waters after Brexit. “It is still very positive and a little surprising that it comes from a British politician so early in the negotiation process.” Brits will certainly all be very surprised, Niels.


The NHS does not deserve more money because it wastes so much on poor care, according to the senior surgeon who has the job of driving up standards. The health service must put its house in order before asking for extra taxpayers’ cash, said Tim Briggs, who is conducting the most comprehensive clinical efficiency audit of the NHS yet undertaken. His review found huge variations in the cost and quality of common treatments, with low-performing hospitals routinely ignorant about superior methods adopted elsewhere. The NHS could save hundreds of millions, if not billions, a year if the best and most efficient practices were applied across the country, Professor Briggs concluded.


Spending more on pupils’ education has little impact on exam results, a government study has found. At age 11, a 1 per cent increase in funding is associated with a mere 0.062-0.071 percentage point change in pupils reaching Level 4 in their SATs. At GCSE level there is no statistically significant change in attainment at all from a 1 per cent increase in spending. The figures, from the Department for Education, cover the period of the last parliament, from 2010 to 2015. The evidence does support the idea that additional spending has a slightly greater impact on the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

Labour’s pledge to abolish university tuition fees and its ambition to “deal with” existing student debt will lead, in effect, to poorer non-graduates subsidising students who would go on to earn £9,500 a year more, a think tank has said. The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), a free-market think-tank co-founded by Margaret Thatcher, said the amount that Labour had pledged to spend was equivalent to nearly 2.8 percentage points on the basic rate of income tax. This amounts to a “significant” potential impact on the taxpayer, it said, although Labour has said that it would raise taxes for corporations and the top 5 per cent of earners which, among other measures, would go towards funding the pledge.

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4 Comments on News review – Friday 4 August 2017

  1. That Momentum video ‘A parody of middle-class people’ is a hoot, isn’t it? I’ve rarely seen such a piece of clod-hopping, subtle-as-a-sledgehammer propaganda in my life. The sheer absurdity of comparing the price of a house in 1981 with what it’s worth now, without comparing people’s income then and now (plus the effects of liblabcon policies on the value of homes) should be recognised by even Momentum followers as an insult to the intelligence.
    The main problem, though, with showing empty-headed chattering classes at a dinner party is that they are the ones most likely to be the Labour luvvies supporting Jumpin’ Jezza! It’s indicative of white middle-class guilt, apparently: I wouldn’t know, never having suffered from it.

  2. ”Britain should introduce UK-only passport lanes at its airports” Telegraph

    This has been the case for many years in Scotland.
    Non British passports, all three of them on a 150 person flight, are whisked through whilst the rest of us are subjected to:
    British passport – never seen one of those before. Need to study this with a magnifying glass . . . very serious . . .
    And twenty or thirty minutes later go to wait for our luggage

    I suppose it makes a change from London airports where people with black faces or in turbans question whether or not you are British.

  3. Bernard from Bucks. // August 4, 2017 at 9:25 am // Reply

    For those of you who would like break from the usual MSM,
    Here is an interesting read –
    “Breaking the dependency of EU-addicts will not be easy as the EU’s tentacles have spread far and wide, but in order for the UK to swim rather than go down with the EU wreckage, that is precisely what must happen, says David Hardy.”

    • Addicts, eh? This interpretation of the stubbornness of dyed-in-the-wool Remainers has a lot to recommend it. Addiction to the EU is as hard-core as heroin addiction.
      For a start, what kind of fool takes EU heroin in the first place, knowing hardly anyone escapes its clutches? Fools such as Heath & Co who couldn’t resist the peer pressure to join the gang and look cool.
      Once hooked, the loss of free will and independence is offset by the sheer pleasure of forgetting all your worries as you enjoy the illusion of endless peace, perks, pensions, promotions and prosperity.
      Things get difficult as your supplier demands more and more for each hit, but you’ll do anything to keep it coming: beg, steal, borrow, betray those who trust you not to deceive them. Lies and more lies are your stock-in-trade.
      Eventually, you lose the trust of those whose interests you were supposed to be protecting. They see your hopeless addiction and insist you go cold turkey. You shiver and shake, roll on the floor, froth at the mouth and shout filthy abuse at the people who want to return you to your right mind…..

      Can the dependency of EU-addicts be broken? That’s their problem. The majority are clean and straight and our firm resolve will NOT be broken.

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