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New Labour and the Attack on Britain’s Institutions


One of the most obvious things about Blair was how much to the right he was economically. But don’t be deceived because of his economics. This was the magician’s hand, his economic right hand waving back and forth wildly and keeping the British people’s eyes off what his left hand was doing to our institutions. After an impressive 13 years in power, this institutional subversion has become deeply entrenched and is now part of our everyday political, legal and social life. This is deeply alien to the British mind set. We have always believed that our institutions should not be engineered to conform to political ideology, and prefer our institutions and the men and women who work in them to be apolitical. Not the Labour Party. The Labour Party’s long period in the wilderness in the 1980s allowed it to be taken over by fanatical “progressives”. They brooded and festered about what they would do to the institutions of a country they resented if they ever did get into power. In 1997, they got the chance to act out their political fantasies when Blair swept in to Number 10.

In 1997, the Labour Party rapidly set about politicising as many pillars of British life as they could. The Civil Service was purged and leftists elevated to senior posts. Prior to Labour, the Civil Service had been scrupulously neutral. Yet just two years into the New Labour administration, UKIP MEPs were elected for the first time. As Farage has frequently recalled, the three MEPs were subjected to deeply frosty interrogation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office bureaucrats about what their ‘intentions’ were in the European Parliament. It should be no business of the Civil Service what a political party intends to do. But the FCO, politicised by New Labour, now saw themselves as guardians of the lefts post-nation state agenda, to which UKIP were a threat.

The police were also a target and they had traditionally been apolitical. Most police staff were working class men who volunteered to protect their communities. This changed under Labour. Increasingly the police drew their recruits from sensitive, brooding, upper-middle class liberal arts graduates. They joined not out of a desire to protect their communities, but out of a desire to be praetorian guards for the left’s ideological transformation of Britain. Crimes such as burglary and mugging were viewed as a nuisance, which the New Police rarely put much effort into solving. Yet they would spare no expense to arrest anyone deemed to have violated the left’s taboos on race, gender or sexual orientation. The police were now no longer going to protect us; they would instead punish those of us who did not believe the approved political and cultural positions of the Labour Party’s ruling ‘elite’.

The Labour Party also set about boosting leftist elements of the charity sector. Left of centre charities were fire hosed with limitless amounts of taxpayers’ cash. This gave them the ability to crowd out apolitical charities and push increasingly aggressive leftist agendas. This alerted some people to complain this could violate the ban on political activity by charities. To get around this, the Labour Party brought in the Charities Act, giving their client charities more legal room for manoeuvre. They then set about providing useful civil society cover for the political class. Traditionally, charities were viewed as apolitical, but not to the Labour Party. Certain charities would be boosted and propped up because they pushed for the ‘correct’ political and cultural changes.

This politicisation of our institutions is deeply worrying, and most British people missed it because they were so awed by how surprisingly to the right Blair was on the economy whilst he was politicising them. One of the priorities for a future government must be to dismantle this unhealthy insertion of New Labour ideologues into sensitive positions in the police, civil service and charity sector.

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Morpheus Magnus is the pen name of a religious and political conservative, whose views of the EU went from supporter to opponent the more contact he had with the EU. He is an ex-pat but always keeps an eye on events in the mother country.

12 Comments on New Labour and the Attack on Britain’s Institutions

  1. ThinkerStinker // August 3, 2014 at 4:37 pm //

    Hear, hear!! We ‘The People’ must depoliticise our great institutions asap and make them apolitical again, to become the great freedom loving democracy we once were!

  2. Mike Munford // July 30, 2014 at 10:14 am //

    Thank you for a very good article. Has anyone written at greater length on this, with more detail?

  3. Steven Whalley // July 30, 2014 at 12:19 am //

    The other thing that has helped the infestation of left wing views into government departments is the Coalition with the LibDems. The Department of Energy and Climate Change has been headed by LibDems and this has given them the perfect opportunity to push the leftist agenda.

    The article on Bishop Hill points up the deluded world which is inhabited by government ministers, where unwittingly or willingly, dud science gets turned into massively expensive, but useless schemes designed to corrupt the power industry.

  4. Great article

  5. Linda Hudson // July 29, 2014 at 9:47 am //

    COMMON PURPOSE = COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY, COMMON PURPOSE, is now entrenched throughout the U.K. political system!

  6. David Hussell // July 28, 2014 at 10:27 pm //

    Excellent article with which I totally agree. An equally determined and well presenting counter attack is required, and as soon as possible.

  7. RightWingNut // July 28, 2014 at 9:57 pm //

    Not to mention the neutering of any institution that is naturally opposed to the Left-wing agenda. Those ones must stay neutral until the left conquers them too, unless they desire to destroy them entirely.

  8. Fedup2014Voter // July 28, 2014 at 6:33 pm //

    I totally agree. That is one of the most invidious legacies of New Labour. Removing these entrenched political apparatchiks will be difficult but it needs to be done. On this issue, I believe we will have the support of most of the Tory party.

    • ThinkerStinker // August 3, 2014 at 4:43 pm //

      Agreed but even the Tory party is riddled with EU loving lefty liberal ‘aparachiks’.

  9. One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed about the rise of UKIP is that the State has been mobilised against us. This ties in with the above article. The most striking aspect of this is the fact that the most pro establishment group of people in the country seem to be students. How thing’s change.
    The only way to clean up state institutions is privatisation. Marxists tend not to be very successful when they are judged by results.

  10. Harvey Crusader // July 28, 2014 at 4:15 pm //

    The long march through the institutions has been a slo-mo left wing policy that has stealthily crept up and overpowered the people of this country. The slow drip of left wing fanatical ideology has been indoctrinating children for decades so that when the time came to allow Labour to completely wreak havoc on our nation it was done without much more than a murmur of protest. We have in one fell swoop been castrated and lobotomised. White children routinely call each other racists for using terms such “slope, blackboard or jig” without any intellectual intervention that might question the context in which these words are used; it’s just simply a knee jerk reaction so deep is the conditioning of these young people.
    We’re quickly approaching a tipping point of social fracture and i pray we wake up and vote for a unifying force like UKIP to step in, because all the while we fight and accuse each other of name calling and hate the real villains are racking up there stash, turning citizen against citizen and laughing like devils as we dance to their tune

  11. Was it Lord Blair that used to drive around in a car marked “vote Labour”, while he was a serving Police officer. Don’t remember the Tories kicking up much of a fuss about it though. Then again they are useless.

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