Last night I got home to find someone had been round and put a couple of “Hope Not Hate” leaflets through my door.

I do wonder whether the leaflet was a reaction to my leafleting for UKIP in the area over the weekend. It’s an area in which a lot of people won’t vote and, of those who do, not many are likely to back UKIP, but I had promised to do some leafleting and this was on my doorstep. I have to say I was amused by the dirty look the Labour AM gave me as she arrived back from a day of campaigning to see me putting UKIP leaflets through doors. There was also the door where I saw the faded handwritten note about Socialist Worker after I had put the leaflet through.

The leaflet implores the reader to “defend the city we love” – I didn’t know UKIP planned to raze Cardiff to the ground – and begs us to “vote hope over fear on 5 May”, which I already have done, though not I suspect in the way they mean. Overleaf it picks two of the many Welsh UKIP candidates in this election, one of whom isn’t even standing in this area, and launches into personal attacks on them. I am urged to “reject the politics of fear” and “reject UKIP” by people whose only aim is to scare the public that, if UKIP are elected, Wales will be transformed into some kind of repressive racist state torn asunder by civil strife. If we descend into any kind of civil strife, it will be these people, not UKIPpers who perpetrate it. The leaflet gives me no advice as to what to do about this, except not to vote UKIP. 

The leaflet does not mention the candidate standing for UKIP in this constituency. Of course not. He’s Muslim with Bangladeshi heritage and they can’t accuse him of being a racist. Perhaps Sadiq Khan would reach for the expression “Uncle Tom” in this instance.

So let’s break down this Orwellian name “Hope Not Hate”. We’ll start with the second part first.

“Not Hate.” I expect those involved think something along the lines of “Ugh! Those people broke our taboo. I didn’t bother listening to what they had to say. I didn’t need to. As soon as they said that multiculturalism, ‘diversity’ and/or uncontrolled immigration weren’t completely wonderful with no downsides whatsoever, I had heard enough. I knew they were evil Nazis who move through the world with their minds boiling over with hate (sic)…,” (reminder: ‘hate’ is a verb. The correct noun is ‘hatred’. However, as I learned from an article recently, good grammar is racist!) “… irrationally fuming with rage, a danger to anyone who doesn’t fit with their Aryan ideal, as they may violently attack them at any moment, using their criticism of wasteful EU bureaucracy and stifling political correctness as the thin end of a wedge for their real agenda of imposing a police state and deporting millions to concentration camps …”

For the record, extreme personal freedom and state non-intervention in the economy of people’s everyday lives does not lead to fascism or Nazism. These are the bastard offspring of socialism. “Nazi” was short for “National Socialist” – the hint is in the name. Mussolini was a lifelong socialist and editor of their newspaper before he founded the Fascist Party. His big idea was a corporatist state under which the government would rule hand-in-hand with big business. Sound familiar?

“… We’re not like them. We don’t hate anyone. We celebrate life and humanity in all its forms – all its colours, creeds, races and orientations. We love, value and accept everyone for what and who they are – except people who disagree with our political opinions. We will shout them down, expel them, harass and jostle them, shut down their meetings, troll them online, vilify them and give them no right of reply in the media, publicly shame them, get them sacked from their jobs, ostracise them from polite society, boycott them, drive them out of business, petition big organisations to drop them, have their friends shun them, their partners leave them and their children disown them. We will never forgive them, no matter what grovelling apology they try to make. Common criminals we can forgive – it’s not their fault, but society’s and we’re all responsible. Right-wingers are a different order of criminal who are guilty of the ultimate crime – that of disagreeing with that we say …”

“… This isn’t hateful though. We’re incapable of hatred, because we’re the good guys and, above all, we’re right. They’re the hateful ones and we must fight their ‘hate’, as we indulge an adolescent fantasy that we’re part of a revolutionary militia or Communist street-fighters struggling against a violently repressive regime or the rise of fascism!” – rather than hounding peaceful ordinary people, including many who are elderly, who want to take part in British democracy.

Of course we mustn’t force the left to take ownership of Stalin, Mao and socialism’s many other repressive and murderous regimes! Today’s leftist zealotry, criminalisation of dissent and ever-expanding role of the state could surely never take us into that territory. No. We must only constantly link the right with historic regimes which were in fact socialist!

A definition of “hate”, when used as a noun or adjective: Any remark, opinion or thought which triggers uncontrollable feelings of hatred in left-wingers.

Personally I don’t hate anyone just for their race, religion, nationality, gender or sexuality. Contrary to what these people believe, I am not a mindless bigot. Despite the antagonistic undercurrent created by left wing campaigns, I have found the only people who seem to live in this black & white world are left wing activists themselves. I speak to people from all sorts of backgrounds who support UKIP and leaving the EU. The lefties would be astonished, but they wouldn’t know because they can’t imagine being friendly with anyone who doesn’t see the world just like they do. Even worse for them, by getting their information from purportedly (but far from) unbiased sources such as the BBC, the Independent and Wikipedia, they’re totally unaware that there’s a whole world of people out there who think differently – and they’re in for a nasty surprise!

Now let’s turn to the “Hope” part.

Being a purely negative campaign, ‘Hope Not Hate’ can’t say they offer any hope, as they offer no positive alternative. We can only assume that what they mean by “hope” is more of the same uncontrolled immigration, political correctness, denigration of British culture and censorship of dissenting views as we have already. Incredibly, many left-wingers don’t think Britain is anywhere near left-wing enough in these areas. To ‘Hope Not Hate’, “hope” presumably means hope that housing will become even less affordable for young people, hope that wages for lower-paid jobs will become even more depressed, hope that the NHS will come under even more strain, hope that children will be taught to be even more ashamed of themselves and their history, hope that culture will become even blander – and most of all, hope that any other points of view will eventually be fully outlawed and criminalised as “hate speech”.

To me, UKIP offers hope. Hope for change. Hope that we can turn around the mess that these people, along with their establishment corporate sponsors, created. The EU referendum offers hope. The rise of alternative right parties across Europe offers hope. Hot dang! Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination gives me hope.

I’m in fact quite grateful for ‘Hope Not Hate’ doing a spot of leafleting to raise awareness about UKIP in the election. Personally I only had time to cover a small area – with a leaflet which crucially didn’t mention any candidates or the election date. I hope ‘Hope Not Hate’ leafleted the whole of Cardiff, and maybe some of the Valleys. Voters will now know UKIP is standing and to vote for us today if they want to tackle the problem of immigration. Like the anti-Trump rioters in the US – the hard left in the UK fail to realise how much the general public dislikes their bully-boy tactics and objects tos being lectured.

I hope a few more people came out and voted UKIP today because of ‘Hope Not Hate’!

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