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Modern-Day Cassandras

Ancient history provides us with myths and poignant imagery which resonates through the millennia to the present. Many of our our sayings are based on events in ancient history.

One myth is that of Cassandra, who was cursed by the God Apollo to always prophecy events correctly but never to be believed by those whom she warned. They called her a liar, they called her mad. You might remember that she foretold the fall of Troy, and Troy duly fell, as archaeological evidence proved.

One poignant image is that of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. He may or may not have fiddled – but Rome certainly burned while he was on the throne, and his weak leadership meant it turned into a catastrophe. Oh – he also was a great persecutor of early Christians.

But why referring back to ancient times, now? They’re over and done with, right?


We have modern-day Cassandras, and we have modern-day Neros. They are no longer single, lone figures of myths and legends.

Take the Cassandras. There are outstanding figures, like our own Anne Marie Waters whom you all know, and Douglas Murray here in the UK, Geert Wilders who needs no introduction, or Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in the USA. They all have in common that, in the shamefaced words of media-speech, they ‘warn’ against ‘radical islam’ and ‘jihad’. They have done so for years, earning scorn, being vilified, being dragged into court for “hate speech”. All our government politicians come up with as counter argument since 9/11, is that islam is a ‘religion of peace’, or RoP for short.

Gerard Batten MEP had an entry on his blog on the day after the attack on Parliament, where he wrote:

It is a death cult, born and steeped in fourteen hundred years of violence and bloodshed, that propagates itself by intimidation, violence and conquest.”

A few days ago on Newsnight Ms Maitliss read these words back to him, rolling her eyes in a gentle fashion. Gerard asked her what in that quote was factually incorrect. No answer … That, dear readers, is the way to silence the frenzied MSM !

It gives me great pleasure to point you to Gerard’s latest blog entry:

Would ITN call for Sir Winston Churchill to be sacked for his views on Mohammedanism?

It contains the quote from Churchill’s book, which got Paul Weston arrested when he read it out in public.

Another, rather unlikely Cassandra is of course Tommy Robinson, whose name must not be mentioned in ‘polite society’, but who is known to many of us. Do read his book ‘Enemy of the State’, or watch his videos on youtube.

In the latest twist of events, he was arrested at 4.30 in the morning on Wednesday – I thought arrests at that time only happen in dictatorships? – for ‘contempt of court’. He was trying to do what other TV media have done for years: trying to film outside the court where a rape trial (you can guess: the accused were “Asians” …) was held. He has been bailed until May 22nd.

We all have seen the clips in TV news reports, of accused being taken away from a court, a blanket over their heads, or the speeches after a win against the prosecution by lawyers and accused on the steps of the court house. Apparently these are not ‘contempt of court’, it only is when Tommy Robinson does it.

These are our Cassandras – and just like the mythological one, they are besmirched and even imprisoned.

But what about Nero? He didn’t have a Cassandra, but he knew, as everybody did, that Rome was a fire trap. He did nothing. He ‘fiddled’, not just during the firestorm – which, according to legend, he caused by burning Christian alive – but before as well.

So – what about our establishment, from 10 Downing Street to the Westminster establishment, Whitehall, the Media, the security forces? Do they not ‘fiddle’? Is it not ‘fiddling’ to spend police time and resources on ‘hate speech crimes’, to suppress reports on crimes committed by a certain group of people or, when reporting them cannot be avoided, to describe the perpetrators as ‘Asians’, for example when reporting that Asians are targeting lone (white) women in Stockport at traffic lights?

A normal person thinks “Chinese” when hearing ‘Asian’ – and that is the intended effect. We must not be allowed to connect these crimes with the RoP. I do wonder though: has it occurred to those who throw “Asians” around with such gay abandon while accusing us of racism that what they are doing is actually, ahem, racist?

Worse – any time there’s an attack by muslims on innocent civilians in European cities, from Paris and Brussels to Nice, Berlin and Westminster, our politicians tell us with tears in their voices that this has nothing to do with islam. All the attacks by one muslim on one or two people, generally now only reported in local papers: these are all committed by mentally ill ‘lone wolves’. There’s a lot of those ‘lone wolves’ around all of a sudden, but – it’s nothing to do with the RoP! And that’s the purpose by politicians and MSM when obfuscating the real threat by sing such weasel words.

But – we have learned! Many now laconically and satirically use the acronym ‘NTDWI’ in comments, because everybody knows that it is ETDWI, or ‘everything to do with islam’. Thanks to the fight of our modern-day Cassandras, we know. We listen to them, we learn from them. Our leaders, our politicians, do not. Why that is – that is a matter for another article.

Not just our country, the whole of Europe is a fire trap – just as Rome was in Nero’s time. Unlike Nero, we do have our Cassandras. But like the ancient Greeks, our ‘Neros’ don’t listen to them. I leave you with a video which should frighten us all – it’s not about Sweden, France or Germany. We are fully aware of the consequences unlimited immigration from muslim countries have on those societies. No – this is Spain, broadcast on Friday, 12th May 2017. The broadcaster, CBN, is not exactly known as ‘ultra-extreme-far-right islamophobic news outlet …

The time surely has now come for each and every one of us to become a little Cassandra in our own way, using social media, talking to people, defending our prominent Cassandras.

It’s well past time to recognise that staying silent is no longer an option. Let’s just hope that it is not too late already.

Photo by “Stròlic Furlàn” – Davide Gabino

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56 Comments on Modern-Day Cassandras

  1. Ex-Muslims are often the greatest critics of Islam. They and their writings and videos are a major contributor to destroying Islam.

    There is the death penalty for apostacy. We should be fully supportive of apostates.

  2. UKIP made the same error as the Labour party after the 2015 general election. Both parties went immediately into leadership contests without first pausing for thought and working out what the long term emphasis of the party should be.

    Both parties ended up with leaders who are out of step with reality. This is destroying Labour. Nuttall unfortunately is a fantasist. Bad enough the fantasies regarding Hillsborough, Tranmere Rovers etc, which lost us Stoke. Even worse the fantasy that “Islam is not a death cult”, and the embarrassing chasing after the Muslims of Stoke, much to the disgust of many decent members. Even reading a few pages of the Koran at random will show you that it is indeed a death cult, and with many frightening verses threatening hell fire.

    Making sure we get Brexit, and proper control of immigration must be the top priorities of course. Then the next big thing, which none of the other main three parties (four if Labour splits) will address: Islam.

    We must all get ourselves up to speed on this. All the info is freely available online so there is no excuse for ignorance (Mr Nuttall I am looking at you).

    Watch this short video for the basic info:

  3. I think everyone in particular Ajax should listen to the story of a Rotherham survivor recorded on the Katy Hopkins show this morning on LBC radio just google I think it knocks Ajax’s statement that these young girls come from ‘low grade families’ on the head, she also tells how she was instructed by the police and social workers when she made her complaint not to mention the ethnicity of the men who repeatedly raped her, why?

    Also, she goes on to say that these gangs networked through many towns and cities in the country, so much so that in order to escape them she had to leave the country. All of this is an absolute disgrace and I think it will all come out in the open soon, and quite honestly anyone found trying to cover it up for whatever reason should be lynched IMO. How these girls who are now grown women get over what they and their families have been put through is a miracle to me, but I do know one thing I would be waiting for those ‘scum’ to come out of prison to seek my own revenge if it was me.

  4. Viv,
    Another powerful and classical editorial from you, so classical in fact that I am sure you would have been awarded a “Triumph” in Rome.
    As usual it all “needed” to be said.
    I read it yesterday morning, but it was something I read in the Saturday Daily Telegraph in a “Features” article written by Margaret Driscoll and which has a sub heading as follows.
    “The Rochdale sex scandal is the subject of a new BBC drama, Sara Rowbotham tells Maureen Driscoll how she uncovered it.”
    I`m not going to give much away -it`s a three parter that goes out on Tuesday May 16th on BBC one at 9pm.
    But, it was your comments about the identification of “Asians” that attracted my attention..
    She writes.
    “She (Rowbotham) was the first to cotton on to a pattern that has become depressingly familiar; gangs of ASIAN men grooming vulnerable teenage girls, who they passed around for sex. Similar rings have been uncovered in Rotherham, Oldham and Oxford,”
    But it was one of the later paragraphs in the article that disturbed me.
    she writes;
    “Operation Doublet produced another 10 convictions.
    There have been accusations that the police didn`t act sooner for fear of causing racial tensions.
    Rowbotham, though she has many criticism of them -does not believe that.
    Even if she believes that for her patch around Manchester she cannot infer it for Rotherham, Oldham and Oxford.
    So that makes me wonder about her reticence about PC, sort of having her cake and eating it.
    I would like to see more evidence on this site – facts, smoking guns! who are each of the individuals convicted, what is their religion, where were they born, did they think they had the “right” to treat any young women in the way they did, did they believe they were acting in accordance with Sharia Law, If they were Muslims have they been “excommunicated”, what is the attitude of the general Muslim population?????.
    If UKIP is to have any chance of influencing the general population to be educated with the Truth of how the cult of diversification “is bad for you”
    The case chapter and every lurid verse has to be made patent.
    Shock tactics (based on real evidence) are necessary

    As a by the by,
    I listened to a “File on 4” programme on Radio 4, one Sunday night a few years ago, which followed after Rotherham and investigated what life was like in “normal” Muslim homes.
    The conclusion appeared to be that women were regarded and treated in family, much as the indigenous girl victims had been treated by those sent to gaol, plus interference with by male relatives and generally having to lead a life of being kept “in or about” and the fear of transgression from their “culture” -” you could end up dead”
    I`ve never been able to dig out this programme – does anybody remember it? if we could flush it out I think it would help our narrative enormously!

    • You’re right, Roger, there needs to be a full public inquiry into all the aspects of these paedophile muslim gang rapes, the networks, the roles of the police and other authorities, the attitudes of muslims themselves. This dirty linen needs to be thoroughly washed in public with NO PC-soft soap, no holds barred, no mincing around the subject for fear of offending minority ‘sensitivities’.
      The minority in question needs to realise the depth of loathing and disgust that we feel toward those offenders who have grossly offended US; and how much we wish that such trash was never allowed to exist this country either by migration or descent from migrants. Whole families tainted with the infamy and shame should have been deported.
      They should also be made to understand that we hold their ‘religion’ to blame for inculcating immoral and inhuman attitudes toward girls and women. Their blatant racism toward whites is an issue very much in need of airing.

      I don’t suppose any of this will happen because the government and associated libtards/leftards are too cowardly to address the protection of white British people from a marauding alien ideology that they have allowed to fester in this country. They care nothing for the safety, welfare, peace of mind or happiness of the indigenous people of this land, not even for the youngest, poorest and most vulnerable. Those children were like lambs exposed to the predatory instincts of a ravening beast.

      • Thanks Pam.
        I had a phrase when the twin towers happened, I said;
        “The gloves are off now”
        I agree with you,. it is about time our gloves are truly off.
        We`ve been airing this for some months (years?) now on UKIP Daily are we having any/much affect in the outside world?
        I certainly would like somebody to come up with corroboration of the information, I gave in the last paragraph above, surely I am not the only one who heard it!
        Does AMW have any BBC digging tools, I certain it would help her campaign

  5. It is very unfortunate that the person who writes under the nom de plume Ajax is actually a leftwing fascist or a rightwing nazi, or possible a muslim. One thing for sure is he is totally ignorant of Judaism, let alone the beth din. Really Ajax, your pie in the sky Jew hate comes through loud and clear which shows you up for what you are.

    I would suggest to all and sundry to read about a remarkable woman named Nonie Darwish, borm in Egypt, a Moslem, now in North America and converted Christian. She was brought up to hate Jews and all western thought,. not anymore. I believe that perhaps AMW will find this article interesting and I am sure most of you, certainly excluding Ajax will for sure, here it is..
    Don’t think for one minute that the Abrahamic faith is adhered to by Islam, they share none of it’s values, even though they claim that Abraham was a Muslim, incredible as it sounds. Until Mohammed roda his steed into battle to convert by force all and sundry, the local pagans actually prayed to the moon, hence why the moon is shown on many Arabic flags.

    • Well commented Martin, it is indeed unfortunate, on the other hand a lot of the links people supply when replying to Ajax are useful to all – and as Fenbeagle so nicely puts it, he has the right.

      • Thank you Dee. Yes Ajax has the right to his comments, even if most of it is rubbish. Had a thought, perhaps he really is on our side and is only putting his arguements through o keep us on our feet.

    • Hey, Martin, don’t let Ajax rile you: he’s a professional contrarian. He’d swear that black was white, and green was no colour at all. His aim is to post on here and annoy most readers, preferably all of them. We should endeavour to foil his aim.

      I’ve read most of the article you linked. Nonie Darwish is an unusually intelligent woman who realises that she was efficiently indoctrinated. There are far too many muslims who live in the West and stay indoctrinated despite being able to compare the different value systems and ideas as Nonie did. One can only deduce that their power of independent thinking has been snuffed out from neglect or suppression.

      I’ve never thought for one minute that Abraham was anything to with islam; it’s all of a piece with ripping off other people’s history and religious traditions. Muslims rewrite history to suit themselves. Back in the late 90s, I taught English as a Foreign Language to some Libyan student engineers who claimed that Shakespeare was a Libyan (!) When I asked why they thought that, they said Colonel Gaddafi had informed their country that the Sheikh (Shake) part of his name showed William S. was of their culture. I explained the truth and one of them said, “I knew Gaddafi was a liar!” The others nodded their heads, rather embarrassed.

      There’s evidence to suggest that muhammed and everything attributed to him was made-up by competing sheikhs and warlords to justify and unify their own power bases. (“Did Muhammed Exist?” by Robert Spencer)

      • Hi Panmelia, thank you and pleased that you took the time to research Nonie. As you commented, she is an unusually intelligent woman, and person.
        There is another very forthright and outspoken ex Muslim woman of a similar background etc, unfortunately, I don’t remember her name.

        Insofar as Ajax is concerned, he only wants everything he believes in to to fall into place.

        Had to laugh about Shakespeare though, it really does sum up the attitude of the ignorant species. After I had finished being a management consultant, I became a trainer and later managed various reseource and training centres to help unemployed and delivered training in that field and in business skills. One particular young Bangla Deshi woman was having real difficulties whith her older brother who had taken up leadership of the family clan. He was most put out to say the least thatI was enc ouraging this intelligent woman to plan her future and in fact I was able to help her into full sustainablle employment of her choice. Whatt really infuriated her brother more than anything was the fact that I was a Jew. I told her that it was a Jewish Indian General in charge of local forces during the West/East Pakistan war who forced the numerically superior West Pak forces to surrender. This brought about the new state of Bangla Desh. He, the brother, should be grateful to a Jew. She told him and his reaction, so I understood, was a huge scowl.

        What is really worrying is the fact that the Arab nations are stating that everything between the Med and the Jordan river is Muslim, there were no temples in Jerusalem and that everything related to Islkam. Nothing is Jewish and by that wuill mean that Christians are also being washed out of the society.
        I have mnentioned before the worryting aspect of Christians joining the Jewish population odf being ethnically cleansed throughout the middle east by the ongoing campaign of full occupation. Bethlehem used to have a marginally larger Christian community than Muslim under Israeli control. Today, the Christian population under the PLO/PA is now only 10%. The Lebanon shares a similar history, with the XChristian communities being pushed out of that country and Iraq, too.
        I understand though why the church is so quiet and will not uposet the apple cart. The fear of mass forced conversions, or death. This is not hate, just a fact!

        Keep well.

  6. Ajax. I listened to AMW recently. Sharia is being applied in every mosque in the land. Behind closed doors. To muslims. At a rate far beyond the capability of our justice system to deal with.

    I agree mass immigration is and has been bad news. But to ignore the demographic impact of rapidly expanding sharia influence is absurd. And extremely dangerous for future generations, in the not too distant future.

    I do not think it politically sensible however, to focus on this when UKIP’s grasp of referendum 2 disguised as an election is so flakey and HO’s failure to focus all our resources on May’s failure to commit to repealing ECA 1972 and the implications of that.

    But if you ever do get the opportunity to hear AMW, I’d invite you to take it. I reported on our meeting recently have heard her on 29th April. She is dispassionate. And the message is horrifying.

    Alan. Ukip Ppc Barrow and Furness

    • Alan, we do need to remember that this is a five year programme we are putting forward. It was simply inept management from HO that put forward our Integration Policy (which is essential) with great fanfare instead of it being with the rest (if we ever get them) of our Policy Programme. The red lines for Brexit is what the Press conference should have been called to announce, but for the next five years we also need a robust Integration Policy, which Anne Marie would of course have been ideal to be our spokeswoman for – she could have combined it with a Women brief – and it would have shown we were serious and knew our subject. As it is, it’s a dogs breakfast, with Nuttall insisting that Islam isn’t evil and is a religion of peace.

  7. Well done Vivian. Good essay.

    I would also like to defend the right of ajax to speak utter nonsence, endlessly, and without any sign of clearly understanding what he speaks about.

  8. Howard Keating // May 13, 2017 at 6:23 pm // Reply

    Thanks doesn’t seem quite the right response Vivian, for a thoroughly chilling video from Spain, but thank you anyway for another great article on this important subject. I completely agree with the views you express.

    Ajax obviously doesn’t; and as long as he continues to discuss Islam simply as a ‘religion’ rather than a barbaric, fascist, dictatorial theocracy, then I don’t suppose that will change.

    Ajax believes that ‘mass foreign migration, from the 2nd and 3rd Worlds into the 1st, is the problem’ to be addressed. It is of course a major problem. But, whilst mass immigration definitely threatens social cohesion, national identity, public services and national, political stability, it does not, of it’s very nature, directly threaten democracy and civilisation.

    However, the verses of the Qur’an and the teachings of Mohammed ensure that Islam directly threatens world order, democracy and indeed civilisation itself. It resembles much more closely the growth of barbaric, fascist, dictatorial Nazism in the 1930s. As does the blindness of some to the looming dangers that seem so obvious to others – the Cassandras of their day.

    “if you are not willing to use force to defend civilisation, then prepare for barbarism” – Thomas Sowell

    Dee, in a comment earlier, you asked for a link about Shariah patrols in the hope of enlightening Ajax (although you may have used another phrase….). I think it’s the link below.

    Last thoughts for Ajax:
    Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) finished second in the recent Dutch Election, out of about twenty parties, and increased its number of parliamentary seats from 15 to 20. Reasonable progress I’d say for somebody under threat of death from the RoP for the last 12 years or so.

    I’ve admired Anne-Marie Waters since I recognised the sheer guts she showed to get up and speak out on a hostile Speaker’s Corner – link below. My admiration for her courage and tenacity continues to grow.

    Your comments in respect of Tommy Robinson are so unworthy they don’t deserve comment other than to say I think they demean your whole post.

    Tommy’s recent interview on the Daily Politics was interesting.

    • Thanks for these links, Howard. I met and listened to Anne Marie with some of our Branch members last month. Boy, she must have found us restful after having to deal with shouting bigots like the ones in that video. That fighting spirit is a genuine gift and deserves to be USED in the biggest fight on our hands since WW2.

  9. A forceful well written article, as is usual from Viv. Why do UKIP not use this talent? I believe I know the answer, but would have to write it in words that would not pass moderation.

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful, John, if all the forceful articles like Viv’s, Anne Marie’s and Gerard Battens as well as John R-E’s vision for Direct Democracy plus other useful stuff were put on a UKIP website and proudly owned by Leadership. One day soon…… all this talent won’t go to waste any longer. We need direction, and people to know what we are about – but of course the Leadership want us to be about ‘somewhere in between Labour and the Tories’ – where I think the Liberals are. UKIP is radical or it is nothing, to quote our ex-leader.

  10. Have UKIP announced their policy on immigration? I understood it was to be announced by now. No details on UKIPs website and also cannot locate any GE manifesto.
    Do the forum rules allow us to exchange email addresses? Form a grassroots pressure group, gather support, seek to influence the future direction of UKIP.

    • Hopefully Maximus Viv will put together a letter for those that want to sign it on 9th June – (ish?) we had a suggestion a while ago about this.
      The best thing one can do for now is email Head Office saying what you would, as a member, like to see. You get bland replies, but it must sink in to the consciousness somewhere.
      It is typical that you have trouble accessing stuff, even if the manifesto isn’t ready,there should be lots of info on the UKIP website. All this needs sorting post GE, even if we get MP’s – especially if we get MP’s.

    • I’d gladly join a group, although I’m a supporter and not a member until UKIP has a leadership with IMHO integrity. Until we do contributers to UKIP Daily are frankly just…..Whistling in the Wind. It helps having a rant on here but lets face facts we aren’t going to change anything unless we get off our backsides.

      • John. Do the forum rules allow us to exchange email addresses. Time to get off our backsides. Discuss what we can do. Doesn’t matter if you not currently a party member.

        • I think you need to address that question to our Editor-in-Chief, Viv, Maximus – although I have seen Thomas, I think, put his on here, I wouldn’t be willing to put mine up – Unless someone can work out how to do a private forum with a password.

          • OK thanks Dee, I could not see a link or address to contact the forum moderator. I will do that.

          • Not me, Dee, although I do recall seeing a Branch Chairman put his up. Can’t remember his name.

          • John Freeman // May 13, 2017 at 11:09 pm //

            The problem is Dee regarding voting for a leader, that the candidates that I would have voted for in the past dropped out or were got rid of one way or the other eg Kassam. To me by joining I am indirectly supporting the likes of Evans and Crowther but would gladly join and work my hardest for a pressure group that sought to allow members a voice on policy, which I believe does not happen at present.

      • John, you have to become a member if you want anything about UKIP to change. Please, if you can afford £30.00 splash out, because only the force of membership can achieve the Party many of us want. You need to be a member to vote in a Leadership contest.

  11. I got some useful ideas from that Spanish video. Don’t want more mosques built in the UK? Put a pig’s remains on a site the islamics have their beady eyes on, and it’s game over for the mosque. Pigs are our new allies!

    Pigs are ‘unclean’ and so are dogs according to these dog-murderer maniacs. So let’s all declare muslims as ‘Unclean’ in our culture (the males’ filthy minds certainly are) and tell them we simply can’t abide their continued presence in our country: we’d rather keep our beloved dogs safe and have some respect shown for our pigs. After all, they are the only animals that are not killed in some cruel ritual from the barbaric past; and their flesh is the only meat we can be absolutely sure is not halal.

    Funnily enough, I got some reassurance from watching that video. Not only from seeing the representatives of a Party that knows the score about muslims in their country; but also from hearing about the Spanish lunatics who thought it was appropriate to ‘celebrate’ the anniversary of the first muslim invasion of Spain centuries ago. It just goes to show that Leftard loony traitors infest other countries apart from the UK – I was beginning to wonder if wilful blindness to national threat was a homegrown deficiency of intellect peculiar to the UK.

    We’re fighting on two fronts in Europe: muslim jihad and Leftard treasonous cretinism. Churchill described islam and jihad correctly in 1898. Wonder what he would have thought of the species of creature that didn’t exist in those days – the putrid PC moles who undermine our national survival by caring much more about foreigners, immigrants and muslims than about our own people?

    • Panmelia, just remember Poor Kevin Crehan – all water under the authorities bridge but he should not be forgotten. A pet pig, however…….

      • Dee do you know if they have released info about the cause of his death yet though they will probably hope by waiting long enough it will be forgotten.

        • None that I have discovered, John – it really is appalling.
          Just imagine the difference if an ethnic minority prisoner died in prison, at the very least there would have been an inquiry imo.

  12. At the end of the Spanish clip the interviewee says he is determined that history records that at least one Party spoke out against the re-Islamisation of Spain.
    As are many UKIP members, for Britain.

  13. The increasing fixation with Mohammedanism that’s seizing elements of UKIP’s membership is disquieting, & if the leadership & the party’s membership is daft enough to go along with it it’ll be the end of UKIP as a political force.

    Wilders lost in Holland recently because for all his abilities he an obsessive about a particular religion, & you can’t form a government of a modern nation upon that, which is why he lost to an non-entity identikit politician. There’s something not quite right with Waters in my view, I said why in a previous post about here & won’t repeat it here; Yaxley-Lennon is little more than self-publicity seeking football hooligan turned political street agitator; Pamela Geller is a brave sincere lady but her concern is for Jewish people & Israel, not the English & Welsh, Paul Weston is a talented man who threw a promising career away in UKIP & walked off instead into the howling outer wilderness of England & Wales’ political landscape to associate with thuggish morons generally, with a few sinister types thrown in, & reduced himself in the process to standing in Whitehall before small mobs of them swearing into a klaxon.

    This idea that these are the Cassandras of our time, let alone that UKIP should follow them or ape their behaviour is ridiculous.

    Mass foreign migration from the 2nd & 3rd World into the 1st is the problem. Religion is a side issue, & only becomes a problem when there are numbers amassed in a society to make it one. The other foreign peoples that are deluging into the British Isles are just as much of a societal threat as are the Pakistanis. This increasing fixation with religion is a dangerous distraction for UKIP.

    • Yes, uncontrolled immigration is an issue, but please, AJAX, point out to us where for example Hindu and Sikh immigrants are compelling us to accommodate their religious beliefs.
      Please explain to us why we should just shrug and walk away when a second, non-British system of ‘justice’ is established in our country.
      I’m afraid we do have to talk about it, because many of us are not ok with being so tolerant of diversity that we think it’s ‘just their culture’ when our underage girls get raped on an industrial scale.
      We do have to talk about it because all those who think this is ‘irrelevant’ apparently are unwilling to connect the dots and think that, because we’re a secular society now, all those muslim thighs will go away, eventually.
      “Eventually” it will be too late.

      • @Vivian,

        Sikhs –

        Hindus –

        Jewish people have a system already established in England & Wales that are the equivalent to the Sharia system, its called the Beth Din. Areas of the Indian Hindu community here operate a low-key Caste System within their own communities too. Why do you ignore this, & focus solely upon what the Pakistanis are up to in their ethno-religious cultural practices?

        What went on in Rotherham, and is no doubt happening elsewhere, is that elements of the English working classes have deteriorated into such appalling moral squalor that their adolescent girls are prostituting themselves for short change, & the worst elements of the Pakistani community (not the average man among them) took advantage of it. Here’s an example of something similar happening without the violence, & this is from within the Indian (Sikh, I believe) community, not the Pakistani Mohammedans:

        Mass foreign migration isn’t an issue Vivian, it’s the issue, religion is a distraction.

        • Ajax, none of these are Politcal systems, and you know it – you are trying to distract from the issue that Viv has written about. And you do it all the time.
          Where does it say that Sikh’s demand that everyone wears a turban? Or Hindu’s demand the same.
          Unless you can provide evidence that any other religious community has a political system within their religion that they seek to impose on their hosts, your arguments are not about this article.

          • @Dee, the Beth Din & the Hindu Caste system are in every way comparable to Sharia.

            Your secondary question wasn’t among those that Vivian set to me. To address your point & ?: Where in England or Wales are Pakistani Mohammedans trying to “impose” Sharia Law on us, give me an example?

            (I’ve asked you this question before recently Dee & you couldn’t answer it then I seem to recall, let’s see how you get on with it now).

          • Ajax, there are examples, you know, as I have said before, that I can’t link.
            Will someone please link Ajax to the American reporter walking,through a part of London with Sharia patrols, and shut him up.

          • Dee,
            I think this video proves your point:

          • Dee, I presume you’re referring to the American CBS News show ’60 minutes” from 2015?

            3 tubby Pakistanis, from Anjem Choudary’s East London crew, wandering around a park in the evening for an American tv crew to film, politely suggesting to people on camera that they meet might want to lay off alcohol/refrain from gay sex, & giving them a leaflet suggesting they convert to Mohammedanism, is pretty thin evidence of your point that we have a societal problem with Sharia Law being imposed on us.

          • Ajax,
            You’ve got what you asked for – an example.

          • Thanks Thomas – that was what I was referring to.
            Perhaps Ajax is ignorant of the fact that police in London regularly remove ‘Sharia area’ notices, as one has told me happens. If Ajax is clued up enough to know the 60 minute video then he is clued up enough to have seen some of the many videos where placards and banners stating the intent to impose Sharia abound – and perhaps he can point us to similar protests by, let me refer back, or rather up, Ah Yes, Hindus, Sikhs or Jews with placards protesting with similar demands to those of Muslims.
            We do not yet have a real problem, outside Muslim communities, but the communities are growing, as are their demands, all Sharia compliant, hence the term creeping Islamisation – and the need to address it now.
            My annoyance is with the deflection of argument away from Vic’s article, and others before, where Ajax, for some reason, doesn’t see the problem, despite the many warnings from ex-Muslims, as well as from history, that we soon will have a very real problem if we don’t listen to our own modern day Cassandras..

          • No Dee, I haven’t, I asked for an example of your statement about the ‘imposition of Sharia Law’ on English & Welsh people that you claimed was happening. I saw no imposition of anything that would match that description in that film, all these 3 characters were doing (provided it wasn’t a Choudary stunt for an America tv crew looking for a shock-horror story about Mohammedanism taking over Europe to get ratings), was what Jehovah’s Witnesses do when they go around proselytizing, & the JW’s aren’t “imposing” anything on any1 either when they do it.

            If this is the best you can come up with, then you have no evidence of your point, & you should stop saying it mindlessly.

          • Rubbish, Ajax! These videos of demonstrations are all over the Internet, as are the warning voices of ex Muslims.
            Deflection from the topic by pretending to be ignorant of Islam while extremely knowledgeable about other religions isn’t credible. And if you know about Sharia and are relaxed about it, that’s fine but come out and say so.
            Personally I felt extremely sorry for the prostitute who was taken advantage of – if she did what she had to, or wanted to, because she has like everyone else to make a living, she deserved to be paid, like anyone else.

          • Ajax,
            Here is another example.

            Is this “trying to impose Sharia Law”, or not?

        • @ Ajax
          To quote your edifying words back at you: “Elements of the English working-classes have deteriorated into such appalling moral squalor that their adolescent girls are prostituting themselves for short change and the worst elements of the Pakistani community (not the average man among them) took advantage of it.”
          Happy with those words, are you? Would you like to meet one of the girls taken advantage of, or her parents, face-to-face and repeat your words? Those families tried for YEARS to report these muslim gangs, one of whom would groom and drug an underage, vulnerable white girl with sweet talk of being her boyfriend before handing her over to be gang-raped by his scumbag criminal friends. Was anything done to stop it? NO, not by the police, not by the social workers, not by the Labour politicians, not by the media, until the scandal grew to the proportions of a huge festering boil which eventually burst, spurting pus and filth everywhere.

          You talk of ‘appalling moral squalor’ – WHOSE apalling moral squalor?! It wasn’t the victimised white families to blame, but the depraved, debauched, perverted, racist mohammedans who thought they were above the law of this land; and the PC-corrupted, cowardly, immoral, degenerate officials who allowed them to be above the law – despicable traitors to their people and country, every last one of them.

          FYI, there is no such thing as ‘a child prostitute’. A young person still a minor (under 18) is an exploited juvenile, taken advantage of by an adult promising money and threatening their safety.
          As for the ‘worst elements of the Pakistani community’ you refer to, weren’t most of them ‘respected’ businessmen and ‘pillars of the community’ they belonged to? Rather like the muslim owner and staff of the 555 Pizza Place currently on trial in Ramsgate for dragging a 16 year old white girl up the stairs of their shop and gang-raping her. She was tipsy and had gone in to ask for directions. In your assessment, I suppose it was all her own fault for drinking and being alone. In my assessment, those four or five men are filthy fiends without humanity, compassion, morals, or any common decency. But that’s what reading the koran for years does for you in terms of your attitude to young, defenceless, kuffir, white British persons of the female gender.

        • Ajax,

          In many ways you are right mass immigration of all these different cultures mainly from the subcontinent do clash with our ways, but what you will not concede is that Islam seems to be the most aggressive at present, and is mostly influenced by other not very friendly countries.

          The case remains though that all these other cultures are in effect ‘breeding us out’ and there is nothing we can do about it, and the result is that this country is becoming a hell hole for us all.

      • Well said Viv. We absolutely do need to discuss the increasing Islamisation of our lovely country, which Ajax ignores or says isn’t happening, even when people give him concrete examples.

        Islam seeks and intends to impose it’s Political system on us, and all over the West, and it is doing this under the guise of ‘religion’ – Islam is not a religion, it is a complete political and economic system with the rules for this system clearly laid out in the Koran by Mohammed, who apparently got the rules for this way of living directly from Allah, hence the religion part of it.

        The reason for the demonization and harassment of people like Tommy and Anne, as well as stopping people like Pamela and Geert from coming here is only to do with Hate in the broadest sense. It is the hate that some Muslims have towards those who expose the truth about Islam, that would lead to violence and mayhem from those same Muslims objecting to any freedom to criticize their ‘religion’. Government is afraid it would not be able to contain the ensuing violence. They know this violence will happen, because we have the evidence of what happens when anyone like Salman Rushdie or Charlie Hebdo exercise their democratic right to freedom of speech and expression. The ‘moderate’ majority’ of Muslims are irrelevant.

        Sharia, or the Political system of Islam, has no place in Britain. If you read the laws they are completely the opposite of British values. The wearing of the burka is explicitly demanded in Sharia Law, so it too has no place in Britain.

        Many of those in UKIP see the necessity to stop our country from sleepwalking into the disaster that is Islamic/Sharia Law and are determined to speak out – there are people equally determined that Britain will one day be governed by Sharia, they say so openly (Ajax must have failed to notice).. Due to the fear of unleashing the violence of some Muslims, plus political correctness, no political Party except UKIP is willing to address this, or speak out. We are the Party of Britain, speaking out about this is as much UKIP’s job as speaking out about the shameless treatment of our Veterans, our Elderly, or the rights of our Fishing Communities, and where British money should be spent.

        UKIP is the Party of Britain, and to my mind, people who share our values are welcome. People who oppose our values openly and intend to change them are not.

  14. Good article Viv and good to see that some in Spain are resisting the invasion. As for the ROP I prefer the term RoPE.

  15. Excellent article. Coincidentally I had just seen an interview with Douglas Murray on This Week with Andrew Neil. (Available on YouTube tittled the “Douglas Murray-the strange death of Europe”).
    Had not heard of Ms Geller or Mr Spencer, so thanks for the “introduction”.

  16. In the 1990s people were not listening. Now they are but are frightened to admit to what they hear.

    • Let’s not forget the ‘anti-Cassandras’ many of whom work for government or for deniable associates like Hate not Hope. They were very effective in the past with their massive lies like ‘vote UKIP and the NHS will be abolished and the economy will collapse’. They’ve now cried wolf too often. Good at talking themselves up because they make money out of it all but seen through largely now as anti-democratic bullies.

      • Mike, This protest against islam and all it stands for is not going to go away, it doesn’t matter what the anti-Cassandras say or do. Too many people are becoming aware of the problem and the authorities themselves are drawing more attention to it by arresting the likes of Tommy Robinson and the leaders of Britain First. They always have some excuse such as ‘breaching the peace’ or ‘unlicensed filming’, but the public know what’s behind it all. The latest stunt of ‘inciting religious hatred’ is the most grotesque of all, seeing as this ‘offence’ goes on all the time perpetrated by muslims against Jews and the rest of us ‘unbelievers’. How many years did it take them to arrest Choudry and charge him with something?

    • Mike, people hope that by putting their heads in the sand, they hope the problem will go away. The threat of losing their jobs and being threatened by thugs doesn’t help either. Look at what the police allowed to happen in towns all around the country to little girls. How many decent coppers kept their mouths shut through fear.

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