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Military Unification

What you were doing on 23rd June, 2016?  That day meant an early start for the Vote Leave team as we delivered one last flyer reminding people to vote to leave the European Union.  Many of us attended the counts up and down the country until the early hours of Friday morning.  It was hard to comprehend that we had secured the majority – such unbelievable news!

The months then passed by with a new ‘Remain’ Prime Minister being installed (indeed sponsored by a ‘Remain’ donor), news that the government had refused to accept 200 trained New Zealand trade negotiators (why?) and finally the realisation that the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) which appeared to closely resemble the much more publicised Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) ’travelled’ through the Houses of Parliament with no debate and one has to enquire if there was any scrutiny at all? More recently we learned that there had been no provisions for a Plan B for Brexit at all!

Brexiteers continued to face an agonising wait for Article 50 to be triggered. Many people considered this a trap and thought that we should be repealing the European Communities Act 1972 instead, but what could we do? Why did it take some nine months to trigger?  Well we know for sure that it gave the ‘Remainers’ time to take stock of the situation and regroup; after all, why else were passengers in receipt of The New European newspaper ‘free of charge’ as they left Heathrow last summer?!

A General Election in June 2017 seemed to take many people by surprise, apart from those perhaps who knew one was scheduled as early as January! At the beginning of the October I attended an open meeting (free of charge to the public) in Manchester and I was lucky enough to film two highly respected ex-military personnel from the Falklands War talk with refreshing honesty about the possibility of integrating our military forces with those in the EU.  They were obviously very worried. Indeed, I could visualise Westminster officials armed with documents emerging from some ‘basement’ at any given time to be signed unwittingly by the government officials.   I mused over this picture for several days, remembering the times when I had laughed at the series ‘Yes, Minister’ until now…

A couple of weeks later I chanced upon a series of tweets highlighting some military talks called PESCO. I felt immediately that all was not well, remembering all the EU debates pre-Referendum where us Brexiteers talked about the development of the EU seeking to unifying national militaries into EU military union under total command from Brussels in true EU single point control fashion.    The ‘Remainers’ laughed at us, they belittled us and told us that we were scaremongering and that we should be ashamed of ourselves. After all, wasn’t the EU responsible for bringing peace to Europe, they would retort?

I began to study what this Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) was all about.  Hmm!  It had been well-documented by the EU in June 2015 but quite obviously not well-publicised, it would seem!  Now, the EU in their wisdom had named their document ‘cooperation’ which is a falsehood for a start! Yes, our military forces regularly work cooperatively with EU countries but PESCO marks the start of the EU seeking to unifying national militaries into EU military union under total command from Brussels in true EU single point of control fashion. From the EU’s perspective this is an ‘all in concept’ – ‘Boots to Nukes’!

Having promised alongside millions of others to ‘Take Back Control,’ I duly set up a national campaign to alert the public about the dangers together with Dave Ellis and Carol Hellier.  You may be forgiven for thinking that approaching people to warn them of Brussels’ intentions of controlling our military forces (with the natural progression of a shared Treasury to pay for the expenditure) would be sufficient of a catalyst for people to take concerted immediate action. After all, the military had been warning the British Government for years that the financial austerity was having serious repercussions on our ability to defend ourselves.  It soon became clear, however that the media blackout on possibly the most serious matter to impact the UK since World War 2 meant that many could not believe what they were hearing.

Undeterred, within a matter of hours, template letters were circulated to hundreds of Brexiteers to be used for guidance to write to constituency MPs. Carol and I attempted to write to many more MPs whilst our colleague Dave, who specialises in Twitter focused on this area of social media, linking in notable veterans along the way. We all campaigned in earnest, aware that a meeting was due to be being held in private on 19th October with all the EU countries’ representatives being present.  Was there any mention of this on the BBC or Sky News? No!  Why were we learning all so late in the day?

Some MPs responded to our requests for them to investigate the matter further but we were disappointed in their letters and emails. MPs were duly quizzed at a Brexit event on 4th November in central London.  All would be well with Brexit they assured us, Conservatives and Labour alike. A day passed by and on 5th November, Bonfire Night, I was to discover that EU Member States who wish to proceed with PESCO will meet on 13 November and, due to Qualified Majority Voting, only 55% of member states need agree (provided they represent 65% of the EU’s population).

What’s worse than being lied to? Knowing that you’ve been lied to?  There is no Brexit and with the evidence that has been amassed since the Referendum, there has never, ever been an intention to have any type of meaningful Brexit.

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17 Comments on Military Unification

  1. This theme should be a gift for the new UKIP Leader Henry Bolton considering his links to MI6 and his Army career. He would surely gain the ears of all his former comrades in Arms as the government seeks to transfer control and procurement to Brussels in support of EU Foreign Policy.
    Here is Bolton’s chance to spring into the media on a subject that he surely has a profound depth of knowledge and the voting public have been kept in the dark and need to be informed.
    He will have to put his head above the parapet sooner or later and can not quiver in his bunker shuffling names any longer. The Badgers will be ganging up on him.

  2. Caroline,,

    Thank you; this is a most important issue which has been kept hidden by government and swept under the carpet by UKIP.

    Rather than cooperating with the EU the time is coming when we will have declare war once again on our traditional enemies across the Channel and remove their agents in government by any means necessary.

    • Eh? “swept under the carpet by UKIP.” Where do you get that from? On the Brexit stump I always pointed out the threat that EU military ambitions pose to the viability of NATO, the modus vivendi that NATO and Russia have cobbled together and the internal stability of the EU itself. Oh, yes, world peace as well, that’s in jeopardy as we risk decoupling the US and frightening the Russians with what they will see, rightly, as a rearming Germany on their borders.

      When met with an unlistening, closed-minded young person I always enjoyed pointing out that it’s not that long ago that Germany had conscription, and that forced military service will be needed to ensure that manning reality matches EU hubris. You could see the gears working behind their faces even as they denied that an EU army was going to happen: the general Remainder attitude seems to be ‘let’s you and him share’, things they want will miraculously appear with no cost to themselves, and the idea that there might actually be a bill which they would have to pay was almost unthinkable.


  3. I came across a new Diane James video today about an EU document:
    ‘Future of Europe: European Parliament Sets Out Its Vision’
    which details plans for’More EU’, which we’re all aware is coming down the line.This is the link for the video:

    I did a quick search online and discovered the link for the document mentioned:

  4. These globalists are the most evil psychopaths imaginable and that goes for their pet project the European Union and its politicians. These people have never hesitated to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent people in pursuit of their objectives

    Think about this: I believe we’re brewing up to a major war, do you really think the European Union, if Britain were part of an EU army, would hesitate to conscript your children to fight in such a war?

    Unless you want to see the children you’ve loved and nurtured blown to bits or burnt alive on a foreign battlefield, I would take to the streets over this now.

    Put that evil b**ch May in her place along with her cohorts, she deserves a rope around her neck.

  5. Thanks are due to Caroline for having done so much to flag this up, certainly to my attention.

    We in Britain have had 350 years of peaceful constitutional development (since Cromwell’s soldiers marched into Parliament to arrest MPs), so we have forgotten the ultimate truth, that

    The Hungarians learnt this truth the hard way in 1956, the Czechs in 1968, and the Catalonians may well be getting the same lesson rather soon.

    Actually nearly all our EU “partners” have experienced violent changes in government in living memory.

    Now we must be aware that our Queen in Parliament’s control over our own armed forces is AT SERIOUS RISK.

    PESCO – “Permanent Structured Cooperation on Security and Defence” i.e. an EU ARMY, was branded a “dangerous fantasy” by Nick Clegg when he debated against Nigel Farage, but then confirmed by Juncker himself, as a real operational project.

    The most dangerous news recently has been about PESCO moving from cooperation to INTEGRATION. All the signs are that the PM and Michael Fallon have signed British military services up to this. Of course, there can be no Clean Brexit if our defences are answerable to the Brussels oligarchs and under German and French generals.

    Fallon ought to have resigned in protest against this dreadful project! Not for having touched a lady’s knee, for chrissakes! They are about to take over our armed forces, and the great political debate in Britain is about what is and is not permissible in flirting! Just as, when Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453, it is said the rulers were debating how many angels could dance on the head of a pin…

    NB As a preliminary to full integration of the actual armies, they are talking about integration of military procurement across the EU, to include British participation. This looks attractive because it means saving money. But it also means handing the keys to our armoury to Brussels. And…


  6. So UKIP daily. Why do you not promote the fact that all our treaties with the EU are treasonous?.You are nailing your colours to the fence Vivienne. Playing both sides for your self promotion. OK! my comments cause you to be angry. Analyse why you are angry. It’s because you know I’m right and have sussed you out for what you are. The only conclusion from anyone who knows our laws is that you value your own following that you suppose gives you status.I couldn’t care a muck for my status. I want my country back so I can live in quiet obscurity. Go on Edit it out.It will spoil your image.

    • ‘Self promotion’, ‘value my own following’ – blimey! All this is rather several pay grades above mine, I’m afraid.
      And all that invective just because I will not turn UKIP Daily into a single-issue publication, that issue being the one you pursue, an issue on which you’ve written articles which we have published. That was over a year ago. Moreover, UKIP Daily is by members for members, it is not the property or vehicle for one particular pressure group.
      But thank you for telling all of us what you really think – of me and of UKIP Daily. All traitors, aren’t we …

    • Sir. You are bonkers.

  7. The bottom line here Flyer and others is that it is not “a complex can of worms”.
    It’s really simple. It’s called the rule of law. PESCO and ALL our treaties with the EU are against our constitution and laws.
    At least the Remainers are up front in what they want. As yet, I’ve yet to find ANYONE with any public following, One notable exception being Caroline the writer of the main article, who will discuss our constitution, let alone use the word treason. The brexiteers to a man and woman are closet remainers.They must be otherwise they would demand our politicians follow the rule of law. So you poppy wearers unless you are doing everything in your power to protect what those men died for do not wear your poppy with pride because you are a fraud. OK you supported the ex-servicemen by buying the poppy but do not pretend you support those who died unless you do all in your power to stop this treason.

  8. Well done Caroline,
    I have written to JRM and raised the concerns I have, and shared by others about – The Barcelona Declaration 1995 27/28th November. The EU Five Presidents Report, and PESCO. I await his reply!

  9. Caroline – I don’t know if you’ve read my article: The Brexit Illusion, but this is exactly how I feel about things. It’s difficult sometimes to write about such a complex can of worms, lies and deceit in just a thousand words isn’t it.

    Unless we take drastic action there will be no Brexit and we should also be considering getting free of the United Nations. Unfortunately I think our country will be long gone if we wait for UKIP who should be making a lot more noise and screaming from the rooftops.

    Theresa May and her colleagues are evil people, they smile and utter reassurances, while all the time plotting to knife us in the back.

    • flyer,

      Remember the Lancaster House Agreement between Sarkozy & Cameron in 2010? This was a precursor to the EU Army, between the EU’s biggest defense spenders.–2

      Also, EADS tried to buy BAE Systems (2012), this in my opinion, was an attempt to unify defense manufacturing into one Pan-EU organisation. The UK would lose defense manufacturing independence, luckily the deal fell through. I wrote to my MP about the takeover mentioning the EU’s black hand and this would be a threat to our national security. Of course this was denied…

      You hit the nail on the head sir:

      “Unfortunately I think our country will be long gone if we wait for UKIP…”

      The silence, as they say, is deafening….
      The first time an EU Army became public knowledge was Nigel’s debate with Clegg in 2014 on TV. Only FOUR YEARS after Lancaster House, still better late than never. If only the public would read the EU Treaties themselves…the plans are all in there.
      UKIP has missed many open goals over the years…can’t see that form changing now…

      • Oh, I remember that debate oh so well: Clegg practically called Farage a liar, live on TV. Clegg would have known full well what was going on, being the Bilderberger he was.

        • It’s very strange isn’t it that UKIP are silent on EU Military Union and also nothing from Nigel Farage about it, since that debate with Nick Clegg in 2014.
          Eu military Union marches on, with meeting after meeting where it reaches a point on 13th November 2017 where further discussions to finalize PESCO are all but done…and still not a dickie bird from UKIP MEPs.
          I have written to all our MEP’s and now our illustrious leader Henry Bolton, who is now also the Defence Spokesman and still met with a wall of silence.

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