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How many UKIP MEPs does it take to send an email?

Clearly twenty isn't enough! UKIP's 'Communications Strategy' is a farce - but the solutions are low cost and simple

​At last Saturday’s big South East meeting I was invited to make ​my views known about UKIP’s dismal efforts at communications. ​Here are some of the key points​, which​ I’ve been making for years now…


Email output & news broadcasting

​Members get ​almost zero communication from HQ. We get our news from ​the big newspapers ​and we have to suffer the unchallenged nonsense from the Guardian, BBC, Sky etc. We rarely hear ANY clearly expressed opinion from UKIP – but we have TWENTY MEPs on good salaries whose job it is to fight for Brexit. They only need to send two emails each a year to give supporters weekly news. ​

In fact, if you add in other UKIP ‘managers’, Spokesmen and AMs, they’d only need to send one email a year, each. By contrast, Brexit Central, not even half a dozen people, send a DAILY top quality Brexit news roundup every morning before 9am.


Why have we been losing members?​

Is it because the Referendum is over? Or because Nigel quit as Leader? It’s neither! This was Paul Oakden’s incredible admission at the South East meeting: ‘by a country mile people said they didn’t renew because they hadn’t heard anything from UKIP’.

So, we ​KNOW what the problem is but STILL haven’t fixed it!

Roger Helmer was sending out his excellent​ ‘Briefings’ during the run-up to the referendum but w​hy wasn’t this valuable ​output sent to all members? We’ve had little ​from HQ for nine months but​ suddenly a ‘Briefing’ from Roger on Monday! However,​ it’s been so long coming it’s 6 pages of A4 and 3000 words, War and Peace anyone?​


The gruesome UKIP website

How many years have we all been complaining about the dreadful, ugly website? It fails at many levels. It works like a blog, key issues drop off the page and out of sight.​.. It’s just a series of moans.

There are never any interesting, eye catching photos, just the same photos of politicians with ‘faces for radio’. Look at our national website HERE and afterwards look at the Surrey website  HERE. Spot the difference?

​T​he Surrey website is colourful, interesting, funny, eye catching! I​t has continuous sideways scrolling, no need to ‘click off’ to find more stories, that just loses people. We haven’t made a mobile friendly version of this website yet, that’s next but the basic principles are there if you look at it on a ​laptop. This was made as a demo for UKIP years ago but now we need something more like Huffington Post.


YouTube! The ea​sy, cheap ​way to win hearts and minds!

It’s so obvious. How can UKIP managers not realise this? ​It’s easy ​to record a 2 minute broadcast. After all these years UKIP should be famous for good quality video output where we make our points, loud and clear, without interruption.


How to mess up communications:

Paul Nuttall was invited onto the Andrew Marr show after Stoke. Marr was in control from ​the start,​ asking HIS questions, which Paul tried to answer but Marr had the last word, saying ‘that was Paul Nuttall, going nowhere’. It was worse than a waste of time, it was a public execution. By contrast, Paul Joseph Watson has MILLIONS of f​ans​, one of his videos has 2.4 million hits. He said ‘the BBC and Channel 4 keep inviting me on but I know they’ll edit to suit their agenda so I don’t go, I don’t need to’. Producing short videos is easy,​ this video which I produced years ago quickly went to 40,000 views. And that was just a pilot. We had a budget the other day – ​where is UKIP’s summary to members? It was on the website for a day then disappeared again, just like our invisible ‘Economics Spokesman’.


Newspapers really work

Three of us in Surrey have produced hard hitting, professional looking newspapers over the years, Peter Lindsay, Redvers Cunningham and myself. My own angle on newspapers is highly visual, easy to read and bold:


Members loved these and happily paid for them, just 3p each and because they paid, they made sure they were distributed. My first print run was 100,000. ​Redvers has just published another newspaper, it’s superb.UKIP bosse​s had nothing to do with it…maybe that’s why it’s so good.


We would have won Stoke ​if we’d hit hard

​We should have ​had a powerful newspaper, delivered on Day One, attacking Labour from Blair and Iraq, to Vaz and rent boys, to Thornberry and White Van Man. I sent Paul Nuttall proposals, I didn’t even get a thank you. A punchy​ newspaper would have ​put Labour on ​the backfoot. Instead, our troops were given​ dismal leaflets; the ‘halal’ leaflet was one of UKIP’s worst ever. ‘We love the NHS’ didn’t work either.


A message to UKIP Management

You’re useless at communicating and we’re tiring of your blunders. Patrick O’Flynn was supposed to be our Communications Chief but what has he achieved? He only polled 2668 votes in the 2015 General Election​ and came 5th, this is Monster Raving Loony Party territory.


​Finally,​ don’t kid yourselves that you won the referendum, you didn’t

Nigel Farage was 90% of the reason it happened at all. UKIP was probably responsible for 75% of the result but the winning edge was provided by the Big Beasts of the Tory Party, good organisation by Vote Leave and Leave.EU, Martin Durkin’s stunning ‘Brexit the Movie’ and many other players. Without all that cavalry coming over the hill, your pathetic ‘communication skills’ would have lost the battle.



*Next week. Preaching to the converted. Why UKIP bosses love the easy applause of conferences. Also, how not to turn big donors into deadly enemies.


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About Russell Hicks (4 Articles)
Russell is a successful businessman and lives in Surrey. He produces the "UKIP Bulletin" Newspaper.

63 Comments on How many UKIP MEPs does it take to send an email?

  1. Someone just sent me this old article. Spot on. And nothing, NOTHING has been done about it. The same old useless idiots running UKIP…into the ground.

  2. Sorry to be blunt, but the Surrey website sucks. Find a branch gives a “page not found” error. Volunteer reports “account suspended” – as does common sense policies. And on the Videos page, the “read more” button has a line break and partly covers the descriptions.

    Who proofed the site, hmm?

    • As usual Rob you completely miss the point and have done for years. The Surrey site was put together to show an ‘all on the front page’ format, it was done as a demo. Nit picking things that don’t matter is precisely your style and precisely why UKIP has failed miserably online. Let’s have a vote amongst UKIP members on my style of presentation of website, newspapers, poster trucks and leaflets versus the UTTERLY USELESS output you have provided down the years.

  3. I’ll keep this short and sweet, I’ve just looked at the Surrey website, (never knew it existed, till now). I agree totally that we have to modernize our party, and bloody quick, or we are toast.

  4. Russell – Excellent article but have you noticed the common theme with the comments.Most hanker back to how the party used to be and are unhappy at what it has become.Whether you you liked him or loathed him,Nigel Farage was the reason that most people joined UKIP , No one else has come near to replacing him. With this in mind can I ask a hypothetical question – If there is a re-run of Thanet South – Will Nigel stand – If Yes.will he stand for UKIP or Democratic Alliance – If it is the D.A – how many UKIP members will transfer their allegiance.

    • I’m just back from legging up hills delivering an excellent new Surrey newspaper, designed by Redvers Cunningham. I can’t imagine any of our MEPs producing something as good but then they’ve only had 3 years and about £6 million in taxpayers money, so we need to give them time.

      No doubt about it, like him or not, Nigel was THE REASON AND INSPIRATION for UKIP, a very hard act to follow. We should have all surrounded him after the Referendum and said ‘OK Nigel, two weeks holiday, nowhere near Trump, then please get back to work leading UKIP and a swift, clean, clear Brexit. I have no idea if Nigel would stand, surely not for a new party.

    • Cumbria guess. About 90%

  5. My membership lapsed for six months or so (I nearly didn’t rejoin as I was so upset by the carswell/evans/oflynn/reckless clique) but I did rejoin about 3 months again. I got a new membership card but since then only ONE email from the local branch chairman inviting me to a meeting. I had nothing from HQ, or region, or london assembly, or anyone else. Nobody called me to welcome me back. When my membership lapsed, there was no effort to retain me. Seems like nobody cares. IN fact, I think this is the biggest issue. What the 20 paid MEPs and the paid officers should be doing is going out to visit branches. We never saw one in our branch except Suzanne Evans once as she lives fairly close.

    • Toby Micklethwait // March 16, 2017 at 2:48 pm // Reply

      Dear Graham,

      You say “When my membership lapsed, there was no effort to retain me”.

      There is a subroutine (“Automatic Notification Subroutine”), part of Subscriber, which informs branch chairmen of new joiners. The subroutine runs overnight, every night, automatically. It enables branch chairmen to welcome new members.

      It could be useful to expand that subroutine to include lapses as well as joinings.

      I will mention this idea to my chums at Newton Abbot.

      The branch chairman would know most members personally so a call from him would be much more effective than one from a call centre.

      It’s funny how long it takes to get even the simplest thing working optimally!

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • So you got lots of visits from the top dogs. It makes you happy but how does it affect the political position Graham? Not a jot. Just makes people happy that their club is providing reassurance that others are actually doing things. And the sub amount goes nowhere actually running a party.

      Most ordinary members of parties serve no political function at all. You might as well not have them at all.

      Actually it would be better to have a piddling online sub and just cheap regular emails. ‘Branches’ are of the past when politics was a mass membership game. The only meetings worth having really are calls for volunteers ones. I found all this out the hard way!

  6. Well said Russell.

    Can all members please sign the poll here

    • David

      This form just asks for name, address and membership number without any information on what we’re signing for. Can you tell us a bit more before we sign our lives away! Thanks.

      • It’s on another thread, letters today, 3rd one. It’s a vote for kippers about accepting Banks proposals and presenting the result to the leadership.

      • Hi Debbie, the form is designed to ensure only UKIP members would respond. The information collected is not saved until the submit button at the end is clicked.

        The Party makes decisions without consulting members and my question is do you want members to be consulted.

  7. Dee,

    In that case we need to e-mail our branch chairpersons and ask them to organise a meeting to take a vote on an EGM or just e-mail them anyway endorsing one.

  8. I’m told, from a high level, there is a review of policy, organisation, structure and even branding going on right now, involving outside consultants and that the results will be published “within weeks”. I do hope this is correct but wonder why it’s taken so long and why ordinary members were not informed directly.
    I’m a big supporter of the Nuttall/Oakden team, I think they can deliver and that the Stoke fiasco is irrelevant in the long term. How many elections did Nigel loose ? Not so sure about the NEC, though it does have some excellent members.

    We DO have a communications problem, loads of information about how to donate, very little about Policy and it’s true that the official party web site is poor quality. We appear to be solvent but poor, so I guess cash is one reason why we are slow to move forward. In addition we are clearly shedding paid staff and replacing them by volunteers, that was inevitable as MEP’s paid staff are withdrawn (for whatever reason).
    Less careerists in the party, at staff and elected representative level is no bad thing, but it will slow down development.
    Allowing Banks to buy the party would no doubt have speeded thing up, but that was totally unacceptable, certainly I would have left and most of my branch with me, if he had won that battle. So we loose some extra money without Arron. We have some very skilled members in UKIP, who would be happy to help by volunteering for essential background work, why don’t we use them more ?

    UKIP post referendum is a different animal to the party before the vote to leave, whilst we still have the feet to the fire stuff, that fire is running out of fuel. May has stolen our thunder.
    The things we now require most urgently are unity and clear policy direction, without both we present no threat to the establishment and are thus insignificant. The thing is… policy direction is not so difficult, we’d probably all agree on a half dozen new priorities or at least be able to run with them provided the second rank dozen were included in our new manifesto.
    Points system for ALL immigration, Electoral reform, House of Lords, no special dispensations for religious beliefs, English votes for English laws, no more vanity projects like HS2, foreign aid cuts, improved justice system, proper funding for local councils…take your pick.

    • All good points Icini and ‘why has it taken so long’ hits the nail on the head. BUT a cracking good website doesn’t cost much; a week’s salary from each MEP would deliver something brilliant, 2 weeks salary and you could have something stunning. A weekly email to all members costs nothing. But please God, make them keep it brief!

    • Well icini it all sounds like kid people along for bit longer. A ‘review’ is a standard method of blunting observation.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLOTT. // March 17, 2017 at 9:56 am // Reply
      Iicini your support (and others) for Nutgall & Co,oyou indeed are both misguided and
      mismisplaced,you are as out of touch as they..How bloody dare you say that “the Stoke fiasco is irrelevant”,I find that both distasteful and crass.To me,and my family and everyone I know as with the majority of people in the country,the blood-lust that is HALAl,that is demanded by that perveted Religion,and the tremendous pain and suffering which our poor animals have to endure at the hands of those cruel ba***dsj
      has no place in Britain in the 21 ST Centuary .Click my above link ( that’s if you’ve got the guts to,and watch the barbaric,bloodthirsty videos,see for yourself the pain and suffering those poor animals experience,at the hands of those vile and despicable Muslims,who hate them,as they hate all animals.If you are not moved
      to tears,as I was,tby what you see,proves that you have no love,or compassion,or empathy,or basic humanity for those Animals,you are indeed soulless,otherwise you
      must be an animal hating Muslim.See my two comments yesterday on WHAT IS
      UKIP.Nutall has lost all credibility,and by siding with the death-cult Islamists,got three
      Mozzies to vote for him,and lost us 3,000 votes.
      Nutall and his advisors are nothing more than Dhimmi Muslim Appeasers,who are bo different to the rest of the scum,past and present who have run our god forsaken country the likes of War Criminal Blair,David Halal is safe with me Cam-Moron,and of late Islam supporting Sharia May,UKIP are now in deep decline,and may never ever
      recover,you can all harp on about we are now going to do this or that,or whatever,
      it is all totally meaningless,Nutall and the rest of you who still support this failure,.who has lost all credibility and had a great chance and blew it,he and the UKIP hierarchy
      were just not Radical enough for the Labour voters who voted with us for Brexit.
      We are going to take one hell of a hammering in the council elections.

      • Thanks for your comment Geoffrey. I went to hear Anne Marie Waters on Wednesday at the House of Lords and of course she’s right, we have to talk about the ‘morals’ of Sharia or we are lost as a civilisation. Amazingly, our judiciary are looking out for any of US committing ‘hate crimes’ for daring to speak up about it! The sheer cowardice and double standards of our political leadership is stunning.

        • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 17, 2017 at 10:35 pm // Reply

          Russell how many poachers,masquerading as the leader of UKIP,
          who are in favour of vile Halal,does it it take to lose so spectacularly at the by election in Stoke,yes of course just one.
          Russell thanks for taking the time to reply,I must apologise for my spelling mistakes,I usually blame this old I Pad,which does indeed have a mind of it’s own,or how small the damn print is.Russell you lucky sod going to see Anne Marie,yes I too agree about Sharia Law is just not compatible with British Law,and of course,Halal (which I hate with a vengeance) accreditation part funds Sharia Law.The most recent figures that I have been sent,say that Sharia May,has now allowed 100 Sharia Courts to operate with impunity in Britain today,the exact figure is said to be 104,and still rising.Really this is beyond the pale,our Politicians past and present,and from either side of The House have bent over backwards to each and everyone of the Muslims demands.Russelll please click the link,and you will see
          Nutall in that most absurd outfit,I don’t know about looking like a bloody poacher,he reminds me somewhat of Mellors,the gamekeeper in Lady Chatterly’s Lover( I was sixteen and in Cowbridge Grammar School for boys,and I managed to get a copy after the famous trial,we could not belive what had been written,oh to be young again,and of course innocent).Russell for the life of me what was Nutall thinking off,and then to be photographed outside that damn Mosque,proves he can just not be trusted.Just where we do we go from here,at present ,I feel both betrayed and dismayed.I never get sent anything from head office apart from a letter reminding me to renew my membership and another appealing for funds.Then of course emails thanking me for my renewing,and my generous donation.Once I was sent an email,that Nigel would be in Caerphilly at 2 PM that afternoon,only problem was I received my email at 6:10 PM, too damn late.On another occasion,Nigel was at a meeting at The Neon in Newport,I did attend,but had the email so late,I had to miss my dinner,loads more,too numerous to mention.Russell I love your newspaper,the colours are spectacular.I refuse to be silent,I will not be cowed,I feel obliged to fight for my country,I owe that to my brave ancestors who lost their lives in Two World Wars,fighting for our freedoms.Russell keep up the good work,well done.

  9. “TWENTY MEPs on good salaries”…who are living in the comfort zone as a result. Has anyone considered that their primary objective might be to remain there?

    • They show all the signs of not wishing to leave, apart from Roger Helmer, who makes an effort to criticise the EU. Who else has given us some new/shocking source material? They’re all obedient puppies. (apart from Nigel of course)

  10. Russell – I wanted to separately make it clear I think your own works, and those of UKIP Surrey, are very competent, enjoyable and helpful to our cause.

    • Thanks Freddy, yes we know and a lot of people say so. How odd that most of our MEPs and the NEC are blind to it, all fiddling with irrelevant minutiae while the party burns. We hid a camera at an NEC meeting, look what we found:

  11. Russell, you know me.
    This article does seem a tad harsh about some in our party – including MEPs who do lots behind the scenes, and who perhaps have not prioritised the writing of mass emails.
    I try and do my bit with my own occasional emails, started on my own initiative and with the blessing of Nigel. These try to strike a balance between being informative, topical, morale-boosting and… different, as well as occasionally being calls to arms. With what success, I know not, but as long as the bouquets outnumber the brickbats by at least 10:1, and LibLabConGroanRemoan howl at the virtual smackdowns I deliver to them, I shall continue.
    I maintain strict neutrality on all matters of internal UKIP politicking.
    Others like Hugo Jenks do an excellent job of keeping UKIP in the readers’ letters sections of the press.
    My advice – don’t ask what others can do for you, or question why they aren’t – ask what you yourself can do for our cause.

    UKIP Regional Chairman – London

    • Freddy, we don’t want MEPs ‘doing things behind the scenes’ (half the time in Brussels) we want them finding original information and scandals about the EU and getting it all CENTRE STAGE here in the UK, in front of the public, in front of members. Lack of contact from HQ is the No 1 reason people aren’t renewing their memberships. I’ve asked what I can do for our cause and the answer was ‘put a rocket up UKIP’s dopey disorganised incompetent management. Yes, I know Surrey’s newspapers and website are very good, all done for nothing by volunteers but UKIP HQ blow fortunes and for what? Rubbish output. What have we heard this year from our various new spokesmen? Precisely diddly squat!! Almost the only person ever to string a useful sentence together on TV or radio was Nigel. What are the rest doing?

      • Indeed, Russell: it’s the ‘behind-the-scenes’ attitudes which are anathema to me and, I’m sure, so many other members.
        While the party cannot dictate to the MSM whom to invite onto their sofas, ahem shows, it is bad that except for Paul and still Nigel, nobody else gets invited.
        Oh – I forgot: after Stoke neither Paul nor any other current member of the “Top Team” was available for an interview on DP, so they invited … Diane James ….!

        • That’s depressing. But it could be a positive, let’s hope Andrew Neil never invites Bill Etheridge on to be cross examined about Defence.

    • Like your stuff Freddy. I do sometimes wonder what it has to do with me, being stuck in a constituency bordering The Wash with a deep suspicion of London but it is always informative and good for a laugh. My own area do try but you seem to hit the nail on the head rather better. Please keep it up.
      Paul. South Lincolnshire.

    • Freddy, I do my bit to get the message out there to the voters. Letter writing is my own preference, others prefer social media.
      My local paper is a dead loss, they almost never publish my letters despite my best efforts. National papers are a challenge. The highest success is with the regional paper (Western Daily Press). Around three quarters of my letters are published, provided that they are not on a particular topic!
      Even those which are not published are worth writing, My email contacts enjoy them.
      Give my regards to your socialist fish.

      • > Give my regards to your socialist fish.

        But they aren’t socialist, Hugo.
        They merely lent their support, in his hour of need, to Comrade Corbyn and his leadership bid within Labout.
        We better share what happened, lest some misconstrue this – I already have Mastermind Lammy on my tail, ever since he so wisely chose to publicise my inviting him to Stoke at our expense, where his presence, together with that of many other closet Brexiteers, could have helped motivate potential Lab voters.
        Back to the coy koi:
        Merely because they are handicapped, unable to speak, write, pay or ride a bicycle, does not mean the more intelligent fish should be disenfranchised.
        To so do would be anathema to Labour, committed as it is to equality for all – the same Labour could take more care in the phrasing of their sign-up page.
        As it was, my piscine friends unambiguously conveyed their support for Jeremy’s candidacy by coming to the surface and rapidly opening and closing their mouths. I’m sure I may well have heard “Vote Cor-bin” softly bubbling forth.
        The suggestion that they did this because they anticipated I was about to lob some carp sticks into the pond is reactionary.
        Mission accomplished and long may Comrade C, the gift that keeps on giving, rule the pond. And when he decides he’s had enough, let’s pray he is succeeded by one just as worthy of aquatic support – John McDonnell, a shoehorned-in Len McCluskey or – O Joy, O Bliss – the distinguished MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington**.
        All in all, a murky, fishy tail indeed.

        Freddy Vachha
        UKIP Regional Chairman – London

        ** = Diane Abbott

  12. Russel,

    Your newspapers are brilliant, wish we had the same at our branch.

    • Kind of you to say so Mr Duck. HQ are quackers not to have got this organised nationwide but they would know a good idea if they were slapped round the face with a sign saying ‘good idea’.

  13. Excellent, Russell. Trouble is They Know Best, of course. They don’t.
    Not sure you’re right on the We Love the NHS leaflet though. To my mind it was an excellent riposte to Labour, but it was left far too late.

    We’d have had a job with Paul anyway, and a complete dearth of the right economic policies to swing enough working class or middling Tory voters. But you’re right, the delivery was amateur, lacklustre and deficient.

  14. I thought the most damning point was the easy applause of conferences. All party conferences where members attend (few with the Tories any more!) are social events where people want a nice outing and will cheer anything. Think Butlins. Very easy to imagine that the reception reflects national support.

    • Why have conferences for a small number of faithful to hear the same speeches from the same people?in the age of YouTube, spokesmen can reach the whole membership anywhere in the country. OK a few don’t have email, send them a newspaper.

      • Because a lot of people join parties just for the social angle and demand meetings in return for their subs. Try for a show of hands at meetings about who will actually help and see the foot shuffling! Parties can end up exhausting themselves trying to satisfy the socialites and have little left for actual politics. But they then boast about how many members they have and it looks good on paper. Many a long journey have I made to speak at meetings like that and it’s the same in every party. You are merely an entertainer.

        • Conferences won’t be as appealing if we say what needs to be said about Sharia in the UK and get blown up, then we’ll definitely need to shift campaigning and communications online.

          • Mike Newland // March 16, 2017 at 5:31 pm //

            The way forward is precisely that Russell and Banks knows it as does Farage. The old party style is dead in the web age.

  15. I completely agree with the broad thrust of your article Russell. I think many of your views would be echoed by John Rees-Evans.

    Only one small point to grumble about, and that’s your complimenting of Vote Leave’s ‘big beasts and good organisation’. I have to pick up on that.
    The quarrelsome, bickering, obstructive squabblefest that was the Vote Leave campaign team, orchestrated by Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliott, was quite simply awful from start to finish.
    They made so many mistakes and managed to alienate so many people and important organisations on the leave side that the referendum had largely to be won in spite of them. They even succeeded in antagonising the Treasury Select Committee for God’s sake!

    Yes, at the very end, with the Boris Battlebus they actually managed to venture briefly outside the Westminster bubble, finally saw the light, and began to sing from the UKIP songbook. But too little, too late for any real credit in my book.

  16. Phil O'Sophical // March 15, 2017 at 5:59 pm // Reply

    ‘by a country mile people said they didn’t renew because they hadn’t heard anything from UKIP’.
    So all Ukip’s problems are due to poor admin? Oh, FGS, give us credit. That’s an Aunt Sally reason; yes, it’s a bad admission, and as the article shows so clearly there is a massive job to be done there, but it deflects from the real reasons people are leaving; reasons you can see rehearsed on this site every single day. So either deliberately or through ignorance, Paul and the rest are simply going la-la la-la. They don’t want to admit to any culpability or any other problems. Until they do the downward spiral will continue, despite the best efforts of stalwarts like Russell Hicks.

  17. Hard-hitting article, Russell, and fair criticism. Your frustration or, perhaps, exasperation, is palpable.
    Because of your link I went on the national website (yes, Surrey’s is much, much better!) and read Paul Nuttall’s letter to Aaron Banks. It says (of the NEC) that ‘mindful of their primary responsibility to safeguard the reputation of Ukip’ and continues with a warning that the invitation to the NEC meeting on 27th March will be withdrawn if there’s further criticism of the leadership in the media/social media.

    I find this highly ironic coming from Paul, whose various mistakes in the Stoke election campaign, plus his defeat when a local candidate might have won, have done nothing to safeguard the reputation of Ukip, but have rather damaged it. The ‘label halal meat’ leaflet, with its surprise change of policy, has certainly damaged Ukip’s reputation with many of its members!

    Is Paul unaware of our displeasure, or was he just unconcerned that what he said in his letter might lead to an accusation of hypocrisy?

  18. A local candidate would have stood a real chance of winning in Stoke, it was there for the taking. UKIP managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory !

  19. As a UKIP member in Wales I do receive excellent regular bulletins, including video clips of their speeches, from the Senedd Group, keeping us up to date with what the AMs are doing on our behalf.

  20. Russell. Simple question. Is there any reason why your Surrey publicity material cannot be copied to other regions? For inspiration if nothing else?
    For non ukD readers it’ll help open their eyes to how bad the clique is.
    (Bring on Banks is our local mantra.)

    • Thanks Alan, we did produce a number of versions for other regions. HQ were too daft to realise the potential.

    • I bought a 1000 for my then local branch and got out on the streets of a ward where we had a By Election and got them stuffed through the letterboxes – damn excellent. A shame the branch picked a poor candidate who had a bad reputation in much of the area from his younger and wilder life, when in the division the ward was within we managed to get a county councilor elected!

      I totally agree with Russell’s comments. Today, I had a long chat with a local chap where I live now who I know is UKIP supporter. He was as exasperated I am with the party big beasts, and all he had seen was the tip of the iceberg. His answer to the problem – get Nigel back!

  21. Excellent piece. This may be the age of social media but good communication has been recognised by political parties since the invention of the soap box. To not inform, enthuse and more importantly utilise a willing support and skill base is not only idiotic but criminal.

  22. No point asking them to pull their socks up; they are simply incapable, unwilling or simply incompetent. All of you guys in the branches deserve better; our country needs better.

    How about a coup?

    • There is an official method of organising a coup – it’s called requesting an EGM. Here’s the process, simply explained in the rules of procedure:

      G.1 The Party Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), giving members a minimum of 28 days’ notice, if requested to do so by formal applications from 20% of the Party’s duly registered and properly constituted constituency associations or branches (hereinafter called “branches”) drawn from at least four regions. Upon receipt of the necessary valid formal applications, the Party Secretary shall call the EGM within 14 days.

      Many years ago, Nigel himself orchestrated such an event to overturn the then totally incompetent leadership.

      • Brian,

        Thank you for that; it needs to be done before UKIP descends into oblivion. It saddens me that so many good people are being let down every day by the incompetent (a kind adjective) leadership.

        As for me I am still sitting on the fence but a clearout would ensure my joining. I’m sure that I’m not the only one…

      • 20% – that’s quite a chunk, not that people would support an EGM to slap the present ‘management’ around the goolies, just takes a bit of organising. And like removing Saddam Hussein, you have to be sure you have some better replacements…or things get even worse (if that’s possible)

  23. The only time a UKIP Member hears from UKIP HQ is when they want something. Or when they’re forced to issue a statement, usually belated, in response to the latest PR disaster.

    While UKIP Members and activists were the ground troops that won the referendum (how many boots on the ground would Vote Leave have managed without us?), UKIP as a party were useless. Everything from availability of decent campaign materials to national media presence has been woefully lacking, not just for the referendum but for years now. Local branches survive or succeed in spite of the national party’s efforts, not because of them.

    The UKIP leadership increasingly reminds me of the Cameroon takeover of the Tories. The grassroots are seen as ghastly nativists, a bit of an embarrassment in polite company, people to be humoured at best and safely ignored while the great and the good of the party know best.

    The difference is that UKIP doesn’t have the funding, professional machinery or millions of entrenched votes that the Tories do. UKIP *is* its grassroots. As members and activists turn away from UKIP in their thousands, Evans, Hamilton, O’Flynn et al will no doubt congratulate themselves on delivering party “unity”, and then look around for someone to blame when UKIP become an electoral irrelevance. The May elections are going to be grim indeed.

    • UKIP doesn’t need millions, it needs brain cells. It costs nothing to email members with news, it costs nothing to make video clips. But it does take intelligence. In UKIP’s case it’s left the building.

  24. A superb article – one of many with the answers. No one in the complacent echo chamber that is UKIP Head Office is listening. Shortly, there won’t be anyone left, trying to tell them anything – UKIP members will be gone.

    • Dee,

      “UKIP members will be gone.”
      It need not happen but action is needed now to mount a coup. Please see Brians response to my post above. It is no use thinking that the leadership can be made to change; they have set out their stall and been found wanting. They need to go.

      • Hate to be pessimistic Jack, but reading Icini, there are enough branches that are happy with the current state of things, obviously the ones that opted for Paul in the first place – I doubt if it will be done. Listening to Hamilton last night, Wales equally happy to be mainstream – asked what our policies would be that would make us different, Hamilton replied oppose foreign aid. Who doesn’t. Meanwhile, in many towns you would not longer know you were in Wales, if you were beamed in from another planet.

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