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Lucifer’s Empty Light

I expect many of us have wondered just why it is, that in our increasingly globalised world, we never seem to make much headway against the globalists. We independently minded Brits rarely win a court case against the European Union or The Powers That Be. Our police, legal and political systems don’t seem to represent us. Who do these people and organisations represent, and what is it that binds our various institutions against us?

There are around five million Freemasons worldwide and around eight hundred thousand Masons in the UK . The Majority of these brethren are very decent, respectable people, but it is ironic that many of them perhaps don’t fully understand the nature of the organisation to which they belong.

It is very difficult to piece together the true nature of Freemasonry. It is, after all a secret society, at least at the higher levels. I’ll refer now to a book by Thomas Pain ‘The Origin Of Free-Masonry’ available for free download here.

This work is not completely accurate as it only deals with the first three levels of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Master Craft and Master Mason. Details and transcripts of these rituals can be found here. I’ve researched these thoroughly and can guarantee their accuracy. Likewise, Paine’s claim that originally Freemasons were Druid-like sun worshippers isn’t quite correct (I don’t think). What is correct is Paine’s writings of when and where Freemasonry originated and not many people know this. Freemasonry has its origins in Ancient Egypt and it predates all of the current mainstream religions. This is of particular significance. Paine claims, I think correctly, that Freemasonry was driven underground with the advent of Christianity, hence the reason for its secrecy to this day.

The Entered Apprentice Freemason quickly learns that it is forbidden to discuss business, politics, race or religion within a lodge. He must believe in a higher being. He is then introduced to a universal god: ‘The Grand Architect Of The Universe.’ By the time the apprentice Mason reaches the third degree of Master Mason, he is given his first limited insight into the true nature of Freemasonry. He is introduced to Hiram, the Master Mason concerned in the building of King Solomon’s Temple, a thousand years before Christianity.

The Master Mason’s next progression in Freemasonry is via the ritual of the The Royal Arch or  Knights Templar ceremony (details can be found at the link above). The significant thing about this next step is that ‘The Grand Architect Of The Universe’ becomes the one True God. His brothers become his companions, signifying ever closer ties. There are thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry, and it won’t be until the thirty-third degree is reached and perhaps transcended that the One True God is revealed – and it is not a Christian God. But who is this God?
Above is my modified Masonic hierarchy, modified to include the Globalists and the European Union (I’ll get to that shortly). I have no idea of the significance of all the levels (few people do, including most Masons), although most of us have heard of the Illuminati. Near the very top, the pyramid refers to Ain Soph Aur – Lucifer’s Empty and Eternal Light. “Ain Soph Aur” is a concept from the Kabbalah, but there are different versions of it. Some versions of the Kabbalah or Qabbalah, rooted in Egyptian mysteries, are Jewish, others are those followed by followers of ‘The Left Hand Path’, a path that leads to Satan, Black Magicians etc. Freemasonry seems to take a bit of left and right hand path. Whoever their One True God is, he’s certainly at odds with our Christian God.

Perhaps it’s time we started asking questions about Freemasonry. It predates our Christian religion by centuries but it still exerts a subtle but powerful influence on our lives. Freemasonry pervades our political and legal systems, judiciary and police. Of particular note is Tony Blair, there are many sources that refer to Blair as a very senior Mason, but this video highlights Blair’s role and also that of other Masons in the government.

The entertainment industry has its fair share of Freemasons, this is another video worth watching – you’ll be surprised at who you’ll see.

Which brings us to the European Union. Here is an interesting video that talks about Freemasonry and the European Union, it talks about the Tower Of Babel, another interesting piece of Masonic history. There are numerous references to Manuel Barroso, being a 33rd degree Freemason, along with many other senior Eurocrats, and an interesting picture of them with one of their lodges, ‘Grand Orient De France’.

Here is another very interesting and frightening video about Freemasonry: “The Lightbringers The Emissaries of Jahbulon”.  It describes the influence of Freemasonry on the European Union and global politics much better than I can here. It is long, but worth the watch. As with all the sources here, there are many I could quote, but I’ve chosen those that align with my research and if they are not totally correct they are nevertheless very close and broadly correct, it’s a case of joining the dots after that.

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I'm not living in the UK at the moment, and I'm an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don't belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I'd be with UKIP.

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  1. Is David Icke a Freemason?

  2. I did promise to move on from Freemasonry, but just to finish the debate of, I’m going to post this article. It is a bit explosive, so I’m off fishing for a bit while I move on. I’m sure you’ll have fun debating this:

  3. just one very simple example of the ‘tosh’ in Craft masonry the ‘Supreme being’ is referred to as “The great Architect of the Universe” , in the Holy Royal Arch , “The True and Living God Most High” Almost everything else he wrote was rubbish as well . I honestly think Freemasonry is not a suitable subject for discussion in UKIP Daily. I am in 5 different masonic orders and I have yet to find anything even remotely connected with anything sinister. My local lodge has just donated £2,500 to ‘Riding for the Disabled’ a charity totally unconnected with freemasons Drop it

    • Malcolm I find that comment astonishing. When articles come up, refute them, as you just have, in part, and let people make up their own minds. That is the point of a discussion forum, you seem almost to be wanting Freemasonry to have a ‘safe space’. Nothing, surely, is unsuitable for discussion, no matter how much your lodge does in the way of good works, for which, Well done! Riding for the Disabled is a great charity.

      I am sure that sometime the thorny subject of hunting will surface, and I shall have to defend it while others will call those defenders like myself all sorts of things – that’s the nature of discussions.

      I think your comment is extremely unfair to Flyer, who was asked by me to put this up for discussion. I hope he won’t be dissuaded from doing so in future, should he want to – argue your case, as Anthony has done, but don’t try to shut down debate, please.

      • Dee – Thing is, I never did suggest that you would find anything sinister in Masonic lodges and I’d be very surprised if you did. This article was never about Craft level Freemasons. I mentioned the Royal Arch because it’s the first step a Mason takes above ordinary Craft Freemasonry, however, it’s just a baby step. It must come as a surprise to many Masons that regard themselves quite senior to learn that they are not.

        What is globalisation and the European Union if not a conspiracy.We’ve had these things foisted on us by stealth and subterfuge.

        These globalists, they always try to sell their actions as altruism, in reality I think they’re very evil people indeed. I’ve come to the conclusion though, that whatever links these people may have with Freemasonry, they’re so far removed from craft or lodge Freemasonry that we may as well regard them as a separate entity.

        I’ve had a lot of friends in the past that are Freemasons, but I’m not a Mason because I don’t believe in a higher being and I don’t worship Gods or anyone else for that matter. Well, I suppose if there is a higher being, I’ll unfortunately find out about him/her (politically correct) in due course, but I’m not going to worry about it while I’m alive.

        This was never about Malcolm or Anthony.

        As for hunting, I do it all the time. I only ever take animals for the freezer, I don’t trophy hunt rare and endangered species. We actually regard ourselves as conservationists, because we work with the forest rangers to control deer, pigs and many other pest species. We figure that if they’ve got to go, we may as well have ’em for dinner. I like animals, I won’t kill anything I don’t have a good reason to.

        • Thanks, Flyer, agree with everything you say including the hunting – so many people don’t understand that control is conservation, but that’s for another time! Tight lines! Chat soon! And thanks.

          • In the same way that the only difference between politicians is the way they market themselves, they’re all different sides of the same coin, I think religion is the same. Temple Mount Moriah has a lot to answer for, it’s amazing just how much of all religion started there.

            Certainly, the people I’m talking about have infiltrated all of the other religions. When you think about it and it has been argued, politics and religion is just a convenient divide and conquer method of controlling people. I prefer to just get these things out of my life and do just what I want to do.

            I’ve got a lot more material that is very alarming and I’ve seen enough of life to know that there’s probably a lot of truth in it. If these things are anything to do with Freemasonry, they’re perversions of Freemasonry, but I think they’re just a lot of sick people and the Masons get the blame. I’m not going to pursue this further, the Freemasons are not my target, they’re just part of the story.

            What got me going on this though, is that I noticed a certain synergy between the Masonic teachings and Political Correctness and that last article I posted confirms it. Of course it may be rubbish, but as you say too many parts of it add up.

            Well, I don’t want to upset Antony further, so I’ll shut up for now.

        • Flyer, Dee, thank you. Having just completed a whistle-stop tour of all the links on offer here is my take-home on all of this. It wasn’t the rituals and the symbolism that struck me most. It was the sheer size and scale of it. With all that wealth and influence concentrated in one global secretive organisation how useful might its nexus be to any with interests that lay beyond the mere doing of good works? I mean no slight on all those good people who are members, but, people being people, it did make me think and I think I now see the world more clearly now.

          • Neatly put, Michael.

          • Michael – this is the key thing, this organisation is massive. I’m not interested in Freemasonry itself, it’s perhaps described as an alternative belief system and they have every right to believe what they will, I don’t have a problem with that. It’s all irrelevant to me as I’ve chosen not to believe in Gods. This is why I haven’t written about some of the finer details, I just don’t care.

            What I am interested in though is certain people that crop up in Freemasonry and how it’s related to some of our problems today. The same names do keep cropping up,nobody has commented on this link yet.


            This article here really needs some thinking about, I’ll pick up on it again another time. All of the various theories about Freemasonry, when they talk about those high up in the organisation, talk about the Rothschilds, but that’s leaving out a big part of the puzzle.

            But I’m now starting to understand why I’ve always had a revulsion for the Royal Family.

          • Flyer, I read it first thing this morning, but it’s so mind blowing, though I had read hints before, on Breitbart comments I think, that I didn’t really know what to say!
            Every example that has been given has been given chapter and verse, and it makes a great deal of sense in understanding why no-one but no-one in the hierarchy of the Church has lifted a finger to help Christians anywhere in the world, while continuing to insist that Christians do their Christian duty and Welcome fighting age Muslims.

            Nothing would surprise me any more – and I also think that at the moment what I would call a sort of Deep State possibly exists in an area way above ordinary Freemasonry. What better place to hide than in a Worldwide organization known for good works. Also, who would raise an eyebrow at a group of people from all over the world supposedly meeting together to further such a worthy organization.

            I do know that the very very rich and titled elites live in the kind of world we simply can’t begin to imagine, or, frankly, want, and keep themselves very much to themselves. And they let no-body in.
            Of course this is nothing about dear lovely Anthony or about Malcolm – without wishing to be rude, what we are discussing is way out of the normal sphere of influence.

            Something that has stayed with me is how, when I was young and living in London, I discovered that some Public School men having ‘experienced’ much ‘stuff’ at school and afterwards soon became jaded with what we consider normal relationships and needed more. So some of the more unsavory Islamic practices wouldn’t worry some people too much, in fact quite the opposite.

            When you think about the large numbers on the planet that these evil Globalists intend to control, it makes sense to use the Wahhabism way. Comments on Viv’s Head in the Sand article from Australia, Canada and USA say that article applies equally to their countries.
            It is going to be very difficult to get out of this one, but we must try.

  4. Unfortunately the decisions at the top of the party have been heavily influenced by the religious lobby. You can find the names by Googling.
    I do have a high regard for Nigel Farage, and I am eternally grateful for all he has done to secure the referendum, and hopefully Brexit before too long. He does need to have some official recognition.

    However he did allow the religious lobby to hold sway two years ago. 13th April 2015 to be precise, when the humane policy was reversed.

    UKIP should not be pandering to Islam, leave that to Labour. We must have one law for all and everyone subject to the same law, with laws made in our own Parliament. No more Sharia Courts, and no Beth Din Courts either. They are also misogynist. I once had a Jewish colleague and she had been though a Beth Din divorce. It sounded horrendous from her description of it.

  5. We humans are social animals and so it is not surprising that we herd together in groups.
    The groups can be religions, social / sports clubs, or political parties etc. Or Masons. With overlaps.
    Having such groups gives some sort of Darwinian selective advantage. Those in the group give assistance to each other. Transgressors to their rules are thrown out, or decide to leave. And nobody loves them.

    For UKIP to survive as a group it needs a big idea, extending beyond Brexit. It needs to be something that the main parties are too afraid to tackle. Not everyone has the same ideas on the economy, taxation, housing etc etc, and so the big idea needs to be something else beyond such mundane details.

    My suggestion is that UKIP needs to develop the cohesive society agenda. The press conference a few weeks ago was a start, but it was a bit half-cocked, and the exclusion of Anne Marie Waters shows it was only half-hearted anyway.

    I don’t know much about Freemasonry. I do know a member of UKIP who is a Freemason. I am a bit too independently minded to join such groups.

    I am a bit too independent minded for UKIP too – nobody at the top of the party was willing to listen to my concerns about non-stun religious abattoirs, and so I allowed my membership to lapse nearly two years ago.

    I do not want us to be ruled either from Brussels or by laws from 7th century Mecca. It baffles me that UKIP is opposed to the former but, by accepting Halal abattoirs, is accepting of the latter. Sovereignty is indivisible, why do those at the top of UKIP disagree?

    • Well, at least we all know now, who all the Freemasons are in UKIP:-)

    • Hugo, I so agree. I do think that Integration, as the umbrella is an excellent Policy platform for all the rest. I too was so encouraged by a promising start, but it was handled so ineptly and then appeared to fall apart when the Leader wilted that they might as well not have bothered.
      The big idea has to be Integration, but to achieve it I’m afraid we need a complete clear out at the top including the Chairman – although if our current funder supports those that are there now we might find it difficult to keep going should he withdraw. We shall see post Election.

  6. Thanks for the article Flyer and thank you too Antony for the opposing view. I’m sure that many organisations are composed mainly of members with no hidden agenda or evil intent. I’m also sure that many organisations are used by the globalists to further their evil intent.

    No-one, not even a politician, could be so stupid as to support the mass immigration of those from a culture totally incompatible with our own. There simply has to be an agenda here. The UN Agenda 21 already sets out a plan for the future which is distinctly Orwellian in nature.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the globalists are intent on creating a new world which will benefit them enormously at the expense of the rest of us. As an example how much has Gore made out of his climate change scam which the rest of us are paying for?
    We need to be aware not dismissive; perfect information is rarely available and so-called conspiracy theories warrant consideration.

    • Perhaps I should have referred to Huxley rather than (or as well as) Orwell wrt Agenda 21…

    • Jack -Good points. Anthony’s comments are extremely useful and I can sympathise with him.

      The other point to consider is this: Freemasonry under the United Grand Lodge Of England (UGLE) is a very civilised affair. In South America, where I lived for many years and may do so again, I’ve come across some very strange Masonic practices. I once found cupboards full of torture equipment, beds of nails and other stuff.

      I’m quite prepared to accept that some of the things we hear about Freemasonry, at least as far as UGLE are concerned are a perversion of Freemasonry.

      All very difficult to fathom, but English Freemasonry isn’t the whole story. They’re a boozy bunch here in the UK and hard not to like.

    • JackT. Much of the globalist agenda can be carried out in a low profile way. But this mass immigration is in plain sight. So at least many more people now know our governments and the ruling classes are working against us. For the UK and Europe to survive patriotic parties need to be elected in all the major European nations. Patriotic leaders can win elections as shown in Hungary and Eastern Europe. It is an immense task. And even if achieved that would just be the start of the battle.

  7. I’ve been giving this some thought and all I said here is that we should ask some questions. We live in unprecedented times and we’d be silly if we didn’t ask questions.
    Looking at what is happening in the US, we have a hard core of globalists that refuse to accept a democratically elected president. The US is shaping up for at least huge civil unrest,possibly (likely) civil war. Here in Europe the globalists (of which Theresa May is certainly one) are determined to let us get invaded and erase our national identity. We have to put up with our women and children being raped and abused and the Police and the law refuse to even acknowledge the problem. We are close to losing our country and Theresa May, with a massive majority is planning to back down on border control. We are more in danger now than in either of the previous world wars, we’ve already been invaded and we won’t have borders to defend.

    When I look at some of these globalists, their credentials and associations, I’m very suspicious, there’s a can of worms still to be opened here,a very large can. There’s a lot going on in the shadows we still don’t know about, but we need to, before it’s too late.

    I’ve always enjoyed the company of Freemasons enormously and this article isn’t a dig at them,they probably know nothing about this. However, I’ve looked into this from a lot of different perspectives and I do have my suspicions about certain people. I apologise if I upset some people while I search for my silver bullet. The article itself is a bit clumsy mainly because it’s a short article and not a Theseis, it barely scratches the surface. I wanted to write this though because we do need to ask questions and in unprecedented times, perhaps we should look for unprecedented answers.

  8. It’s the funny thing about conspiracy theories isn’t it, they’re portrayed as being too outrageous to be true.

    I suppose if five years ago I’d said that Angela Merkel was going to allow her country to be flooded with millions of potential Jihadis and gang raping savages, it would have been called a conspiracy theory.

  9. Rose Lynden-Bell // May 19, 2017 at 7:34 pm // Reply

    A view from someone not remotely connected with modern Freemasonry! Just a retired surveyor. I understand that the original free masons arose in the middle-ages around the time of great cathedral building throughout Europe. The craft had stages of apprenticeship to reflect the skills mastered, from quarrying through shaping, working to templates and leading to the master masons who were top craftsmen/architects/engineers. They could work the stone free-hand hence Free Masons. Around the building sites there would be workshops or lodges for all the trades.
    If this is too simplistic, I am happy to be corrected.

  10. ‘Darkness Visible’ by Walton Hannah is an interesting read, if any1 has time for such matters.

  11. Flyer thank you. My father warned me off this when young. He told me after the death of his father (who I never met) that his dad had been very senior in the organisation and yet had warned him off it too. I’ll leave it there except to say that he also told me that many in the organisation thought it to be about charity and good works and saw nothing wrong in it and cautioned me against going any further and I’ve always respected him on that.

  12. Dear oh dear, as a senior freemason of long standing and a UKIP PPC incidentally, I don’t think I have ever read such a lot of tosh, it’s poorly researched, mostly inaccurate. A conspiracy ??. Its laughable it really is.. I think maybe flyer needs to get out more ? Have you any idea just how much money the Freemasons raise in local charity fund it’s millions. What on earth is this article doing being published in UKIP Daily anyway ?

  13. Antony Nailer // May 19, 2017 at 2:12 pm // Reply

    Flyer, you are talking conspiracy theory here. As a senior Mason now having been involved in the various sections of the wide ranging organisation for 33 year I have never ever come across any underlying society controlling interest.

    While many of the Degrees of Freemasonry relate to the building of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem around 925BC they were started in the UK in the early 1700’s. It seems clear from the numerous ceremonies that it was an attempt to disseminate science, technology and mathematics. By declaring it supported no particular religion was a way of getting around the Catholic Church and power of the Pope to control science theories.

    Many of the rituals relating to King Solomon’s Temple focus around the Children of Israel and their invasion and being taken into captivity by Nebuzaradan, the Captain of the guard of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon.

    The Orders relating to the Temple are the Craft with Apprentive, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. Then Mark all about the actual work of the stonemasons. Later chronologically is the Royal Arch Chapter dealing with the release of the Children of Israel from their captivity in Babylon/Persia and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. Then there is the Royal & Select Masters dealing with the crypt and the Holy Secrets and the word of God written and stored in the Ark of the covenant.

    In parallel with the Temple Degrees are the ones related to the Holy wars including the Knights Templars, the Rose Croix, Royal Order of Scotland, Red Cross of Constantine, Knight Templar Priests.
    Loosely referred to as the Christian Degrees.

    Despite years of conspiracy theories the Freemasons are a quasi-religious organisation who’s main aim is fellowship of its members and raising money for charity. The members are no more guilty of manipulating the world than the Round Table, the Buffalo’s or your local golf club.

    • Anthony, thanks for an opposing insight.
      I have several questions, I hope you don’t mind me asking – you are free to answer, of course, or not – and not answering doesn’t imply anything one way or another, I am just questioning.
      My first and obvious one is why the secrecy? And why the incredibly convoluted ceremonies?
      My second might be more challenging, and it is this. Might, and I say might it not be possible that given the two above, it would be,the perfect vehicle for hijack into, in some places, or some ‘levels’ of this Order, and thus use the Order for a different purpose to the one originally intended?
      I say,this because I can understand how Mr Coudenhove, or Mr Kalerghi, supposing, might have had a quite reasonable theory that a melding of all colors and all cultures would bring about a ‘whole world’ and, as he, or they might have seen it, utopia. In the beginning, in those far off days when nothing was as it subsequently turned out to be, was that not a perfectly reasonable ambition?
      Whether or not their plan was at conception well intentioned we shall never know – as things have turned out, it has been hijacked to be anything but benign.

      To my way of thinking, openness is far less likely to be hijacked than when something is secret. Might the right hand not know what the left hand is doing?

      • Dee. The supposed secrecy doesn’t really exist. All of the rituals of all of the orders are available in various books and portions of most ceremonies are available on the internet. There have been a variety of programmes on the TV about Freemasonry so there are no secrets except the handshakes and modes of recognition.

        The idea of how it came about is mentioned by Rose Lyndon-Bell in a comment above. That is one explanation where the trained stonemason worked for several years on the building of a church or cathedral alongside other properly apprenticed and trained Masons. They often had common digs in a local hostelry where they lived for a long period during a building program. They talked of their work and like unions of today tried to protect their members from those who pretended to have been properly trained and apprenticed. These people who pretended to be properly trained were not party to the secret passwords or recognition handshakes to prevent them from taking part in a build.

        The idea of Free Masons was introduced sometime later when the intellectuals or architects and engineers wanted to get involved and they were admitted to the lodges not as operative Masons but as Free and accepted.

        I don’t know of any Lodge or Chapter or Council or Conclave of Masons that is known or considered to be irregular in the way you suggest, Dee. One of the important things about Freemasonry is how Masons are encouraged to visit other Lodges to make themselves known and to enjoy the hospitality of being amongst kindly people wherever they are in the UK or in the world.

        The man who introduced me to Freemasonry was a long time friend who was a sales rep who drove all over the UK and often visited Lodges in whatever town he went to. Indeed though a Dorset Mason he became a member of a lodge in London, progressed through the Masters chair there and became its Secretary. He did likewise in South Wales and in Scotland as well. By the time I made his acquaintance he had already been Master of 4 Lodges dotted about the UK.

        As I hinted before though, I have been in it 33 years and been through the Masters chair in every order I joined and become one of the semi permanent officers, Chaplain, Assistant Director of Ceremonies, Treasurer, Secretary, and also become an active office in the Province or District in each and every order I joined, I have never had a sniff of the wheeler dealer rule the World operations that Freemasonry is accused of. As I said before, men can scheme wherever they come into contact with each other regularly. Be it the Working Men Club, or the golf club, or the gentlemans club in London or in the offices of the local Labour party. Whatever men scheme between themselves has nothing specifically to do with Freemasonry and it is not a cult that even attempts to insinuate itself into the government of a country and corrupt it.

        As part of the charge after Initiation are the words; ‘As a citizen of the world, I am to enjoin you to be exemplary in the discharge of your civil duties, by never proposing or at all countenancing any act that may have a tendency to subvert the peace and good order of society, by paying due obedience to the laws of any state which may for a time become the place of your residence or afford you its protection, and above all, by never losing sight of the allegiance due to the Sovereign of your native land, ever remembering that nature has implanted in your breast a sacred and indissoluble attachment towards the country whence derived your birth and infant nurture.’
        Such is the nature of the rituals that accompany all the degrees, encouraging the highest ideals.

        • Thanks you, Anthony, extremely interesting, especially the charge after initiation.
          I’m sure that every organization, or most, are founded by, and are full of members with the highest ideals – I’m sure it is the case with the lodges you describe.
          However, being devils advocate, I would just observe that those organizations, like Governments, that have high ideals are the Some of the best places for those with a different agenda to hide in plain sight.
          I would give the White Helmets as one only slightly different example….and then there is the So-called United Nations….all Western Government….and so on.

          • Dee – This is a very interesting point. Freemasonry does get hijacked. A lot of Freemasons I have met have just been opportunistic grifters. This isn’t supposed to happen in Freemasonry, but it does, sometimes they’re just too trusting.

            Is Freemasonry the problem or is the problem that a lot of the people that are the problem, happen to be Freemasons?

            People that if they try for long enough will eventually network with people they’d never usually even meet. It happens.

            If tony Blair is a Freemason and there’s a lot of evidence to suggest he is, they’ve already got one well known war criminal and opportunistic grifter among their ranks. Maybe it’s about time they had a clear out.

          • Flyer, I think you could be right, from what Anthony says it sounds very much as if they are only too willing to give helping hands and brotherly love to all who come their way. Or even people who have started off with good intentions and have since fallen into bad hands. As you say, it happens. Many people still believe the Government has our best interests at heart, and the White Helmets are like the Red Cross only braver.

    • This wasn’t really about Craft level Freemasons, mostly very descent people. But this article just scratches the surface and there’s too much information out there.

      The slightly eccentric men that every town has and their rituals, it is not about them and it is regrettable that I may offend them.

      • Flyer, please continue continue to write articles on this subject.
        It’s a pity if we are constrained in discussion by the fear that we might upset anyone.
        The thing is, although I’ve always opposed the EU, I kind of took it for granted that in the main the people we elect might have had different views to me as to the right way forward, but I never thought that Governments would actively work in the interests, not of us, but of a group that we now call Globalists. It wasn’t until I wanted to understand why Merkel was allowing people into Europe who were obviously not going to be an asset that I started to look into what was happening. What I found was so hard to believe that even my partner didn’t at first.
        I think, like your comment about Angela Merkel and conspiracy, few of us would ever have believed any of it, some years ago.
        Of course not all MP’s are Globalists, many simply work for the good of their constituents – the same might well be the case with Freemasons.

        There is no doubt that what is happening in the World is being driven by a body of people co-ordinating in many countries – finding the link is the key, though whether they can be stopped is doubtful. Knowledge in this case may not be power, but it would certainly help, now people are waking up.

        • Dee
          I am coming from the same place as you. Like you I always assumed our government was doing what they thought best for the nation. With the politicians arguing over the policy details and direction. So I am still struggling to adjust to a different paradigm. That our Government is pursuing a globalist agenda that is not openly discussed with the voters. A global agenda that will radically change our nation and is not to our advantage. Which is why the politicians do not wish to consult the voters.
          I suspect an MP needs to be a globalist to make it into the cabinet. The MPs who work for the good of their constituents – they’ll be on the back benches.
          Were these politicans initially patriotic ? What changed them ? Viktor Orban fights for his nation – that is how a leader should be – inspiring the people – getting their loyalty. The possibility that our government is not fighting for the interests of the people of this nation is just appalling and unacceptable. I have joined UKIP to get involved in politics. Once the GE out of the way we need to get organised and find out if the the grassroots think as we do. If so get enough support to install suitable leadership for UKIP.

          • Maximus, we so do – it’s the only hope. It is appalling that no one has any choice on what is happening, no one to vote for who gives that choice. That’s all we can do, and we must do it, but we must also be aware of the Titanic struggles and demonization by Globalist media and leftists, of people who answer the call – Wilders, Le Pen, the wonderful Orban, the Austrian opposition among others, and top of the list, President Trump. It won’t be easy, we need a Leader with guts on top of the brief.

    • Here is the Royal Arch ceremony, I know it’s genuine. It quite clearly mentions the “One True God.” A god that was around in 925BC. No mention here of The Grand Architect Of The Universe.

      • The One True God or any of the other names used in relation to old Testament times in Freemasonry is really the ones in use at that time and in that part of the World referred to YHWH which is a non consonant tetragrammatron. It should really be pronounced Yah Wee Hah Wee but is usually referred to as Yahwey or Yahway and also as Jehovah. That God was just one of a selection used by the ancient peoples who hadn’t worked out that you didn’t need a team of Gods responsible for whatever was observed of nature or universal creation.

        The Egyptians had a multiplicity of Gods and it was Tutankamun’s father Akhenaten who decided there should be just one god. Tutankhamun also supported his father’s one god policy but after his early death the elite who had been sidelined previously came back with a vengence and reintroduced the multiplicity of gods.

        The shepherd king people(the Hebrews)under Moses adopted the one king of Akhenaten and took it back to Palestine where they established YHWH as the only God. The rest as they say is History.

        • Oops. The non-consonant should read consonant-only. Also YHWH should be read as Yah Ho Wee Ho but is usually written with the tailing H omitted.
          I should have re-read the script before posting.

  14. I wrote it with you in mind Dee XX.

    Blair, Barroso are reputedly 33 degree Freemasons, both Knights of Malta. There are a lot of points to cover if people are interested, I will.

    In the meantime, here’s another fascinating video and a very good one, that talks about the Masonic God. Scary stuff!!

    • Antony Nailer // May 19, 2017 at 4:26 pm // Reply

      There is no Masonic God. Members are free to continue with their own religion and not have to in any way adopt a different one.

      If one believes the Universe was created by God then it matters not ones route to belief in that entity.

      The different degrees in Freemasonry refer to God by different names, usually related to the subject of the Degree.

      In the Craft it is The Great Architect of the Universe because that is applicable to the leader of the team building the Temple and drawing the plans for the work.

      In the Mark the entity is referred to as The Great Overseer and related to the leaders of the teams of Masons employed in that mammoth task.

      In the Royal Arch Chapter and Royal & Select Masters it is the Supreme Being or Supreme Ruler.

      Masonry is made up of ordinary people of all walks of life. It is hoped that as people who are perceived to be of the right temperament and character are encouraged to join there is in that way a sort of selection process.

      This does not of course sift out all the bad apples and some bring the whole thing into disrepute, while others cause controversy and upset within a single Lodge or Chapter or Council (or whatever it is called).

      Generally though the various orders are peaceable, interesting, challenging, and entertaining to be part of.

      The dichotomy (that’s a fine word I have been trying to use for a while) of Freemasonry is that on the one hand all members are meant to be equal and on the level, whilst on the other there is a hierarchy within each Lodge, within each District of Province and within the Grand Lodge and Grand councils.

      The solution for me was to give respect due to a man according the the apron worn for the ceremony but to treat him as an equal when the regalia was put away.

      I hope that helps.

    • I’m interested! Please cover all points – it is a relief to have a subject other than the General Election! Thank you Flyer, in advance xx

    Franco’s Spain
    Adolf’s Germany

  16. Thanks for this salutory insight into one of the less edifying traits of homo not so sapiens, Flyer.

  17. Thank you very much for this article, Flyer, I have yet to watch all the links provided, however I have previously watched ‘The lightbringers, the emissaries of Jahbulon’ when you provided it before, it is well worth watching if you only have time for one.

    Can we beat what we are up against? I think there is no way through so called democracy, which they have nicely stitched up. Have we the guts and energy for a bloody battle, which I think will be the only way to free ourselves. I doubt it.

    I would be interested to know more about the Journalistic one that Alex Jones is seen to briefly infiltrate in The Lightbringers video, are there any videos which go deeper into that section of Freemasonry?

    Thanks again, Flyer, I shall work my way through, starting at the top.

    • Dee, you could always inquire about Womens Freemasonry that has Lodges all over the country and about 300,000 members.

      • Interesting, Anthony, I had no idea there were women Freemasons – how did they come about, as in the days when it started, surely there weren’t any women Masons? Do they have the same rituals and regalia as men?

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