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Life limps on … for ten more days

Editorial Note: This article is the follow-on to yesterday’s article on the Bolton affair.

So it’s going to be BAU, that’s ‘business as usual’, after all. You’ve seen the terse statement from the Interim Chairman Paul Oakden which was issued about 5.30 p.m. after the NEC had made their decision on the ‘Bolton Affair’. If, as is now common, that communication didn’t reach you, go here.

If this message was designed to calm down the members in the hope that we’ll all go away now and be quiet, then it failed – let me explain why.

Firstly, we get the bare bones:

“Both the committee and the Leader understand the strength of feeling on this coverage and are keen to work collectively in finding a resolution that best protects the future prospects of UKIP.”

That’s nice. The ‘feelings’ of the members are understood and now our leaders will seek a resolution to protect ‘the future prospects of UKIP’. Keenly. Collectively. Why do I associate ‘Polit Bureau’ with that statement ….

Note also that it refers to the ‘press coverage’ – not the actual events which led to said press coverage.

The next paragraph has more weasel words and is an excellent example of obfuscation: time was too short – ‘all the evidence’ couldn’t be discussed –  ‘a further investigation’ is now needed.

What, asks the ordinary member, needs to be ‘further’ investigated? Are the tweets published by both the participants in this affair – published well before the bad, lying MSM picked them up – not evidence? Does the NEC now need statements from all involved, in addition to those we’ve already seen in the MSM? Oh, I forgot: the MSM all lie, and there is, of course, much which had to be kept secret – except the affair HB and JM themselves made public on their social media accounts. What are these ‘secrets’ which apparently needed to be kept secret from the NEC and of course from us members? Putting those ‘secrets’ on the table for the NEC – is that what the statement understands to be ‘further investigations’? Is that the ‘new evidence’ which they say they need to find? Why couldn’t this have been put on the NEC table already?

So we will have to wait, for ten days … and then what?

I’m certain that in any case we ordinary members won’t be told. We’ll still have to go with what we get to read in the lying MSM. We’re simply expected to – limp on.

Never mind that our former voters whose votes we need in the coming Local Elections will have read these same stories in the MSM and will throw them at our heads. Instead of talking about important local and national issues (Brexit, anyone?) we’ll have to argue about this affair without knowledge of those ‘secrets’ – good luck with that on the doorsteps!

But there’s more:

“No further comment will be made on this issue by the central party, or any NEC member until that meeting has concluded.”

In other words, ordinary members are expected to stew in the MSM soup while the ‘central party’ (what is that? The management team? The management team plus NEC?) and the NEC have gagged themselves. Nothing will be said; nothing will be let out, especially not to us members.

Note this well, dear friends: we are now all the ‘fringe party’.

That sentence alone shows that nothing at all has changed in the party culture. It is still wedded to the top-down regime, to keeping things secret, to obfuscation, to no transparency, to keeping everything inside ‘the clique’. Now we have a new term for it: ‘central party’. Forgive me if I am the only one who associates this with ‘central committee’, but I can’t help that.

We can now conclude that the ‘central party’ has closed ranks, that the leader is determined to sit this out, and that of course there will be no apology forthcoming. After all, when did any leader of any Politbureau and Central Committee ever deem it necessary to apologise to the ‘fringe party’!

Meanwhile, members are leaving; branches are passing motions of no confidence. That doesn’t seem to concern the ‘central party’. Now they’ve spoken, they simply expect the ‘fringe party’ to be loyal as per usual.

But has the leader, has the ‘central party’ been loyal to us? Well, have they?

A week is a long time in politics – ten days are even longer. And isn’t the central party lucky that the MSM are full of Ms May’s cabinet reshuffle! HB’s affair, for them, is at the moment as newsworthy as a report on the difficulties of the president of an allotment association (apologies to all allotment associations and allotment holders!).

These ten coming days will not be a time of grace. They will be ten days of hell for the duped, distraught, betrayed members who are still left without any closure. This prevarication will not be forgotten or forgiven by the ‘fringe party’!

The leader and the ‘central party’ have a choice: hide behind legalities and lose us, the fringe party, without whom they’d not be ‘central’ of anything, or do the right thing: acknowledge that this latest mess was of the leader’s own creation and that the ‘fringe party’ at the very least deserves an apology. Now!

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168 Comments on Life limps on … for ten more days

  1. Has anyone noticed.
    Ther’s a parliamentary debate now due to debate OUT NOW NO DEAL BREXIT 22nd Jan on. I would suggest our best and most cutting jokes and observations to assist Brexiteers.

    Also cast iron cases and examples from all industries which could be gathered on UKPD to refute any incorrect points made by remainers….And there’ll be hundreds

    • From the video Bolton believes this scandal has raised the profile of the party. Meanwhile according to the reports he has cheated on every wife he’s been married to.

      I have met guys like him before. The way they treat women is simply not up for discussion because it is such an integral part of their being. I am sure if we were to question his wives they would report he was a control freak / narcissist. The thing is these women often support their partners financially and although they are mentally abused a lot of them still think their partners are God’s gift to mankind.

      Bolton is serious bad news whatever way you look at it. If he is allowed to stay on as leader any self-respecting Kipper should leave the party immediately.

      He’s blaming the left-wing press for all whoever that might be. Another property of a narcissist is to blame others for their failings.

    • The left-wing media? Most of the revelations are in the Daily Mail! He’s psychotic in the strictest sense of the word; someone who creates their own reality bubble despite all real-world evidence to the contrary. His marriage was over for a number of years? So why did he have children then???

    • It’s funny tho’ ~ he looks a bit like Jim Hacker.
      He is certainly just as clueçess, and agenda~less.
      ‘A man of integrity’ 🙂 LOL ( as they say ).

  2. Vivian, Mr Bav, Graham, Rhys, Purplepotty and many others, thanks for the comments which have added required clarity to this opportunity Henry Bolton has kindly provided.

    He must go and quick, if he waits ten days and does not resign there will be trouble.

    It is clear that there is a chronic degree of mistrust between the HQ-NEC and the local level rank and file party members.
    That must be resolved. Any party HQ which is mistrusted and not functioning on the ordinary organisational tasks requires reform.

    Many on here say that there is sufficient capability amongst the tried and trusted membership to lead and organise the party. There is no time better than now for reformation

    Someone from these pages who is trusted and known should become a much needed leader (not necessarily the leader) to deal with UKIP HQ on behalf of the membership.

  3. NO WAY TO RUN A PARTY – OK so what John Bickley indicates below, albeit indirectly, is that there will be a no-confidence motion in accordance with constitution. But why cannot this be announced to the membership more broadly, so that the members have the chance to express their feelings to the NEC members? And given that we don’t even have email addresses for NEC members, we have to trawl through their facebook pages, twitter accounts, web pages, etc to track them down.

    In fact, it is hard to know who the NEC members even are BECAUSE THE UKIP.ORG WEBSITE IS WRONG!!!! If you go to this page:

    You will find at least one NEC member missing, Paula Jones Waters. WTF is going on that they can’t even get this right?????? I don’t have time to go back and try to reconcile who is actually on the NEC, if someone important reading this could check and send a note around it would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Note there is another page showing the composition of the NEC when you go into MyUKIP which is even more out of date, so what we have is TWO wrong versions and not a single correct one.

    Here is my idea of how the NEC vote will break down (based on my guess of who is on the NEC), “Yes” means they support Henry continuing

    Bolton – Yes
    Oakden – Yes
    Bickley – Yes
    Oakley – Yes
    Crowther – Yes
    Wauchope – Yes
    Bown – Yes

    McGough – No
    Fanning – No
    Waters – No
    Jones – No
    Mills – No

    Finch – who knows, if it doesn’t involve Everton then no opinion
    Sprason – who knows

    So what this suggests is that you cannot get to 9 NEC members who don’t support him. And he doesn’t want to resign. So you’re stuck with him!

    • Using my tea leaves, pretty sure Bickley is a No. Wauchope probably a no also.

      There’s a couple of waiverers in there so it could get to be a win for no-confidence people.

      It will be tight.

      • I don’t see the path. Henry only needs 5 supporters. Oakden is a given. Crowther and Bown must be almost given. So only 2 more. Not too difficult for him.

  4. I know we’re all worried and angry ( mainly for time wasted ), But we need to think.

    I can think of at least 4 people who I believe could run the party if they could just find the proper support. There are certainly several more but not known. Whoever it may be they’l need A quick plan to get money in. General support from every branch in the country. castration of the nec and Ltd Co.until after agreed reform. Write off of debts or acceptable terms for Debtors. Etc. Write a full complete and true CV to include spare time, to be ready for whatever. Decide on a course of action and do it. but be ready for anything.

    In the meantime calm down and don’t say anything without thinking about possible damage.

    Blimey, I hate myself being falsely reasonable like this. I’m just saying.

    But. Never ever trust a committee.

  5. A post from Diane James has arrived on my facebook page. It part reads “I am doing everything I can to get us out of the EU. Are you with me”. I don’t know how long it’s been there but it has over 5,000 ‘likes’ and 771 comments, the majority as far as I can see profess to be ‘with her’. I don’t think that UKIP would get 5000 ‘likes’ if they asked the same question – but then they never would, would they?

  6. If Mr Bolton remains as leader, then UKIP will be finished as any kind of political force.
    I warned in a comment last year about UKIP becoming infiltrated by the Establishment, either to crush them or to use them.
    Now UKIP may or may not have been directly infiltrated by the Establishment, but certainly the Establishment have been handed a gift horse in the mouth to finally crush UKIP, destroy it, and thus destroy any resistance to the Brexit betrayal that will surely gather pace now.
    Can UKIP be saved? I hope so, certainly I’d like to commend my fellow commenters and contributors here on UKIP Daily, and state that UKIP does still have many good people left in it.
    But speaking as someone ‘on the outside looking in’, what I believe is needed is a way to appoint a new leader without another costly leadership election, but also a way to remove Paul Oakden (the seemingly permanent ‘interim’ chairman) and shake up the structure and membership of the NEC. Something is badly wrong and rotten at the core (top) of UKIP, and it needs to be investigated by fresh eyes, and rooted out, so that UKIP can be revived and reinvigorated.
    Accusations were levelled at Anne Marie Waters out of fear that she would turn UKIP into a ‘one-issue’ party (that one-issue namely being Islam) yet Henry Bolton was quite happy to keep UKIP’s focus on Brexit, surely keeping UKIP as a ‘one-issue’ party?
    The Tory government is awful, the Labour opposition is useless, as another commenter has pointed out Westminster is there for the taking if one of the smaller parties can get their act together. Or is this all part of the Establishment plan, to make the UK government and Parliament so weak and ineffective that the only ‘solution’ is to hand all powers to a central Brussells ‘government’ (read dictatorship)?

    • Henry Bolton was quite happy to keep UKIP’s focus on Brexit-don’t make me laugh, he has hardly said a word about the subject since being elected. I would like to know just what he has been doing apart from tinkering around with party structures. What has happened to the much talked about ‘OUT NOW’ campaign, he should have been concentrating his efforts on that, and jumping all Theresa May’ inept handling of the EU negotiations and the EU Withdrawal Bill in parliament. Instead he has chosen to be largely invisible and saying very little. I was told back in November 2017 by Printbridge that every branch in the country should have been sent a box containing 1000 OUT NOW leaflets, 50 metal badges, and 140 sticky lapel badges. My branch still hasn’t received them and nor have any other branches that I know. So we ordered 20,000 leaflets of our own which we are now delivering across our constituency. I was told by the delivery company in Exeter that these boxes are still sitting in their warehouse because the party had not supplied them with delivery addresses. How incompetent is this, there is just no organisation whatsoever. I sent an e-mail to Henry Bolton asking for answers, and am still waiting for a reply. The issue is obviously of little importance to him. After the events of the past week having brought the party into disrepute, Henry is finished as leader of our once great party. He has to go, but it would be more honourable for him to resign his position rather than being pushed. However we have to allow the NEC to do what is necessary, and we at the grassroots level have to soldier on. There is no other option. We cannot allow the party to die in this fashion. The way I see it, David Kurten is the only way out of this mess. He would truly make great leader and his oratory skills are probably on par with the great Nigel Farage. Failing this scenario, the oly other person capable of turning this party around is Suzanne Evans, if she can be persuaded to do it

      • Why do you think only one of the ‘prominence’ can really really lead and we must choose from those we’ve already rejected?
        Why should there not be a proper grassroots candidate? There are so many talented Kippers with life experience – why would they be worse than Evans, O’Flynn, Kurten, Whittle or indeed Bolton?

        • Vivian, I agree with you. There is no reason why an activist from the grassroots cannot do it, providing they have the necessary skills. Why don’t you put your name forward, after all you’ve written enough posts on this issue today

        • The difficulty for a potential grass roots candidate is the £5000 deposit to be able to stand in the first place. Otherwise we might well have seen some previously unknown talent coming to the fore.


          • There are donors … not necessarily the known Big Donors, but many smaller ones who, I’m sure, would chip in.

        • Well you`ve heard my best man Viv,
          Gerard Batten, I have always thought he was coherent, competent and unflustered and was especially pleased when he took over from the spluttering Nuttall in one Stafford interview, I believe I said we had elected the wrong man then.
          I have never heard anything against him except maybe he has refused to go along with HO nonsense and thus his face doesn`t fit?.
          As I said below I think he would represent the real UKIP far better than Kurten who I do rate, but I don`t think he has been here long enough yet, he`d be ideal 2nd to Batten.
          but what do I know? I`m only a view from the boundary!

        • Vivian, agreed,
          In fact it would be far better were UKIP run and led by the tried and tested grassroot members.

          Conservative central HQ lost touch with its membership (deliberately). The influence of local Conservative associations has been neutralised. Selection by the CCHQ or whatever its now called. Hence membership down from its earlier millions to under 100,000.

          The same disconnect exists with the Parliamentary Labour Party and the people it purported to represent. Now momentum is influencing Labour selection.

          UKIP HQ needs to be run more by the grassroots.

      • Suzanne Evans to turn the party around? God help us!!

    • I think you misunderstand – greatly. The people at the core of UKIP are more establishment than the current establishment. They feel betrayed by the current establishment that Cameron took to the centre following the success of the Blair model and the disaster of Michael Howard (the nasty party). To them, leaving the EU was a way for the traditional establishment to take back control of the country from this new establishment. Why do you think the leaders all wear tweed (even Nuttall, from Bootle, donned the cloth)? But then what happened is they noticed labour voters in the north could also be allies to leave the EU although what motivated them was quite different, but there were lots of them and so UKIP swivelled to target them, but still with the old establishment at the core. This was never an easy alliance, and it is still the main fault line today, not the AMW thing which is a load of rubbish as Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson have been far more aggressive over far longer a period than she has. She was ejected not because of her views on islam, but because she was non-establishment and would have blown the party up at the top. How could these establishment people (read: the donors) be seen in the same room as her, a street soapbox rabbble-rouser lesbian (interestingly, Nikki Sinclair was OK with them as she/he was more their social class, the sexual side isn’t an issue either) So someone they felt comfortable with had to be found and used to attack her, and with her capricious personality it was obvious she’d walk out the door of her own accord. Henry was brought in late in the day, with Nigel’s reference, nobody had ever heard of him before (the exact words of Suzanne Evans the day he was elected), perfect establishment background, but whoops – absolutely no political leadership potential! Hence we are where we are, these are the final death throes of the original UKIP establishment, still so selfish that they would rather the party – which they feel they are the rightful owners of – go down rather than they lose control.

      • Well said Graham. It wasn’t AMW’s being a lesbian that did for her in the eyes of the central party. It wasn’t even her forthright views on Islam. MEPs and others near the top have said much the same about Islam and remain in good standing. Nigel didn’t “very much hope they would leave”, only AMW.

        It is that she is not “one of us”. She has worked – the horror – as a *secretary* in the NHS. They would just ignore her and treat her with contempt, like they do with everyone else who isn’t “one of us”, except for the fact that she is an outstanding orator and therefore a threat to them. Her views on Islam were just the handiest stick to beat her with.

        As you say, they would rather UKIP be brought to its current desperate state than that they should lose control. The fact that the desperate state is largely the in-group’s fault is ignored. Groupthink allows them to ignore it.

        • Although to be fair, Lisa Duffy worked in TK Maxx

        • …yes, timid group think allied to control freakery is a peculiarly English disease.

          And isn’t it astounding that Farage spent all those years breaking this very phenomenon down to a point where he almost single handedly got the nation its referendum only for this week for him to bizarrely suggest “maybe just maybe” a second vote was needed to back up the first open, informed and DEMOCRATIC result on 23/6/16.

          I think he has drunk to much beer this week.

    • Purple Potty Mouth // January 9, 2018 at 10:22 pm // Reply

      It’s time for those good people to rise up – and take control, just like 17.4 million people voted to do on June 23 2016.
      Who is with me?

      • I think there might be quite a few who’ve posted comments here today and yesterday who’d be with you.

      • Yes – why can’t all the Brexit orgs get together for a big pro-Brexit march in London or local marches?
        Why do we see the EU flag paraded outside our parliament – so lets get together like the pro-hunting lot did and show our feelings!

      • Does your first name begin with the letter H?

    • Dear Stuart,

      Why is it always the NEC’s fault? The NEC didn’t elect the last three leaders, you the membership did (including me as a member). So maybe we all need to be a little introspective at this time and recognise our joint responsiblity for the party’s current problems. The members are also solely responsible for electing 12 NEC members.

      I accept that in the case of all internal elections you can only choose from what’s on offer, so if you don’t like what’s on offer put yourself up for election or encourage someone you rate to stand.

  7. ‘Brexit is in jeopardy. I am convinced it will not be delivered without renewed strong pressure from the people through UKIP’. Would you believe that that is the opening of the 2018 membership renewal letter signed by our Henry. The response from my branch ex treasurer is, ‘You are right. Brexit IS in jeopardy and UKIP is hindering not helping. You are damaging the cause not furthering it…’ Suffice to say that this long standing member is not renewing. The current Treasurer is unlikely to renew, and neither is the Secretary. No one else has put their names forward for the positions and there are no committee members so that is that. The end of Totnes Branch of UKIP is nigh. It is just hanging on there for the outcome of the NEC meeting in 9 days time. I am so angry on behalf of all of the folk who have dedicated so much time towards UKIP in general and towards winning the Referendum in particular and who have been let down ever since by the Party’s shambolic catalogue of disastrous leaders. Fishing For Leave, the industry campaign group, set up in the spring of 2016, is clear and focused on what it wants – out of the Common Fisheries Policy on 29 March 2019, two years after Appeaser May triggered Article 50. Why has UKIP not selected this and other key topics to focus on to give the Party direction? I am now going to give my support to Fishing For Leave until Nigel returns to his rightful place as leader of a committed Brexit party.

    • My branch also faded away like this. Yet nobody seem to care. It didn’t seem that any of the management team At Central party even noticed.

  8. PurplePottymouth // January 9, 2018 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    Whoops-I missed one. Christmas holidays- a time when all is quiet in politics, when the press pack are nosing around for something, anything to fill space.
    Either this shows a massive, YUUGE lack of judgement & nous on the part of our leader …..or….. he did it deliberately, crossing his fingers no terrorist attack, extreme weather phenomenon or another ‘he groped me 15 years ago’ tale came along to spoil his game
    OK Henry, which one is it?

  9. It’s UKIP’s Tory libertarians who have brought us to this pass, and who remaining in denial will probably bring final extinction. They’d prefer that rather than call AMW in to rescue the cause.

    As in time of war, national survival isn’t about Left and Right, it’s about solidarity, patriotism and a hefty dollop of state initiative. Get that or die.

    All true patriots should now seriously consider 4B.

    • Quercus : I like a whole load of what you post on here……..but as to AMW…….? I assure you that she would not ‘rescue the cause’.
      Even leaving aside the Issue of Islamism and whether majoring on that would or would not cause splits within the ranks………leaving that wholly to one side……..have you ever actually been to a Meeting which she has addressed ?
      I went to one last summer in Gateshead, totally open minded. However I left totally underwhelmed : I am afraid that irrespective of the content ( and as to the content that is strangely wooly, esp. for a solicitor ) her delivery is I am afraid embarrassingly inept.
      She reminded me a bit of that female popstar character in Father Ted.

      • Heard her at hustings. You’ll never get everyone to agree on a particular personality, Rhys. In the end it’s policies that matter.

  10. Purple Potty Mouth // January 9, 2018 at 4:49 pm // Reply

    Let me get this absolutely clear – and I am sure many others take a similar view. The state of a person’s marriage is none of our business if it does not impede his or her capacity to do the job – in this case lead UKIP. If a marriage is rocky, infidelity, and/or susceptibility to someone making a play for you is not uncommon and is understandable. It’s not uncommon if you spend a lot of time apart for one, or both parties to end up playing away, especially if alcohol is involved (to with the HoC, MEPs etc – my son said he would not go steady or marry while he was still in the army after what he had seen go on) So what’s my problem?
    It’s this – Firstly behaviour reminiscent of that little gnome Robin Cook – who chucked his wife en route to a holiday after a phone call saying the press were outing his affair. Secondly, the speed, note that Cook had been having an affair, here we have someone meet a girl at the local branch Christmas party the day before his journey to Vienna for a family break, he then dashes back on Xmas eve when every fule know that 24/12(continental)25/12(UK) is THE big family day of the year. From Boxing day on he’s squiring JM around – wonder what he did on Xmas day – no please don’t tell me.After posting on social media they get spotted at a hotel so he has to go public a la Cook.
    Right – all within 2 weeks and this is supposed to be a person who understands strategy, who is cautious, who wanted to spend time understanding how UKIP worked to master his brief thoroughly? Then he throws everything up for a girl who with the most cursory investigation, is not really suitable as a leader’s partner, especially not leader of a party always getting trolled by common purpose stooges. Most people in a rocky marriage – especially a rocky marriage where the kids are so young – and I’ve known plenty in my time, friends, rellies, spouse(of 33 years)do not throw it all in for someone they have just met!!!!
    Which brings me neatly to all those who have said
    Establishment/CP plant?
    Wants a way out of being UKIP leader?
    Well Henry, which is it – or are you just totally lacking in judgement?

  11. If Henry Bolton goes then surely, rather than endure another leadership election, and in view of the fact that the person who came second then left the party, David Kurten should be appointed leader. He is a sensible and attractive choice.

  12. In a way UKIP made the same mistake as Labour, in running a leadership contest before really working out what the party stood for or what its future purpose is.

    Labour is now saddled with Corbyn or similar for the foreseeable future.

    UKIP effectively gave up being a radical party by electing Bolton, and yet the combined votes of the radical candidates exceeded his votes. He made it clear that the radicals are not welcome.

    Failing to recognise that being anti-EU is now mainstream was the difficulty. Then encouraging the radicals to leave put the nail in the coffin.

    I do wonder whether commenters here are being too harsh on Bolton. We all make mistakes in our life. His marriage failing is regrettable but really is not our business to moralise upon that happening.

    UKIP made a choice not to be radical when it selected Bolton. Probably the best thing for UKIP now is to focus purely on ensuring Brexit happens, and then call it a day once we leave the EU.

  13. Is there anything wrong in dismissing HB and appointing Kurten (next in line 3rd AMW gone) as
    Temporary Acting Leader with full powers usual to the leader.
    Chairman is then within his gift (with the agreement of NEC)
    Personally I am impressed by Gerard Batten, in my opinion he is the only “goodun” out of the top echelon, so if the NEC have any interest in helping the party to get out of this hole of our own making, they should appoint him – a long term “real Kipper” (not one of these Johnny come lately`s- who cannot possibly feel the still beating heart of the battle hardened street fighting UKIP)

    • If David Kurten was not chosen I agree that Gerrad should be leader. He is one of the original committee and is totally dedicated to the cause

    • Getting rid of Henry would need an EGM which us expensive, unless he falls on his sword.

      Acting leader would then be the choice of the NEC – who would probably NOT pick David Kurten as it would prevent him standing in the a tual contest, should he wish to do so.

      • I doubt it would actually need an EGM ~ if the NEC vote clearly in favour of a Motion of No Confidence surely even someone as obtuse / stupid as HB would get the message and resign at that point ?
        He just has no reason to stay on ~ even before the shenanigans he demonstrated v v clearly that he simply had no idea what to do as Leader. None !

        • If Henry refuses to resign, than an EGM is mandatory, and I gather a quote from Twitter earler today on here suggests that is the case?

    • On a point of info : does NEC have clear discretion as to whom it appoints Interim Leader ? If so I would agree they should go for Gerard Batten or David Kurten ~and then not rush to have a full on election…….leave it as long as Constitution permits so we can see what the Interim Leader makes of the opportunity.
      Anyone able to cite the precise rules please ?

      • 7.11 Where a vacancy in the Party Leadership occurs unexpectedly, the NEC shall within fourteen days appoint an Interim Leader to lead the Party until a Leadership election takes place. Such Interim Leader shall have all the powers of the Party Leader under this Constitution as if he had been elected to that post.

    • I do also agree, Gerard Batten, rhetorically sound and I do believe he would come across well.
      The party is under continuous attack from the MSM plus the lab/lib/con coalition their reason being driven by fear of UKIP potential.
      I did vote for AM W”aters but it was not to be, fair do’s
      Bolton won,gave Bolton a month trial to sound him out, sadly he has let ue down.
      Long term post-mortems will not help time is really of the essence and I do believe yet another leadership election must be held, personally I don’t give a damn what those outside of the party say/think we will eventually get the right person.

  14. So if Henry goes, who has enough gravitas to replace him? Kurten maybe but he’s too much a fundamental Christian for me and whilst I otherwise like him, I don’t think he’s clever enough. I just can’t see anyone else, we’ve tried all the obvious candidates now and found them wanting. Let’s face it, an unpaid job that will cost you money, with a guarantee of having any tiny indiscretion exposed and of being constantly smeared, ridiculed and otherwide ignored by the media ? No chance whatever of being elected to public office and a guarantee that at least 30% of your own party having preferred someone else.
    You would have to be mad person …and that what we’ll get next time too.

    • Not clever enough? David has a first class degree in Chemistry from St. Andrews, a Post Graduate in Chemistry from Bath and a Masters from Southampton. He is a Member of the London Assembly so has been elected to public office. He is certainly not mad,gets on well with people and is a thoroughly nice bloke. I voted for him in the leadership election.

      • I had no idea about the academic distinction.
        He should certainly make sure people DO know about it come next election.
        Of course, academic ability and application are not everything, ( Nigel had none, as far as I recall, and was none the worse for it ) but to the extent that you cite it surely is a guarantee of high intelligence : one cannot imagine someone who can think things through to the extent needed to garner all those accolades ‘doing a Bolton’ in quite the same abjectly stupid way.

    • What’s wrong with being a fundamental Christian. That’s just what the country needs. Truth, justice,to honour God.
      What could be more desirable?

      • Perfectly okay in my opinion. Even if a person is not a Christian, in the sense of being a regular churchgoer, it is still possible to have basic Christian values – which would be equally desirable.


    • Good point about leadership pay or the lack of it.
      Henry said in the leadership campaign words to the effect that he had his own source of income – but has he? He certainly will have nothing much after a divorce.
      If Henry goes then only a UKIP MEP should be allowed to stand for leadership or someone with substantial proven income.
      There are MEPs Batten, Etheridge, Collins to name but three. Let’s face it, the bar is now set very low for the next leader!

  15. Some great comments especially from Mr BAV. I sent my views to NEC members before the meeting yesterday. I have not seen Oakden’s email being in the 30% who do not get email from the ‘Central Party’, whatever that means. My basic point was that the NEC should pass a vote of no confidence in Bolton, his ‘story’ appeared for 6 days running in the Daily Mail and of course other msm outlets.

    I totally agree with the comment by Mr BAV at 11.21am but who is going to start it and where. Will UKIP Daily carry a link?

    • Reading between the lines, the “ten days” meeting is to address your request, Alec.

    • If you have the email addresses of ALL the NEC Members maybe you could post them here so that others can also email them ?
      ALso ~ if you did not do so already, could you please email them a link to the specific articles on the HB situation on here and point out that the comments are running in the order of 97% to the effect that he just cannot stay on : he is already a laughing stock and this cannot change.
      How could he ever appear again on QT and not be laughed off the platform ? HOW ??

      He had four months to establish himself in the public mind with policies / personality whatever.

      Failed to do so; has NO discernible policy on MUI ~ what was he for anyway, even prior to the shenanigans coming to light ?
      And no, whilst other well established ( big difference ) pols have had marital breakups / switched to secretaries and whatever most of them suffered for it politically in some way, but in any event I don’t recall any quite as callous as leaving 2 x pre school age children as well as a breastfeeding wife ( who, btw, has exerted herself to leave home and work in Austria as the sole breadwinner in the family ).
      And then we have the utterly bizarre pictures of whom HB has left the loyal wife FOR ~ as marital betrayals go it’s just way way too far over the top to be recoverable from – and that would be even if he had shown during the last four months that he had something to say about anything ———- sadly he hasn’t.
      [ I write as someone who initially supported him and was very hopeful that with HB we had found someone solid and articulate. Well, don’t judge a book etc . ]

      • Good point about leadership pay or the lack of it.
        Henry said in the leadership campaign words to the effect that he had his own source of income – but has he? He certainly will have nothing much after a divorce.
        If Henry goes then only a UKIP MEP should be allowed to stand for leadership or someone with substantial proven income.
        There are MEPs Batten, Etheridge, Collins to name but three. Let’s face it, the bar is now set very low for the next leader!

      • John Bickley, the treasurer, reads here, and am sure will pass on the strength of feeling 👍

        • Well he hasn’t much time left to table a motion of No Confidence in the Leader . The latter has to be given 7 days’ notice of the Motion.

          • In the meantime, since Jan 6th Bolton the Bum has gone silent on social media (whilst Theresa May is chopping up her Cabinet) and his tart has deleted most of her history with the aid of UKIP’s press office.
            The cover-up will NOT work.
            He has to go.

          • Mr Bav

            Bolton has just this afternoon put up a tweet. Just the usual stuff though.

          • Omigawd! Did he indeed – members will be so relieved that he’s still doing something!/sarc
            Actually, it was two tweets: amazing!

          • Two Tweets….Three wives….Ten times a night Bolton…. Ah… Those red-top headlines….

  16. Viv’s “central Party” comment is very telling and indeed the manipulation of the flawed management structure, however well intentioned its design, has been often exposed, retold and cursed on this site for years.

    A thing I learned years ago in my career though is that Organisation matters. And for the task in hand, Ukip doesn’t have it and never will.

    Likewise message. It still disappoints me how few people seem to grasp the true nature of our enemy, by that I mean the purpose of the EU, the Common Purpose treachery that infests parliament and the public sector with its cultural Marxism, and the fact that it’s all deliberate.

    I didn’t begin to understand any of this until Merkel opened the floodgates in 2015 and I wanted to know why. But gradually, by ploughing through twitter, following links, asking questions, reading Michael Shrimpton amongst others, I came around to the view that there is far too much truth in it to be dismissed as a conspiracy theory, which was my initial reaction. We all have iPhones. And it’s all there. Post democratic new world order, etc.

    So who gets the message? Not AMW apparently. Yes she split the Party because she at least recognises that the Islamic invasion is deeply unwelcome but that split was greatly encouraged by the reactions of Nigel and HB to her leadership challenge. Yet even now she doesn’t see it in the broader context of Coudenhove Kalergi and all that goes with that and it remains to be seen whether her organisation is up to the job of taking a credible fight to the establishment that has been working on this treachery for a long time.

    I don’t believe the answer lies in left or right politics any more, two sides of the same common purpose coin IMHO, but I hope to see a genuine alliance emerge that highlights our country’s situation in terms of patriots against traitors. The idea that generations of political leaders (with the possible exception of Thatcher) have been working towards our mutual destruction as a nation and culture is so shocking that people simply cannot take it in.

    But if that is our situation, I suggest that is what it’ll take.

    • Alan,
      AMW fully gets the threat of and the links between the EU and Islam. I make that statement based on the fact I have discussed it with her directly. UKIP often complained it was repeatedly pigeon-holed as a single issue Party and now this process is being directed at FB. The people on her team fully get the CK Plan and have discussed the background with her. The FB manifesto will not stop at Islam. Perhaps FB can be judged on what it does rather than what people think it might do, based on incomplete information.

      • Am very glad to hear people around her get it. I met her at pontefract , November?, and she didn’t then find it “credible”.
        Sincerely hope these few weeks off have made her reconsider.

  17. I joined UKIP in 2011, after returning to the UK and seeing the state of the country. Labour had bankrupted the country and the Tory posh boys and Clegg were making a right mess of turning the country round.
    But UKIP have been let down by the top year on year. Hardly any communication, no help and guidance, the so called leadership limps on from one crises to the next.
    I am in despair, where do I go from here, where do I put my X at future elections? Left or right look little different to me, none seem to have any idea how the ordinary people think or want.
    Do I emigrate?

    • “Do I emigrate?” The question is – Where to?

      • Anyone young enough and qualified enough to gain admittance to OZ or NZ would be well advised to make serious enquiries.

        • Does your advocacy include Henry Bolton?

        • I’d forget about Australia for now; a friend of mine on Facebook has been sharing lots of Australia-related posts recently (despite the fact he lives in South Africa) from a right-wing perspective, and it seems Australia is also going down the pan with regards to left-wing liberal indoctrination and problems with immigrants failing to integrate (the antipodean Sweden it seems).

          • I will second that. The fight is in the UK. The Referendum was won with information. Get the information out, find ways of doing that. There is a war for peoples minds taking place. Don’t anyone leave the battlefield!

          • GrimsbyHeritage // January 10, 2018 at 12:27 am //

            Don’t forget the lack of a resilient electricity supply, in South Australia in particular.

    • Hod, I feel the same way, I have decided that if the the result of the Referendum is reversed there will be no point whatsoever in voting for any party in any election ever again. I will therefore write ‘non of the above’ on my ballot paper. Yes, it will be a spoilt ballot paper; and yes, it will not count. But I wouldn’t mind betting if there were too many ‘non of the above’ spoilt papers someone would start counting them; and start asking questions.

  18. Bolton is not a politician. His career has been one of following orders in pursuit of objectives set by others.

    He is doing a chairman’s job tidying up the internal mess, organising groups and committees (over organising even), visiting the troops, and now awaits orders as to what to do with them.

    He seems unaware that the party leader’s job is political leadership. Policy is not drop the 2017 manifesto and re-instate 2015 (2005 was better in any case).

    Bolton has become yet another political vacuum at the top passing time by moving pieces around. The affair with Ms Marney has exposed his political immaturity (as well as other kinds).

    • Your first two paragraphs are EXACTLY spot-on. Where are the orders, he wonders. In fact, he defaulted to a position that the troops should make up their own orders, and he would facilitate their achievement of those orders. And, under all circumstances, everybody should get behind him and support him! Watch his speech at Tiverton on Youtube for his typical speech.

      • Graham I agree, Stout’s hit the nail on the head. The real story here is not so much what Mr. Bolton has been doing with his time, bad though it is, but what has he NOT been doing with his time.

        It’s a million miles from the image of someone that hit the ground running like a man possessed from day one, issuing statements attacking the policies of our opponents (so much opportunity here) and boldly going about putting out an image of a future where UKIP would lead the country out of the mess that we will surely find ourselves in once May has delivered on her specious Brexit means Brexit slogan, especially if turns out her real slogan has all along been Brexit means BINO. (Brexit in name only).

        I’m sure many, like me, have been patiently waiting for something really clever emerge.

        Instead all we now see, is things we didn’t want to see, and a rather perfunctory rearrangement of deck-chairs, while ignoring the iceberg dead ahead!

        Any leader of UKIP needs to believe that he or she is not just leading a party but leading the country, and then, by persuading enough voters, make it so.

        If Mr. Bolton somehow survives this he’d best start ignoring what’s between big toes and apply what ever he’s got between his ears.

    • 100 % spot on.
      We have disagreed on certain points in the past but you express my sentiments here fully ~ and in powerfully succinct English .
      PLEASE somehow get this to the Members of the NEC.
      They need to know that at least as far as activists are concerned the opinion is running at 97% or more to the effect that he needs to go and now.

      • 97%? How did you manage ro poll all “activists”?

        • I am estimating that %age from the fact that, as far as I am aware, the only place for UKIP activists / enthusiasts / fellow travellers to express themselves is this website UKIPD.

          And I have read ALL ( or almost ) the postings related to HB published here since Monday. If anything 97% is an underestimate of the extent of hostility to his remaining.

          • I’m betting many activists aren’t aware of this site or use it. Whilst still conceding many do, of course.

          • There was a famous American election when they called it wrong for a Republican president, because they’d carried out extensive PHONE polling, and many Democrats couldn’t afford a phone…

          • The salient point is : do you have any reason, whether speculative or based on any evidence, to believe that there is ANY support amongst activists for HB remaining ?
            I can detect none such on this site.
            Whereas almost all other topics posted here do attract debate, sometimes lively, and sororal / fraternal disagreement.
            Surely the absence on this site of any support for HB’s remaining in post itself is deafening ? !

          • Absence of evidence for something does not prove it doesn’t exist!

          • Don’t forget, Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of victory as the polls closed in the US presidential election….

  19. It is very unusual for the NEC to call an emergency NEC meeting 10 days after an ordinary NEC meeting, and to resolve to do so at the ordinary meeting itself. Something must be afoot. The only explanation I can think of is that the NEC have served the Leader the “no less than seven days’ notice” of an NEC meeting at which a motion of no confidence in the Party Leader can be voted on (Article 6.23.2 of the Party Constitution), for which there wouldn’t have been enough time between the time the scandal broke and the scheduled NEC meeting.

    If that is so, then the NEC cannot (yet) be accused of inactivity.

    The Party Chairman would have sent out his e-mail without taking any notice of the NEC, so I suspect that all the “further investigation is required” stuff is Oakden’s sole doing. He will be driven by what he thinks is most likely to let him stay on as a fully paid Party Chairman. Any praise or blame that statement deserves should, in my opinion, be directed fully at him.

    • “Ten days” is a specific term in the constitution, Tomaž 🤓

      • Only if he cannot attend the original date for a vote is he given ten days for an alternative.

        Chances are there was a motion to hold a vote of no-confidence and it just happens that the date set is in ten days. No constitutional point arises as that meets the “not less than 7 days notice”

        Oakden’s email was bizarre. Did he mean to fuel speculation?

    • That would seem to make sense, but why would this not be announced to members, so that members can make clear to their NEC representatives how they feel? Surely the approach here should be to say ‘OK, we are going to have a no confidence vote in the leader, it will be done by a meeting of the NEC, you have 7 days to hold your NEC representatives to account’. Instead, we get the chairman telling the NEC members they are not to make any statements – if that is the case, how are we to hold them to account? And will the results of the vote be absolutely transparent, so that we know how each individual NEC member voted? I don’t think this can be left to the Chairman, else the culture of cover up will simply continue.

    • Thank you Tomaz for doing what the editor should have done before vilifying the NEC, yet again. A reading of the constitution together with the chairman’s email is sufficient to work out the ‘process’ at hand.

      As per the chairman’s email the NEC won’t be commenting publicly on the matter at hand.

      • Please give chapter and verse where ‘the editor’ has ‘vilified the NEC again’ in this article.

        • The ‘central party’ is effectively the NEC and its appointed officers. The NEC governs/oversees the party, although the leader and chairman are the driving force.

          The email from the chairman, an NEC member was approved by the NEC. There was a very good reason for the way it was worded which Tomaz Slivnik spotted.

          The reality is that there are matters which the NEC cannot make public for various reasons, some legal. I’ve been on the NEC for three years and the volunteers that you have elected are often damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Ask some of recent elected NEC reps who were hyper critical of the NEC before they were elected what they think of the NEC now and the challenges of being a member.

          Is the NEC perfect? No, because no organisation is perfect. In the case of our business the bulk of the direction & success comes from the party leader and their elected chairman. Everyone else is there to support their leadership and strategy for success.

          Before we can do anything to improve the way we operate we need a leader that generates success and stability, which has been sadly lacking since just after the EU Referendum of 2016

          • Thank you for your long reply, John.
            You have in fact criticised me in your previous comment for mocking the expression ‘central party’ which Paul Oakden used in his statement – a statement you now confirm in this reply as having been agreed on by the NEC. Thus the expression ‘central party’ was agreed by the NEC. Did nobody see at that time that choosing this expression was most unfortunate? Why was it impossible to use ‘the NEC’ instead?
            If it’s already ‘vilifying the NEC’ however when taking issue with the use of ‘central party’, then that, IMHO, speaks volumes, and members will draw their own conclusions as to the spirit prevailing in the upper reaches of the Party.
            Yes, we all know that there are issues debated in the NEC which need to be confidential. Members are not children, they understand this! There is however a difference between a statement saying “We will say nothing and nobody else will say anything, so go away and shut up” and “this was debated, the result of the debate is confidential for the time being because of xyz”.
            Finally and with respect: I believe we need to improve the way we operate before even the most inspirational leader would be able to ‘generate success and stability’.

      • I have made a stab at that below, John 😉

    • Important point of information : at the Meeting in 10 days time can the NEC then entertain a Motion of No Confidence ( and vote on it ) which is proposed THAT DAY ( in ten days’ time ) ? Or does such a Motion have to be notified in advance of the Meeting ( and if so how far in advance ) ?

      • Do please read the constitution ( before posting here folks:

        Ten days allows the NEC to proceed in the event that a no confidence vote has been proposed at least seven days ahead, and the leader can’t/won’t attend, or offer a reasonable alternative date…

        Which, reading between the lines, implies Henry is not cooperating with the NEC 😢

        • Reading between the lines, the NEC passed a motion on Monday to hold a vote of no-confidence. They would have agreed a date with Bolton and among themselves. So long as that date is not less than the required seven days’ notice it is lawful. That is is ten days after the motion/notice is happenstance.

          • I fear you are grasping at straws : if anyone had proposed a motion of no confidence ( and the adjournment period of 10 days was chosen to allow the 7 days to elapse ) there is no way this fact would not have leaked.
            There has been no such motion proposed or we would know.
            I suspect that the ten days has been chosen rather to see if toughing it out is an option : ie are the media still full of it ?
            The media are not and will not be full of it for the simple reason that HB has helped make UKIP irrelevant during his four months.
            But the NEC should take account of activists’ views, as expressed on UKIPD.

      • I think you are correct. In 10 days the media-storm will blow over. But UKIP will still have a liar as a leader who abandoned his suckling baby for a tart.

        • This is precisely my fear: the NEC will take the view that the absence of further MSM ridicule means it has all blown over and HB can remain. ( In the loving embrace of the Non~Madonna With the Big Boobies ~ yeah how long will that be lasting ? )

          However it is clear from the postings on this site at least that he just has zero support from the Party’s stalwarts / activists call us what you wish ( in my case just to make the point that I am not merely a ‘keyboard warrior’ I have stood as candidate in 2015 and overall contributed several thousands of pounds to [ local] Party funds. )
          If he goes things are difficult; if he stays they are impossible. Collapse of Stout Party indeed.

          • ‘If he goes things are difficult; if he stays they are impossible.’
            That’s as concise as it gets.
            And still no peep from him on social media or elsewhere.
            Anyone else know where he is or what he is doing?

  20. “There are no accidents in politics.” –Remark to a reporter, 1960, attrib. to Joseph P. Kennedy.

    Now back to what it’s all about – or should be:

  21. As only a common or garden UKIP member, my insights may be wanting but if Bolton is, as I believe, Farage’s puppet, will the party be able to get rid of him?

  22. This may be worth a reread, folks:

    • Rob, apart from producing acres of text, can you tell us what positive things you have done for the party from your base in Switzerland? You always seem to be close to disasters but apparently not anything to do with them. Why are you a ‘senior’ in this party? I can list my footslogging delivering thousands of leaflets, I’ve designed, funded and delivered thousands of newspapers, arguably the best UKIP ever had, I’ve designed and funded countless poster trucks. But as far as I can tell, all you’re good at is hot air. Have you ever stood as a UKIP candidate in the UK?

      • Three general elections, one local election, twice on MEP lists and once on the first ever West Scotland Follyrood list.

        And three years elected to the NEC, where for 2 years running, I had the attendance record for NEC members leafletting in by-elections, including 2 weeks in Newark for Roger Helmer. I also had one of the best attendance records for NEC meetings.

        During the GE, I personally phoned as many overseas contacts as possible, raising funds…

        And then there’s other things like BB and CC of the rulebook, the introduction of postcode to address/constituency/ward lookup software, and my current investigations into the impact of GDPR forvthe Tec sub-committee…

        • So, apart from the NEC, am I right in saying you have never won an election? Remind us how much money you lost me/UKIP with that phony digital marketing company you recommended, that turned out to ‘operate’ from a derelict building. Do you still live in Switzerland?

  23. Having read the posts on the last article and the tone of this one I am dismayed to read how disappointed everyone is. Understandably so, but there are some things I would like to say.
    First UKIP, for me, was about the spirit of its members. Good people who could air their feelings and do something about the injustice hoisted upon the nation by the useless politicians. Importantly they could do what they did in the confidence they had a brave and effective leader. They went out and informed the public and exposed the corrupt Establishment, against all the odds. Nothing will change that. What I am saying is do not underestimate what we did and where the energy came from.
    Second, do not, in my opinion try and resurrect past celebrities. We are all human, mistakes have been made. Learn from them and move on, don’t make the same mistakes again. The soul of UKIP is in yourselves, cut away the dead wood and refresh, make it a democratic party. Then you can truly preach democracy.
    Finally, your time is never wasted, even if you only fight for Brexit. My own feelings are that you should be fighting for a lot more.
    Nick posted at 6.58pm ‘Silly old Kippers really blew it this time, can’t see a way back from this one’, well yes and no. It is not a question of ‘no way back’, without your experience and knowledge, which as you know is only achieved through mistakes, there may be no way forward(sorry Nick don’t mean to knock your comment). Even if you fall away from UKIP, the fight is still out there find another home, the fun is not over!
    Never give up!

  24. Thank you Vivian for giving for enabling me to read the communication that Paul Oakeden e-mailed to all UKIP members yesterday. I will copy it and e-mail it out to the members (who have e-mail addresses) to keep them in touch. COMMUNICATIONS!!!!

    AS far as I am concerned UKIP’s main problem is not Henry Bolton ‘Serving and leading” a 25 year old woman and not ‘serving and leading’ UKIP. UKIP’s main problem isa the three Cs, Command, Control, Communications. At Derby Henry Bolton used an Army College motto ‘Serve to Lead’ and talked about UKIP’s lack of effective communications.

    Having renewed my membership I have now received a reminder to renew my membership. Should I decide not to renew my membership at the end of this year it will not be due to HB’s out of hours activities it will be due to the way the “leaders’ of UKIP appear to be emulating the EU’s five presidents.

    • Dear David,

      The onus and responsibility to organise and run the party lie in the first instance with the Leader and their appointed Chairman. That’s where it all starts and we’re waiting for their plan.

  25. Having served on the NEC, and having read the statement from Paul carefully, I note that it would meetthe initial requirements of 6.23 and 6.24 of the constitution:


    6.23.1 A motion of no confidence in the Party Leader may be proposed before the NEC. In order for it to pass, no less than nine members of the NEC shall vote in favour of the motion. The Party Chairman shall have a casting vote in the normal way.

    6.23.2 The Party Leader shall be given no less than seven days’ notice in writing of the meeting. He shall be entitled to attend, to address and vote at the meeting. He may make written representations to the meeting. He may question any member or other witness whose evidence is considered by the NEC as being relevant to the issue on the same basis as any other party and may call witnesses on his own behalf on the same basis as obtained during the case against him.

    6.23.3 If the Party Leader cannot attend the meeting, he must be given a reasonable opportunity to attend on a subsequent occasion to take place within ten days. Provided that he has been given reasonable notice of such rearranged meeting, the NEC may proceed to deal with the matter in his absence if the NEC is of the opinion that, in all the circumstances, it would be fair, reasonable and just to do so and that he has had reasonable opportunity to attend.

    6.23.4 In the event of a motion of no confidence in the Party Leader being passed by the NEC, the Party Secretary shall call an EGM of members of the Party, such EGM to be held within 28 days of the passing of the motion. The NEC may from time to time make Rules as to the conduct of such an EGM. The EGM shall have as its only business a motion to endorse or to reject the vote of no confidence in the Leader by the NEC.

    6.24 In the event that:

    a) the EGM convened under Article 6.23.6 rejects the vote of no confidence in the Party Leader; or
    b) the Party Leader stands for and is re-elected as Party Leader at an election following a vote of no confidence in him by the NEC,

    elections shall be held in respect of each of the elected seats on the NEC, with the result being declared no more than three months from the date of the refusal of the EGM to endorse the NEC’s vote of no confidence or the date of Party Leader’s re-election as the case may be. Until such time as those elections are held the NEC elected members shall remain in office until their successors are elected.”

    • And note specifically that the term “ten days” appears, conspiracy theorists! 🤓

    • The membership are entirely sick of expending their time and money on administration rather than campaigning. An EGM could be the last straw for many. We have already had the idiocy of having to call two GM of our members instead of one because the first was before the financial year end.

      Should the NEC vote against HB and he does not fall on his sword, I suggest that Regional Organisers should contact their branches requesting each Chairman to ascertain the feeling of their membership by email or phone and report back within seven days. That approach will garner more votes and be more representative of the membership and a lot less costly. The results should be fed back to the NEC, Leader and Chairman.

      • On the other hand, an EGM could be a way to get some other changes made, not just leader….

        • “The EGM shall have as its only business a motion to endorse or to reject the vote of no confidence in the Leader by the NEC.”

          If you want to play by the rules then you can’t pick and choose.

          It’s strange that we can a choose Leader by paper ballot but have to spend thousands traipsing across the country to vote on one single motion in recognition that choice was an error.

      • There will be many whose party membership runs out at the end of this month, probably about one twelfth of the membership 🙂 . And they will probably have had an email from ‘our leader’ about it, as I have, which is probably even more of a ‘last straw’ , if only because it does occur after the recent events.
        So, for me, it’s not long to the end of the month to get rid of this poseur and create some certainty: either he has left, or I do.
        Taking the next qualified candidate in the last election, and see if anyone objects, is an option (it’s not far off how May became PM!) but I cannot see how this can work if the ‘central party’ are to be silent for TEN DAYS! Are we to have two isolated conversations, one within the ‘central party’ and one in public, including posts here and ‘there’ 🙂 and then we all rendezvous next week, all in agreement?


        If or, quite likely given the above, when I leave at the end of the month, it won’t be because of the behaviour of our current leader, it will be the inaction of the ‘central party’ that has been a long term miasm that has flared up (again) since Christmas: yesterday’s statement only increases the feeling of doom.

        For me, and perhaps many others, it’s three weeks to go, and we have a ten day radio silence: unbeliveable!

  26. Whilst agreeing with 99% of the above, I must correct one comment from Icini123. Whilst Islam is a major threat to this country, AMW’s party will have a proper manifesto covering key topics such as Brexit and the range of key Govt areas. The draft for this is already under review. So if you want to consider a Party with basically the same aims as the old UKIP, but without the nonsense you know where to look. Or contact me via Viv.

    • Maybe AMW will pull something out of the bag but I doubt it. She doesn’t have the charisma that YOU have Mike. The presentation of herself and website is grim. Hour long rambling videos are madness. NB. Paul Joseph Watson has just celebrated 100 million views of his videos, most of them around 5 minutes long. He has shown us the way but STILL no one recognises the bleeding obvious! Worst video of 2017 must be Henry Bolton’s silly Christmas message, just embarrassing, teenagers produce far better things. And it was sent out on Boxing Day. That alone should have been a sacking offence, never mind the revelations about his tragic love life.

      • Hi all – If I could just defend AMW – I haven’t so far mentioned For Britain because this isn’t the site for it imo – however I can’t let your comment on AMW’s rambling hour-long video go without explaining, Russell that those are intentionally hour-long fortnightly chats with members which are also available for anyone to watch. However they are mostly watched by members – a sort-of fireside chat if you will, on both news items of interest and on what is happening and where we are in the setting up of the Party. Members seem to like them, they feel included and enjoy hearing what Anne Marie has to say.
        Actual recruiting videos will come once Policy is concreted and Public Meetings start.

        A shout out to Mr Bav for his wonderful verses!

        • I’m curious, Dee: CAN you folks have members before the EC have accepted your registration?

          • Everyone who has signed up to FB understands the situation we are in, and are happy to support – however we have complied with all obstacles put in our way by Electoral Commission and will know how that has gone very shortly.
            As we all know, the EC was always going to be a problem – and though it’s difficult to see how and on what grounds they could object to us once again – we wait to see.
            All this is explained in those rambling hour-long videos should you be interested, Rob!

          • The only “rambling” videos I watch are Sid Rumpo’s 😀

      • Russell, she does have the courage to speak up which is more than the majority in what is left of UKIP. I have offered to train her, her top team and the candidates. Perhaps there is room for improvement, but at least she is communicating to her rising membership base. And I will back a keen, courageous lady with the drive to fight over the carcass of UKIP every time. FB gets us back in the game. UKIP ensures we stay out of it. It is a choice.

  27. May I please add my 4 penn’orth? As a former Regional Press Officer (2003-5 – Roger Knapman’s era) but no longer a member, I see can see the picture from outside the box.

    This abysmal government – not to mention the horror and spectre of Corbyn – are all so inefficient and useless, that Westminster is really an open goal!

    When in UKIP, I met a lot of intelligent, nice bright people – all with similar patriotic feelings – which is why we all joined UKIP!

    Is there really not a single bright person in the whole party, prepared to step forward and lead us all out of this mess? Many of us were Managing Directors, who lived in “the real world” (unlike our politicians today!) and we know how many beans make five – with the Referendum, Theresa May had all the Aces and the Trump cards as well – and still she is losing the game! It’s unbelievable!

    We need one bright spark to climb aboard the coach and take the reigns – destination “Brexit, immigration control,educational standards revision, restoration of Armed Forces, Police and NHS funds, cancel HS2 and most Foreign Aid and a few other issues that are top of the list!

    Why will nobody come forward? Is the NEC a closed shop?

    I left UKIP to start my own party and my Manifesto is still available for cherry picking – it was well received in 2005 and we soon had 32 town Councillors across the nation, standing in our name – it only lost momentum due to a partner going to France – and I am now too old, anyway!

    Westminster is waiting and beckons – but UKIP must have the right policies! It’s an open goal, as I say…..

    Stan Parr

    • Great wisdom as always from the wonderful Stan Parr! This man has sent out more emails and amazing EU horror politics information (and some odd things) than UKIP ever did. A shining example of what ONE person on a ZERO budget can achieve. Yes there must be ‘One bright spark’ but it’s a tough job, needing full support of the MEPs…and they’re all swanning about Brussels wine bars, just about finding time to Tweet occasionally.

  28. Viv is right to pick up on the weasel words in this statement. Not content with spending 4 months on the last leadership contest in order that the results could be announced at the conference in Torquay (yes, it was deemed more important to attract more people to buy tickets for the conference than to have a leader in place for an entire summer, this is the actual reason why it was dragged out so long and so damagingly). Compare to the much-mocked Libdems whose own contest, started around same time as ours, was over and done in 3 weeks. Obviously this 10-day period is designed to create options for the ‘central party’, including figuring out the next election process, or hoping that the fuss dies down.

    It seems this statement was rushed out and so there was not enough time to disguise the words. ‘Central Party’ – this is the rotten core I have been talking about. It is not Newton Abbott, they are the decent, much put upon admin team. It is the so-called ‘management team’ of hangers on, trusted friends of donors. These are the people who meet secretly and decide everything. Is this not obvious, when old ex-Tories like Roger Helmer pay a salary to our Chairman, that Helmer will have an undue influence over him? According to Helmer’s blog, Oakden is his occasional chauffeur. And the Roger Helmers of the world like people like themselves, so you get Peter Jewell. Who he? Well, he is part of this central management team and gets sent on missions such as chairing the official London hustings in the last election. Huh? He has no mandate from anyone and yet he ends up chairing key hustings? Many of these people were introduced to Nigel Farage by a friend of a friend and was immediately put in charge of patron’s club. When a space opens up for a spokesman (such as when Reckless left) it is given to a donor, Chris Mills. Or Rob McWhirter sets up a Technical Committee for himself. Note, NONE of these positions are every open to ordinary MEMBERS. They are all for friends and family only. All male, all over 65, all ex-Tory wing. Until these people are cleared out and a management team that is accountable to MEMBERS is in charge, then UKIP will continue stumbling to its death.

  29. I doubt an apology will cut much ice.
    My problem is that since the referendum we look like a bunch of headless chickens, headed by a series of useless temporary leaders. I believed UKIP could be a viable alternatve to the old parties and that we could select the best polices from them all and form new ones of our own, based on common sense.
    I have little interest in belonging to a protest group, that’s what we now are. I no longer intend to stand on doorsteps or email local members defending endless failures in administration rather than talking about policies. First Nigel going, then James, Woolf, Nuttal, the rise of AMW and now Henry. Too much crap, far too much.
    Can the party be saved ? Not in it’s present form. Can we build a replacement on the bones of UKIP ?
    Possibly but it will take years and by that time Brexit will be done and dusted for better or for worse and without our influence, so what will then hold us together ? Those who believe we’re about to be enslaved by islam will no doubt join AMW but the rest of us have no political home.
    There is no longer any chance of UKIP getting enough people elected at any level so nothing much we can do to influence national politics. It’s not that I want to talk us down, we did great with the referendum, simply it’s time to be realistic.
    Back to just local stuff, where I can actually help achieve something, like a full programme for dealing with the results of huge new building schemes recently inflicted on us by government, taking on the fall in service levels caused by County Council cuts and achieving that with a precept increase of 0.02%. That at least is a worthwhile use of time. This may be a way forward for a new party, starting with parish councils, proving we can perform, working our way up and ending with a party of true independents that again have relevance at a national level. We had our chance to short circuit the system and jump quickly into the national picture and we blew it. If an apology is due it has to be from us all to our country.

    • The building schemes is a good point. Here around London the housing policy is driven by Sadiq Khan who now has the power to force councils to build huge numbers of houses for immigrants, who Theresa May has kindly allowed into the country. This is a London-wide issue, and it ripples out into the surrounding area with people being rehoused. I have banged my head against a brick wall telling the London regional people we need a London-wide response to this, and that I am happy to do the analysis and write the attack document, but no, my face doesn’t fit / chairman wants all credit for self / chairman doesn’t actually understand the issues and so nothing ever happens. It is so frustrating.

    • Icini, there’s enough ammunition in East Anglia to attack both Labour and Cons. See e.g.

      However, without a solid and reliable base, without steady and firm leadership from the centre, it’s difficult for those of us on the ground to mount any sort of campaign.

      I don’t need a plaster saint as leader — what people do with their wobbly bits is not my business, nor should it be the business of the mainstream media — but we live in an era when scandal is a substitute for political debate. There is no way I could knock on more than half a dozen doors without someone bringing up this latest fuss.

      Meanwhile I see that there is a cabinet position for someone who, against the strongest possible advice, threw away three million pounds of taxpayers’ money.

      Huge spread about that? Dream on. Financial incontinence seems not to matter and the man involved can now spend lots more on fluff which matters not one jot to those who are hard-pressed by the policies pursued by all of the political class for the last twenty years. The huge overdevelopment of Norfolk and Suffolk is just beginning, with the big landowning and property development piggies about to gorge themselves to bursting point, but no-one cares.

      How can I defend my people? I can’t.

      Ho hum.


    • No Icini, the apology should come from you, because you and your way of thinking got the analysis and the judgement wrong and went with the ‘safe’ establishment candidate – and look where it’s got us.

      The solution doesn’t lie footling around in parish councils. Time is not on our side and the nation’s frightening prospects demand courageous and radical policies if we are to improve them.

      There is no future just being another brand of Tory. How many times do we have to learn that lesson?

      • But the Tories aren’t Tory are they? There’s a great big fat open goal waiting for a party that comes down hard and very clear on immigration, which if handled correctly WILL get massive support now in Britain, even from immigrant communities who want no more. Only the lefty nutjobs want open borders. And this is the killer argument to push for a proper Brexit; strict border controls. Next, CRIME, it’s out of hand, people want tough talk, tough sentences, build new prisons, it’s a sure vote winner. Next, the OUTRAGEOUS spending by the Public Sector starting with massive waste which is destroying the NHS. Workers in the NHS will cheer that, they see management madness. Next, Foreign Aid, next HS2 – we are the ONLY party 100% committed to seeing that obscenity stopped…in its tracks!! And of course, one law for all, no Sharia law in Britain. It’s time to confront it.

        • Don’t you think working people agree with all that too, Russell? The difference is they will not vote to make the wealth and privilege gap ever wider.

          Until we grasp that we will never breakthrough the FPTP tyranny to save our country.

  30. MR BAV ~ please keep them coming ~ we need some laughs out of this .
    Meanwhile anyone else on here who has the email address of any of the NEC really needs to send them the link to yesterday’s two articles on the subject …….and point out that the people posting on here are by and large party stalwarts, and that at a rough assessment the comments are running at 97% in favour of HB resigning forthwith, yes, even knowing that another Leadership election is far from ideal – it’s just not quite as absurd to contemplate as this self~destructive idiot remaining as nominal Leader.

    And I say nominal because even before the publicity around the shenanigans he spent four months remaining determinedly invisible to both the membership and the general public. ONE appearance on Question Time in four months ? I don’t think that cuts it.

    It’s obvious he has not the faintest idea what to do with the Leadership, since he acquired it ( and the ludicrous FPTP election mechanism has a lot to do with that ). In my view the shenanigans ( how did he even have TIME ?? ) are his mechanism for divesting himself of the Leadership.

  31. He is the very model of preposterous insanity
    All Kippers here it does appear are reacting with profanity
    But does it matter what they think, or that the party is in tatters
    As long as Henry’s getting laid, that’s all that really matters…..?
    The NEC as usual are collectively quizzical
    No decisions no more comments no more action nothing physical…
    So we still have Henry Bolton at Jo’s Mum’s and wearing slippers…..
    After leaving all his Russian wives and abandoning their nippers…..

    More apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan / Pirates of Penzance

    • Love it! You compose so quickly, you should be a speechwriter for our next leader, if we have one.

      • Thanks! I’d be glad to.
        But we need a leader with impeccable credentials, charisma, charm and presence who is devoid of ego.
        There have been Darkest Hours before. And at times like this sometimes fate lends a hand and delivers a solution.
        There is such a person.
        The leader we should have had didn’t stand last time and she will not stand this time.
        I have to remain cryptic but Viv knows exactly who I mean.
        And I will tell you why. Without professionalism, a good and loyal backroom team and without funding and democratic input from all the regions it is not feasible. A good leader needs to garner the inherent optimism and decency that still exists both within this party and in the country as a whole to make a difference. Right now the party is not structured to do that. It may never be. It may need to re-group.
        Decency and optimism crosses all barriers. We can’t appeal to just one faction of people or be a protest group. We need to compromise and be a team. We – that is us- ALL of us- need rounded and well thought out strategies that tackle issues that matter. Political power comes with consensus. Millions of people only vote Labour and Conservative as they see no hope elsewhere. Millions don’t vote at all because they see no hope anywhere.
        There is hope. We can win. You, me, everyone out there can win.
        Now let’s get rid of this bum Bolton and make it happen.

    • Brilliant, and the meter works!

      Of course G&S Comic Operas were all a 19th Century dig at “The Establishment” and its pomposity

    • SUPERB Mr Bav. I agree with Graham’s comment, you have talents for a new party! And that’s what is needed, the UKIP brand has now been well and truly trashed…by the very people at the top who lecture everyone on…how to run a party. Brian’s right too, the establishment and pomposity.

      • I believe we have the notion of a motion of no confidence
        But don’t leave it to Oakden or the NEC or providence
        It’s fair to say the only way that drives bums out of office…..
        Is continuously mocking them and shocking them apropos …..
        It wasn’t us who started this, we didn’t want a barney
        But goodbye Henry Bolton and f*** off young Ms Jo Marney….
        You’ll never be on telly or make money from your tarting ……..
        I reckon by tomorrow you’ll resign and be departing…….

    • Fancy having a go at Ruddigore’s “Mine eyes are fully open to my afwul situation” sometime?

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