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We have asked you to write letters to the members of the NEC, and many have already done so.

With their kind permission, we publish letters sent out already by our readers, and these letters have garnered replies from various NEC members. While we won’t publish those replies as they are private, I mention this because it shows clearly that your letters do arrive and are being read. So don’t give up! Below we also  re-publish the list of email addresses.

The first letter was sent by our correspondent Marie Howard:

Dear (NEC member)

Re: Henry Bolton

I believe Henry Bolton’s leadership of UKIP is no longer tenable and I urge you to support a vote of ‘no confidence’, if as expected one is called, at the meeting on 21st January.

He is, as he has claimed, entitled to a private life but that requires a certain amount of discretion and careful judgement from him in keeping it private, rather than the party; its members; the media, and the public, pretending that the soap opera his life has become is not happening. Instead, he has shown a complete lack of judgement and discretion in the conduct of his ‘private’ life, as has his most recent/current partner and they have done irreparable harm to the party.

Even if his unfortunate liaison has ended, which his rather ambiguous statement about the ‘romantic’ relationship having ended leads me to doubt, I believe things have gone too far for him to continue as leader of UKIP.

He has little or nothing on the credit side of the ledger for the past four months, having spent most of his time moving the deck-chairs round, to little effect, while the disaster that is the Conservative Government’s handling of Brexit leaves members in despair.

Far from being a member of any group seeking to undermine him, even if one exists, I supported him in the election and donated to his election expenses, and to the party too, very recently.

Sincerely, MH

The next letter was sent out by our contributor and correspondent Ceri Jayes:

Dear NEC member

Henry Bolton is not worthy of being our leader. His judgement is as lamentable as his political acumen. He has squandered his 100 day honeymoon period and given no vision or direction for the party. He has done nothing to ensure that we get the independence that the British people voted for and for which thousands of UKIP activists had campaigned so long and hard. Money may be short but devising policies so that the grassroots members would continue the battle to leave the EU costs little.

He and his girlfriend have brought the party into disrepute and caused untold damage. If he had any moral fibre he would hang his head in shame, resign before the NEC meeting and apologise for his disgraceful poisonous conduct.

If he lacks the decency to resign I urge you to give a vote of no confidence in him. The prospect of another leadership election should not deter you from doing what is right and summarily dismissing him.

At an action morning on November 25th in the iconic fishing town Brixham, which is in the Totnes constituency, folk were queuing up for leaflets and to sign the Fishing For Leave template letter to Theresa May calling for her to ensure that we are out of the Common Fisheries Policy on 29 March 2019. We collected hundreds of signatures. People were desperate to make their frustrations known. Their relief in seeing that we were out campaigning for Brexit was visible.

Last weekend my husband told me that he had spotted some recreational fishermen taking part in a shore fishing competition on the estuary near our house. I nipped down to have a chat to them. They were all conversant with the damage the CFP has caused and eager for the UK to have its fishing waters back. Within minutes I had another 14 signatures on the template letter, and they took leaflets away to give to fellow members of their fishing clubs. This is just another example of how eager people are for information, to be able to do something towards regaining our independence, and to know that they have not been betrayed. They want a party that supports their wishes.

UKIP raised hopes of change, raised expectations that the ordinary person is listened to and does have a voice…and then it disappeared and let them down.

My former Treasurer has resigned in disgust. The current Treasurer and Secretary are unlikely to renew their membership and the ordinary members have been haemorrhaging away over the past 15 months. This is another Branch that is teetering on the brink of collapse. It is in your hands to take decisive action. Irrespective of the problems that it would cause, you must not take the easy way out. Dead wood must be stripped out and someone who puts their country and party before their ego must be appointed.

Ceri Jayes, Chairman, Totnes Branch UKIP

You can of course also write to Henry Bolton directly, as our contributor Nigel Moore has done:

Dear Mr Bolton

I believe you no longer have the confidence of many members to continue as leader of our party. Whilst your efforts so far within Ukip are obviously appreciated, recent events have had a vastly negative effect. I believe it is in the best interests of the party that you resign as leader as soon as possible.

I am a member of North West Hampshire Branch.

Sincerely, NM

Many have asked that we re-publish the list of NEC members and their email address, so here it is, as published by UKIP in the Independence Magazine. Emails may bounce back because you’ve made a typo or didn’t use the correct spelling (easy to do, as I know myself …!) – so check before posting!

LIST OF NEC MEMBERS AND THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES:  (that’s Henry Bolton, for the time being!)

Finally, just in, a new, brief public statement by David Meacock, whose Press Release we published here yesterday:

“Even Edward VIII actually made a choice between his crown or his mistress, so what makes OBE Bolt-on think he’s above that?  Given he reckons he can strangle a badger bare-handed, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at his deep hole digging skills without needing a spade!  At the rate the hole he’s digging himself into is deepening, he’ll soon reach Australia. We weren’t taken in yesterday, so for goodness sake Bolton, wise up and accept the consequences of your free choice to continue your association with Jo Marney and resign.  Stop making a complete ass of yourself and all of UKIP, and GO.  Jump to it, NOW!”

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  1. I paid my membership fee in November 2017. I received no membership card and when I contacted the office a woman told me they were too busy to deal with it. I asked her how membership numbers were progressing and she brusquely told me that she didn’t know and implide that it was none of my business. If she stays in office I will not renew again. It is time the shambles was sorted out. I hope Henry is still there to sort out the party organisation after the vote

  2. Bring back Aiden Powlesden

  3. I feel that UKIP owes a duty of care towards Ms Marney.
    Yes of course she has done some daft things. Did none of us do anything stupid when we were young?
    It is her association with UKIP which has created such a spotlight, and put her under such enormous stress. Somebody independent needs to be taking care of her right now (not Mr B).

    • I don’t consider 25 to be particularly young, certainly old enough to be responsible for one’s actions. If I am concerned for any individuals in this affair, it is for Bolton’s innocent children and the immediate and long-term effects the affair between Marney and Bolton will have on them. There are photos in the press of Bolton and his wife with the two children, from as recently as 19th December.

      • Marie,

        I would proffer that this lass has previous form from what we read about her, he should have had more sense and as you say cared more about his young family, what he has done is despicable so we cannot lay all the blame on her, even though she made those dreadful comments. They probably would have come out at some point, so the sooner this happened the better IMO.

    • My mother died when I was 6. My father when I was 10. I was brought up by my grandmother who died when I was 23. I was then alone in the world.

      I find it difficult to have any sympathy with the likes of J Marney who seems to have had every privilege and still wants mollycoddling. UKIP does NOT owe J Marney anything, let alone a duty of care.

      • I had my parents for longer than you had yours Brenda, but both my father and mother died when I was in my teens and by 25 I was married with two pre-schoolers. My husband and I were faced with the almost certain loss of our home when what had been a fairly stable mortgage rate suddenly soared and kept on going. I couldn’t help our finances because I was unable to work during the day and we couldn’t afford private nursery fees. We didn’t qualify for council nursery places so I solved the problem by getting an evening job, 6.00 to 10.00. I worked as a spot welder in a factory which made car filters. It was mind-numbing but I did it for four years, and if my husband was away I spent more on baby-sitting than I earned but it served its purpose. That and other setbacks throughout my life have left me quite tough and with little sympathy for those who wilt at the slightest set-back, especially when their problems are self-inflicted.

        • Looks like she’s self inflicting a few more since she now appears to be back with Bolton. That’s after a lovely holiday in Disneyland.

          Why should those of us who struggle to keep our heads above water be expected to have a ‘duty of care’ towards someone who had so many privileges, does not appear to be in any way short of money for luxuries and still cannot behave decently or morally. What an obnoxious little b***h she is.

      • We all owe the younger generation a duty of care.

        By our actions or inactions we have created a situation where their future is utterly bleak.

        They face a future of dhimmitude because of us. It is no wonder that one or two of them are freaking out, in the circumstances.

        They may not have completely thought through what exactly is wrong, however they can see that something is badly awry.

        Compassion and understanding are called for.

        Every civilisation collapses in the end. But does it really have to collapse at the hands of Islam?

        Appeasement is in the air, you can smell the foul odour. We desperately need a Churchill, but I cannot see one in the current crop of politicians, of any party. They are too comfortable and too self-righteous. Possibly Anne Marie is our best hope, but time is rapidly escaping us. We need an established politician to speak fearlessly awkward truths. Boris maybe?

        • You are, of course, at liberty to take on the job and expense of ‘caring’ for her if you so wish.

          You have no right to expect the rest of us to do the same. I can think of better things to spend my membership fees on.

  4. It may be that Henry Bolton should resign over these latest goings on. But isn’t this playing into the hands of the r e m o n e r s….a nice scandal to waste even more time and energy with yet another leadership election.
    What concerns me most is that after all this time since the referendum, there has been no discussion or, even less, campaigning action designed to support the Brexit process itself. I joined this movement (Referendum Party) in 1996 in order to get us out of the EU. Winning the referendum was a great achievement, but that is no enough. The government is floundering…..failing to understand the most basic principles of negotiating. We, in the Brexit movement, must keep going, informing the public of how these negotiations can be strengthened. Or the EU will just keep stringing things out to generate increasing pressure…demand more and more concessions/money, etc.
    One direction should be to get a strategy designed, with the leadership of experts such as William Dartmouth and Prof Patrick Minford, to explain what is involved in resorting to the WTO rules in the event of no other deal being agreed in sufficient time to implement by the 2019 date. To have the WTO machinery in place and ready to go, would give the government a strong negotiating hand again to get a good bespoke deal.
    If Henry B would get on with doing something about this, UKIP would then be
    doing exactly what it as set up for…and the sooner the better. I would back this 100%. Someone has got to get this going….I feel Henry and the NEC should at least be given a chance to get behind such a Brexit support campaign, with a plan of action. If I don’t hear that something’s happening on this front pretty soon, I will likely leave UKIP and see if sceptics in Conservative Party circles would be a better group to work with.

  5. And it seems today that he did know about Marney’s views.. Another pack of lies being told to his members and supporters…

  6. I found Bolton’s unremitting political name dropping ( I have an OBE, award from the police, security advisor for …etc etc) offputting rather than impressive. That he was a man of sound judgement, evidenced by the oft quoted CV, looks somewhat frail in the light of recent events. I do hope the next leader is someone of relatively unblemished character.

  7. Looking at today’s Daily Mail report about Patrick Gilmour, I can only ask “did UKIP members really do this to the UKIP?”

    • How did Patrick Gilmour release the emails and think that Jo Marney (who knew exactly who she sent them to) would not know who leaked them?

  8. Why is Gareth Bennett shown in the above, he is not on the NEC? When John Bickley and Rob were explaining last week it was said that the Wales AM, the MEPs and the local government people rotated, and it wasn’t Wales’s turn. Also, he hasn’t been appointed as a director at companies house. On the other hand, David Sprason, who was on the list last week, is now not on the list? He hasn’t been properly appointed either according to companies house. So this means that the rotators don’t have the same legal liability as the non-rotators, lucky them!

    • Yes, the rotators don’t serve as directoers. Only the 12 elected nec, chairman and leader do.

      • 2.2.3 Elected members of the NEC shall serve as Directors of the Company from the date upon which they are declared elected in accordance with this Constitution and the Rules until the date upon which their successor is elected.

  9. Do not go off half cocked.
    Speaking strategically ( although not a strategist )
    I can think of 2 or 3 interesting strategies.Incredibly high risk, but equally rewarding. But why bother? He could be another Nigel but overnight. But. There’s so much else he could have done. Has he got good friends. say from 30 years ago?
    So? I don’t think so. But.

    Does anyone Know his IQ ?,or his actual name rank and serial number?, what’s this about being a trooper reservist?, Clearly he has no experience of controlling more than a few. Qualifications? Has he been checked out?
    So, hold your fire, look for results.

    Trouble it all wastes time and. Oh, I despair.

  10. Very powerful stuff.

    Surely these should be communicated to the MSM somehow ? Let them know he has zero support ( or as near as dammit ) amongst the plebs / membership.

  11. There have been many articulate, thoughtful and creative responses to the Bolton situation, and I find myself agreeing with much of what has been said on UKIPD over the past few days. Indeed there is a very consistent “flavour” to the messages. Having not renewed my membership in view of the distasteful and inaccurate slurs directed towards people who supported AMW in the leadership campaign, I usually feel rather reticent about adding my views, but can’t seem to stop myself this morning.

    While all of the criticisms of Henry are richly deserved, I’d like to suggest that we try to have some empathy (and even sympathy) for the terrible situation that he’s got himself into. I know that it’s of his own making, and his undoubted hubris makes matters worse, but just try to put yourself into his shoes for a moment. He is a national laughing-stock, he’s damaged (probably terminally) his relationship with his new and exciting lover, he’s likely to lose most of his financial assets after an aggressive divorce, and he is right now between a rock and a hard place. The pressure he must feel, especially with nowhere to turn for counsel or even a sympathetic ear, is enormous. It would break most people, and we would do well not to continue to kick him when he is quite so far down.

    Whether he resigns or not, it seems clear he will not be associated with UKIP the start of next week. Perhaps we should let him plan for his exit without further public humiliation from his former colleagues.

    Same goes for Jo Marney. What terrible pressure a naive 25 year old has been subjected to. She is not used to this attention, and Henry’s reference to being close to suicide gives some idea of how much she is hurting right now. When somebody mentioned yesterday that she was back on Twitter, it was in fact only for a single tweet and in response she received “encouragement” to do the right thing and kill herself. How must reading that feel when you are already struggling to cope? What terrible people there are out there, who profess hope not hate yet demonstrate the exact opposite.

    Enough from me. I just wanted to suggest some reflection on the personal situations in this drama. Nobody is having any fun, except those who wish us harm and enjoy watching train wrecks in slow motion.

    • Why not associated from next week? An NEC vote of no-confidence would trigger an EGM, which would take time to organise and hold…?

      • Sorry for the imprecision of my suggestion; I merely mean that his destiny will be clear by next week, even if it takes time for due process to sever the ties completely. I appreciate your clarifications though, Rob, on this and many other matters for which you provide technical insights far beyond my ken.

        Of course, I could be wrong, and he could win a vote of confidence. Nah, just being silly for a moment there.

    • Grumpy: Whether he [HB] resigns or not, it seems clear he will not be associated with UKIP the start of next week.

      You know more than the party members.

      There hasn’t been any official statement made by the Party to that effect.

      • Grummy, not Grumpy: predictive text problems!

        • At least being mislabeled grumpy is better than being misjudged a nazi!

          I do not profess to know more than party members, but this particular point was not really the thrust of my argument suggesting some kinder, gentler politics in view of the immense pressure on Henry and Jo.

    • ….I fully support your comments Grummy. The viciousness of the digitally connected World is kicking both Henry and Jo increasingly unfairly hard. Its totally OTT. A little bit of mature compassion surely won’t go amiss.

      To me it was starkly obvious Henry was not leadership material during the Summer campaigning. His waffle was difficult to listen to. His decisions then and since have been very poor. Contemplating a legal challenge to AMW’s place on the ballot paper, to not recognosing her close second place result, to immediately using hurtful and untrue language about AMW and her supporters, to not being seen effectively “leading”, to being economical with the truth about his marriage, to believing embarking on a relationship with an attractive young blonde ….all reinforced my initial thoughts on Henry.

      UKIP members that voted for Henry need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror. This very much includes Mr Farage. His support of HB was the major reason for he being elevated to this position he now so overtly cannot handle. Support I believe motivated by a desire to keep out AMW at all costs. The votes of the 3874 have created this terrible mess. I suggest you all owe it to the man to refrain from sticking the knife in any further and quietly advise him he needs to step down ( for his health as much as anything )

      • William Kanecandidates thoroughly // January 16, 2018 at 2:39 pm // Reply

        Ordinary members rely on those involved in the vetting process to check out the candidates thoroughly. Voting for HB was not to keep out AMW (maybe some) but to try to select a sound leader after the fiasco that went before. I now wonder if all HB’s other claims are any more solid than his relationship claims.

        • I keep on reading about a ‘vetting process’ in respect of Party Leadership candidates; however, the only vetting process referred to in the Rules of Procedure is that in relation to applicants for Public Office. A Party Leadership candidate has to have one Proposer and 99 Assentors from at least 10 branches. It does not say who qualifies as a Proposer or an Assentor or what they must do before they sign. It comes as no surprise therefore that the count of entryists, duds and those who had falsified their CVs among the 18 candidates was rather high. The Rules of Procedure are on the whole very poor and take no regard for the resources of the Party, the Branches or the Members in prescribing procedures; hence we could be faced with an EGM in order to cast one vote, knowing that most Members would not turn up because of the inconvenience and expense.

          • But there was doubt about letting AMW standing for leadership so some vetting process was used or was it discriminatory?
            As for rules there is more than one version available from the links on the official UKIP sites. Organisation is not a word that applies to UKIP.

    • Grummy, your points possibly hold some water in regard to young Jo Marney.
      However, this is Henry’s 3rd? 4th? excursion into this territory.
      He is not some wet-behind the ears babe-in-the-woods.
      I have zero sympathy – especially since his excuses are obviously untrue – as his baby daughter can attest to the fact that his (3rd?) marriage hasn’t been on the rocks for that long.
      The best one can say is that Henry Bolton is a fantasist who masqueraded as a principled Leader to fool voters.
      Was Nigel aware, and why is he up to the time of writing relaxed about the situation UKIP is in are questions I would be asking, if I was still a member of UKIP.

      • By the way, i’d have thought that far the most devastating thing for young Jo Marney to cope with is the fact that her knight in shining armour appears to have actually fed her to the dragon to save his own skin. That has to be the deepest cut of all.

      • Dee,

        Glad to hear from you, I thought you had left UKIP daily and gone onto that other rather strange website that I was commenting on as well! Anyway, I am no longer, and I fully agree with your comments about HB, we never liked him from the start did we? But we hate to use that phrase ‘We told you he would be useless’ from the very start he was definitely the ‘wrong un’, and yet again Nigel has made the wrong call but stood back and watch it all unfold into an unmitigated disaster.

        • Hi DD – I feel it legitimate to comment here on Brexit and things attached to that, as we all have skin in that particular game.
          I am on Twitter and Gab – they aren’t particularly strange! Beavering away trying to spread the message – as you do.
          I hope you are well and I wish you the very best for 2018.
          According to our E-inC we are welcome here too – and in a way it’s like coming home!
          I wish I could bang heads together so that we could all be one big credible movement to save the UK from the many dangers it faces. That’s where we on the right side of history go wrong – we eat our own, while the left eat anything that moves once Communism takes hold!
          Love you
          Dee x

          • Thanks Dee, I am much better now and also wish you the very best for 2018, but it is not looking good so far is it? I also feel like I have come home but to the same old issues and we seem to be losing the battle which is very disheartening.

            What is GAB? I was referring to another site which was very dark and done on the cheap, there were not many people on it but I remember Panmelia was there as were you, unfortunately I cannot remember the name of it and my husband cleared my computer when I was in hospital!

            Love DD x

          • DD it’s a gaming site which someone put me onto, or rather into, but I’m afraid I have no idea how, they set it all up and all I do is click! Technology never was my strong point lol.
            Gab is an uncensored kind of Twitter. Do you want to come back? I can ask around! No names no packdrill!

          • Dee,

            I am not sure whether we are talking about the same site as the one I am talking about discussed UKIP only and how we were all so disillusioned with the leadership result, there was just a couple you came from UKIP daily. I just wondered how they were getting on but I am not that fussy about going back to it if you cannot remember it.

      • This is to William but there is not a ‘reply’ to click on his comment.

        What you say is very true AMW was supposedly scrutinised and then villainized, and I seem to remember it was HB who led the charge. Oh, how the mighty fall, the irony of it all.

    • “A train wreck in slow motion”? Let off steam by all means but it simply needs HB to ensure the points are changed and he slips quietly into a siding. There – just the ticket and no further casualties.

    • You are very kind and understanding. Too much so, I would suggest.

  12. Has the Tory party planted stooges in the NEC to destroy UKIP? It seems like it with all the letters written in an attempt to get rid of Henry who is the only hope for the party.

    • If you read today’s article by the now despicable William Hague ( went native in the foreign office, almost certainly a nest of pro-EU, NWO vipers) you will see how apt your comment about stooges is. However those whom I know personally amongst the calls for Henry’s resignation are those I know are least likely to be plants.
      Go back a couple of months and I was very optimistic about Henry having the skills to sort out the mess we have got in. This in the face of members who insisted he was useless as they were not getting regular updates etc. Full marks for tenacity, Diane stalled at the first hurdle but it has gone too far now, just as Paul eventually made us a laughing stock so Henry is now.
      UKIP’s job is done was the Tory meme from day one post referendum. So ask yourself why we have kept shooting ourselves in the foot – ask yourselves how we have come progressively weaker while our true exit from the EU becomes progressively less likely – under our current Tory administration which Hague – who advocated remain if I remember correctly- supports. Bah humbug

      • Errrr….. UKIPs job is done was the signal given out by Farage, Nuttall and Crowther when they all resigned. It is one thing having your enemies say your job is done, another thing entirely to have your leader, deputy and chairman all vote with their feet.

    • I can assure John Bickley is almost certainly NOT a plant…

      • I think this is my most favourite comment,
        thank you Rob
        especially for leaving scant squiggle room for manoEUvre

        • Only plants require man(e)u(v)re, of course…

          And it was Alan Sked who noted that the EU was the only orhanisatio; to legislate for the harmonization of b******t ??

  13. It is ironic that Henry’s most strident critics seem to include a disproportionate number of those who voted for him. The leader is spurned like a betraying lover.
    I find this hue and cry rather distateful. You’ve been proved wrong on Henry’s vacuous election message and now you’re showing your own worst colours in revenge. Just let the NEC do their job and live with it or walk away.

    And next time, if you really want to save our country, employ your little grey cells rather better.

    • Just let the NEC do it’s job.

      It’s a committee.

      It’s been doing it’s job since24 June 20 months ago.

      The amount of typing and emails since that time about the nec and ukip Ltd might be a clue. . I sometimes feel that the 4 rules of robotics could be adapted to committees.

    • As a UKIP supporter, leafleting foot soldier for 20 yrs (and one-time patron)I didn’t think that I could be more saddened and offended than by the self-centred, irresponsible and contemptible actions of a posturing, ageing lothario. But Quercus’ letter has proved me wrong.

      • But not much consideration for the rest of us either, Roger.
        Please tell us where you think my comment isn’t right. The pro-Henry camp got it wrong and now you’re baying for his hide. Yes it’s human nature but this feeding fenzy isn’t very edifying, is it?

      • Roger,

        Are you talking about Nigel or Henry, or both? Only joking!

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