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Letters to the Editor – Wednesday 15th November 2017

First and most importantly, we just received this announcement from UKIP Head Office with the request to publicise it:

UKIP will launch its “Save our Service” campaign on Thursday 16th November.

Whilst praising our armed and emergency services, the government is compromising our national security and stabbing our servicemen and women, our police officers and our Border Force in the back.

UKIP is the only party fully committed to the independent security of our country and to the welfare of our uniformed personnel.

At its launch on Thursday, UKIP will make the case for reversing cuts, retaining full spectrum and independent military capability, for taking recruitment out of the hands of civilians, for a national al border strategy and for support to our armed and emergency service personnel.

When: 10.30 am, Thursday 16th November

Where: Burton Room, Institute of Directors,

116 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London SW1Y 5ED

Who: Henry Bolton, UKIP Leader,

Mike Hookem MEP, Veteran’s Affairs Spokesman

I do hope as many of our London-based readers as possible can attend!

The next letter is from our correspondent Mr King and is self-explanatory:


here’s my letter to Michael Gove which I’m happy for you to publish:

“Dear Michael,

it is good to see you back on the Front Line. You have many supporters out here, who are heartened by that.

Some tell us that we must stay in the Single Market – at a cost of around £14bn pa, to avoid around £5bn pa in tariffs, ie around 4%, on the £117bn net that we export to to the EU.

(The direct cost of our EU membership is £11bn, plus the £3.1bn taken from UK VAT receipts, ie  £14.1 bn pa in total.)

But since the UK imports £104bn net from the EU, the UK would be around £4.6bn better off in the tariff balance, assuming it leaves the SM and a 4.4% tariff is applied, see this report.

There is clearly no case for to continue to carry £14.1bn pa in cost. to avoid £5.2bn (4.4%) in tariffs.

So when we leave the EU we should gain the difference of £8.9bn pa. That is on top of the £4.6bn tariff gain, making a total gain of £13.5bn pa.

So why would we want to continue to carry the cost of EU membership, which is more than twice the tariff that we would pay, outside of the Customs Union?

Why would we do that when 165 countries trade with the Single Market, without paying for the privilege? Many of them don’t even have trade agreements with the EU.

Of course, once outside of the Customs Union the price of goods imported from beyond the EU, will no longer be inflated by EU tariffs. Prof Minford estimates that prices in the shops will then drop by around 8%.

I hope that you will publicly and relentlessly expose those who are are making a false case for us to remain in the Single Market. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing your views.

Best wishes etc, “

Respectfully, Mr King

On the same point regarding Brexit and the cost (or not) of our membership, here’s a letter from our correspondent Roger Arthur:


if Brexit talks fail with the EU it’s ‘no big deal’ says Dyson. It seems that he is already paying WTO tariffs on some of his exports to the single market, tariffs which have fallen on average to below 3%.

EU membership costs the UK over £14bn pa, to avoid around £5bn pa in tariffs. That would be around 4.4% on what we export to the Single Market, offering a £9bn pa gain after leaving the single market.

Also an EU/UK 4.4% tariff on the £100bn net imported from the EU, would bring around around £4.4bn more into UK government coffers.

Part of the overall £13.4bn  gain could be used to reduce Corporation Tax, to compensate exporters for the increase in tariffs.

As Dyson says, there is nothing to fear from WTO rules.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Finally, a letter from our contributor Jack Russell who picked up a disturbing report:


there was a very scary report on Breitbart yesterday, on how the Police, represented by their senior anti-terrorist officer, told the MSM to ‘rein in’ the way they report terrorist attacks so as not to help jihadis. You can read the report here, from which I quote what Britain’s most senior police officer said:

“You must inform but not glorify and provide the platform this evil craves,” she said.“You must investigate but not in a dangerous way which disrupts the extensive efforts of the police and security services. You must comment but not in a way that creates excessive fear and multiplies the terror.”

Given the recent pre-occupation of the police and the MSM of fighting ‘hate speech’, given the way the MSM already report terrorist attacks in ways which allow speculation to rise in such a way that every traffic accident is now regarded by the public as a probable terrorist attack, I predict that soon there will be no reports on any such attacks at all. Why? Because reporting might be offensive to some, thus: ‘hate speech’, but more importantly because, as we’ve learned, if something is not reported in the MSM it hasn’t happened.

After all, that worked fine when it was about groomers and gang rapers attacking under-age white girls: until the report by Professor Jay in 2014 it just hadn’t happened …

Respectfully, Jack Russell

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21 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Wednesday 15th November 2017

  1. I guess Defence is as good a spearhead as any for UKIP to concern itself. But its the economy old chap. Without the economy we’re nothing. As an Island, a country, a people, but I suppose something has to come first. And if money is forthcoming for this who can argue. Answer – Every loudmouth lefty globally.

    Anyway as a sign of change this counts as No 1.1/2

    I’ve just seen Scarborough . So,another 1/2 to make No. 2

  2. Further to the first item in today’s letters: I’ve just received this email sent by Henry Bolton to members:
    “UKIP is the only party fully committed to the independent security of our country and to the welfare of our uniformed personnel. Tomorrow, alongside Mike Hookem MEP, I will detail how we will honour that commitment. Join me by watching our launch live via our Facebook page here.

    Date set for my Question Time debut

    On Thursday 30th November, I’ll be participating in my first Question Time as the UKIP Leader. This particular edition, taking place in Scarborough, is going to be focused heavily on Brexit. As the head of Britain’s only true Brexit Party, I’ll be there speaking up for you, and the other 17 million-plus people who voted to take back control of our country. I hope you’re able to watch the show; I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure you enjoy it!”

    IAW – you can watch the launch on the UKIP Facebook page tomorrow.

  3. I have absolute zero faith in HB but having said that, to be perfectly honest I doubt very much that any of the other leadership candidates would have really been able to make much difference regarding the future of UKIP.

    This is not meant as any disrespect to any of them but I believe that as long as Crowther and Oakden are around it is virtually impossible for the party to recover any significant amount of lost ground and, has been said elsewhere, it is now almost certainly beyond the point of no return.

    But come the next council elections I could be proved wrong.

  4. Actually, can anyone clarify, are members actually allowed at the event or not? Because I just noticed the actual notice itself doesn’t say so, it is only the words below in bold, which I assume were added by UKIP Daily, that suggests it is possible to attend. Does anyone know for sure?

  5. Good to support our armed forces, but we need far greater numbers than at present. We will need them on our side when the time comes to overthrow our failed government.

  6. Jack Russell’s letter: I think you may be right and that quote from Ms Dick is quite disturbing.
    However, what I have found myself after recent ‘incidents’ that it has been the likes of Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan who have been deciding if an incident is a ‘terror attack’ or not, before the police have even said anything to the media.
    I have a theory that what we are seeing is ‘situation management’. Could it be possible that incidents get classed as ‘terror attacks’ to fulfil some kind of quota, or hidden agenda?
    The MSM don’t daily report on muggings and burglaries, so by being instructed to offer less coverage of ‘terrorist attacks’ is this all part of the ‘normalisation’ process?
    A more sinister suggestion is that if the MSM report less on, or even ignore, terror attacks, does this open up the likes of Breitbart and other alternative media to accusations of ‘fake news’ spreading?

  7. Good to see HQ using this site to communicate, it bodes well, even if it demonstrates that party systems are rubbish. The message reached me this morning via area, with a request to circulate it to branch members.
    It’s a good policy platform which should go down well with the public, which is why the MSM will no doubt ignore it.
    I would expect more such communications in future.

  8. I wonder what exactly a ‘national border strategy’ could possibly amount to ?
    If the immigration policy is ‘ we want to see fewer numbers of immigrants to the Uk than is currently the case, but no, I cannot or will not tell you UKIP’s preferred number ‘ then what sort of border ‘strategy’ can there possibly be ?

    I have not seen hide nor hair of Henry Bolton on TV since the Conference ~not a word.
    I could see he would need some time to take charge of the Party, but surely, after months of campaigning and ( I assume answering members’ questions ) he should know by now where he stands on immigration ?
    If he, and by extension, UKIP, do not know where we stand on that vital issue then what on earth else is UKIP for ?
    Even the issue of ‘what kind of Brexit? ‘ requires there to be a position on immigration numbers, both from the EU and from the Rest of the World.

    I always thought military types could be relied upon to cut the cant and get to the nub of an issue ~to devise a clear, unambiguous destination or outcome of choice, and then to devise both strategy and tactics to arrive at that objective.
    But I am seeing precious little ( sadly ) from the Leader.
    You may say this is a niggling point but I despair when the Leadership of a major party demonstrates inability to use apostrophes correctly. ( Or perhaps Mike Hookem is responsible for the affairs of just a single veteran [ which one, pray? ] ? )

    • I do apologise when I come across as HB’s defender-in-chief, but please: how can Hb be on TV if he’s not asked by BBC/SKY/ITV to appear on their programmes? Storm the TV studios, being a military man? How many times was Nigel on telly before the 2014 EU elections? And how was Nigel literally frozen out of TV debates and appearances during the Leave campaign for the sakes of Johnson and the rest of the LibLabCon MPs?
      Also, as military man, he would work out plans after analysis and then tell ‘the troops’, he would not pronounce wonderful plans for the sake of ‘looking good’, which then come to nought because he omitted to analyse if the infrastructure would be able to bear it … It’s no use rolling out tanks when they get stuck on the next bridge because nobody made sure that this is where tanks could cross …

      • Dear Readers, I bring you news. (Someone has to). Although on UKIP’s main site I can find no mention of tomorrow’s meeting, on the right hand side bar of said site there is a twitter feed which states that HB is to appear on BBC Question Time on 30th November to be recorded in Scarborough. Details of other participants are also to be found there. Message ends.

      • Suzanne Evans could manage it…. maybe he should be bringing her into the tent? It does seem he appreciates her masterpiece, the 2015 GE manifesto. If you wonder how good a document that was, compare to the 2010 version.

  9. I think, to be fair, it was because of the difficulty of confirming a venue. Remember, any non-lefty, non-progressive liberal party is dissident and deserves no respect. The police even threatened and closed the venue booked by 1000 ticket holders for Tommy Robinson’s book signing event.
    Of course, we live in a democracy, don’t we? Well, don’t we?

  10. I’m not sure it’s true that we are the ONLY party with those commitments. The only one of the biggest 5 or 6 parties, perhaps, but there are several parties smaller that UKIP which are also committed to HM Forces and the defence of Britain.

  11. Classic UKIP, less than a day’s notice of an event, reminds me of the general election press conferences! I just wonder if this is the place to start though. I would prefer HB to make a wide-ranging explanation of his political philosophy first as a framework into which all individual issues can slot in. Also as an issue it doesn’t seem to be as live in the public’s imagination as say Brexit. Anyway I suppose its better than nothing, and credit to Mike Hookem as clearly he has been working on this for a while now.

  12. Joined up thinking? We get the notification of this important meeting less than 24 hrs before it starts. How long has this junket been in the offing? Is this the sign of a properly functioning political party who wants it’s members to take it seriously? Why not slate it 7 days hence when members could make arrangements to attend? Or do they want the photos to show that the place was only a quarter full? I continue to despair.

    • Sadly I endorse your sentiments Roger
      There is no excuse for failing to alert members of an important public meeting
      We dont need to know the details in advance
      just flag it up as opportunity to meet the Leader
      Or are the party nobility afraid that a bunch of neofascists will turn up?

    • Sadly, our ‘leader’ and the party ‘elite’ have clearly demonstrated, yet again, that members are of little consequence.

      Quite a lot of members have already left and joined a rival party and others may well be letting their membership lapse over the next few months.

      When UKIP finally gets its finger out and needs its members to start fighting elections there is the strong possibility that there simply won’t be enough people left to get the job done.

      If the ‘leader’ and party elite want us to rally round when they need us then they had better start to value us and engage with us.


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