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Letters to the Editor – Tuesday 5th September 2017

Today’s letters address issues which have come up during this overlong period of campaigning for the Leadership. The first letter is a must-read, addressing the question of islam which has been the main issue of contention in this campaign. It is by our contributor Stout Yeoman:


Islam has featured in the current leadership election with an apparently polarising effect. We all recognise the problem but differ on how to deal with it. It is a complex issue involving multiculturalism, integration v assimilation, the excesses of political correctness, the left’s attempt, and the EU’s attempt, to undermine national identity, and on top of it all uncontrolled immigration. Islam is not a single problem but is bound in with all these issues.

Historically, intermarriage played a large part in the assimilation of previous waves of immigrants as well as a wish by the (grateful immigrants) to adapt to and get along with their host culture. This was even true of many Pakistani families initially.

Islam differs on both these key aspects but crucially it is the undercurrent of violence that controls its own people as well as us. The British  State was paralysed by the Salmon Rushdie affair in 1989 when large numbers of Muslims near rioted with book burnings and chants of death to Rushdie when they responded to the fatwa of Ayatollah Khomeini. Even the indomitable Maggie was at a loss. The appeasement approach was all our politicians could come up with and that intensified, culminating in our Prime Minister issuing Happy Eid messages!

There is no appetite among most people for violence or civil war but the underlying threat of violence from Muslims cannot determine our response. Like the smoking ban we should adopt a salami slicing strategy. First smoking was banned on airplanes, then trains, then cinemas, then pubs etc. A blanket ban would have provoked wide scale resistance and failed. Salami slicing worked.

UKIP needs to be the party providing that thought-out strategy. That will take time. The starting point has to be the Home Office and the police. A Muslim is not to be protected from `hate’ or offence more than I am. Their grievance culture must be ended by being rendered ineffective. Muslims cannot be accepted if they are afforded special status. That type of appeasement breeds the resentment the Home Office believes itself to be controlling

Special immigration privileges for imans  – yes, they just waltz in – must end.

Ofsted inspections of Muslim schools must not allow religion as an excuse for teachings that under another name would be illegal. When we say boys and girls have equal status in our society we should mean it.

We should stop funding of the Muslim Council of Britain, of madrassas. stop Saudi and other funding of mosques. Instead of MI5 monitoring over 2000 radical mosques they should be closed down.

I could go on and on but the endpoint of all the salami slices,  even if it takes 100 slices over ten years, has to be Monty Python’s ‘Life of Mohammed’. The left, via the BBC and Guardian and just about every comedian, tamed Christianity by taking the mickey out of it. When we can satirise Islam as we satirised Christianity then I will accept Islam in my country, for then my country’s long established culture of lampooning will be fully restored.

Our slicing strategy must be in the context of controlling immigration, of a Home Office and police forces no longer trying to be the most PC, of taking on the `blob’ in education and slicing the left out of it, and of many other things too. UKIP should present a transformative vision of Britain and have a realistic plan over a number of years. There are millions of Muslims across the country in established communities leading parallel lives. A head on approach will not have the support of a population fearful of violence, so we need to plan the slices, keep it at, and keep the end goal firmly in mind.

And we must be clear that not all cultures are equal. Ours is superior to any that treats women as of lesser status than men, and we should say so loudly and often.

Muslims will resist the very first salami slice. We must prepare for that and so we must have a Home  Office and police force on the side of our culture.

Respectfully, Stout Yeoman

The next letter is a report on the East Midlands hustings. Hustings help us to form our own personal opinions of the candidates. The letter is by our correspondent icini:


For UKIP to recover we have to get the right new leader, 3rd. time lucky or we’re out of the game. The media will be all over whoever wins like flock of vultures, they are saving their ammunition for after the election.

On Sunday I attended the Stamford East Midland leadership hustings, an excellent event I thought worth reporting. These are my personal observations.

In attendance were Henry Bolton, Jane Collins, Aidan Powlesland, David Kurten and Peter Whittle, A.M. Waters was scheduled to be there but did not turn up. The smallish hall was full, maybe 100 odd members. The event was carefully managed, maybe a little too closely. This far into the contest I was surprised how nervous all the candidates seemed, at least to start with, though they warmed up after a while. Nigel they are not.  Afterwards I was able to speak directly for a few minutes with Henry and Jane.

Candidates were asked about 6 main questions with strictly limited time to answer, including how they would move the party forward, for their opinions on Brexit and if they thought it was a sin to be gay.  Islam was touched on lightly.

I’m going to be blunt.  All were reasonable, none of them is an ideal leader.  Aidan is a nice man but he bored me, he has no hope. Henry is as advertised, an honest, intelligent clear thinker, reasonably confident and with a plan but somewhat short on charisma. Jane is very sincere, likeable and though plain speaking does not strike me as a potential leader. She needs to choose her words with care. Peter carefully says the right things but is surprisingly too close to the usual mainstream political animal for me. David was charming, he must have been a good teacher and he does command attention. He seems to be a rather fundamental Christian, a mixed blessing.

No one stood head and shoulder above the rest of the field, though 4 of them have some potential to develop once in the role. Practice makes perfect. The few supporters of AMW I was aware of were disappointed but I doubt it will stop them voting for her platform regarding Islam. I tried hard to attend with an open mind but nothing said changed my personal opinion, which is the best team would be Bolton, with his impeccable CV, as leader and strategist, with Kurten as deputy, handling PR and doing as much of the media face to face stuff as possible. Jane also deserves a senior job. That just might work out well. At least we’ve a better choice than the Americans had between Clinton and Trump.

Respectfully, icini


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42 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Tuesday 5th September 2017

  1. UKIP will not be in power and therefore not able to enact any salami slicing laws.

    UKIP will be a pressure group rather than a government.

    UKIP needs to attract massive support.

    To be noticed it needs to attack the issues that matter.

    It needs to be noticed and to ignore those who hate the policies, but attract those who love them.

    I suggest that UKIP should have 3 issues:

    Cultural Marxism

    • Brexit is now almost irrelevant for us, Liberas – it might yet come back, but that’s for another day.

      Yes yes, but primacy has to go the economy and its spin-offs – jobs, housing, NHS, schools, infrastructure.
      That’s what wins general elections – and where we have a great opportubity to create a new unique selling point on nationalist economics, if only we had the wit.

    • Triple-whammy. Yes, I agree with you on those, although CM might have to be referred to as PC, because it’s probably too complicated to explain CM to everyone. Although they’ve been living with it for generations, most people only notice the effects not the source. They know something is wrong with the system, but it’s hard to put a finger on what.

  2. Stout, good strategy but the devil is in the last sentence. How do we get the Home Office and the police on the side of our culture?
    As I see it, all UKIP can do is raise such a groundswell of voter resistance that current Home SEC and group-think establishment are replaced. Which of our leadership candidates can do that, do you think?

  3. Two things to note about confronting the issue, Stout, which are cheering and food for thought. The first is, if anyone remembers, a dinner lady in Manchester lost her job for going on the Manchester March Against Terror. Tommy Robinson (yes, Peter Whittle – a person like that [see Newsnight last night?] ) started a campaign on Rebel Media to petition the school. It got into the MSM and the petition achieved 50 thousand signatures. Anyway, today Rachael, the dinner lady, got her job back!

    Then also today we hear that a petition to deny entry to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who had been due to meet and speak in Parliament has been successful. This man had called for the destruction of the U.K. and is a terrorist supporting, holocaust denying anti-Semite.

    Maybe it is time for the people to demand that whoever it is, the Head Teachers, Governors, Town Councils as well as our MP’s actually listen to what we are peacefully saying.

    Salami slicing is all very well, Stout, but Islam has a head start on us and is being enabled rapidly. Confronting Sharia is the key that will enable those Muslims,who want to integrate to do so. Banning Halal is another way to de-Islamize – and outlawing Polygamous marriages will slow down demographic change. What we need to be really worried about is Dawa – which is the achievement of Islamic aims through politics – and with Labour embracing Muslims into positions of power, we haven’t time for too much slow and steady. There are already Muslim Mayors in our major cities as well as Muslim MP’s.

    Peter Whittle was dreadful on so many levels last night on Newsnight – which was an interview set up to snare Anne Marie by the BBC – she did brilliantly, but Peter Whittle not only doesn’t think we have a problem with Islam but managed to insult the working class people of Britain and those millions World-wide who admire Tommy Robinson by saying “we don’t want people like that in UKIP”. Tommy has 370k followers! Who does he propose to have as members?

    And for Ms Jane Collins, she covered herself in democratic glory this morning by tweeting that if AMW was elected leader it would finish the Party, so why did the MEP’s allow it! Since deleted – but revealing.

    • Peter Whittle’s sound bite “we don’t want those sorts of people” may well rally a great deal more support for AMW. It will come to haunt him, and rightly so because the mask slipped and we all saw it (all who watched Newsnight, anyway).

      For anyone who still thinks Tommy Robinson is a far-right extremist yob, may I suggest you read his autobiography “Enemy of the State”. Of course he puts a good slant on himself, but it’s full of factual events that I found quite terrifying.

    • Look, I don’t disagree with anyone here about Sharia. But we are talking policy for a party that is meant to go before the general public. I am trying to move the discussion beyond single issue campaigning. Defeating all the effects of an alien Theocracy requires action on multiple fronts and will not be achieved in a rerun of medieval battle. You consume a salami one slice at a time. We need a plan for the slices and to keep slicing for as long as it takes. Banning Sharia, closing madrass, banning the burka, stopping Muslim immigration – the list is long. Try and do it all at once and we will fail. Focus on one slice and we will fail. There needs to be a plan for the whole salami but I do not hear one among the righteous anger.

      • Telling us to “look” is almost as tiresome as saying “let’s be clear” – as many politicians now seem to manage in the same breath.

        Yes, start with those unacceptable cultural practices, and sharia courts can’t be far behind, but there isn’t much scope for your salami idea after that. Because it would be fundamentally dishonest not to disclose our longer-term vision – as the first hostile interview would challenge us on anyway.
        We have to be honest, from start to finish. And how long do you think we’ve got, anyway?

        Like most things Stout you get it mostly right, but not quite right enough.

    • I’m about halfway through Tommy Robinson’s book “Enemy Of The State” and so far it has been fascinating reading.

      The media have successfully painted a picture of him as a ‘far-right racist extremist’, which I now realise is far from the truth. He was VERY briefly a member of the BNP, until he tried to attend his first meeting, when they turned away his two black friends who had come with him.

      Anyone who denies that there is any ‘problem’ with Islam, or spouts out the usual ‘Religion Of Peace’ nonsense is guilty of burying their head in the sand and hoping any problem will go away.

      There is a LOT that will need to be done in order to claim our society, our values, and our freedom back.

      • The more I find out about Tommy Robinson the more respect and admiration I have for the man. His book is a huge eye opener and I would suggest anybody who hasn’t read it to do so forthwith. On the (ITV) news the other week it showed film of Tommy saying ‘Muslims are the enemy within’ but the actual film was about the Muslims who had joined ISIS and lived in the vicinity of a Manchester mosque. It was within this context that he said ‘THESE Muslims are the enemy within.’ The distortion is frankly laughable but, of course, most people are unaware of it. For those who listen to the James Delingpole podcasts (and they are very good) the interview with Tommy is one of the best.

    • On that Newsnight interview and the little disagreement between Peter Whittle and Anne Marie Waters over a hypothetical question of whether Tommy Robinson would be allowed to join UKIP.

      AMW said that he didn’t want to join, but if he did the leader would have discretion.
      PW said that he would not be allowed because the Constitution prevented it and people like that were not wanted.
      AMW said a leader has discretion and she would ask the members and what does ‘people like that mean’?
      PW said no it is not allowed.

      Here is an extract from the Constitution.

      4.3 If, after becoming a member of the Party, a person

      c) is later found already to be a member or former member of another political party or organisation membership of which the NEC has declared to be incompatible with membership of the Party;
      the Party Chairman shall revoke their membership forthwith.


      4.4.1 In exceptional circumstances the Party Chairman may, with the agreement of the NEC, cause to be admitted to membership any applicant who would otherwise be prohibited from membership.

      So, if the NEC has declared the EDL or BNP as incompatible then an ex-member would only be allowed if the leader & NEC made a special exception.

      Some of the interview is here

    • Just to point out – the dinner lady, Rachel Booth, was not from Manchester but from Preston. The school, Moor Nook Community Primary School, is about 15 minutes drive away from my house.

  4. I was at the East Midlands hustings too Icini. My feeling was there was nobody on the panel that day that should be leading a political party.

  5. First step, ritual slaughter. Food should be clearly labeled as not pre-stunned and having magical words spoken during the process.
    People would then decide wether to buy it or not and the abhorrent practice would soon cease.


  6. @ icini
    “Henry Bolton with his impeccable CV as leader and strategist …” Strategist?

    His recent ‘strategy’, cooked up with David Allen and who knows who else, of trying to bounce Anne Marie Waters off the candidates’ list wasn’t so much a strategy as a stratagem, was it? And a failed one at that.

    ‘stratagem’ = dodge, plot, ploy, ruse, subterfuge, trick.

  7. @ SY
    Yes, there are many aspects of islam that have burrowed their way into our body politic like so many blood-sucking ticks. The current PM is an example of a person whose patriotic immunity is so undermined by PC trash that the islamophile ticks have reached her brain and breed there like maggots on a carcass. We need rid of her asap without letting in the tick-infested Labour party, who are even more infected by the disease and don’t care where their corrupted votes come from.

    Salami slicing is a good strategy, but you did not mention the establishment of sharia councils and its kangaroo courts allowed and facilitated by the labcon Establishment. The politicians (and CofE churchmen!) who blessed this anti-British, anti-Constitutional parallel ‘legal’ system are either dhimmi fools or deliberate traitors: Blair and sharia May are two of them; you can judge for yourself to which category each belongs.

    Who was it that agitated for the establishment of sharia councils? The muslim women – the mothers, wives and daughters whose sharia status is half that of any man’s, her word in a sharia kangaroo court worth only half of any man’s, be he a blithering idiot or a corrupt crook? Of course not. It was the imams, the elders, the community leaders who wanted sharia law in order to reassert and strengthen their power over the ghettoes they had created. Patriarchal power is a sine qua non in islam, to be used against the young, the women, the children, homosexuals, dissenters and anyone who looks as if they might want to think or vote for themselves.

    The power source of sharia MUST be abolished, outlawed and stamped out entirely in this country, as the first step toward de-islamisation. Cut off the head and the body can be salami-sliced.

    • My goodness, I shall never again be able to look at or listen to Theresa May without thinking that “islamophile ticks have reached her brain and breed there like maggots on a carcass”!

      I knew that there must have been an explanation for her latest disgraceful and stomach-churning speech celebrating Eid.

      You certainly have a way with words, Panmelia. Priceless.

      • Gummy,

        I agree Panmelia has a wonderful way with words, I have said before she would make a great speechwriter for someone in authority, or better still stand for high office herself, and wow them all in the audience with her mind blowing rhetoric. I am actually quite jealous as I would love to be able to write and comment in such a brilliant way.

        • DD, although I have never met both Pan and Viv Evans, they strike me as honest, intelligent and very astute individuals. If they can speak as well as they write, IMHO the party should make use of their talents.

      • Ta very much, Grums. The ‘Happy Eid’ speech certainly inspired me to look for a pathological explanation for her shameless grovelling. And there’s a PC question of blatant discrimination to be tackled too. How do Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Moonies and other faiths feel about THEIR sacred days and festivals being completely ignored by the PM and not being wished ‘Happy Anything’?
        It’s simply not good enough, and as a High Priestess of the Wiccan persuasion I will demand that she wish all pagans a ‘Happy Samhain’ next month (Hallowe’en) and a ‘Happy Yuletide’ in December (that’s Christmas to Christians, but Yuletide is far older). PM May has already missed the chance to wish us ‘Happy Lammas'(First Fruits) in early August, and this oversight cannot be allowed to continue. I shall offer to send her an ‘All World Religions’ calendar with every single ‘holy day’ or holiday marked on it for her ‘Happy’ speeches first thing every morning.

        • Panmelia,

          To be honest I think this is a great idea to listen to ‘our supreme leader’ wishing every single religion a happy ‘holy day’ in the morning, as they would be much better than her normal nonsensical utterances that we are subjected to.

    • I entirely agree. Outlawing Sharia Councils is essential. I did not omit it deliberately. It was just not my intention to specify which slices come before others, as doing so would require a very long article, but merely suggest it will take several years to work through layers of slicing. I believe tackling Islam requires a detailed and long term plan not just a few headline items. I want UKIP to be the planners and executioners.

      • @SY
        When she was still Home Secretary. Theresa May launched an 18-month enquiry into the position of women in sharia courts (picture a male foot on a female neck). What exactly inspired this enquiry is not clear – perhaps some muslim or ex-muslim women complained? The report is due out this autumn and if it is honest and truthful (notwithstanding that the enquirer is a muslim woman), it will give sharia May the opportunity to scrap sharia courts in the interests of equality before the law: British law and no other. But if the muslim woman has been bribed or browbeaten into producing a false whitewashed report, or has accepted the reassurances of intimidated women that’s all fair under sharia, I believe that May will be happy to accept anything that takes the heat off.
        We need influential people well-versed in British Constitutional Law to challenge the government on allowing a parallel legal system to operate wherein there is no equality before the law.

  8. A letter, even an article, is not long enough to set out all the issues, all the pros an cons of various approaches. Which slices in which order is a matter for detailed planning.

    The question is: if we are to do something then we need a longer term strategy. It is just a fact that Pegida UK failed so we must try a different approach. Our current destiny is submission or civil war. Those hoping for the latter may be disappointed and Michel Houellebecq’s novel may well apply to the UK as well as France.

    UKIP is still our last chance, the mediocre crew of candidates notwithstanding, and `salami slicing’ is at least a strategy. Angry confrontation isn’t.

  9. An unduly over-controlled and limited debate, Icini, without the only two populist free-thinkers in the race actually present. So nothing on the economy, which is what wins or loses all general elections (other than Aidan’s quixotic proposals on tax, which are not going to enthuse many).

    What Boltonian strategy, exactly? We didn’t hear much on precise policies and who’s going to vote for them – essential prerequisites for anyone claiming to be a political strategist

    And you didn’t ask me! Of course AMW supporters were disappointed she wasn’t there, and JR-E too, but that hardly diminishes their standing. Without that sort of courage and passion we offer nothing different to millions of people yearning for change.

    • Q – welcome back my friend – I have missed you!

      • A brief foray, Dee!
        Keep the good work up.

        • Yes Q, it is great to have you back, where have you been, and even more intriguing who would you vote for? I am presuming from your comments it would be AMW’s.

          • Thanks Daffy – trying to avoid all these politicos but needs must.

            Now that’s a question! I’ll vote for the one who most understands the need to get the mass support of the people, the need for nationalist economics and the existential threat to this nation.

            I will leave it till the last moment and live in hope.

  10. We don’t have the luxury of either time or power, Stout, to be too incremental, but the lead should be on those cultural practices the British public regard as most objectionable, because that’s where the strongest moral arguments lie and where there’s greatest support.

    Which only AMW seems to really understand.

    • I don’t disagree. I’m not setting out what all the slices are, in what order and with what frequency. UKIP needs to work that out involving policy on home office matters, police, education etc. It is just an overarching strategy I am suggesting. Something feasible needs to be done soon to avoid an end game of submission or war.

  11. I hope I don`t damn your Continental solution)(Salami/Death by a thousand cuts),with faint praise, but for me at my point of antiquity it smacks of too little too late.
    One question,
    Do we see this as a purely British problem?, is for instance France facing a similar Muslim occupation force generated by militating Imams and enhanced birth rates.
    If so how are they dealing with it?

    • No-one, apart from Hungary and Poland, is dealing with it and they start from a different base.

      Too little, too late? I can’t find that anyone else has a strategy for change.

  12. Iceni in your letter you state “At least we’ve a better choice than the Americans had between Clinton and Trump.”
    Are you serious? If so you are deluded. We do not have as a candidate anyone remotely as evil as hclinton nor anyone as corrupt and involved in so many activities that can only be described as High Treason as the clintoncrimefamily. That you are ignorant of all this reflects maybe your age, your lack of research on the internet, and your blind faith in the MSM esp the bbc.
    Apart from that the hustings report was good. Stamford is of course the kind of place that white liberals live who promote multiculturalism in their high paid jobs to people in Derby and Nottingham. (I am not referring to you).
    We have a serious lack of talent at the top of UKIP. JRE is just the sort of maverick who needs support, but he too was absent from the hustings. AMW is I think a remarkable woman who is doing the (almost) impossible. Thus she has no backup and is operating as a one woman band (almost).I still hope she wins. The situation in Britain is so bad in every category of life that we need something to challenge the metropolitan swamp.
    NHS at breaking point;
    Schools overcrowded and teaching multiculti lies;
    The massive debt still getting bigger every day;
    There is still a deficit;
    Armed Forces at record low in numbers;
    Police Force turning blind eye to child rape, and antifa gangsters;
    Most MPs are remainiacs
    Bliar Mandelshitn and other cockroaches plotting against the referendum result with full backing from the evilbbc;
    Open door immigration still operates;
    Asylum seekers in their tens of thousands still landing in the UK every year who will never be deported and given rights for their extended families to join them here;
    Most asylum seekers spending their working lives on welfare benefits more generous than a working class recipient of state pension;
    creeping sharia law;
    Sometimes I think I live in a world where only the mentally insane are allowed to be in positions of power and influence!

  13. I like your letter Mr Yoeman, a lot. This seems a sensible approach. But first…Education, Education, Education, excuse the parody. It becomes like putting a jigsaw together and your letter is one of the pieces. But not an edge piece. Unfortunately we will be conflicting not only with the Muslim community, but the Momentum type stooges, the corrupt politicians and the MMSM (manipulated). So it will not be easy. Bring it on! What choice do we have? The key to it all will be informing the public.

  14. Stout,

    An excellent letter but I find myself disagreeing on one point; I will never accept Islam in my country. As we see everywhere else in the world it is simply more trouble brewing.

    • I should prefer we were like Poland or Hungary. Alas, we are not and cannot now be.

      If nothing is done then we are done and probably sooner than most realise. So we have to do something. I’m trying to suggest something feasible. I do not know and have not spent time over the exact slices and their order.

  15. Stout,
    I gree with your approach with salamis, this worked very well in the 60s when the political zeitgeist of the time was to gradually close down the railway network as planned by Richard Beeching.

    First they closed either goods or passenger services on a line, whichever was most popular or well used. Then, having exposed the lack of use on the other service, they had an excuse to close the whole damn line.

    I may not live to see the end result of de-Islamification in Britain, but my kids will.

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