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Letters to the Editor – Tuesday 12th September 2017

The first letter today is a must-read, not only for the still ongoing debate about the candidates in the current leadership election but for the general debate which won’t stop because we’ve elected a new leader. It’s about a hot subject: FGM.

We Kippers base our arguments on data, not on hot air. This important letter by Stout Yeoman, our contributor and correspondent, does just that:


Islam, and FGM in particular, arose as topics at the recent official hustings. It was noticeable how none of the candidates appeared to be aware of any facts about FGM. They seemed to equate the issue with the rape of vulnerable, principally white girls, by Pakistani men. There was a failure of the police and social services to uphold the law. While Rotherham and other police forces had now been shamed into acting over rape gangs it remained the case that not a single case of FGM had been prosecuted. This was universally decried and several candidates wanted to make FGM a cause célèbre for UKIP but no-one appeared to realise that there are no prosecutable cases and no cause to pursue.

Since April 2015 hospitals have been under a legal obligation to report any case they come across, however they come across it, of girls and women who appear to have been subjected to some form of FGM. GPs came under a similar obligation in October 2015 and social workers and teachers have since been added to those obliged to report FGM.

In the year to March 2016. the first year of any reporting requirements, there were 5702 new cases. The data pertaining to those cases has been analysed by the Health and Social Care Information Service.

Outrageous we all cry. 5702 cases and not a single prosecution. The problem is that all but 18 of the cases were cut before they came to the UK and so outside UK jurisdiction. Of the 18 cases potentially within UK jurisdiction – cut here or British citizens taken abroad for cutting – 10 were simply piercings. That leaves 8 cases (of parents) potentially subject to UK criminal law. The Health Information Service does not provide details of these 8 cases and what happened but then they cannot because FGM is prohibited from being reported on under the Female Genital Mutilation act 2003. (The 8 possible victims have lifelong anonymity).

The extent to which the authorities have acted to try and eradicate FGM is impressive. Google `Multi Agency Statutory Guidance on FGM’  to download a raft of documents explaining what has been done and is being done.

Frank Furedi, sociologist and Spike On-line commentator, regards FGM as a moral panic. That is. something whipped up that is not supported by facts. The thousands of cases in the UK are of women cut in Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, a long list of African countries, and Yemen and Irag before they came to the UK. The children of mothers who have been cut and give birth in the UK are subject to FGM Protection Orders.

Just as in this country, as in others, murder is not tolerated and there is no scope for UKIP in campaigning for better pursuit of murderers – so there is no case for FGM being a UKIP issue. It is at most eight potential cases in the year to March 2016 and they were dealt with. I’ll wager that the data set for 2017 shows a decline from eight.

Respectfully, Stout Yeoman

The next letter is by our correspondent Liz Phillips. Knowing someone personally and having worked with him over some years, not just meeting a candidate briefly at hustings, certainly allows for a more serious assessment, and the opinion thus formed carries weight:


I have a great advantage over many in that I have known one of our candidates for a number of years outside the political sphere.  When you get to know people like this, you learn about them, warts and all! This is how I know Henry Bolton.

Many of our old seaside towns have suffered badly in the last fifty years, Folkestone the same as many, especially when the Cross Channel Ferry Port was closed. Henry, a resident of Folkestone, was heavily involved with a project to restore part of its wonderful heritage. That was how I met him.
From the outset, he stood out as being the most generous of people with time and effort and was a team player in looking at ideas and visions from others to weld into one. Surely this is what has been so sorely lacking in UKIP. The times I have tried to get member’s projects and experience into the heart of the party, only to be dismissed by a flunkey …!

UKIP is unique and its members run the whole gamut of people and professionals in all walks of life.  Its wealth of knowledge from its retired members alone, let alone with those still working, with expertise from whatever area of the economy you care to mention, is the richest untapped resource needed to get Great Britain right back on its feet.

You have seen Henry’s vision for UKIP clearly set out which takes us back to being the party of its members and not of its hierarchy.  If I hadn’t seen this in action, I could think ‘yeah, yeah, heard it all before’ but not this time. Under Henry, UKIP will be the party of the members and his strength will enable us to make sure that Brexit delivers the country we have so longed for.

Much as I have time and respect for others on the leadership platform, I prefer Henry’s stance with regard to those who wish to do us harm. He does not single out any one area of society but all people who have any thought of either destroying us or our way of life. I really believe Henry is the only one who can deliver it all, with us all.

Respectfully, Liz Phillips


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56 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Tuesday 12th September 2017

  1. Dear Liz Phillips,

    Thank you for your background comments about Mr Bolton which have been somewhat over shadowed by his headline making interview.

    He knows a thing or two about getting media coverage.

    Judging from the interview,the choice in this vote appears to be between Henry Bolton and the Nazis.

    Apparently, he didn’t actually say ‘Nazis’ in the interview, he stuck with calling UKIP in danger of going the way of National Socialism.

    That is so much better than saying Nazis, isn’t it?

    But for balance he did also suggests that UKIP is in danger of being like the Soviets.

    So a very balanced comment from the ever diplomatic Henry Bolton.

    What greater love is there than warning that your own party could become like the two worst murderous political systems the world has known?

    How much does that fill you with confidence that this is the man to run your party? Who else would protect you from the Nazis or the Soviets?

    His point is that we shouldn’t scaremonger over Islam when we could much better scaremonger over jack booted swastika tattooed red flag flying monsters trying to high jack the tremendous success of UKIP.

    (Sources include )

    • Liberas –
      “What greater love is there …” This had me laughing in a painful way.
      Who in their right mind could vote for HB after that disgraceful betrayal of Ukip. He just hands it to the media on a plate with garnish on top.

  2. I’ve made a comment regarding FGM in reply to Tomasz Slivnik’s ‘Open Letter to members’ dated 7th September. In part it read that The Sentencing Council (google just that for details) had very recently put out for discussion proposals concerning the punishment for committing FGM or allowing it to be committed. With respect to Stout, I don’t think that they would be considering such specific proposals if they were not convinced that it was a serious problem – and an abhorrent one too. All young females born in this Country of Muslim families face the prospect of having their genitals seriously abused. It is right that such girls are examined for such abuse at least twice until they come of age. Their parents are responsible for their wellbeing and if their daughter/s is/are found to have been cut then they must be brought before a criminal court. After murder and manslaughter, grievous bodily harm with intent (FGM well fits that billing) is the most serious crime against the person in British law. Will the Left/Libs complain and call us racist and/or bigots if we pursue justice for these girls? Let them – I can stand that. A simple reply to such cretins is to remind them that they themselves nearly caused the Earth to spin of it’s axis when the prospective President of the United States mentioned the word ‘pussy’. Do they want women to be respected and safeguarded or not? I do. This is far worse than any case of domestic abuse and I have seen some bad instances of that in my time. Mr Bav suggests that this ‘moral panic’ is the politics of pessimists. Does he disapprove of the concern over such barbaric practices? I think we should be told. If utter complacency in the face of such atrocities is to be a policy of UKIP – include me out.

    • No-one is saying FGM is not a barbaric practice to be eradicated in the UK. I have merely tried to get a measure of the problem and reported findings. The scale of UK prosecutable offences may not be quite what some assume.

      There is an at risk register for the child of very mother found to have suffered FGM on their own country.

    • @ Roger Gough
      You are right to feel indignant that those who want to defend defenceless girls might be accused of ‘racism’ etc. That is proof of the kind of mad topsy-turvy world we live in now.
      That the Sentencing Council is asking for views on punishment for FGM child abusers in 2017, when the first law against it was passed in 1985 begs many questions.
      It is only when examples have been made of criminal parents, guardians and paid mutilators that these people will begin to take notice. Public shaming is absolutely necessary. That means vigorous pursuit of as many cases as possible (not just recording them in a tick box)),very highly publicised charges and trials, full face photos and footage of convicted criminals on TV, and really harsh prison sentences for GBH. The abused child or children to be fostered or adopted.
      Social workers have deprived parents of their children in secret ‘family courts’ for much much less harm caused than FGM, even imagined harm. It’s time that justice was seen to be done (or not done) in those family courts, and we must not tolerate any secrecy being attached to FGM cases either. I am sure the government would try to hush it up, but it has to become a very public issue. FGM has be regarded in the same light as the kind of brutality toward children that results in their injury or death, and that shocks everyone into demanding an inquiry into the failings of police, social workers, councils and the rest.

  3. Dear Liz Phillips

    Thank you for you timely and welcome letter. I was hovering between two candidates. I’d always said I would support JRE but, for various reasons, have been recently warming to Henry Bolton as a viable leader.

    After reading your letter my mind was made up and I have, in the last couple of minutes, cast my vote for Henry.

    Kind regards.

  4. @ SY
    No, FGM is not just an issue for UKIP; it’s an issue for all the women in this country, especially white British women who have never had to suffer forcible, brutal surgery on their person that is approved by the males in the community they belong to, and for which they have no redress. It is an insult to our country and to all British women that this has ever been carried out here, is being carried out still and will be carried out as long as no meaningful action is taken to stamp it out for good.

    You seem very easily convinced by the statistics and soothing reassurances of ‘the authorities’ that thousands of girls and women were assaulted before they came here – so not to worry, eh? Are you always so ready to believe what the government or government bodies or authorities tell you? After the exposure of their rank cowardice and failure to act over the muslim grooming gangs, I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING they said about criminal violence towards women in whatever form. The attacks on girls and women which have been ignored for years and are only now being revealed with each new investigation and court case amounts to institutionalised sexism of the authorities in the UK. That these attacks were perpetrated by racist Pakistani muslims whose crimes were concealed smacks of institutionalised islamisation combined with the pathological misogyny muslim men are trained to feel: a potent horrible brew, a vile sickness in our country.

    Now consider FGM in the UK in that light: an equally horrific brew of sexist and racist attitudes on the part of the authorities: it is only girls of other races who suffer and they don’t have the vote, so let’s not stir up trouble over them, eh? Hence no prosecutions after 32 years. Combine that with the inherent misogyny of ‘morally undeveloped, backward societies’, the males of which the political elite have allowed to come in droves, and a wicked practice designed to keep women in their place and in lifetime trauma continues without let or hindrance.
    The UN has done nothing meaningful globally; the EU has done nothing meaningful in its domain; the UK has done nothing meaningful and now makes excuses about how all the FGM was done in other countries. Well, OK, if that’s the case, let the government announce that NO ONE with signs of FGM will be allowed to come here and neither will any member of their families.

    • Panmelia,

      I am glad you doubt these figures that Stout seems to have discovered from ‘reliable’ government sources, if there is such a thing. I do not for one minute believe them, because we would not have some many NHS clinics to treat it if that were the case. I know some have come into the country having already undergone this vile mutilation, so all the more reason to stop them from performing it on their daughters I would think.

      But for UKIP to down grade it’s importance or worse still ignore it would be a total betrayal of these poor unfortunate girls, and I hate to say this but once again it is a man who is suggesting blanking it completely. This gets me a bit cross actually, so lets put another twist to this, supposing it was little boys having the tips of their penises cut off (and I mean more drastic than circumcision), thus making having sex and peeing extremely painful just to keep them chaste to their older ugly wives, would he and other males feel different towards it? Something tells me they certainly would.

      • DD, I’m sure you know the old joke: “If men had to give birth, we would have all died out a long time ago.”
        If men in boyhood had to be completely shaved of all genital flesh (which is a favoured form of mutilation of girls to make them ‘look tidy’ and to look like young children even in womanhood – yes, a fave for paedophiliacs), and then the opening sewn up tightly to produce a tiny hole (infibulation) through which urine must slowly trickle, I think they would most certainly have done away with such a practice by now on reaching adulthood, especially as it’s mostly done with no anaesthetic and a rusty blade. But that’s not the end of it for women: through that hole must come menstrual blood; the infibulation is broken open on the wedding night and sometimes sewn up again while the husband is away. The woman has to give birth through her mutilated vagina with its scar tissue, often haemmorhaging. The woman can suffer lifelong cystitis, uterine problems because of difficulty menstruating, sex is a pleasureless ordeal and childbirth doubly dangerous. A lifetime of trauma, gynaecological and obstetric pains and diseases for NO reason whatsoever except the demands of male ego.

        Please, please, I do NOT want to hear from any other MAN airily declaring there is ‘no case for FGM being a UKIP issue’. It’s a worldwide, humanitarian issue that MUST be tackled and we must start in our own country by tearing it out, root and branch. The truth is that some men just want everyone to shut up about it because they don’t want to know about it. Sadly, SY has just proved himself to be one of those men.

        • Panmelia

          I’m not going to enter into the rights or wrongs of men commenting on this subject.

          I wonder if you’ve heard of Waris Dirie? If not, then please do Google her as she was subjected to FGM as a five year old in her native Somalia.

          She later became a supermodel and has been campaigning against FGM for many years. It’s been a long, hard and continuing battle for her. I don’t think UKIP will be able to tackle it quite as quickly as many hope for.

          Please do Google this lady, her story is one that I believe will be of interest to you.


          • Thanks, Brenda, I have read up about Waris Dirie and her work. She’s a wonderful woman.
            Unfortunately, not enough is being done to put pressure on the countries where ignorant parents inflict this on innocent children. All foreign aid from the UN and the West should be withdrawn from those countries until they make it illegal and show that dedicated police and health teams are strictly enforcing the law. Of course, it would help if we had similar teams in the UK, too.

        • Panmelia,

          This is such a gross crime it makes me feel ill, and to think it is committed against young defenseless little girls, then we hear that no one gets punished for doing it and it continues to happen.

          I am sure that like me we are all appalled that it seems to be an ignored crime, however, I am living in hope that the tide is beginning turn and it must be seen to be confronted and curbed.

          It is just so annoying that it takes the authorities so long to get their act together and tackle these things, and is only done after much lobbying and nagging from victims and the general public.

          • DD, see today’s News Review about Scotland Yard at Eurostar Terminal looking to make an arrest.
            Perhaps the ball is starting to roll – not before time.

          • Panmelia,

            Yes, I am hoping that something will come of this now, God knows we have waited long enough for them to take some action, but let’s wait and see what happens.

    • Scepticism is healthy. Believing everything the government says or does is not.

      It is just possible, surely, that not everyone involved in fighting FGM is corrupt, that not every doctor or nurse is corrupt, that they report honestly and sincerely. I merely remark on the prevalence of UK prosecutable offences being lower appears to be assumed.

      If I am as easily convinced as you say then it ought be easy to persuade me with evidence – to a not very high standard given my gullibility – that FGM is “is being carried out still” with a higher frequency than I conclude. I really have done a lot of research and I cannot find the evidence you believe exists. So please do point me to it.

      And just because I have done research and come to a heretical conclusion do not assume for a moment that I am less opposed than you are to a “horrific brew of sexist and racist attitudes”.

      • Stout,

        Thank you, I have no doubt that you have researched this subject thoroughly but you can only go by the statistics given to you, is that correct? I am not undermining your research but the statistics you have been provided with. I’m sorry Stout but no, I do not trust the authorities anymore, the doctors and nurses may well provide the correct figures, but that does not mean they get published, especially on this sensitive issue which they would rather not discuss.

        So, I am not getting at you but the figures you have been able to obtain, if you think about it some of these young girls were born here or came here when they were very young, so most likely were sent abroad for this procedure as you have stated, and there is a big number of them. So, it seems impossible to me that only 8 are subject to prosecution. To me the figures do not add up or make any sense at all, so I am not prepared to accept them, this is just my opinion and judgement of what I suspect is going on.

        • I too am sceptical of government figures but the way they are manipulated falls into two categories: 1) suppress a report that has embarrassing figures such as recently over Saudi funding of mosques in the UK or 2) change the definition of the figures you seek as happens with various inflation indices or unemployment figures.

          What government does not do is actually doctor figures directly. Government statisticians and other are not that corrupt. The data set I worked from is genuine.

          • Stout,

            Well that must be right then and I am glad if that is the case, but I will remain skeptical until we no longer here about this atrocious crime.

            But well done you for investigating it and I apologise for having a go at you for being male, and therefore being dismissive of FGM, at least you did more than me and actually went to the trouble to find out about it.

        • If there have been more than 8 cases, then surely it should be easy enough to disprove the government claim. I mean if there are thousands and thousands of women being cut every year or a girl is cut every hour, it shouldn’t be that hard to find more than 8. So where are they?

          • Tomaz,

            That is a good question where did all these massive numbers we keep hearing being quoted come from, and why has the government not disputed them. It just does not add up IMO.

      • Stout Yeoman. What are your views on the “cutting season”? Or do you feel there is no such thing?

      • For Dianne Abbott to call for compulsory checks on girls speaks volumes to me. Did you read the parliamentary response to the e-petition on FGM. There does seem to be a problem in getting accurate figures but have a read and see what you think The evidence for the committee Very little seems to have changed since then and as the population grows surely so does the problem.

      • @ SY
        “Frank Furedi, sociologist”. I wonder if he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative or a brain-soused-in-vinegar-and-boiled Socialist muslim-supporting Labour voter. ‘Moral Panic’? That’s what the Leftards always say when people are concerned about something the Leftards think doesn’t matter enough to do anything about.

        • Moral panic is a term of the right.

          • Oh, no, you’re wrong, SY.
            I mixed with many Leftards, listening to their ideas and language for years in staff rooms. Any concern that arose in the country upon any subject that they disagreed with or thought beneath their notice, was termed scornfully as a ‘moral panic’. For example, before the police were legally obliged to disclose to an enquirer whether a convicted paedophile was living in their neighbourhood, there was a demand for this from parents who had been unaware of a criminal living close to them. It was none of their business, see, if a paedophile hung around the corner shop their children visited to spend their pocket money. The Leftards of my acquaintance mocked this concern as ‘a moral panic’.
            I have never heard ANYONE on the right use that expression.

    • Very well said, Panmelia.

      It seems hard to believe that Stout Yeoman really feels that, in the past year, less than eight Muslim girls living in this country will have undergone FGM.

      Does he consider that virtually all Muslim parents in the UK have now “seen the light” and have come round to our way of civilised living? Come on!

      These young girls need people in UKIP to fight their cause, not to be taken in by some dodgy statistics.

      • Liberas,

        Well, at last something practical and quite straight forward is being done, but why does it take so long I would like to know.

  5. Stout, I wonder if there are deeper underlying reasons that this topic of FGM has become such an issue with many of the public? It appears to be acceptable to talk about that particular cultural practice – who could object to anyone doing so? However, often the sentence goes ‘FGM and other cultural practices’. The implication being that it is safe to talk about one but not others. In the fevered Cultural Marxist atmosphere of today might a lot of people actually feel deeply uncomfortable about a lot of imported ‘cultural practices’ but know that they can’t say so without being called bigoted and racist? So might FGM be being used as a kind of euphemism for those others which cannot be discussed? This is what happens when you shut down debate.
    The Government haven’t made the information you supplied easily available as far as I have seen or read, perhaps because they would have to admit that the practice of FGM is spread widely across many different cultures -so better to just keep quiet?
    It is not surprising that many young girls, having undergone FGM then commit suicide when they are forcibly married off at an early age to older men – the pain must be dreadful and the thought that you must endure it for life unbearable.

    • I merely make a statistical point. If you have better statistics than me then please present them.

      Even if the 8 potentially prosecutable cases is accurate it is 8 too many. But I no longer believe, as some would have me believe, that there are thousands of potential prosecutions every year that are being avoided.

  6. This video is a must watch, it describes how the EU is responsible for the Islamisation of Europe.

    No matter who wins the leadership contest we need AMW.

  7. Well done stout,
    There seems to be closure to this line of attack. But I do wonder about Mrs May not answering in PMQ’s. Was she virtue signalling. With half a million civil servants advising her, she could have totally squashed an opposition member, wasted a few more minutes, and made herself look good.
    Am I a conspiracy theorist.

  8. “Prepare to fight a snap election “. With what ? I doubt we could even cover the deposits.
    I started with this campaign in a depressed state, there seemed to be no outstanding candidates, most seemed, to be honest, mediocre, in UKIP terms possible spokespeople but not leadership material. It never crossed my mind AMW could be considered a viable candidate, though I did think she should be allowed to stand. It looked like Whittle would win. Having watched all the videos, seen the statements and visited hustings however I’ve settled for Bolton. Read his CV , check out his history and compare to the others.
    Use logic, not emotion. I want us to be able, within a year, to DO stuff, not just to rant about things.

  9. Stop talking about young women being “cut” as if we were talking about paring a fingernail. Say truthfully that they are being disfigured or have been subject to genital disfigurement before arriving.

    • The M in FGM stands for mutilation. The practice is grievous bodily harm and amounts to more than mere disfigurement. I used the word “cut” to keep the number of words (and typing) down having also used the word mutilation.

      Not having examined the women myself I cannot say `truthfully’ the extent to which they have been disfigured. If you do the research you will find FGM classified into 4 types according to the extent they are `cut’.

  10. @Stout
    If what you say is true (and I have no reason to doubt your integrity or the quality of your research) then I wonder why it is not debated in Parliament and the facts put before us in an open and honest way. I had, perhaps too cynically, assumed that such debates did not take place because Common Purpose adherents would worry that we, the public, might not like what we hear.

    Certainly what you say is startling news to me, and represents a very important contribution to the debate.

    Thank you.

  11. We certainly need to move forward quickly, all the mucking about during the past year odd was a killer.
    The election and announcement of a new leader should have taken far less time, we bleed members and supporters daily. There are more or less bound to be resignations whoever wins and if we elect the wrong person the media will have a field day from which recovery will be impossible.

    We desperately need a competent organiser and skilled negotiator, not a firebrand with a personal mission.
    Looks like we may get PW, in which case I will only say.. Oh Dear, should AMW or JRE get in it would certainly be goodbye. I am quite literally praying for HB or DK.

    • Bernard from Bucks. // September 12, 2017 at 9:17 am // Reply

      Yes, I notice that PW is the bookies favourite at the moment.
      Over the years I’ve been proud to use my bright yellow UKIP umbrella – but not now. It is safer to leave it in the cupboard. Should AMW or JRE get in, it would certain be up on eBay faster than a greased f@rt in plimsolls!

    • Iceni,

      I am praying with you, but I want DK to win, and I think I read somewhere he may ask HB to be his deputy or vice versa, if that is the case they may well make a good team together. I am not adverse to HB but I suspect the public will not warm to him that much, but he sounds like he would soon start to get things ‘ship shape’. The other thing I did not like was when he tried to stop AMW’s but that is water under the bridge now.

      I just hope that when this is all over they all stop this back biting and get down to business, because as everyone says we are desperately running out of time. .

  12. Well said Stout; we need to rid our country of such practices and all those who will continue them whatever our law says.

    I have sympathy with those children and young women who suffer this abhorrent practice. Maybe they could be persuaded to reject the evil religion which has forced their mutilation, but we must be sure that they have really done so.

    Any who will not reject it must be removed from our country using whatever means are necessary; that is going to be a hard fought battle for us but it must be won.

    Live in our country; live by our rules, no exceptions.

    • The vile practice is not exclusive to the religion of peace but most prevalent in Africa, principally in the least developed countries (less developed in every sense).

      That said Tariq Ramadam, our often praised Islamic scholar, has written that it is a Muslim issue in the sense that non-Muslims must not speak about matters that are for Muslims only to discuss. In other words, the twat took ownership of the issue on behalf of Muslims.

      It is no longer fashionable or permissible perhaps to say so but FGM is a practice of morally undeveloped, backward societies that should be loudly and repeatedly denounced for what they are. Instead, the UN prefers culturally sensitive `education’ on the quiet.

  13. Bav,

    I was just typing a reply then yours came up and I could not have put it any better. Stephen raises some very pertinent questions and valid comments, but it is all a bit late now I think, most like me will have voted, so we await the result.

    Personally, I will go along with any one of the candidates that is selected, although there are some I am less enthusiastic about, so would just see how it goes. Like you I just want to get on with it and get things back on track, as far as I am concerned it will be onward and upward.

    Plus, I hope once this is all over all the candidates will set an example and get behind the new leader, it would be even better if some were given prominent posts in the new leader’s cabinet, I think that could make us a very strong force to be reckoned with. We could then truly call ourselves ‘UKIP United’!

  14. I totally agree with Stout Yeoman.

    Stirring up moral panics is the politics of pessimists.

    We need optimism now to succeed, and, in the spirit of that very statement, we shall succeed.

  15. I agree with Liz, now let’s get on with the job.

    Most of UKIP’s membership will have received their voting papers and should have made their decision on who to vote for by now.

    Note, if you will that the media does not give a hoot about this election or about who wins…. yet.

    Once the results are announced we need clear and concise policy to follow immediately and to engage the public if the party is to be anything other than a fringe protest group.

    The public wants ideas on how UKIP might improve the general standard of living, how it might improve the NHS, improve the dire housing crisis, improve the enforcement of existing laws and improve the future for our next generation.

    Improvement. It’s about the future, not back to the past. What happened yesterday cannot be changed. UKIP should not indulge any more in blame –culture, either internally, where failures are blamed on existent or non-existent cliques or cronyism, nor externally, namely the so-called MSM, ‘liberals’ or Muslims.

    The future is entirely in our hands.

    UKIP can only grow and become a serious force in politics if it ignites the spirit of optimism both in its own ranks and amongst the public. We are all sick to death of misery, austerity and of failure and national self-doubt and loathing. A reluctant public voted in perhaps the most lacklustre and weak prime minister since Chamberlain., but it very nearly voted in Corbyn, who, like him or loathe him, generates what other parties lack, namely a vision of a brighter future, a change, or a new way.

    A general election is by no means unlikely within nine months. If May loses more than a couple of important Commons votes her administration will fall. She will fall. No one, not Mogg or Johnson or anyone else could prevent what will almost certainly be a Labour victory and all that it brings in the election that would surely follow.

    I’m sure most people who read this do not want that outcome. So, let’s unite.

    UKIP must prepare, right now, for a snap election. Prepare with optimistic and positive messages, with a realistic rolling manifesto, with distinct but achievable policies that cannot be easily knocked and which do not invite general hostility. It can only wield influence if its policies are popular enough to attract hundreds of thousands of new members and voters.

    Let’s go forward!

    • Any suggestions of what the popular policies are that would attract lots of new members?

      I wrote in an article here that attacking the postmodernist-Marxist ideology which is at the root of PC and the love of open borders would do exactly that.
      (I base my claim on the hundreds of thousands who follow anti-sjw YouTubers and the 80,000 who petitioned against social justice courses and the 300,000 who petitioned to have Antifa classified as terrorists.)

      Do you know of another cause that has that kind of potential following?

      • I added my name to an American petition to have Antifa classified as terrorists – is that the one you mean?
        But your references to anti-sjw Youtubers, and social justice courses (Common Purpose?) mean little or nothing to me.

        Perhaps you’d like to expand on what you’ve said. Maybe I’m not the only one wondering!

        • Yes, that is one of the petitions I referred to.

          I was saying that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are concerned by the influence of the ideology that has several names (postmodernist-Marxism, cultural Marxism, social justice, intersectional feminism and political correctness.)

          All of those come from the same two roots Marxism and postmodernism, which is why I use the name postmodernist-Marxism.

          I wrote about how the people who are worried about that ideology don’t have a party they can join, and that UKIP could be the party they want.

          But to make that happen UKIP has to make it clearer that it opposes that ideology. David Kurten and JRE make it fairly clear, but the others only mention it in passing. I believe it would attract a lot of new members and a lot of funding as I explain in this article:

          • OK, but what I really want to know is what ‘sjw’ stands for and by ‘social justice courses’ do you mean courses taught in universities? If so, what sort of titles do these courses have – ‘Cultural Studies’, ‘Women’s Studies, for example?

          • Hi Panmelia – SJW = Social Justice Warriors – used as a derogatory term for Feminazis, Antifa et al! Blessings!

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