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Letters to the Editor – Thursday, 8th June 2017

The terrorist attack at London Bridge on Saturday has overshadowed the last days of this election campaign. There are issues which will not go away just because we’re going to the polls today. Regardless of the result, and regardless of the pious words of our political leaders – too little, too late, too transparent in their aim to garner votes – islam is one of them. The first letter by our reader Graham Wood is an example:


Responding to Islam: In the light of the recent spate of Islamist violence and killings there is now an urgent need for a government change of policy from containing Islamist terrorists to confronting all Moslem communities in the UK with an ultimatum.    

The Moslem faith and the killers who act in its name are entirely  incompatible with our democracy, way of life, culture, and laws.  Moslem leaders therefore must be confronted because the lives of ordinary people are far more important than the sensitivities of Islam appeasers and more important than the freedom of  Islamic killers to wreak murder and mayhem.

What  practical steps should be taken? I believe the following will be effective in significantly reducing, or removing the jihadist threat permanently.

  1. Government legislation must require all Muslim Imams in UK mosques/teaching centres to personally renounce entirely all injunctions in the Koran to exercise Jihad in any shape or form, and to forbid teaching others the same who come under their care and influence. Failure to comply should mean immediate deportation back to their country of origin.
  2. Every single act of Islamic terrorism, of violence or death on our streets should carry a penalty for the whole  Islamic community which must take ownership or responsibility for the men of murder and violence within their midst whose existence and often known jihadist sympathies  are tolerated.

Each act therefore should automatically result in government closing down a number of mosques in the UK with immediate effect without right of appeal.

This would  result in the so called “moderate” Moslems who either condone or support jihadists in their communities to expose them and weed them out on pain of potentially losing their mosque. (Mosques are much more than places of worship, but centres of indoctrination of young people, children, and especially many unemployed, gullible, Muslim young men.) Thus these mosques become dangerous  intellectual cesspools of Islam think. Only the most devout believers work their way into leadership positions, and these people are the most likely to believe Islamic calls to violence. The inability to rationalise anything about Islam is at its height inside the mosques.

  1. An incoming government must ban all new mosque building in the UK.

In my view these three specific steps are essential prerequisites to re-establishing our rule of law and a return of peace on our streets.

Respectfully, Graham Wood

The second letter comes from our reader Septimus Octavius, making a point about tactical voting:


Maintenance of the aim! Due to the quirks of the electoral system, it is entirely possible that UKIP could win one or two seats this time round! However, in the other 300 odd seats where UKIP is fielding a candidate, sadly there is a 0% chance of that candidate winning, and it is in those seats where tactical voting is essential. The object of this exercise is to ensure that Brexit occurs, and I would contend that where a Conservative can win, all should be done to assist in that process.

Further, I would advocate that one should vote Labour, if necessary, where there is any possibility whatsoever of a LibDem winning the seat!

Brexit is the be all and end all of the 2017 General Election; the Tories are the party which will win, and the more seats they secure for this purpose the better.  We should hope that the LibDems are wholly obliterated in this exercise – but that happy prospect is a remote one.  Labour should be assisted in its suicide. There will then be all to play for in 2022 for a genuinely rebranded UKIP.

Remember in 1974, when Enoch Powell advised the country to vote Labour, as being the only party which might remove the UK from the monster that is now the EU? The time has come for all good souls so to come to the aid of the hated Tories!

In this regard, at least, let us revive the Spirit of Enoch!

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


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8 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Thursday, 8th June 2017

  1. Until Islam and its followers are removed in their entirety from our country we are still at risk. They play the long game knowing that they can out-breed us.

    The youtube video on the 1400 year war by Dr. Bill Warner is worth watching.

  2. Well said, Septimus – I used to pist on sites ad GospelofEnocho

  3. Graham, While your suggestions are necessary to deal with the immediate terrorist threat, the even more serious long term,threat of Sharia Law being imposed on our country via the womb must also be addressed. Benefits for two children, one wife only has to be put into law, as well as outlawing Sharia and putting in place a robust British constitution. Outlaw all Halal slaughter, as people keep pointing out, this finances terrorism by the back door as well as having no place in Britain. I think we need to go further than Stun-to-kill – that is the easy way out. Ban it, along with the burka! Enough pussyfooting around. We need Anne Marie to identify the best way to turn back the tide, and a leader who will do the job.

  4. There is not one good reason to ever vote labour who are corrupted and hypocritical. Better a few libdem MPs than ever adding to the labour standard.
    Enoch was right in 1975 but the red party is now dominated by marxist internationalists who whether by accident or on purpose could destroy us all.
    The smaller the lab party on Friday the better. Next GE UKIP must be ready to replace the red party in many Northern and Midland seats and this will not be helped by any armistice with these traitors.

    • Dee. Of course, I agree with all of those. There are problems on so many fronts with militant Islam!
      I realise that the 3 steps I recommend are only a start and there is little hope of any new government taking such radical steps. However, I also believe that these ideas need to be continually circulated so that public opinion will grow and consolidate as I am sure it will if there are further violent incidents or killings.
      Incidentally if you have not already read Bob Smith’s article ‘Islam’s Fatal Flaw’ I strongly urge you to do so as it explains in simple terms how the element of fear drives militant Moslems within their communities. Its a must read.

      • Thank you Graham, I will, thank you, I am trying to educate myself.

      • Graham, you might not get to read this, but that article was the most useful I have ever read. Thank you – of course! they’ve been running Islam exactly like Stalin’s Russia, with one crucial difference – they extort money from others to pay for their system – plus people smuggling, drug running etc. I suppose it will never need to change. What a horrendous long term way for the World to live. Let’s hope something can be done. We have nothing to lose by trying.

  5. Septimus, we won’t be here in 2022 if we do as you advocate.

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