We’re still dealing with the fall-out from the leadership election of seven days ago and that is reflected not only in articles and comments but also in the letters. The first one today is from our contributor Alan Piper. His letter reflects that a way forward, away from the current polarisation, is vital and not impossible:


Just before all the conference excitement, I posted an article called “Joining the dots”. It fell off the UkD radar rather quickly, replaced with Viv’s excellent eye witness conference reports but I invite people to search and read it again because of the link below, Farage’s recent speech and Q&A session with AfD. Judge for yourself:

2 things of note.

  1. He is still a great speaker. And
  2. He apparently has no idea of the roots of the EU.

According to him, it all started in the 50’s rather than post first war. We know better. Coudenhove-Kalergi, Vernon Coleman, Michael Shrimpton, etc.

But it also reinforces my belief, shared by some here but not remotely grasped by the electorate, that current events are deliberate, a work in progress and islamification is inextricably linked to Germany’s long held desire to dominate Europe economically and subjugate its population.

In spite of the leadership distractions I’m doing my best to get this out there because I suggest if the electorate become aware that it’s all deliberate, they will get angry and start to demand change. Whether home-counties Henry gains or AMW (who I voted for and have sent the details to) I don’t mind, notwithstanding being an ex-Tory, ukip, racist nazi, allegedly…

His reaction to AMWs specialist subject has always bothered me and that video tells me that Nigel does not make the connection, that it’s ongoing and deliberate. Either that or he’s talking to a German audience and avoiding mentioning the war etc. Which he does by the way.

I may be wrong but I’m starting to feel that joining the dots and getting message out there is becoming increasingly important , whoever leads what Party, because the electorate need to realise the extent to which they’ve been played. And it’s certainly not going to come from the lib/lab/cons, or as a complete picture from Nigel apparently.

Respectfully, Alan Piper

Today’s other letter is looking back on the events. It’s by “UKIP’s Conscience” who has posted many comments on UKIP Daily. We publish it as it came in, unedited, because while we must look ahead, right now we should perhaps not exclude the voices of those who now feel bereft:


So it’s over, time to reflect.  I don’t know how they did it but the party hierarchy won the day with their candidate getting first place and they managed to manipulate support for a new logo which many people never wanted in the first place.

The reaction of some people to the election of Henry Bolton was stunned incredulity, I didn’t know anyone who voted for him and certainly less who expected him to be anywhere but at the bottom of the list. To be fair some people in the hall had anticipated this and at the time I suspected something had been going on out of sight and it seems the Welsh and the councillors’ organisation had a big part in his election.  When it was announced that AMW was second there were big cheers from some and a shout behind me “He’s won”. So it seems some were in on the scheme.

There is deep suspicion about the result because it does not reflect people’s experience of the hustings. This doesn’t mean it was not lawful, it looks like there was some very effective third party campaigning behind the scenes which was kept quiet.  I do not think Henry’s election reflects the will of the wider party. However, congratulations to those who orchestrated it, they outmanoeuvred the rest.  In doing so I believed they signed UKIP’s death warrant.  Henry is a most unsuitable winner, he was elected because of what he has done, not for what he might do.  His first twenty four hours were disastrous. He disowned many core UKIP policies before being put right and correcting himself on Sunday. He has no core principles but is a puppet to be manipulated.  He would have been a good chairman, I believe he has good organisational skills, but essentially he is a bureaucrat, not the inspirational leader we needed.

I cannot understand Nigel’s attitude these days. Like every Kipper, I would have followed the Nigel of 12 months ago anywhere with an unswerving belief that he is always right on issues.  He has always been a poor judge of people, witness the many lemons he put into responsible positions. Now Nigel speaks with two voices, firstly agreeing with AMW then calling her a racist.

However what is done is done, The strutting of our senior managers after the election announcement says it all. UKIP has been captured by a small handful of people who believe their opinions count above all others. Granted they appear to have Nigel on side, but Nigel’s star is in serious decline. He has dismissed the view of a lot of core members who were his best activists.  There have already been many resignations and I expect the floodgates to open in the next few days as people take stock of what has gone on.  The structure was crumbling and it will continue to do so.

Henry is not my leader. My days in UKIP are numbered. It is now beyond redemption.

Respectfully, “UKIP’s conscience”

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