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Letters to the Editor – Thursday 23rd March 2017

The first of today’s letters addresses the terrorist attack in London yesterday. It is by our reader Hugo Jenks, who also sent the graph of the ‘terrorist arrow’:


Yet another awful terrorist attack upon the West. London again. Politicians cannot be trusted to keep us safe. They either do not understand the root of the problem, or else they do understand and have decided not to be honest. Either way, we must all make the effort to understand it for ourselves.

Read the Koran, if not all of it then at least read chapter nine. It is freely available online.

The 22nd of March 2017 in the Islamic calendar is Jumada Al-Thani 24, 1438. This is a non-sacred month, the significance of which will be obvious to you when you read chapter nine. Yesterday appears to be a pre-planned attack. All of the preceding twenty eight pre-planned Jihadist attacks in the UK, Europe and Turkey over the last two years and two months were also in non-sacred months. By my calculation the probability of that happening by chance is just one in 127,834.

Read the Koran!

Respectfully, Hugo Jenks

(Arrow of terrorist attacks)

The second letter comes from our contributor Dr Tomasz Slivnik, who resigned from the NEC last September. He asks pertinent questions about the organisation of the NEC and the involvement of the Party Chairman – and why changes still have not been made:


The latest saga involving UKIP and Arron Banks re-opens the wider question of chairmanship of our Party.

While I was a member of the NEC in 2016, I proposed a constitutional amendment which would split the role of the Party Chairman into three: the Chairman of the NEC (to be elected by members of the NEC from among the elected members of the NEC), the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive. The current role concentrates too much power in the hands of one man, who is not democratically accountable. Our Articles of Association already provide that the Chairman of the Board shall be elected by the board from among one of their own, but in practice this is not done, with the role automatically being given to the Party Chairman, concentrating even more power in the hands of a man already having too much power, and not consistent with either our Articles of Association or with principles of good corporate governance. The former provide that the Party Chairman shall not normally (unless expressly being so appointed at the discretion of the NEC) even be a member of the board of directors, let alone its chairman, and the latter of which state that the chairman of the board of a limited company should normally be a non-executive director (which the Party Chairman is not).

Paul Nuttall, when Deputy Leader, very much supported these ideas.

When Steve Crowther suddenly resigned as Party Chairman and attempted to impose Paul Oakden on the NEC as his successor, the NEC had reservations about the incoming candidate. We were uncomfortable giving our consent to his appointment (for which NEC consent is required). We only agreed on condition that the appointment was an interim one until the new Leader was elected. Indeed, consent was only given following Paul Nuttall’s representations that this was Nigel’s last wish as outgoing Leader and that we should not deny him his last wish. At the time, Paul Oakden assured us that we need not worry: he was not at all interested in the job of Party Chairman, and indeed firmly assured us that he would reject this job on a permanent basis were he to be offered it by the new Leader. He very much wanted to return to his job as Party Director, he assured us.

If we are to have a future as a Party, it is essential that we have credible people in leading positions. Credible people keep their word. Serious and credible people will not want to associate themselves with an organization where there are serious questions about the top echelons’ credibility. A large number of patrons have left the Patron’s Club (I understand about a half), many citing the lack of credibility of our senior team and the abandonment of the party’s traditional values as the reason.

The de facto splitting of the role of the Party Chairman does not require a constitutional change. It can be implemented immediately. Paul Nuttall can merely agree with the NEC to nominate the person they elect from amongst themselves to the role. A new CEO can be appointed and the incoming chairman can agree by convention to delegate his CEO-style powers to such a CEO. And the Articles of Association can be followed to elect the chairman of the board.

Will Paul Nuttall and Paul Oakden deliver on their representations made before Paul Nuttall was elected Leader?

Respectfully, Dr Tomasz Slivnik

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14 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Thursday 23rd March 2017

  1. This vile murderous thugs head should have been cut off and stuck on a spike on Tower bridge with a pigs head stuck next to it, it would then be interesting to see the reaction of all the so called ‘moderate’ muslims who would mostly probably be outraged at such a thing.

    That way we can really see whose side they are on, is anyone prepared to wager bets on the percentage that would be?

  2. Dr Tomasz Slivnik most potent and pertinent word here is “credibility”. Very telling!

  3. I think Paul Nuttall is beginning to make the right noises if you look at his latest post, today Theresa May said in the HOC this latest attack had nothing to do with Islam. Sorry, Mrs May this has everything to do with it, and until you confront and tackle it, it will keep occurring.

    Therefore, if the present government does not change tack, in future we should hold them to blame for anymore such like attacks.

  4. “…you will discover that they are bone idle. ”

    No need to be kind to them. They seem to be totally useless too.

  5. If you don’t like it here, go home.

    • Flyer, many do like it here as they face little opposition from government to doing exactly as they please. We need to make it clear to them that they are not welcome.

  6. If anyone is concerned about the terrorist attack please accept the firm assurances of our leaders that everything is under control. They will never win. We stand firm together. We are not afraid. Oh and the attack had nothing to do with immigration.

  7. Hugo, you obviously know a lot more about the koran than most people. I can just imagine some religious nutter/terrorist planner drawing that arrow on a map.
    Shouldn’t the government have an expert advisor (non-muslim) about non-sacred months in order to put extra security in place in those months and advertise the fact to the public at large for heightened awareness? Or would saving British lives from attacks by barbarians be regarded as ‘discriminatory’? – I wouldn’t put it past the mangled mini-brains of Leftards to come out with that!

    As soon as there’s any kind of disease or condition or dangerous behaviour that can be prevented by vigilance, the whole government and multi-media machine is put into motion to raise awareness: stop smoking, drink less alcohol, eat 5-a-day, eat less sugar/salt, drink more water, get more sleep, stop for rests on the motorway, don’t drive and use your phone, etc etc.
    Why aren’t the PTB warning people of the increased dangers of attacks based on the muslim calendar, special days of significance, what it says in the koran, what can be picked up by intelligence?
    Collective cowardice, PC, stupidity, dishonesty, carelessness, ignorance, complacency, laziness, personal fear, collusion, bribery & corruption … take your pick or add more if you can think of any. Or are we just expected to live with it as London Mayor S kahn suggested this morning? I bet quite a few terrorists voted for him.

    • Panmelia, the arrow shape is fairly blatant, you would hope that someone in MI5 would have spotted it.

      Not long after the lorry attack in Berlin some jihadist documents were discovered during searches. They referred to a planned attack upon a south coast town. Newspapers “speculated” with various seaside town names. However none of them were on the red lines which emerge from this arrow pattern.

      Namely Hastings / Bexhill, Folkestone, or Southend-on-Sea.

      I have of course tried to alert the authorities.

      From a Koranic perspective the arrow shape is a bit odd. There are clear instructions to kill the infidels “wherever you find them”. Making a geographic pattern goes against this instruction, and I don’t know why they would ignore such a clear command.

      The Islamic calendar comprises twelve months based on the moon. So each month is of the same duration give or take one day. Their year is not the same length as ours and so their months slip round relative to ours.

      There are four sacred months per year. One of them stands alone, the other three form a group of adjacent months.

      The dates of the attacks by Kurdish separatists in Turkey are random. About one third are in sacred months and this is what you would expect by chance. In other words their attacks are not inspired by the Koran.

  8. CK, I’m sorry you’re not renewing, but I hope you’ll still post on here. It’s impossible to argue with your disillusionment.

    Tomasz Slivnik’s revelation of the sleight of hand which put Oakden in such a powerful position is very interesting – I wondered how he came to be ‘temporary’ Chairman and then confirmed in that role. Did Nigel really exress that wish when he went? If so, what was so special about Oakden that he wanted him to be Chairman? Shouldn’t other candidates have been considered? And why hasn’t Oakden relinquished his Chairmanship of the NEC if he said he would?
    Funny goings-on, more transparency needed.

  9. We have not one not two but four fantasists running the Party.
    They are bereft of ideas but are uberconfident on their powers of leadership in all its forms.
    This is a sad day for me as I have decided to not renew my party membership. I could almost cry at the ineptitude and double dealing which is making UKIP implode. So much fell apart towards the end of last year that I must state THERE IS SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK
    Woolfe James Crowther Oakden Evans Nuttall plus assorted hangers on are responsible for the power shift that is driving the good ship UKIP towards at best the Doldrums and at worst the reefs off Cornwall.
    Ask your MP – as I have – over the year 2016 how many days at Westminster, positions of responsibility,cttees sat on, number of constituent surgeries attended, individual cases of constituent problems dealt with, companies/organisations of the constituency visited, issues discussed with the County Council etc etc.
    Now try to ask the same of your MEP – any of them – and if you are lucky enough to get a reply you will discover that they are bone idle. Instead of supporting Donald Trump to the White House they did what they could to stop this.( not Nigel Farage and a few others who are exempt from all criticism and this includes Jane Collins for her heroism against pk slave gangs). Instead of demanding the right for Geert Wilders to visit the UK – he is persona non grata due to sharia may’s tenure at the Home Office – they distance themselves from him. Instead of sending out messages of support for Marine le Pen they abhor her.
    Now we have to pray just pray that the NF in France can turn the tide and that sharia may sees the advantage for herself her party and hopefully for her country in pursuing BREXIT to a final victory.
    Nuttall’s press statement about the terrorist murders yesterday is the usual platitudinous soundbite. I suppose he made the same empty gesture regarding the welcome death of murdering scum mcguinness.

    • Dear CK, please keep commenting, I shall miss you. But I entirely understand. If you can bear to read it, under the RIP UKIP article I have reproduced almost verbatim the interview Nuttall did yesterday, after the attack but before the full horror was known. There is something rotten, but this interview isn’t as much rotten as incredible, and it may be that Nuttall is simply completely incapable – I don’t know. I shall not renew under this Leader, if this is the best he can come up with after a terrorist attack, there’s no point.

      • Anne Marie Waters is one a a very few speaking up for us; you, CK and others might consider substituting a donation to her instead of your membership fee.

        Your leaving will hopefully send a much needed message to Nuttall and cronies; unfortunately the loss of potential income from many not joining will go unnoticed.

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