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Letters to the editor – Thursday 18th May 2017

Today’s letters, as expected, reflect the GE and issues around it. First up is a letter by our reader Septimus Octavius:


‘The real conservatives’:

A curious thing is happening. As the Labour party lurches to the Stalinist left and suicide, so “Theresa May’s Team” has seized the opportunity to become the New Blairites. As we have seen, there is little or no reference to the “Conservative” label in the national campaign. The Team makes no promise of lower taxes and stands by the 0.7% GDP commitment to Foreign Aid. It promises intervention in free markets and more regulation for target businesses. It promotes enhanced rights for employees. It vows to build more council houses. Every day it announces new socialist policies; in effect, it is ‘New, New Labour’.

So UKIP must step into the now vacant shoes of the Conservative & Unionist Party.

Clearly this strategy is not something for the present, and is utterly irrelevant to the 2017 General Election. As I write, my fervent plaudits go to those in the UKIP hierarchy who have, quite correctly, decided against fielding candidates in nearly 300 constituencies; UKIP’s flagship policies on Brexit, grammar schools, etc have simply been purloined by “The Team”, so there is little to be gained by fighting Conservative (and many Labour) seats this time round. However, everything is up for grabs in 2022.

By then, the Liberal Democrats will have become utterly irrelevant and the Labour Party reduced to runt status. As soon as the dust has settled on the 2017 contest, the rebranding exercise should start without delay – along with the formulation of some truly conservative policies to seriously challenge ‘Theresa (the first of) May’!

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

Next up is a letter from our correspondent Roger Arthur:


Cameron said on 12th June 2016, that “the British public would be voting, if we leave the EU, to leave the EU and to Leave the Single Market.” Now (see here) he urges us to support Theresa May (who promises to remove us from EU jurisdiction) so that she can avoid an “extreme” Brexit.

Perhaps Mr Cameron could explain which if any Brexit, hard, soft or extreme, is likely to leave us in the single market and under EU jurisdiction. Or doesn’t he know?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Finally, a letter and an attached proposal by our contributor and reader Malcolm Watson:


Thanks to a Brexit Central Bulletin a couple of days ago, I structured an Election E Poster/flyer (see text below) for local consumption around that article about targeted Constituencies.

The intention is to send out just one E Poster/Flyer every week to all members past and present, Facebook, Twitter or any other medium. Just one a week otherwise people will switch off.

The thought occurred to me that Brexit Central and/or MyUKIP could get some of our best Marketing brains together to come up with a weekly selection of 5 or 6 Posters/Flyers for Branches to use and modify to meet local conditions.

Just a thought which may/may not work.

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson

Text of the proposed flyer:


Will Redcar Labour and LibDem voters stay at home or,

“Over my dead body”

 do what many of their forefathers would have found beyond the pale,

vote Conservative? 

A UKIP vote is a strong vote for Brexit. 

No dead bodies required.

Vote Tactical. Vote UKIP


Redcar  Election 2015:

Labour: 17,946 – Majority: 137%

LibDem: 7,558

UKIP:    7,516

Cons:     6,630

Greens:  880

NE Party: 389

This is now a Conservative target in the North East, and would be gained on a swing of about 31% from Labour in their favour.

A slightly less swing of just 29% would be a Brexit win for UKIP. 

A split UKIP/Labour/Conservative vote could, by default, see Redcar elect a Corbyn Acolyte.

Corbyn, ‘cap in hand’ with a blinkered approach to EU Negotiations allowing Brussels to call the shots, Corbyn supporting a toothless Trident nuclear deterrent which risks British people being intimidated and incinerated in a nuclear holocaust rather than deterring others as well as losing thousands of jobs in the process, allowing others to decide the fate of the Falklands as recently hinted at by Emily Thornberry, etc, etc. As for the LibDems? You couldn’t make it up!

Dead bodies aside, a Vote for UKIP by Conservatives, LibDem’s, UKIP and Labour could help rid ourselves of a pro EU Corbyn. The anti-Corbyn sitting Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, appears to have seen the writing on the wall and has already vacated the seat to give a new Corbyn acolyte candidate the job of defending his precarious majority.


Will Redcar Labour and LibDem voters stay at home or,

“Over my dead body”

 do what many of their forefathers would have found beyond the pale,

vote Conservative??

A UKIP vote is a strong vote for Brexit. 

No dead bodies required. Keep the faith of forefathers.

Vote Tactical. Vote UKIP

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13 Comments on Letters to the editor – Thursday 18th May 2017

  1. The Tory Manifesto has opened the floodgates and UKIP should take FULL advantage. The intention to confiscate the homes of the sick and elderly, take their money and, presumably, harass their relatives, is monstrous.
    This new Law will not apply to Scotland, so their old folk can keep their houses and money for which WE subsidise them. Outrageous, and if UKIP doesn’t raise Hell over this IMMEDIATELY and keep on exposing the lies of the Tories then we don’t deserve to be called a patriotic party.
    This could easily affect 9 million pensioners who have saved all of their lives and now face the theft of their life savings whether in cash or assets, or both!

    • The trouble seems to be John Patrick that the aren’t a nimble bunch – our Leadership lot. Adroitness appears lacking, so we are confined to our Leader being led by the interviewer instead of the other way round.
      Do we have a manifesto? I haven’t heard.

    • John Patrick,

      I absolutely agree with you this policy is scandalous and if people vote for her they must be mad, not only will she screw up Brexit but is now going to screw the elderly to the wall. As I have said in another post it was the final nail for me meaning in effect I will not be voting for any party, the first time I have ever done that in my life.

      So far the Tories have pushed back the pension age, continued with mass immigration and are now about to punish the elderly among many other punitive measures, I am beginning to believe they are quite evil. I would not normally say this but Mrs. May has no children and probably no elderly parents so I guess she does not have to worry too much about these draconian tactics affecting poor childrens’ free school dinners either, how mean can you get!

  2. Thinnish FreeThinker // May 18, 2017 at 10:57 pm // Reply

    Excellent letter, Septimus. There is no point in UKIP becoming just another dreary left-of-centre, or even drearier hard left, party. That ground is already over-crowded with Labour, LibDems, Greens, Celtic nationalists and, now, the Conservative Party. The gap for a classic liberal, new progressive party is a yawning chasm and one which UKIP, with its firm understanding of INDEPENDENCE for both nations and for individuals, can fill.

    • There’s every point – immigration.

    • Dee,

      I think our manifesto is coming out on Wednesday and wait for it, one of the policies is to do with an English parliament which I am sure you will agree is such a priority.

      • Aaarrrggghhhh! However, it will find favour with some. Such a dangerous idea, the first Muslim Parliament will be the English one, there is absolutely no doubt about that, DD!

  3. SIZE 15CARBONFOOTPRINT // May 18, 2017 at 6:40 pm // Reply

    The danger of a poor UKIP vote is that this government will seize on it to pretend that the Brexit vote has softened and use it as an excuse to really start backsliding in the coming so called negotiations , we are going to end up in a kind of limbo land , our armed forces sucked into the rag bag EU army , still obeying trade diktats and paying vast sums of Danegeld to Brussels , but without even any representation in the EU sham Parliament .

  4. Malcolm Watson
    I like your idea of a flyer. I am lucky in that my area of Milton Keynes we have an enthusiastic UKIP candidate standing so, thankfully, I can forget ‘tactical’ and vote for the United Kingdom Independence Party that I truly believe in.

  5. Septimus
    “Everything up for grabs in 2022”? – at this rate of ineptitude there is every chance there will be no UKIP by then.
    When I first joined the Party I thought there was some chance of destroying the Conservatives, but have come to realise that all along our only real chance was to destroy Labour – and now we’ve got it we’re throwing it away with abandon.
    The Tories are just too strong, too rich, and too wedded to power. One of their principal aims has been to swat the gadflies away, and they are succeeding. There is no hope for us trying to out-do them.

    Quite what is wrong with council houses? Have you ever tried arguing that on the doorstep – say with a patriotic Labour supporter?

    • Q, according to Frazer Nelson on The World at One, Theresa May has dumped Libertarian Thatcherite Policies for New New Labour ones – even I can understand the gist of that and , standing amid the runner bean poles, I have to say my thoughts were of you, telling us all you told us so!

      • Think that should have been Libertarian and Thatcherite….

        • Yes, Libertarian and Thatcherite, Dee. Tho as I’ve been trying to say, ‘libertarian’ in an ambiguous word!

          It’s not good news. It will bring even more Brexit-voting Labour patriots across – and tempt our Thatcherite UKIPpers to say “this is our chance to fill the vacuum on the right”, leading to even more certain disaster.
          Firstly Mrs May is, as we know, good at talking but not so good doing. Secondly the Tories are too clever and will just oscillate back and forth like a chamaeleon if they perceive any Brexit-like threat from the right. Thirdly they will take the vast majority of Tory voters with them, whatever they do.
          And don’t forget there are many less well-off Tories who actually support the things I’ve been banging on about – it’s not just Labour votes we need.
          We have been SO flatfooted.

          We could compare beans some time!

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