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Letters to the Editor – Thursday 12th October 2017

First up, as many of you asked us to do,  we’re publishing the letter Henry Bolton sent to UKIP members yesterday. It’s because it seems many members haven’t received it and many non-members wonder what was said in the letter when others referred to it. we publish it as we received it, unedited:

(member’s name) —

I shall be providing you with regular updates on my activities. This is the first of those reports.

My first week as Party Leader started very much in the media spotlight. I’ve appeared on ITV, the BBC (twice), Russia Today (twice), LBC, Talk Radio, BBC South East, Australian TV, Italian TV and many others. The media attention continues but has eased off, partly because of the mess the Tories are in, allowing me to concentrate on the urgent task of planning for the future.

I know many of you want to know what decisions I have made regarding my team and various aspects of reorganisation, but I intend to get them right, not rush them. To that end I am familiarising myself fully with the present situation: the state of our finances, personnel issues, organisational matters, legal affairs, processes etc. before I decide anything concrete. We all know there are problems and I am determined to solve them properly. That said, you will not need to wait long, I shall be promulgating a range of decisions one week from now.

‘Fake News’ is an ongoing issue and appears to have infected the party. I am not in the habit of commenting on rumours and speculation, but I also hear there is a rumour that anyone who voted for Anne-Marie Waters is unwelcome in the party. This is untrue. Anyone who believes in and supports our party is welcome. During my acceptance speech I said “Whether you voted for me or not, I would call on you all, please, to rally around the party, to be united, because without being united, we cannot lead the nation.”

Please watch that speech here. Ignore any mendacious attempts to undermine and damage our party. We have a job to do and two immediate priorities to get on with:

Ensuring Brexit is delivered and that it launches us on the path to being prosperous, secure, optimistic, confident and proud nation in every way;

Giving local people a say over the future of their communities; forcing local government to listen and serve.

The coming week:

During the coming week I have a range of national and international media appearances. I shall be travelling to Brussels to speak with our MEP’s and staff there and I then hope to pay an initial visit to Lexdrum House. At the end of the week I shall be finalising appointments to my top team and Shadow Cabinet.

In the coming couple of months I shall be asking the party to commence the selection of constituency Parliamentary Spokesmen who will, when we get to the next General Election, become our Parliamentary Candidates. Before doing so however, I wish to ensure that we have the necessary resources in place to properly support them.

Henry Bolton OBE, Party Leader

The next letter is staying with the subject of Party Unity while looking at the ‘new parties’. It was sent in by our contributor Jim Makin:


Suddenly the air is thick with announcements of new political parties, all vying for the “traditional British” voter who believes in independence for the United Kingdom.

Firstly of course UKIP. Secondly Anne-Marie’s new party ‘For Britain’. Thirdly John Rees-Evans’ new party of Direct Democracy. Fourthly the Right Way Campaign’s new party, to be launched in early November.

Suddenly it’s “party like there is no tomorrow”!

Henry has his work cut out to discourage UKIP members from leaking away to alternate leaderships.

Four parties of course is way too many for electoral purposes – the prospect of the UK’s future being determined by MPs elected from so many disparate bodies is vanishingly small (as is the hope that our voters will attentively follow all the ins and outs). So what to do?

For my part I will continue to support UKIP (warts and all) despite my misgivings over the opaque leadership. Henry has earned the right to sort them out and he must do this (or at least start this) in short order. If he can’t do it then he must resign at the right time, which would be our signal to shut up the UKIP shop and join one of the new parties.

That time is not yet. For now, the only party with working structure on the ground capable (however badly) of mounting election and public messaging campaigns is UKIP. We are entering a time of dangerous weakness where our ability to campaign will be split amongst rivals – we must not dissolve our one effective campaigning team until at least one of the other parties has demonstrated viability to take on the leadership.

Voters must be central in all our thoughts and actions. There is no point in being the perfect party if we split the national vote.

This group of parties cannot realistically all survive. Those which turn out to have the least support will fade, fold, or merge with a preferred rival. The remainder must promote common cause within a formal Alliance and must campaign as one for the common policy platform which we all share.

This realignment will take time. Once it becomes clear which party is in pole position, we will be able to gravitate to it – if necessary.

Sadly this process has now become inevitable. Let us get it over as quickly as possible, but let us take steps throughout to keep alive our ability to  campaign to good effect.

Our cause is noble and must not be sacrificed to factional splits even if (Shock! Horror!) that means staying for now with the UKIP that we know, but maybe do not much love in its current form.

Respectfully, Jim Makin


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32 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Thursday 12th October 2017

  1. The link for the Daily Politics programme HB appeared on, 45 mins in, is: .

    I never watch DPs since Coburn has more or less taken over. She lacks all objectivity or any notion of fairness. In this instance, she fired accusations or ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ type questions at HB who I found quite disappointing. Miriam Clegg smiled superciliously throughout and when asked towards the end of the interview what she thought, said of HB, he ‘had a ‘mountain to climb’ in attempting to de-radicalise us, and he smiled as though in agreement!

  2. Funding.
    Personally when I renew my membership, I pay £15 to Head Office and £15 to my local branch.(plus usually a small donation)
    As far as I know everybody is happy with this.

  3. HB’sletter

    Running down the clock is exactly what the EU is doing.

    Exactly as in 1974. Heath had run out of money. May has an enormous amount less after 50 years of socialist policies.

    Heath was so desperate to join before industry threw him on the scrapheap where he belonged. He signed away fishing. May’s going to do something similar. May is terrified and she’ll lie through her teeth.

    Blatent remainers need our naming and appointment of candidates or similar in their constituencies.Put them on notice. Start with Ken Clark and Hissing Sid. Or similar to shake em up. We shouldn’t allow traitors or EU turncoats in parliament.

  4. My copy of the letter came via Area Chairmen to Branch chairmen. As to who reads this stuff, I circulated it to members and posted it and the attached video of his conference speech on my personal UKIP councillors Ward Facebook page. So far it has 5880 hits, far more than usual, so it’s getting around.
    Perhaps we should all post a copy wherever we can.

    Sw Henry on Daily Politics, he did well in the few minutes he was allowed.

    • I was very impressed with the way he handled the interview. Put Jo Coburn on the back foot a bit as well. Yes, I think this leader can do the job and then some!

      • Just watched the interview with Coburn at the Ministry of Truth. Put her on the back foot a bit? I was surprised he didn’t offer to lick her boots clean. Well we’ll see what he comes up with but so far I’m sure the BBC are very happy that the new leader of UKIP appears to be willing to join their club.

    • That program was an insult. Nick Clegg’s wife’s home cooking tips got longer than HB, and HB’s time was largely a hit job. And how dare they turn to Nick Clegg’s wife and ask her for her views on UKIP, what has she got to do with it? She isn’t a politician. Henry could have retorted that the libdems are basically a non-democratic party now but missed the chance. I recommend anyone who can watch it on i-player. What he basically said was that the purpose of rolling back to the 2015 manifesto is to discard the integration agenda (although I recall at the time being told the integration agenda wasn’t part of the 2017 manifesto, its launch just happening to overlap the start of the general election period). And for those fixated on membership numbers he said membership at moment is around 27,000. He also thought it could be a positive thing if those anti-islam people left the party so that the members that remain can be more aligned. Peter Whittle and Gerard Batten must be worried!

  5. One other point re HB’s last paragraph – someone needs to tell Henry that in many cases parliamentary and council candidates fund themselves. This has always been a peeve of mine. Whenever people stand for election and pay their own deposits and expenses, it does not get booked as a donation in kind to the party, and they get no credit for doing so. In our branch we always have had to fund our own deposits, the branch might fund the election address or a few hundred quid for leaflets but that’s it. As far as I can see the financial situation of the party is only declining, so how the Party will suddenly be able to come up with funding for every candidate where in the past many candidates provided it for themselves is a mystery. It also creates an expectation that the Party will pay, whereas we have always tried to discourage this as we know the money isn’t there. But if there is a magic money tree, that’s great.

    • HQ funded the candidate’s deposit in the last general election. Other than that, the branch and candidates fund ALL their own election expenses, leaflets, advertising, the lot, even buying Corex and other stuff from HQ. Unless we start to regain lost ground.. and I expect we will, members won’t want to lay out money and time if they stand no chance of getting elected.
      I like the new logo but all the electoral material we saved from last time will now have to be replaced.
      My shed is about to be lined with 8 x 4 Ukip Corex. Waste not want not.

      • It varies by branch, maybe you get some kind of strategic support, but we get nothing from HQ. On a positive note, the cortex boards look like they have good insulating properties.

        • What we got from HQ., mainly, were requests to help other groups, for money and instructions to put a decent parliamentary candidate through irrelevant hoops at his own expense. There were some strange people at HQ, though I think most have gone now and those left are doing their very best to cope. I hope Henry can pull in some funding and reorganise Newton Abbot.

      • Just a suggestion, perhaps where practical the old logo can be run in parallel with the new until such time as the old material is used up. I’ve seen this done without it causing problems in a company setting when cost was an issue. Customers weren’t put off by seeing the old logo as they had learned to like it. Indeed one company (in South Africa) with very deep pockets actually ran an old logo together with the new for a while and then slowly phased out the old. The thinking was to effect change without causing confusion or putting anyone off. (Not necessary in our situation of course as the ‘UKIP’ in our marketing material provides the link.)

        /voters won’t be put off by seeing without any

      • No, HQ did not fund candidates’ deposits at the last general election. At least, they didn’t fund mine.

      • Excuse me, around here (south Cumbria) HQ certainly didn’t pay for anything in 2015 or 17. I paid the deposits and leaflets and the branch chipped in with Facebook promotion costs.

        HQ funded your Ppc deposit? Which seat(s)?

        • Well, UKIP Wales got nothing for the important assembly elections even though Nigel had them declared to be a priority. Of course there was nothing for the GE this year either, which was especially hard on UKIP Wales because four weeks before that date we had the local elections across Wales (no funds from HO) and, not knowing what was in the offing, had committed our sparse resources already when the announcement for the GE was made.
          Patrons funded the deposit for the GE – knowing full well that there was every chance, after the dire results in the local elections, of seeing no refunds.

  6. HB’s letter clearly hasn’t gone out to all members. I received itfrom the manager of our branch’s website but it’s so long since I received a direct UKIP communication (except for appeals for funds) for a very long time, that I cease to be surprised.
    Have just discovered site manager registered on Henry’s site, and he has distributed the letter to all branch members.

  7. For anyone who is interested, Henry has just tweeted that he is due to appear on Daily Politics today.

    The programme starts at 12 mid-day and Henry will appear at 12.30

  8. Most new political parties fail but UKIP has been a phenomenal success albeit two steps forward and one step back since its inception in the mid 90s.
    Lets give Henry the chance to give UKIP another leap forward by sharpening up, in the eyes of the public, what we stand for and importantly attracting intelligent people to project this. I voted for Henry because he has no UKIP management baggage, he not a sitting MEP, has had a real job, served with distinction, proven management skills, intelligent and importantly I consider that he will give the party the credibility needed to gain the public trust we need to attract bright, intelligent people into our fold. Henry may just do this.
    I am most optimistic of UKIPs future.

  9. Jim Makin,

    I Totally agree with everything you say.

    I would add that it should be perfectly possible to grow by acquisition, as well as by bludgeoning the opposition into the ground. As UKIP is far ahead of our small rivals in terms of party organisation, albeit needing serious resuscitation after the tender ministrations of the past year.

    I would add that organisation is the key. An imaginative and maybe unorthodox approach ( to take note of variations ) can be worked out.

    Not just standard army approach.

    I wonder if anyone other than ourselves reads all thes posts?

    I suspect not and we’re just advising each other! Fun tho innit.

    • The Right Way Campaign looks pretty unimpressive based on that link. A lot of the information there is plain wrong or outdated. Actually Bickley has done a good job of cutting expenses, or we should say cutting the cloth to fit. The point is for UKIP to recover the party must (i) LOVE its existing members, and (ii) APPEAL to new members and voters. The relationship between members and management was already bad enough, and I was hoping the winning candidate could reverse this, but I am afraid HB’s style of loving is the ‘hard love’ school, which just won’t work in a volunteer organisation. Humility is the key quality required when 7 in 10 of the voters didn’t vote for you. Demonstrate love for members first by holding regional ‘meet Henry’ meetings to get MEMBER feedback before making the pilgrimage to Brussels. PUT MEMBERS FIRST.

      • I meant to say ‘tough love’ school

      • I completely agree with Graham but I think with the way information travels so fast the party is already over for UKIP now, primarily thanks to the remarks of Nigel and Henry. No one from the Lads Alliance for example or other working class groups will vote for UKIP. I just can’t see that happening. All it will take is a Tweet from Tommy Robinson urging to get behind FB and dump UKIP and the word will be out. I also feel that with HB at the helm it will just be a case of UKIP crashing into a brick wall. If I was a UKIP candidate I would really be asking myself do I really want to spend time and money on such a lost cause. Wise boxers know when to hang up the gloves.

        • Please go away, start doing something for AMW’s new party and stop trying to damage UKIP. The stuff you put is not reasonable comment and you are clearly no longer a Ukiper. You and your colleagues have done enough harm already.

          • William Jaeger // October 12, 2017 at 8:06 pm //

            Exactly. Sean your daily comments are now predictable,we can see it coming. I personally resent these attempts to wear down kippers in the hope we will all join FM.
            That is not to say I’m negative on AMW or FM but we are not all political neophytes.

          • William Jaeger // October 12, 2017 at 8:26 pm //

            Of course for FM read FB

  10. “Fake news is an ongoing issue… I hear there is a rumour that anyone who voted for Anne-Marie Waters is unwelcome in the party. This is untrue.”


    “Asked whether UKIP had avoided becoming the “UK Nazi Party”, referring to comments he made in the campaign, Mr Bolton told a press conference: “Absolutely, yes.””

    Why are you welcoming members who, in your own words, voted to turn UKIP into the UK Nazi Party, Henry?

    When in future interviewers sneer, “Let’s face it, UKIP has lots of members who support Nazi or ‘BNP-style’ policies”, they will have a point, won’t they? You and Nigel used those very words about AMW’s policies, and now you’re saying that members who voted for her and those policies are welcome to stay.

    • I assumed the ‘Nazi party’ comments were made more in respect of some who may be attracted to the Party had AMW won, rather than of existing UKIP members who voted for her.
      I believe that was a realistic concern among very many members, especially after it was rumoured that about a thousand new members had joined in a very short space of time, solely with the intention of influencing the vote in AMW’s favour rather than as supporters of UKIP.

      • Marie I was one of those who joined UKIP to support AMW. I had never joined a political entity before and had always voted UKIP given the chance. I know you’re trying to put a nice spin on Henry’s words but don’t forget Nigel wanted AMW to leave the party immediately after the result and said if she had won he would have left. There is no doubt Henry and Nigel were talking about AMW and her supporters within UKIP.

  11. Thanks, Viv! I thought of posting, yesterday, but I know how strict you are on length ?

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