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Letters to the Editor – Sunday, 16th July 2017

Today’s letters show that Brexit has not gone away and that it won’t. It will engage our discourse, no matter how much the MSM and certain politicians wish it would go away. Today’s first letter is from our reader and correspondent Roger Arthur:


Since Gina Miller is so keen on legal procedures, she must know that the power of Parliament is subordinate to the sovereignty of the people. Indeed Lord Kilmuir advised that the 1972  European Communities Act (ECA) posed a direct threat to the independence of Parliament.

So the ECA 1972 contravened our Constitutional Law and it was unlawful. How does she now intend to restore Parliament to its lawful status?

Respectfully, Roger J. Arthur.

Today’s second letter addresses the way the negotiations with the EU are progressing. It is from our reader and correspondent Cllr Brian Silvester:


What we are witnessing is not negotiation with the EU over Brexit. We are witnessing abject surrender.

When 17.4 million voted to LEAVE they expected open door immigration, from the EU into the UK, would stop.

But no! The Tory Government has agreed to continue the invasion of EU migrants into the UK until at least 2021.

When we voted to Brexit we expected that the benefits paid to EU nationals in the UK would end.

But no! EU citizens in the UK will continue to draw UK benefits for evermore.They will even be allowed to draw child benefit for kids who have never set foot in the UK.These benefit payments to foreigners will cost us billions,at a time when NHS waiting times are at a 10 year high through lack of funding.

When we voted to LEAVE we expected to get all our fishing grounds back from the EU.

But no! The Tory Government refuse to make that a red line, so you can only assume that they are prepared to negotiate away some of our fishing grounds.

When we voted for Brexit we expected to walk away without any further payments to the EU. We have already paid then an amazing net £250,000,000,000 since 1973.

But no! The Tory Government have weakly submitted to the EU demands and now the only discussion is how much we will pay.

When we voted to LEAVE we thought we would no longer be dictated to by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

But no! The Tory government has refused to rule out involvement from the ECJ after Brexit.

Sadly we are being sold out big style by the Tory Government. Amazingly all the other parties, except UKIP, would be even more supine and weak and would give away even more.

Fortunately the negotiations are ongoing and I hope that many of the 17.4 million who voted LEAVE will join with UKIP to try and persuade the Tory Government  to get tough in the EU negotiations.The UK has all the cards and it is unbelievable that the Government is refusing to play them.

Respectfully, Cllr. Brian Silvester UKIP Crewe and Nantwich

The last letter comes from our reader and correspondent, Andrew Helmer, who addresses a huge problem for our farmers:


Party squabbling within the UKIP leadership has unfortunately done it no favours and it was inevitable this, coupled with biased BBC reporting, would have repercussions for UKIP in the recent local council elections and unfortunately in the General Election. The BBC have had a field day and immediately jumped on the bandwagon to report a bad election result as game over for UKIP.   The demise of UKIP would be a disaster for British Politics as it would leave voters with a stark choice between the Tories who ultimately only represent multi-millionaire big business or the leftie Labour and Liberals whose policies would simply bankrupt the entire country.

UKIP does still have a vital role post-Brexit in British politics provided the electorate give the new UKIP Leadership a breathing space to put the party in–fighting behind them and settle the Party under the new leadership.

The Tories portray themselves as the party for the ‘JAMS’ (those who are ‘Just About Managing’ financially) but in reality it is UKIP’s policies which best represent those ordinary people and small family businesses who are just about managing.

With regard to the small family farm, in which I have a personal interest, the Tory policy, which is biased in favour of their own peer group, works like income support in reverse gear. Under the Tories, farm subsidy payments are based on the number of acres owned so consequently landowners and farmers with the greatest number of acres will receive the highest amount of subsidy, ie taxpayers’ money. This can then be used to buy even more land which then entitles them to claim even more in subsidies, thus causing a farm subsidy/land-purchasing snowball effect. Some individuals are receiving millions of pounds in subsidies under the current farm subsidy policy yet the Tories support the continuation of these payments to multi-millionaires which is causing such disparity in the countryside.

The Tories’ abuse of farm subsidies is unfair and morally wrong and has had a detrimental effect on smaller farms which need the most help to cope with the volatile marketplace. UKIP is the only party who would be prepared to put a cap on these payments of £120,000 to any individual landowning claimant.  UKIP’s policies would certainly give a better chance of long-term survival to small family farms and other smaller rural businesses, making for a much more diverse and continuing rural community rather than a countryside just for the elitist few.

Respectfully, Andrew Helmer, UKIP, Totnes/Kingsbridge Branch

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12 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Sunday, 16th July 2017

  1. I just do not understand why we are negotiating.
    The referendum was do we want to be in or or do we want to be out. We voted unequivocally out.
    The PM has the people behind her. The EU should be negotiating with us from their point of weakness and the PM should make that point unambiguously clear to them.

    • Absolutely. We should have given notice of withdrawal from the various treaties immediately following the referendum but Cameron chose to ignore the vote knowing that confusion would follow.

      However I do have some confidence that the so-called negotiations will not succeed and hope that we will recover from those wasted years.

  2. Thank you for these letters, all three extremely pertinent. I never thought May was anything but a fall-back Globalist plant – the pity was that many in UKIP, and especially Nigel on LBC believed her and persuaded people to vote for her. However, unless UKIP had swept the board we would have probably ended up with Corbyn, so would have been no better off in the Brexit department. We HAVE to elect a strong Leader and if we do I believe UKIP could actually replace the old Labour as well as hoover up many Tory Brexiteers next time. I do ask people to look at Anne’s economic policies which I think might appeal to those who have no home to go to politically.
    We need someone intelligent, ruthless and focused, as well as someone unafraid to march with those who do. I think you will all be surprised at the turnout of the next GAS march, and the Football Lads Alliance is going from strength to strength. Where is the UKIP representative on these marches? In the figure of Anne Marie, who shows she will stand with everyone from Tommies Robinson and English to Mohan Singh and all in between. That’s what people want to see – someone,who stands with them, and is unafraid to name the danger, but also to name the injustices. Huge respect for John Rees-Evans, a Patriot and a star, but I’m afraid he’s too nice for the job ahead. His Direct Democracy will, if it happens, be very good for UKIP, but as Anne Marie said when I asked her on Twitter, she respects the concept, but it’s a concept for the politically minded. What ordinary people want is for their children to be safe – I think that’s the heart of the matter – and a Leader has to be prepared to lead.

    • Watching ‘The Sunday Politics’on UKIP this morning was somewhat depressing. The interview with Anne Marie Waters was over in the blink of an eye without giving her a chance to talk about her manifesto. Nigel Farage said that if UKIP set itself against the religion of islam, it would be finished.
      Maybe he’s right and we need a new party; clearly, AMW and Nigel won’t be in it together.

  3. To Councillor Brian Silvester.
    I wrote to Sarah Wollaston MP Totnes stating that I hope she will give her full attention in ensuring clarity and commitment to taking back control of the entire Exclusive Economic Zone defined as 200 miles or the midline from shore, as specified in the Fishery Limits Act 1976. I asked what waters does the government define as those over which the UK has ‘historically exercised sovereign control ‘.
    She replied the answer to my question is yes, this must refer to the entire EEZ as the starting point for negotiations.
    Those final 6 words are alarming. Sounds like our waters are to be a bargaining chip.

    The more Sweden burns, the more Greece is in debt bondage, the more Italy suffers open door immigration, failed banks, and unemployment and low wages, the more citizen insecurity in Spain, the more crime in France, the more riots in Germany, the more nationalism in Poland, the more stalwart Orban Victor in Budapest etc etc etc the better for us.
    Quite simply UKIP is in possible terminal disarray, the tories are soft soaping us, the liblabgreensnpplaidc nutters are in denial of reality thus we have no clarion voice of truth and at the moment no one making a poss electoral breakthrough to represent we the people. Very bad news from EU countries is being suppressed by the MSM but slowly and surely the truth is seeping out from behind locked doors ( thanks be to the internet). Eventually – 5 years from now? – things will be so bad in so many fields that people just might be waking up to the truth. As much as anything we are in a battle of ideas based upon truth ( the good guys) and lies ( the evilbbc and MSM and orthodox political parties). We can already see the good guys making a breakthrough and they are many many many from Jacob ReesMogg to AMW to TommyRobinson to PJW. The Guardian is going bankrupt and people no longer automatically believe the news from the MSM. There is a great debate taking place with no-one in complete control. In this regard DailyUkip is playing a vital part and all contributions herewith help in moving forward to slow slow but sure change in people’s attitudes. I think that there is a powerful cohort of young men in the late teens and twenties who are insatiable for the truth and if they awake to nationalism will be able to sweep away forces twice their size.

    • @CK
      The anti-EU, anti-migrant youth movement in Europe called the Identitarians is a hopeful sign. We so very badly need the young of our country to wake up and defend their identity, their nationality, their birthright, heritage and future.

      • They are beginning, Panmelia – coming together through arranging marches. Tommy English, Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie, we have the Generation Identitaire Leaders, we just aren’t recognizing them! All these young people organizing these marches – where is UKIP, who should be up on the podium speaking? Anne Marie is up there, which is brilliant. You know what, I may be wrong but I guess that none of the others will be seen on a platform with Tommy Robinson! As long as UKIP continues with this outdated stance we will get nowhere. If AMW is elected, things will change.

        • All this ridiculous refusing to be on a platform with someone because the media tarred and feathered them as ‘extremists’ and the rest of the bull**** the self-appointed propagandists of the Left love to label people with.
          There’s only one important question: Are you a patriot? The answer is either Yes or No. If ‘Yes’, then work with other patriots to save our country. If ‘No’, why are you still here?

    • Citizenkain when you say “…I think that there is a powerful cohort of young men in the late teens and twenties who are insatiable for the truth…” I think you may be right. My grandson, who was 21 at the time of the referendum, did his own research re the EU and concluded that what I was telling him was historically true. He voted for Brexit.

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