As one might have suspected, today’s letters are about one issue only: Ms May’s capitulation to the EU yesterday morning. The first is from Mike Hookem MEP who does not mince his words:


the transition deal demands as set out by Mr Tusk this morning (Friday 8th Dec) means nothing more than the UK becoming a client state of the EU. While the transitional deal is being marketed to the public as a two-year period, the consequences of such a move would potentially impact the UK for decades.

The devil is very much in the detail of Tusk’s demands.

Not only will we continue to pay into the EU during the transition period; follow all EU law; and continue to be governed by the ECJ, we will more crucially have to adopt any new EU legislation as a third-party state.

As a third-party state adopting these new EU laws, the UK will make international treaties, which could fall under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and leave the UK open to legal challenges should we try to amend or make changes post-Brexit.

As the UK will not have a position at the table during the proposed two-year transition deal, the EU twenty-seven could introduce anything they liked into UK law. This would signal a complete capitulation to the EU, and it is the fault of our gutless Prime Minister, who, it seems, could not negotiate her way out of a paper bag. This situation would have massive ramifications for every aspect of life in the UK and could undermine any agreements made during the ‘divorce’ negotiations; as changes could be made later, during the transition period, once the UK has no say. The fact is, Donald Tusk’s proposals are ridiculous and unacceptable!

However, I have no faith that Mrs May has the strength of character push for a deal acceptable to the UK. May’s weakness so far has allowed the EU to walk all over the UK in the first phase of negotiations and I have little doubt this pattern will continue in the second round of talks.

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP

This surrender means we’re now allowed to have trade talks! Here are two letters on that issue, the first from our correspondent Septimus Octavius:


The trade talks could be concluded in less than a minute.  The UK’s starting position must be that we want no change at all to the current free trade agreement after the UK has left the EU, the single market and the customs union.  If the EU does want any change to that arrangement, it must say exactly what it wants to change and in what way.  The EU must be shown to be the deviants from the outset if they really want a fight about it.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

The other letter is from our correspondent Roger Arthur:


some say that we must have a trade agreement with the EU. But outside of the single market, EU/UK tariffs might be expected to average around 4%. Thus after Brexit, the U.K. would collect around £4bn pa extra – because our net imports from the EU have risen to around £100bn pa.

So what is it that we need to negotiate in terms of a trade agreement? The EU would presumably prefer a zero tariff – as would Eire.

Respectfully, Roger J. Arthur.

Our contributor Alan Wheatley sent us his remarks on the humiliating event yesterday morning:


The only good thing to come out of the UK/EU agreement announced early this morning (Friday 8th Dec) in Brussels is that nothing irrevocable has been agreed. Reporters talk of decisions on difficult issues have been deferred. And if, indeed, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed time is available for UKIP to make an impact before we are stitched up but yet another Conservative Prime Minister.

Two notable things from the press conference were: (1) Theresa May still gives the impression of someone attempting to do something in which she does not believe; (2) May believes the ECJ will not have jurisdiction and Juncker thinks it will.

I read a much more encouraging report from Birmingham where Henry Bolton gave an impressive Leader’s performance and UKIP members packed the hall and went home happy. I hope that soon Nigel will return to a more prominent role in UKIP complementing Henry’s leadership role. I see them as the dynamic duo – a winning team.

Top priority for UKIP should be to develop and promote a strategy that will pressurise politicians to give us the BREXIT we voted for. The public debate desperately needs a strong UKIP input. Following the Referendum result the future point of UKIP was questioned. Now is the time to show the UK and the EU exactly what the BREXIT we voted for means.

Respectfully, Alan Wheatley – UKIP Member since 2003

And finally, we’re happy to publish this report from Paul Williams, UKIP Chairman Stafford Branch, on that meeting with Henry Bolton:


Henry Bolton’s visit (6th Dec) was truly invigorating for all those that attended The Great Barr Hotel event.

During 4 hours of debate he never once deflected any question and tackled it head on with transparency and honesty.

He was keen to hear, learn and understand what the troops on the ground had to say in regards to their difficulties of running a branch from day to day and where he didn’t have the experience or knowledge he inquired further and made notes as he went along.

He spoke in great depth and detail of how he has had to rip apart a Party that really had little structure to it and until a few weeks ago was on the verge of insolvency.

He explained meticulously how he is rebuilding and putting together every building block that is needed for UKIP to become a major player in politics once again.

The concerns from many members was that all this was taking too long. Henry sympathised greatly with their frustrations but explained once again in detail that if we start shooting from the hip, the Party would be seen as a protest group, shot down in flames and would never be seen again.

He truly inspired all that were there to listen and learn. He gave us all great confidence and faith that the members had chosen the right man to lead UKIP on to greater things.

A big thank you for all those who attended, the room was filled to capacity.

Now let’s go out and give Henry the support he’s asked for with candidates in place for next years elections …

Respectfully, Paul Williams, UKIP Chairman Stafford Branch

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