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Letters to the Editor – Saturday 8th July 2017

Today’s letters range from foreign affairs to UKIP affairs. The first is from our correspondent Roger Arthur, dealing with France’s President:


Mr Macron threatens to steal financial services from the City of London, by reducing Taxation. But after the EU Fiscal Union that he favours, tax rates will be set in Brussels, not in Paris. The UK on the other hand will not be so restricted, which is why Hollande feared that Britain would become the Hong Kong of Europe.

London is already the 6th largest French city, due to the English language and legal system, plus innovation, a flexible labour market and floating currency. After Brexit it is only likely to get bigger. So it is “Macro non” for the French President, with his record public sector burden, his inflexible labour laws and the fiscal Union straight jacket. He is starting the race with an insurmountable handicap and with banks which are far from resilient.

Respectfully, Roger J. Arthur.

The next letter comes from our reader Ceri Jayes, addressing a problem many are still too squeamish to contemplate:


During PMQs on July 5th, Hannah Bardell SNP spoke of the domestic abuse faced by a constituent who had refused to allow her daughter to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FMG). Theresa May replied, ‘We will not accept FMG in this country.’

How then can she explain the newly released data from the NHS showing that there were 5,391 cases of it recorded over the last year. One hundred and twenty of those cases involved women and girls who were born in the UK of which 114 were girls under the age of 16. Fifty seven ‘cutting’ cases took place in the UK. FGM may be a practice found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and within communities from countries in which female circumcision is common but in the UK there is no place for parallel societies to flout our laws to follow their customs. There must be one law for all. Without one law for all it will be impossible to have a coherent society. I will not detail the 4 types of FGM but suffice to say it is very painful, can damage female’s health and causes long term problems with sex, childbirth and mental health.

It has been illegal to carry out FGM in the UK since 1985 but there has not been a single successful prosecution. I have read recent reports that West Midlands Police stated that prosecution of the parents who had allowed their daughter to be ‘cut’ was unlikely to benefit the child. The main political parties have acknowledged the problem but have done nothing to stop this disgusting abuse of children.

Only UKIP has the courage to state that the introduction of medical checks be carried out to make sure that high-risk girls are not subjected to this terrible practice and any concerns reported. Medical checks are carried out to make sure that boys testicles have descended so a simple visual inspection before the ‘at risk’ girls break up for the summer holidays should not be any more intrusive. The main ‘at risk’ time is the start of the summer holidays so that the wounds can start to heal before the autumn term. We are almost into the ‘cutting season’.

Respectfully, Ceri Jayes, Chairman Totnes Branch

Our reader Brian Sylvester sent us this letter on Brexit and the Tory Government:


Sadly the betrayal by the Tory Government over the Brexit negotiations continues apace.Most people who voted to LEAVE did so because they wanted the open door to EU migrants to be closed.There are already over 3 million EU migrants in the UK and the tap needs to be turned off. Most thought that the freedom of movement would end when we LEAVE in March 2019.That is not the case.The Government now say that open door immigration from the EU will continue until at least 2021.Most Brexit voters will feel totally betrayed by this about turn. It is scandalous how weak and supine the Government are being over the Brexit negotiations.Many,including Tory voters,will will feel totally let down over this latest development. Pressure should be put on the Government to get a backbone and to get them to deliver the Brexit we voted for on June 23rd last year.

Respectfully, Cllr Brian Silvester, UKIP Crewe and Nantwich Publicity Officer.

Finally, John Gurney sent us the following letter on a recent communication by Steve Crowther:


I find Interim Leader Steve Crowther’s  comment in his latest communique, where he boasts that he ‘urged Nigel Farage to stand down’ after the success of the Referendum, intriguing.  Since it’s inarguable that the decline and ultimate failure of UKIP began with Nigel Farage standing down then it follows that Crowther is responsible for UKIP’s failure …

The problem is Crowther and Oakden have a monopoly on sending out their opinions to the members, a luxury not afforded to anyone else.  There is no UKIP Forum.  The opinion of the Leader and Chairman double act is all that counts. Crowther states: “I believe in an administration function comprised of committed party members and overseen by the NEC and its officers”.

In other words, everything is going to stay as it is, with the NEC being informed of rule changes and new proposals and given no alternative but to accept them.  Everything is going to be dictated by the elite few (or two) and you mushrooms can just be grateful we allow you in our party.

Peter Reeve, Victoria Ayling and whoever held the Foreign Affairs post before have been sacked.  Not voted out by the NEC or given an opportunity to discuss any issue with their work but sacked by the interim Leader.

I must have missed who replaced Jonathan Arnott as the General Secretary.  Another unelected appointee …

Respectfully, John Gurney

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14 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Saturday 8th July 2017

  1. Re: Rob McWhirter’s comment on my letter:

    I must have missed all the resignations and reasons for them when they were first published on the UKIP website; and then relayed and discussed on the various UKIP loving Facebook groups.

    I assume Peter Reeve’s resignation was automatically made when he told UKIP supporters and everyone else to vote Lib-Dem during the General Election.

    MEP Jim Carver was, of course, the Foreign Affairs spokesman who resigned, so wasn’t sacked. However, as Carver made his decision based on the “ban the burqa” policy forced on the NEC and party by the elite dictators, without any prior discussion with the membership in general, during what turned out to be an absolute disastrous General Election campaign; you might have thought the MEP would have been invited back.

    However, as we all know by now, any criticism of the decisions made by the UKIP dictatorship, leads to the member being victimised or used as a scapegoat in one way or another.

  2. Sir
    Anne Marie Waters as been described as a perennial campaigner. My concern about her as a potential leader of UKIP is tinged with a degree of deja vu we have, in the past had folk who have been unsuccessful politically elsewhere, not until they join UKIP do we discover their political meanderings and allegiance

    I have copied below Ms Waters former allegiances and am uncertain where her political intentions are vis a vis UKIP other than a vehicle to her final destination, wherever that may be.
    “Waters made two unsuccessful attempts to be selected as a Labour candidate: first seeking selection for South Swindon then, in 2013, she was shortlisted to be Labour’s candidate in Brighton Pavilion.[4]

    After leaving the Labour Party, Waters contested the 2014 Lambeth Council election for UKIP, in the Clapham Common ward where she finished in 9th place. At the 2015 general election, Waters stood as the UKIP candidate in the seat of Lewisham East in South-east London, finishing in third place with 9.1% of the vote. During the campaign, Waters called for an end to immigration from majority Muslim countries, mass deportations and “many” mosque closures.[5]

    She was initially chosen to stand as a UKIP candidate in the London Assembly election, 2016, but was de-selected when her role in Pegida UK became public”

    Where next?

    • John, regarding Anne’s previous attempts to stand as an MP – I don’t quite see what you are getting at.
      Things have moved on enormously in Britain in every way in the last couple of years – and only now are people beginning to understand what the threat is that we face. Not for nothing was Donald Trump demonized by the MSM – and while I’m on the subject of the Donald, I’m still uneasy about his recent Syrian adventure, but after his Polish speech I forgive him that and am one hundred percent behind him! Hey, people, it’s becoming respectable to shed your blood to protect your culture and heritage!! God bless POTUS and may he stop listening to the Deep State about Syria – and listen to Putin instead.
      Anne’s main concern has always been the rights of women, which I imagine was what alerted her to the Sharia threat in the first place. Personally I’d rather have an ex-Labour person from the days when Labour might have (erroneously) still been seen as fighting for the working class than an ex Tory Globalist supporter.
      She certainly is bright enough to realize it is crucial for our future to overhaul the British constitution, she is extremely knowledgeable about Sharia, has a Lawyer’s attention to detail and courage by the bucketful. She was apparently blocked from standing at the last election because Mr Nuttall was asked a question by the Press about ‘evil Islam’ which he wasn’t prepared to answer, choosing instead to shoot the messenger, having apparently had the casting vote.
      She obviously also has determination, as you have proved with your selection of her efforts to fight for Britain in the cesspit that is Parliament. She certainly is my choice to lead UKIP!

      • Toby Micklethwait // July 8, 2017 at 9:50 pm // Reply

        Dear Dee,

        A somewhat technical point…

        You say ” [the leader] having apparently had the casting vote”.

        According to my information the leader did NOT have the casting vote. He had a normal vote.

        Voting was 4-2 in favour of AMW amongst the elected NEC members. Add in the leader and the MEP representative and you get a tie.

        The casting vote was by the chairman.

        Regards, Toby, 01932-873557.

    • Having an ‘anti-Islam’ stance will not get you very far in the Labour Party, so I don’t find it a surprise that she left them.

    • @ John Howes re AMW’s ‘unsuccessful political career’.

      So what? Nigel Farage tried again and again for a seat in the House of Commons, but that doesn’t mean he had an unsuccessful political career. In fact, he has exerted more influence on the present and future course of this country than hundreds of mediocre MPs who sat in the Commons for donkeys’ years, useful for nothing except voting fodder when the division bell rang. And that influence did not spring from his position as an MEP either, but from persistent, untiring campaigning for 23 years in the UK.

      Anne Marie has the same indomitable spirit and determination to bring about change, no matter how many attempts it takes. The fact that she has the foresight to see the danger we are in and the courage to proclaim her unique manifesto, all in the face of hostility and threats, makes her a very successful politician in the true sense of the word.

      Most mainstream politicians are weak, trite, and cowardly compared to Anne Marie.

  3. @ Ceri Jayes
    Every single politician, whether ordinary MP or PM, who represents constituencies where FGM takes place is responsible for the sexual assault and grievous bodily harm committed by barbaric adults on children in their constituency. They are fully aware of the law passed in 1985 against FGM being performed in this country and they are aware of the later law passed against taking children out of the country for it be done. Yet there has been NOT ONE conviction for either crime in the last 32 years.
    This is an utterly shameful, scandalous dereliction of duty on the part of police, the CPS, the courts, social services, child protection services, and politicians – how do they get away with it? We really do need some highly-publicised sackings and public shamings pour encourager les autres.

    I suppose they all get away with it in the same way that they got away with ignoring the sexual slavery of thousands of vulnerable white British girls in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Manchester, Telford and countless other places where racist muslim paedophiles did exactly as they pleased under the blind eyes, deaf ears and prejudiced attitudes of all the authorities – prejudiced against the girls that is; god forbid the PC plods should ever suspect low-life Pakistani gangs to be capable of the most appalling sexual exploitation.
    What the hell is going on in our country? Why do female MPs make all kinds of fuss about how many women sit on boards and committees while this horrendous torture, mutilation, gross abuse, and sexual enslavement through intimidation, drink and drugs is inflicted on young GIRLS? Girls who are defenceless, easily frightened into silence, easily physically overpowered and mentally conditioned to offer no resistance. This is sexism and misogyny on an industrial scale. Where are the feminazi Leftards??

    All this has been going on, is going on and WILL go on as long as cowardly public servants sacrifice little girls on the altar of ‘race relations’ and ‘community cohesion’. To hell and be damned with ‘race relations’! This is just a gutless excuse for allowing barbaric lawbreakers and predatory scum to get away with their crimes. And there is no such thing as ‘community cohesion’ in a country where bolshy immigrants behave just as they did back home, ignoring our laws and being tip-toed around by the feeble, craven authorities.
    I don’t know about the British stiff upper lip; what we need today is for the so-called protectors of the weak and righters of wrongs to get off their knees, stiffen their backbones, grow the proverbial pair and do some crime-busting. If they can’t protect and defend little girls with the law as their strength and shield, who CAN they be trusted with guarding?

    • A blind man can see what is going on throughout the country and so you have to believe that all in authority are acting on instructions from above.

      Why there has been no uproar is beyond me!
      Are all British people cowed, or blind.

      • Cowed, RobC – understandable. A dinner lady has been suspended by the Head for going on the Manchester March against Terrorism – Tommy R has taken up her case, which in the beginning had included being barred from going to school to attend various things, although I think her children went to the school. That has been rescinded and now it’s just about her job. There is a petition on Rebel Media site, sorry I can’t link. We have to understand that if enough people go on marches, these threats will be meaningless and we can get them onto social media. Meanwhile, the cash-strapped London Police Farce have painted their Police cars – and a fire engine, I saw, in Rainbow colors for the London Pride March.

        • Dee, I have signed that petition. The ridiculous headteacher who interfered with her employee’s rights to express her political views is the one who should be sacked.
          Disgraceful incidents such as this need to be stamped on.

  4. @John: Paul Oakley, an elected (by the membership!) NEC member is the new general secretary.

    As for Nigel – of course it was right to urge him to resign – do we REALLY want him to break his health beyond repair on the job?

    And Victoria Ayling states she RESIGNED – – is there anything online to the contrary?

    Steve Crowther should be commended for telling Nigel that it’s time to put his health and family first, and taking on the caretaker lleadership at this very difficult time.

    Spon ?

    • Rob, we wait for Mr Crowther to prove himself. How the Leadership election is handled will define not just UKIP but the whole ethos of those at the top. I hope he doesn’t fail UKIP and its members.

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