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Letters to the Editor – Saturday 2nd December 2017

Today’s first letter comes from our correspondent Roger Arthur. It chimes in nicely with M Barnier’s “Speech to the Germans”, doesn’t it!


When I said that people were duped into voting to remain in a Common Market in 1975, a “clever” remainer said that was their stupid fault for not reading terms. Below is my response:

Never mind voters, it seems that even Heath himself was duped. In January 1973, he said on TV:

“There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe, we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. Those fears I need hardly say are completely unjustified.”

Having lost many vetoes and the ability for MPs to propose regulations, while being driven by self-amending EU treaties, I think we know the truth!

Here Mr Juncker confirms Monnet’s softly-softly strategy:

“We decide on something, leave it lying around and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step, until there is no turning back.”

From the horse’s mouth …

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

The next letter, by our contributor Ceri Jayes, contains a great piece on the “Divorce Bill” and Mr Juncker:


Today’s tv news has had an item about many people’s difficulty in extricating themselves from the membership of various clubs.

Citizens’ Advice is offering help with how to go about the task.

I consider our EU membership to be along similar lines and think Brussels’ bully boys should read the piece outlined below.  Whichever way people voted in the referendum, the historic facts apply. This is doing the rounds:







Please hand this around!

Respectfully, Ceri Jayes

Finally, our contributor Sonya Jay Porter has sent in her thoughts on the latest piece of news dominating our headlines:


Do we really need another Royal Wedding?

Don’t get me wrong – I am very happy for the Prince and his Showgirl, especially for Harry who has, we have been told over the years, been quite desperate to get married, settle down and have a family. Which probably means that we shall have news of Royal Births over the next few years.

But, do we really need another Royal Wedding? Come to that, do we really need the Monarchy any longer?

Our Monarchs started out thousands of years ago as successful War Lords who, together with their tribes, battled against others to win and keep their own corner of our Island. Then they became authoritarian Kings, ruling with the help of other military men to whom they had parcelled out estates, thereby gaining loyal followers. Gradually, these landowners became a Parliament of sorts. A House of Lords. And while this was going on, our Kings formed alliances by marrying their daughters to other Kings’ sons around our neighbours both on the Island and the nearby Continent in the hope that this would help keep the peace between them (something which is no longer either possible or necessary).   Eventually, another Parliament was formed. A House of Commons. And the King or Queen became a Constitutional Monarch and non-party-political head of state.

But now it seems that the Monarchy has no real, serious function.

And because our current Queen, Elizabeth II, Assented to the Lisbon Treaty, signed in 2007, (which amended the earlier Treaties of Maastricht and Rome) she has allowed herself to become merely a citizen of the European Union and no more than the rest of the British people. Just as the rest of the Royal family are and will remain unless Britain does withdraw fully from the European Union.

And perhaps, even then, they would prefer to be ordinary members of the British population – you may remember that a short while ago Prince Harry was quoted as saying that when it came to being the next Sovereign, ‘no-one really wants the job’.

After all, think of it from the point of view of the younger members of the Royal Firm: this is a job they are all born into, not one they have been able to choose for themselves. Whether they want to be a King, Prince, Princess or Duke, they don’t have a choice. Now, you might think, lucky them! But can it be much fun to be constantly followed and photographed, to spend your life shaking hands, making nice speeches? Princess Margaret’s son, David Armstrong-Jones, was lucky because he could choose his career to be a furniture maker and live in relative obscurity. But from Prince Charles down to the children of Prince William, the rest have been lumbered with their jobs.

Isn’t it rather demeaning for our country to have a Royal Family around just to look pretty and attract the tourists? And also for the young Royals who have little to do now but act like Celebrities, carrying on the work that Pop Stars largely do?

So isn’t it time for a new TV show: ‘I’m a Royal Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here’?

Respectfully, Sonya Jay Porter

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25 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Saturday 2nd December 2017

  1. It was cringing. Watchig our ukip leader outnumbered as usual by Dimbledumb and the Biased BBC panel on QT. As expected. Hardly getting a word in edgeways.
    The engagement of another royal with all the flannel and jollity is turnig attention away from the real issues of today. Brexit and Islam. I fear we are being sold down the river by Sharia May. To be villified as a racist and my views honestly expressed. As a hate crime. For opposing the invasion and the overtaking of our country. The rape and grooming of our children by Pakistani gangs. I fail to understand how it can be so? My home town is unrecogniseable as the place where I grew up. The Trojan Horse is inside and increasing 10 to 1. We will be a minority in 10 years. Our dead of 2 world wars lie all over the continent of Europe but they demand payment to leave this club we were coerced into joining with lies then with various politicians doing what Hitler couldn’t do. Without a shot fired at the stroke of a pen. We want our country back. ASAP. deal or no deal.
    I was on Slapton sands today and in Dartmouth. Both have memorials to the fallen who died liberating Europe. Well please liberate us now. Thank you.

  2. Just putting the record straight ( As Iremember it )

    ,Heath said ” There would be no loss of sovereinty ” to parliament. There was a huge row because the select committee had advised him that there would. Parliament then found out that we would and that he had lied in his teeth.
    His excuse was that Hansard had put a full stop in the wrong place. Ridiculed but ineffectual.

    Prime Minister was a proven liar and subsequently took delivery of several large yachts.

  3. Astonishing logic from Ceri about what the EU owes us. But isn’t it curious that all the focus of our escape from Stalag Europe focuses firmly on money. Never mind the money – give me my freedom back. My country and my democracy.

    And – what? Prince Harry is getting married? I hadn’t heard that…

  4. An interesting article from RT

    “Muslim population in Europe to triple by 2050, even with ‘zero migration’ – study”

  5. The Americans did away with a King, so they could have a President. How is that working out for them right now ? Which deadbeat politician do you think the Tories or Labour would get elected ?

    • Icini, to your second question, here’s a clue for those that might need it. Just look at some of the ‘modernised’ looney-tune Lords we have now.

      And Lord Monkton, a real Lord, is locked out.

      Proof that servants shouldn’t pick their masters.

  6. Ms Porter

    Do we really want to see the likes of Blair, Cameron, Clegg, May, Corbyn, Tusk, Juncker, etc., strutting the corridors of Buckingham Palace? Do we really want to see them twirling in front of a mirror wearing the Crown Jewels? Do we really want to see them parking their stinking rear end cavities on the thrones in the throne room?

    If you don’t like the monarchy you are more than welcome to remove yourself to a country which is a republic.

  7. New interview with Henry Bolton in Hartlepool. Watch under

    • Oddsbods,
      Thanks for the link. An excellent interview with a sympathetic interviewer. For the first time I see a sensible man, with informed views in his own area. Don’t get cocky.
      I notice Mike Hookem has been doing a first class job on fishing, but starting to slide off into greener fields. We all look forward to him keeping up the pressure with the fish. The trade likes him and listens.

  8. Sonya, We need a Monarch more than ever these days, as the Monarch is the very last safety valve that the public has against politicians pulling a really dirty trick on us. Imagine PM Jeremy Corbyn trying to abolish elections as unnecessary now that there is a socialist utopia in power? The only thing to prevent that is the need for Royal Assent. Our Monarchy has served us well for centuries, let’s keep it.

  9. ** Divide and rule .

    Without a monarch, we’re dead in the water.

  10. Also I sometimes wonder what our misseducation system teaches nowadays. But clearly not the basic universal rules.
    The law of supply and demand.
    Murphy’s laws
    Divide an rule.
    Parkinsons Laws
    The Peter principles
    Never give power to a committee
    What goes up etc
    Then there’s lots of rules of thumb Such as :-
    Repeat 8 times, people then like it (Disc jockeys )

  11. Ceri,
    That’s beautiful.

    The Queen is still who the army the navy,airforce,give their vote of allegiance. She ‘s the head of the Civil service ( Although their service can be worried about )[ and it’s why politicians can’t sack them ) . Similarly the Church, Even ( Dare we say it, the faithless among our politicians). Also the lords.

    It’s essential training for Henry.
    He still thinks reasoned arguement is persuasive to the mob.One pice of info at a time is the limit. Thank our misseducation system.

    More interesting might have been to ask the audiance to put up their hands if they voted remain.

    You’d have thought a soldier would have expected such an obvious trap. No matter, another lesson learned.

  12. Good letter Ceri.

    We repeatedly have to save Europe from its own stupidity. WW2, WW1 and before that Napoleon and before that (maybe pushing the context a little) the Spanish Armada.

    And yet they are not grateful for the blood sweat and tears of our forbears. We will very probably have to save them again, this time from Islamisation. It will be a terrible bloodbath which the EU is setting up.

    Regarding the “divorce” settlement. We only seem to hear about the liabilities. When are we to discuss the value of the assets? UK taxpayers have contributed to numerous EU projects. The buildings in the EU quarter of Brussels of course. Also to various civil engineering projects such as Spanish airports and Greek roads. Do these have no monetary value? We should demand a recompense for these assets, in proportion to our contributions.

    And then there are the “intellectual property” assets which we have paid for. Including the cost of generating all the regulations which we no longer want. We must have our money back.

    Then the cost of the mess which EU countries have created for us. The so-called “refugee children” who come here and rape and molest women. Merkel wanted them to go to Germany. Germany should pay us to send them from the UK back to Germany. And pay compensation to the UK victims of her madness.

    • Good points Hugo. Let’s not forget the EU’s wine cellar, art collection and that completely unnecessary building in Strasbourg.

  13. No mention of Henry’s performance on Newsnight?

    I thought that would generate at least one letter to the editor.

    • Why don’t you ‘generate’ one?

      • Actually I commend Henry for at least bringing up the subject of Islam but it’s clearly not his bag. Where we are with Islam we really do need a more muscular approach with someone with the experience to bat away the obvious questions.

        That’s clearly not Henry and given how he clammed up after his those initial attempts I doubt he’ll bring up the subject of Islam again. At least not on Question Time if he is ever invited back.

        I don’t know a lot about Jayda Fransen of Britain First and I know she can come across to put it politely as ‘a bit rough’ but she made mince meat of Nick Ferrari on LBC. He was stuttering and his PC attacks didn’t work. She’s not stupid it seems and like AMW graduated in Law. Here she is if you want to listen

        • Sean thank you for the link. In all the hubbub created by Trump’s tweet one point is, I think on purpose, not ever mentioned by anyone and its pure Trumpian genius!

          In my view Trump is, with this Tweet, giving us a stark reminder of how all our media is being censored by the people who are responsible for the first invasion of our islands in almost a thousand years, all under the banner of hate speech.

          Because of who he is, he is able to crash right through the barrier of political correctness and say what we dare not say lest we get a knock on our door, get fired from our jobs etc.

          Jayda certainly is, as you point out, clearly very bright. The way she hit on the tolerance argument attests to that.

          The very idea that while our country is being raped by rapacious barbarians, in some instances quite literally, we should remain silent, lie back and enjoy the cultural enrichment and be ‘tolerant’ is completely insane!

          We didn’t defeat Hitler with tolerance.

        • On the subject of Mr Bolton’s ‘maiden’ appearance on Question Time: there was so much biased drivel being spouted by the panel that during the first half of the show I was close to stop watching.
          Henry didn’t really stand much of a chance with that panel and that audience; I could see where he was trying to go, but it was clear that he was significantly outnumbered. Talk about a baptism of fire!
          On the subject of Ms Fransen and her appearance on LBC that you linked to: once again, you wonder what was the point of her being invited to ‘speak’ on that show, when she wasn’t allowed to as Nick Ferrari kept speaking over her!
          Exactly the same situation as when Tommy Robinson appeared on Good Morning Britain, but couldn’t get his message across while Piers Morgan was shouting over what he was trying to say.
          “Right-wingers” are the ones most having their freedom of speech curtailed or being openly denounced as ‘far-right extremists’. The ‘left’ are the noisy minority, oppressing the silent majority on the right, who have been tricked into believing they are the minority, because if they speak up they are branded as ‘fascist racist far-right Nazi bigots’.
          Freedom of speech is only allowed if you have left-wing views.
          Luckily, the ‘silent majority’ are starting to realise they are NOT in the minority, and are starting to wake up and speak out.

        • That video is quite an eye-opener. What a lying, appeasing snake Nick Ferrari is.

        • That twit Ferrari needs to get out into the real world before expressing his support for “peaceful” Muslims.

          If they attend a mosque then presumably they follow the teachings of Islam which makes them the enemy of any non-Muslim.

    • Sorry meant ‘Question Time’ not Newsnight.

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