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Letters to the Editor – Saturday 12th November 2016

Today’s first letter is a brief report by our contributor Alan Piper on his meeting with Leadership Candidate John Rees-Evans, who, as we know, is touring the country:


I and a few others met JRE this week in our quiet corner of Cumbria. As we know, he doesn’t do hustings. But he does travel and has been working his boots off getting around the country with a small team, to meet kippers, even here. Having met him, it’s as simple as this:

If we want UKIP to remain radical, with support from both sides of the political divide, vote for him. He’s not a supporter of false unity, believes the Party’s best future lies with staying radical and is only standing because no-one else with that agenda is. But more than that, he is also proposing a truly radical vision of how the Party could operate which I would suggest is pure UKIP gold, because he immediately identified as fundamental priorities for change;  the management structure and the lack of membership engagement  which, to date, have been missing.

He doesn’t want to abolish the NEC as such. He wants to change it to become the head of the party operation, populated by people with specific talents and responsibilities, running the Party that they are legally accountable for. And on top of that, he wants the leader to be directly answerable to the membership, representing policy determined by the membership, through a process involving direct democracy. In other words, an end to autocracy.

In those two priorities, (IMHO) he has absolutely nailed the fundamental causes that are dragging this Party down, now that Nigel has moved on to become a hugely important UK confidante of the most powerful man in the world. And that is why I am posting this. I value UKIP Daily, time is short, and for those who are losing heart, I hope you will want to hear this because alongside change, JRE offers clarity and direction.

He’s no orator in the the Martin Luther King sense but he is a man of means and achievement, and in the detail, he’s very precise, very organised and I will say very impressive because what he’s offering is a level of professionalism which is politically unparalleled in terms of organisation, social media involvement, direct democracy and campaign support. I suggest it’s the future. Our choice is whether we want to be part of it, as UKIP.

Respectfully, Alan Piper

The next letter, by our contributor and NEC candidate Rhys Burriss, reports a welcome development:


I have mentioned before on UKIP Daily that there is a wonderful group of lawyers who have come together to fight for Brexit from the legal perspective. They are . I have just received an email with the important news that LFB  intend seeking leave to appear as Intervenor  in the Supreme Court  shortly. I link to their Statement here for ease of reference, but the whole website of LFB must be read by UKIP members!

Read……….Learn……..And  Inwardly Digest…… (as we used to say!)

Respectfully, Rhys Burriss

Looking further ahead, our contributor Ted Wildey picks up on an article in today’s Daily Mail:


Today’s Daily Mail includes an article by Dominic Sandbrook. It is entitled ‘Bonfire of the Liberal Elite.’ Above the title and leading into it is the following ‘For decades an arrogant global ruling class tried to crush the spirit of nationhood – blind to most voters’ deep-rooted pride in their country.  Now, with Brexit and Trump, the world is witnessing the bonfire of the liberal elite’. Towards the end he discusses where to go from here and rejects ‘narrow, resentful nationalism’ and ‘a revival of Liberalism’. He then provides what UKIP might consider the basis for its next and every Manifesto:

‘What the world needs is a generation of pragmatic, patriotic politicians, open to co-operation but rooted in their national communities, open to progress but respectful of tradition, tolerant of difference but not obsessed with diversity, dedicated to the defence of Western values but not so hubristic as to think the world can be reordered overnight’

What more could we ask for?

Respectfully, Ted Wildey

And finally, for a spot of hilarity on this November weekend, here is a video which has been making the rounds of the internet and was sent to us by various readers. It is a spoof of the John Lewis Christmas advert. Enjoy!

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10 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Saturday 12th November 2016

  1. The ‘Trump isn’t just for Christmas’ spoof just cracks me up. The best bit is Hillary’s face when the Trumphound jumps ahead of her.
    But what about the animals who jumped on the trampoline to begin with and inspired the dog (in the original ad)? The first animal was a fox, which reminds me of ‘the UKIP fox in the Parliamentary henhouse’. I’ve always thought of Nigel as a fox since.

  2. Does anybody have a link, please, to a poll that, apparently, shows John Rees-Evans has no chance of winning? Many thanks.

    Not that we should take much notice of polls after Brexit and Trump.

    • I’ve seen several but not noted the address. One example was a straw poll in the Daily Express: Nuttall: 86%. Evans: 9%. JRE 5%. I’m aware this was a poll of readers, not necessarily members, but these are the people we need to attract, members are already converted. We are selecting a leader to sell to the country, not ourselves.
      Have a look at political betting sites, quite often a better guide.
      Perfectly true that projections can be wrong…but that wrong ?

      • So that’s it, an online newspaper poll where, probably, most of the readers have never heard of J R-E, let alone know his proposals for the future of the party? I think UKIP members are far better to judge who they feel is the right leader to take the party forward.

        As for the bookies, yes, there probably has been more money put on Paul Nuttall, than for the other two, but not necessarily by people who would have an intimate knowledge of UKIP members’ voting intentions. In any case, as any betting man will tell you, odds-on shots regularly get turned over.

  3. Oh dear. There is no chance of JRE winning, look at any poll. My concern is that his supporters will not get behind whoever does win.
    In a less “in your face” way both Evans and Nuttall are equally radical and far more likely to be acceptable alternatives to Nigel, as far as the general public are concerned. If he’s so good at organisation he could join Paul Oakden, Lisa Duffy and others who share that ability and concentrate on preparing us for next May, any new by-elections and 2020 but he’s no leader.

    In my opinion the candidate that would best serve is Paul, he’s the one we all expected to take over, who can deliver vital votes outside London and the South East and can take us forward into a post referendum country. We are not doing well in the polls or in council by-elections and need to move quickly to take advantage of Labour’s mad self destruction, it’s been a mess up to now. Once this month is over it has to be all hands on deck, no more internal strife. We’ve seen what happens when people don’t accept the result of elections or referendums. It’s an example we must not forget.
    There is still much to do in avoiding Brexit super-lite but we have to be about far more than that now. Paul has the public persona, experience and maturity to make a great leader and statesman.

  4. We are currently processing a national leadership election.
    My number one priority now is to support whoever wins – we will never get a perfect leader.
    Although I have never met John Rees-Evans, there are other members of UKIP who share, acquiesce, agree, or find his vision compatible.
    I hope this forum establishes and reinforces appraising and re-appraising independence to combat any emerging leader who succumbs to surrounding herself/himself with sycophants – am I being too demanding?

  5. Thinnish Free-Thinker // November 12, 2016 at 9:36 pm // Reply

    John Rees-Evans has a clear vision for party operation AND party principles. He is happy to put the 2015 UKIP Manifesto policies on his website. What do the other two leadership contestants stand for — other than their own personal advancement?

    • TFT,

      I would just like to say that if Paul Nuttall is in this for self advancement why did he not jump into the contest when it first began, rather I think he has come into the fray because people begged him to, hence he felt a responsibility to step forward.

      I have personally watched and listened to JRE, and although I find him and his ideas interesting but may I add not compelling, what we are looking for here is a leader and for me anyway he does not fit that vision. Don’t get me wrong he comes across as a very nice guy if somewhat eccentric, but we need someone who is reasonably well known and with some charisma.

      I feel there is not enough time to get to know JRE and his ideas and some people I have spoken to do not know who he is.

  6. Thank you Alan for your assessment – what was worrying me was that J R-E is precise, and that hinders his ability to speak a short, sharp punchline. What you say about his vision for UKIP outweighs my minor worry – vision, precision and organization, sounds good to me.

  7. Mr Piper,

    I am very pleased that you have written this report.

    I was beginning to despair at the direction in which the party appeared to be going.

    In case some members haven’t seen it I am posting a link to one of the venues on John Rees-Evans’ road trip.

    Far from being a nonentity, as some people have dismissed him as, I really feel he is the one (and only) candidate who is offering an inspiring vision of the future for UKIP and for his role as leader.

    If he is elected, my hopes for the party will have been well and truly restored.

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