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Letters to the Editor – Friday 3rd November 2017

Today’s first letter is from our correspondent Cllr Paul Foyster and is self-explanatory:


To influence politics you have to win at least some elections. As it becomes clear that Mrs May and Parliament intend to sell us out, just like her predecessors intended to do, there could well be a swing back to UKIP.  The point is, will we still be here to take advantage of it?

It’s obvious to most remaining UKIP MEPs and councillors that they have now become unelectable, whatever office they stand for or however well they perform their duties. Many of them have now become very engaged with their local communities, fighting bad policy by Tory or Labour councils and making a real difference by drawing public attention to the poor quality of local and national government and forcing improvement.  That was always UKIP policy, people before party and it’s mostly councillors who have to implement it.

The general mood of those I know is that unless there is a marked upswing by the time of the May elections they will be forced to consider their options. Sadly some have already jumped ship. It’s a mistake to defect to the ruling party in a council, though tempting when promises of greater responsibility or even portfolios are floated. What communities need are a strong oppositions, not councils without effective groups outside the ruling ones.  There is value in just standing but so much more in getting people elected.  We have recently seen some very small improvements to our terrible vote share but not enough by far.

I dearly hope Henry and his team will be able to pull us round and still think that’s perfectly possible. There is nowhere else we can go if the new leadership fails, so I urge councillors to stick with us but I admit it’s unrealistic not to acknowledge that time is limited.  HQ and the leadership have to do more to put us back in the limelight for the right reasons. We all have to push material onto the social media, avoid criticising each other and present a united front to the public.

Our main problems since the referendum have been organisational failure, confusion, careerism, infighting and a lack of urgency. Electing leaders who seemed well qualified but did not actually want the job did not help either. At least we know Henry desperately wants to do a good job and make a difference. MSM coverage remains restricted to anything negative. I understand it’s not easy but please get a wriggle on guys or yet again we will miss the train. Even one step at a time will help, don’t wait until all the problems are sorted, there are too many and it will take too long.  As frequently said, the only thing the really influences politicians is a threat to their seats and right now the level of threat we represent is far too small.

Respectfully, Paul Foyster,

UKIP councillor and Branch Chairman.

The second letter is from our contributor David Meacock, a professional musician, former councillor, and now UKIP’s new Spokesman for Culture and Arts:


on behalf of UKIP, I’d like to congratulates President of the European Council Donald Tusk for proclaiming that “Europe is a ‘cultural community’ whose heritage must be preserved”.

We in UKIP have said for ages that not only should the UK limit migration because the unplanned-for a million net migrants every three years are overwhelming the UK’s infrastructure and State services, but we also need to preserve the British way of life by for example everyone speaking and reading English.  So, I’m very pleased that Mr Tusk seems to be beginning to see the light by also recognising ‘the need to rebuild effective control of our [the EU’s] external borders’ – one reason why 17.4 million UK voters voted to leave the EU. We can but hope that Mr Tusk’s recent awakening to share UKIP’s pragmatic views could yet lead to a BREXIT deal which while not imperative would be in everyone’s best interest.

As a newly elected Councillor, I caused consternation in some quarters when saying that his council shouldn’t be contributing to a translation service and that people who expected to live in the UK and be regarded as British citizens should learn to speak English as the first stage of integration and so fund any translation requirements themselves. But it was a view to be echoed a few years later by Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett MP.

British culture is under threat not just from migrants but also from 5th columns within the UK. The Establishment’s Politically Correct multi-culturists, aka no-high culturists Brigade, such as some teachers who are leaving school pupils socially ignorant by even failing to include any traditional Christmas Carols within Nativity plays – sometimes nonsensically ‘justified’ by not wanting to offend people of other faiths, and/or because their school is not a Church of England school. Our shared heritage is also being undermined by the Church’s own Bishops often failing to uphold their canonical vows by adhering to the traditional Christian teaching of right and wrong. The clergy’s inadequacy is even worse than the growing threat from Sharia Law as, just as Mr Tusk has acknowledged, sadly some such as the Islamic community, seem to want to impose other cultures on us rather than accept our Judeo/Christian heritage – which is somewhat ironic given it was presumably at least part of what attracted most migrants to the UK in the first place.

Respectfully, David Meacock,

UKIP Spokesman for Culture and Arts

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7 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Friday 3rd November 2017

  1. “At least we know Henry desperately wants to do a good job”.

    So why hasn’t he replied to Viv Evans’ “One month and counting”, posted three days ago? A reply in the comments would take him 30 seconds.

    How is he going to create “a marked upswing by the time of the May elections” when he apparently can’t even be bothered to communicate with the Editor of UKIP’s main news and comments web site?

    • Precedent!
      No UKIP Leader has ever posted comments, certainly not Nigel, but also not Diane James. Nor did Paul Nuttall.
      Henry did reply to comments under his own article/hustings reports though, during the leadership campaign. And while answering might take 30 seconds, reading the article in question beforehand does take a bit longer … I hope!
      I’m sure he is aware of the article, btw, so let’s see if there will be results in the near future.
      (Else there’ll be another article … and another …)

      • He does respond to random people on twitter and FB. I have elicited a few responses from him.

      • Interim Leader, NEC member and former chairman has corresponded in the past. Diane, bless her, didn’t last long enough in the job to find out about the NEC, let alone UKIP Daily 🤓

  2. Cllr Paul I fully concur with your sentiments in the sense that we cannot implement policy while out of office and therefore cannot influence how things are done.

    However, in my view at least one of the reasons Mrs. May called the early election was in order to put UKIP in the position it’s now in. Whether by accident or as a tactical move, it forced voters into tactical voting. (One can only speculate on what else she was hoping to achieve. Whatever it was it went well, didn’t it!)

    Those brighter voters that voted for UKIP in the past then switched and voted for what they saw as the least-worst option in the last election are not likely to constitute a stable voting block our opponents will be able to rely on in the future.

    It is quite understandable that some Councillors, given the current state of play, may well consider their options in the near future. However, they need to be made aware that the tide doesn’t only sweep in. It can also be made to sweep out. (Especially Tusk’s ‘cultural’ tide as discussed in David’s excellent letter that follows.)

    Of course, our opponents will huff and they will puff and claim they’ll do what we say we will do by pretending to steal UKIP policies.

    But brighter voters will know those ‘trusty’ Tories won’t because if they were going to they’d already be doing it!

    I know not knowing quite what Henry and his team are up to right now is a little disconcerting for us. But it must also be disconcerting for our opponents.

  3. Re; Paul’s letter – another cry for help. Why isn’t anyone listening?

    Re; Dave Meacock – I do wish people would stop giving credit for our rich culture solely to religious sources. Personally I owe much more to the Greeks. To be more accurate could we say Graeco-Roman Judeo-Christian with an Anglo-Saxon concept of monarchy?

    • No that doesn`t worry me Graham, the Romans and the Greeks (plus the Egyptians and perhaps a few others) also got it wrong about the God issue and it has taken a long time to percolate down that all gods are a deliberate invention or product of an over fertile imagination.
      Whatever, have been used as a source of power to control somebody, usually the hoi polloi.
      As I have said on here previously, thinking as I do, I find it necessary to accede to the “invention” of our deity to continue the manner of our society that has been handed down to us since at least Magna Carta.
      I accept and maintain therefore we are a “Christian” country as laid down by good king Henry V!!! and therefore the Law of this country is paramount and can in no way be traduced by false faiths/systems such as Sharia, part of the path along with birth and settlement to our becoming a Caliphate.
      Pleased to see David Meacock (a member of the cabinet?) on here and actually mentioning Sharia Law – I have renewed hope for a sensible administration who will take on the threat of Islamic “souvereignty” (I`m sure there is such a word but I can`t find it in the dictionary, would hegemony do?) and our disassociation from the wiles of the 1995 Barcelona Declaration

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