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Letters to the Editor – Friday 27th October 2017

Yesterday we received this letter from Mike Hookem MEP, describing a betrayal by the Tory Government which is beyond belief, even though it’s only one of many. It’s well past time the Purple Army dusted off their boots and started marching again: OUT NOW!


a decision by Theresa May’s Conservative government to adopt the terms of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in the forthcoming Great Repeal Bill is an utter betrayal of the principles of Brexit.

Fishing communities from Scotland to Cornwall voted Leave with the single aim of freeing the UK from the shackles of the EU’s hated CFP. However, in one stroke, the Conservatives have once again betrayed our hard-working fishing communities.

The inclusion of CFP fisheries rules in the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ is realising the worst nightmares of British fishing communities!

Environment Minister George Eustice told MP’s that Britain would leave the CFP on leaving the EU, but said the so-called Great Repeal Bill would carry over EU fisheries regulations!

How can anyone believe that Brexit will be delivered, when such a fundamental Brexit issue has already been capitulated on?

I am in no doubt that the decision to include the terms of the CFP in the fallacy that is Mrs May’s Great Repeal Bill, will quickly come back to haunt her. After 45 years of the CFP, the British fishing industry is on its knees and desperately needs the boost that the reclamation of our legally recognised 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) would provide.

Fishing is an industry worth a potential £6.3 billion to the UK economy post-Brexit, and not to realise that is foolhardy in the extreme.

Under the post-Brexit terms the Conservatives are setting out, we will have to blindly follow whatever terms Brussel’s dictates to us on fisheries. This is the worst possible type of ‘soft Brexit’ betrayal imaginable and will leave the UK as a junior underling to a very aggressive EU.

I am in no doubt that we will see howls of protest from people up and down the land once the scale of this betrayal is understood. The fact is, the British fishing industry is an important part of British heritage to people across our country, not just to those who live and work in coastal communities.

However, it comes as no surprise. Since the launch of the Conservative manifesto, it has been quite clear that the Conservative would be offering Britain’s fish to Brussels on a plate! Thi is something I have been warning of for months.

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP

The next letter is from our Education Spokesman David Kurten AM, taking on Labour for demanding Oxbridge bow to their identity politics:


I wrote a comment about David Lammy and his Oxbridge admission statement. It was a few days ago, but it may be of interest to UKIP Daily readers:

“In a new bout of identity politics, a group of 108 MPs led by David Lammy has called on Oxbridge to make their admissions more ‘diverse’. The tragedy of this is that if these virtue signallers they get their way, the educational standards in our finest institutions will be sacrificed to political correctness.

Diversity in academia should mean freedom of speech, conscience, religion, belief and ideas, but our many of politicians have reduced it to become simply a reference to a variance in skin pigmentation and differences in what people do with their reproductive organs. This is not true diversity, and the senior echelons at Oxbridge should not have entertained this notion for a second.

It is most disappointing that the vice Chancellor of Cambridge immediately genuflected before the gods of ‘inclusion’ and this self-righteous cabal of MPs, stating that ‘our excellence is based on diversity’. This comes as a surprise to most people who thought that the excellence of Oxbridge was based on academic rigour, high quality teaching and research and a thousand years of tradition. The dons of Oxbridge must stay strong in the face of any attempts to erode their standards: If they decide to compromise on academic rigour and freedom of speech rather than maintaining true excellence, our finest Universities will go into a slow and sad decline.

The hypocrisy of the MPs however knows no bounds. While they remain resolutely opposed to Grammar Schools which could accelerate children from poorer backgrounds to the level of academic attainment by which they could compete to enter Oxbridge, many of them had the privilege of going to grammar or private schools themselves.”

Respectfully, David Kurten, UKIP Education Spokesman

Also on the subject of our Universities, here’s a letter from our correspondent Mr King:


If universities had not received many £m of EU funding, might their staff have been more impartial? It is worth remembering that, for every £1 that the EU gives them, UK taxpayers fund over £2.

In the circumstances, it is not unreasonable to question the impartiality of lecturers, as we often do with BBC presenters. Surely, with their open minds, they should not be offended by that.

Respectfully, King


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11 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Friday 27th October 2017

  1. The EU Common Fisheries Policy, has to be for most Brits, one of the most loathed and hated of all of the EU Policies and a real ‘Vote Winner’, during the Referendum. Any failure to leave this awful, Community Destroying piece of Legislation, at the earliest opportunity, would be a betrayal of the worst kind. The few remaining Fishing Communities and Ports, need all of the help that they can get. On a personal note, this failure to act on the part of the Tories, is a personal insult and betrayal of myself. During the Referendum Campaign, I personnally spoke with and briefed the Commercial Fishermen in Swansea and they responded, by Campaigning hard for what we all want. Now I have to face them again and explain the latest betrayal by Appeaser May.

  2. Thanks to all three correspondents for excellent letters.
    So much for UKIP to do; so little time to reverse and prevent so much further damage.

  3. Fishing for Leave have an excellent template letter on their Twitter and Facebook sites about the folly of incorporating the CFP into the Repeal BIll. Totnes branch members are inundating our MP with them and asking our fishermen and members of local angling clubs to do so as well.

  4. Mr. Kurten, I appreciate being given the opportunity to read your excellent letter.

    Given my educational background in Science and Engineering I tend to take a simple view of things.

    As I see it, the only fair way of assessing who should or should not be accepted on an academic course of study is either to base it on past academic achievement (grades) or by making all applicants sit an entrance examination.

    Giving preferential treatment according to skin colour is racism, pure and simple and it matters not which hue is in fashion at the time.

    Using terms like ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ does not make wrong right. For every applicant who, in spite of lacking the required ability, is nonetheless given a place, no matter how sad the sob story, there will be an able applicant who has been cheated out of an educational opportunity they are justly entitled to.

    Paradoxically it also does great disservice to those who both have the ability and meet the criteria qualifying them for benefiting from the ‘inclusive’ scheme. They are likely to be thought of as having got there because of their skin colour rather than the grey thing between their ears!

    Having lived in South Africa I can attest to the fact that apartheid and affirmative action are but two sides of the same evil, counter-productive, troubling coin.

    Sir, I wish you luck and God speed in your quest to bring integrity to education. (Methinks you’re going to need it!)

  5. ” It is time the Purple Army dusted off its boots and got marching again”
    How true. It is nearly 4 weeks since Torquay and nothing, nothing about OUT NOW from on high. At our UKIP Dorset branch meeting this week,we determined to go it alone again and resurrect our individual Dorset Out campaign with street stalls and leafleting in November. It would be best if this could be coordinated across the country, but it requires a lead from the top to go national. Whete is it?

    • There appewars to be no leadership
      The leader is concerned about his finances which naturally occupies the minds of many members in his position.
      I think he is shocked to discover the cupboard is bare, membership is in freefall and no-one is coming forward with a big donation.
      Every single MEP elected as UKIP could make from their generous salaries and expenses a one off payment to him of £5,000. This would give him enough to last 2 years in which time hopefully UKIP will be on an even keel.
      Given the appalling stinginess of most of our (bone idle) MEPs this will not happen.

      • Where is Henry? It is clear now he had no plan to hit the ground running. I hope he’s not spending his time begging for cash, it is the other way round, you are supposed to do something first to prove you are worth donating to, not just show up and say gimme.

        He hasn’t picked up on the Out Now campaign that was bequeathed to him. He’s lost the momentum and I fear he can’t regain it. Last chance for him is his chairman’s pick.

        • As an individual I quite like him now (though Ive never met him)
          He reminds me a little of someone I went to school with; someone who won the vote to be (the equivalent of ) Head Prefect. Not an outstanding Prefect but the one who stopped bullying and was able to negotiate with the school board ( probably by being nice).
          I think he stood for ukipleader without understanding of all the intractable problems. The MSM are leaving him alone because he is perceived as wet. He has nothing to say on Catalonia?
          As predicted UKIP are sliding into oblivion partly due to the unelected elite; partly due to our bone idle and avaricious MEPs who are stashing away money for when they are out of a job.
          Some of our less talented MEPs (take your pick) will disappear completely once their term of office ends.
          Some MEPs will become bar room boors nudging you and asking..”dont you know who I am?”
          Reply ” No but if you ask Matron she will be able to tell you!”

          • He has little to say on anything, and has fallen into the trap of doing things the established way and continuing to ignore ordinary members. He should have organised say 20 local meetings during his first month to meet ordinary members and let them know he cares about them. Instead, it has been the usual ‘I have to meet the MEPs in Brussels’ stuff. He needs to break the mould, but so far I haven’t seen anything to suggest he has it in him.

  6. The Tories really are quite thick. Not only would taking back control of our waters revive our betrayed fishermen it would weald a dagger to the heart of the EU loving SNP. What’s not to like? The Tories are failing to grasp the economic and political opportunities.

  7. Many interesting and topical facts/links on this site:

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