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Letters to the Editor – Friday 23rd June 2017

Today’s letters are examples of the reaction of many members to Bill Etheridge MEP’s article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, and are just the tip of the iceberg. May we add that it is remarkable that a prominent member of UKIP uses the opportunity of having something published in the DT not to celebrate the achievement of winning the Referendum a year ago but to attack a fellow member instead. The first letter comes from our reader and contributor Stout Yeoman:


Yesterday, Bill Etheridge had a rather bizarre article published in the Daily Telegraph. In it he egregiously misrepresented Anne Marie Waters, a matter I shall come to.

But first, why did he choose the Daily Torygraph rather than UKIP Daily? A few weeks ago he announced that he would be standing for the leadership. By ignoring our (unofficial) house magazine and writing for Telegraph readers is hardly the way to persuade kippers. But worse he decides to defame a party member and potential leadership candidate with an article full of errors, misrepresentations and straw man arguments.

Anne Marie has never advocated “the vilification of millions of people” nor can UKIP members be likened to Momentum (or Nazis, as Bill did at one point) and of using intimidation “to silence political opponents”. He says “I’m no theologian but I think it is safe to say that the majority of Christians don’t live by every rule in Leviticus, so where is the logic in saying every Muslim wants to kill all non believers?” Indeed there is no such logic because no-one, least of all Anne Marie, is saying every Muslim wants to kill all non-believers. This is all in Bill’s apparently deranged head.

The gulf between reality and Etheridge’s perverted representation of Anne Marie’s supporters as a “baying mob” is simply staggering. He pompously sneers at Anne Marie by invoking the UN definition of war when she was probably referring to a culture war which there undoubtedly is.

We’ve yet to see if he does stand but if he does then I think he has already blown it.

Respectfully, Stout Yeoman

The second letter is from our reader and contributor Jack Russell:


I’m puzzled about the rules of the leadership contest.

We were told by the Returning Officer in an email yesterday afternoon (June 22nd):

I am determined that the leadership election will be conducted in a fair, open fashion, with no negative campaigning.”

AFAIK, one of our rules is that no candidate is allowed to smear another candidate. But: is there a rule about smearing us members?

Well, Mr Etheridge in his article in the DT yesterday didn’t exactly smear AMW when he compared her to Joan of Arc – but he did smear members by describing them as ‘neo-fascist entryists’ and as Nazis.

Is that how our wannabe leaders, the top-level members, a.k.a as MEPs, regard us?

The attitude towards us members shown in Mr Etheridge’s article makes abundantly clear the contempt the UKIP Hierarchy has for us. Since June 23rd we’ve been disregarded and discarded unless needed for by-elections, donations, and as footfolk for the GE. We mustn’t think for ourselves, our ideas as to how to develop policies for the Party (see the many articles on UKIP Daily) might as well have been shouted into the wind.

And then there’s the question of islam in our country. It is a problem which more and more people regard as the burning issue of present times. Are our wannabe-leaders so blind that they think this is best dealt with by sweeping it under the carpet? By silencing all who even dare to mention it? By using the tired old excuses and what-abouteries which people and voters are rejecting? By silencing the one member who does not and has not attacked single muslims but is describing and warning about sharia, demanding that something be done?

Instead, Mr Etheridge in the DT is in full-on virtue-signalling mode: signalling his ‘virtue’ to the London Establishment – as if they’d vote for him in this contest!

Here’s a funny thing: I remember Peter Whittle’s powerful speech at Conference in Margate (what a long time ago that was …) on this exact issue when he spoke about one British Law for all. He hasn’t been attacked by the Etheridges and Arnotts: is it because he’s a man? Have AMWs attempts to stand as PPC, to establish a group in UKIP to address islam, been suppressed simply because some of our MEPs and NEC members ‘don’t like her’ and never mind the issue she addresses? How is that for leadership nous?

We’re now told that AMW and her ‘vociferous supporters’ in the Party would split the Party. It looks to me as if it’s the leadership who is doing that, not AMW. Mr Etheridge said in an interview in the Mirror that he would remove her and the members who support her from the Party if he becomes leader.

You know what that reminds me of? The old Soviet Communist Party, where the Politbureau decided and where those who do not follow the Party Line were … eliminated. That’s not my UKIP any longer.

Respectfully, Jack Russell

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44 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Friday 23rd June 2017

  1. Bill Etheridge should read, The Project by the Muslim Brotherhood! If he does, I wonder if he will change his mind? I believe the Brotherhood’s stated Credo demonstrates a real threat to the UK. Our ‘gutless’ politicians prefer to be PC and hide their heads in the sand. UKIP! I despair! I’m not entirely convinced that all UKIP MEPs are delighted about the results of the EU Referendum.

  2. Let’s hope Bill Etheridge reads the comments in the Daily Telegraph on his ridiculous essay. No doubt his next piece of nonsense will be on the wonders of Open Borders. I wonder how many other UKIP MEPs have been brainwashed in Brussels to this way of thinking?

    • Brian Williams // June 24, 2017 at 8:45 am // Reply

      I have voted UKIP whenever they have stood in my constituency. I, like many others, see mass muslim immigration as an aspect of cultural Marxist determination to wreck our traditional culture. I resent the “far right” dog whistle used below to close debate on this most important issue. Is it credible that Brexit immigration fears were concerned solely with the numbers of East European immigrants- who DO integrate – or the Muslim ones who DON’T?

      Anyone who is an apologist for an ideology which purports to be a religion but which controls every aspect of the lives of its adherents, teaches conversion or death or tax-slavery under menace, is either a fool or a cultural Marxist.
      I suspect UKIP has now been taken seriously enough for infiltration.
      The last manifesto finally started to address our real and very present danger.
      AMW appears to be the only candidate with the courage to speak up and say what needs to be said.

  3. Mike Green - Burton // June 23, 2017 at 4:59 pm // Reply

    I absolutely despair. All that effort over years to move away from being a single issue pressure group to a fully fledged political party then this. In the comments posters refer to ‘members’ as if they speak for the whole membership in its entirety.NO NO NO!

    NO – Bill was right. This faction are far right entryists whose views are more aligned with EDL than the wider membership.

    When I think of the level of abuse myself and my team have been subjected to from the left over the years and a desperate MSM branding us as racists I find the agenda being espoused by this faction simplistic and abhorrent.

    If people wish to pursue this myopic world view I suggest that they do one and join BNP.


    • In that case you’d better stop talking about immigration too Mike. That got you called all the names. Another unmentionable.

      And supporting Brexit is very dodgy as well….

      • Mike Green - Burton // June 23, 2017 at 7:04 pm // Reply

        There is a big difference between having a policy base that includes these issues and being singularly focused on one. Politics and attitude change are about the subtle knife not a neanderthal club

    • Writing articles in the D Mirror and the D Tel in which you attack a potential leadership candidate strikes me as foolish and divisive. Prior to that the person concerned has joined Arnott and Coburn in distancing themselves from the NEX group again with great fanfare.
      the reality is that you are under a delusion that there are tens of thousands of members and this is a fiction as we shall see when the votes are counted.
      I fully expect – if the figures are released – that total number of voters in the leadership election part three will be 15,000 of which your champion will get a third. The NEC are doing everything to fix the election for their preferred candidate and that should concern a lot more than the candidacy of AMW and/or JRE both of whom have great potential to treble membership in short order.
      My own guess is that UKIP is doomed and will be bankrupted by Yuletide. Ask bickley for a copy of the last 2 yrs of accounts ask oakden for the minutes of the NEC ask crowther who voted for him to be (temp) leader. You have a right to know but you wont get any answers.

      • Accountant verified accounts, passed by the businees meeting, are on the EC website for all to see…

      • CK I have to say that I have never been more disillusioned with the Party UKIP presently is. Coburn tonight is still running UKIP down on Twitter – how can either of these people, Coburn or Etheridge be approved to stand as Leader when they have publically dissed the Party and members they intend to lead. What’s left of it, that is. I too think membership is much lower than we know.
        Such a shame. So many committed and able members within UKIP, all of whom have been ignored and worse, actively shut out, as someone said, they offered their expertise free to Head Office and never even had an acknowledgement. We have a last chance with two able people, Anne and John, imo, but both will need balls of steel to sort out the mess at the top. I would like to see another good man like Gerard Batten standing – and whoever won, of those three, would use the talents of the losers.
        The worst thing is, what, honestly, have Etheridge and Coburn done to deserve to even represent us as MEP’s. They have been able to have a good lifestyle with plenty of money, not because of their ability but because of the guts and determination of UKIP members, some of whom they openly insult in the media. Who the blazes do they think they are?

    • These days, I seriously doubt the BNP would want them!

      • For goodness sake. The BNP died as a political party years ago. It was not killed by politics but by scheming bastards after money. UKIP will likely go the same way. Small parties usually end up destroyed by carpetbaggers. That’s why it’s a good idea to have rich people behind them and in control of things like Banks or indeed Trump. One of the reasons Patriotic Alliance is a good idea. Arron don’t need the bread man.

        Oh and the BNP used to get bigger votes than UKIP until it imploded rough edged though it was. All this mainstream stuff will get you nowhere.

    • @ MG-B
      “Far right entryists”? Don’t be ridiculous and insulting.
      I joined UKIP in autumn 2012 after watching Nigel on TV condemning social workers in Rotheram for their treatment of a foster-couple because they were UKIP members. These bigoted social workers took the children away because THEY regarded a perfectly legal political party as beyond the pale and anyone who belonged to it as ‘racist’. The children were European, not even a different race, but that doesn’t wash with ignorant leftards who accuse anyone who isn’t a socialist of ‘racism’ Those social workers were later ruled to be ‘wrong’ and the foster-parents vindicated. Meanwhile, in Rotheram, social workers were managing to ignore the widespread sexual grooming and abuse of white girls by muslim paedophiles. Incredible, isn’t it?

      So I joined UKIP as a protest against socialist fascists and to help get us out of the EU. I have never belonged to the EDL or the BNP.

      Much has happened since 2012, including my decision to study islam in order to figure out why muslim men abused young white girls all around the UK, and why muslims wanted to kill people here, or go abroad to help our enemies.
      Now that I’ve discovered the reasons, I feel a mixture of strong abhorrence for islam, pity for those whose minds are trapped in that death cult, loathing of those who commit atrocities in its name, fear of it taking over this country, and determination to fight that possible outcome by any means.

      I suggest that the myopic world view is YOURS and you need to educate yourself. As far as the leftards and MSM are concerned, they too have a myopic world view and lack any love for this country, so who cares what they call us?

  4. Rodney Goodall // June 23, 2017 at 4:34 pm // Reply

    “Mr Etheridge said in an interview in the Mirror that he would remove her and the members who support her from the Party if he becomes leader.” I will say now, if the bigot who said this, wins he will be the leader of a party with a membership of only his close friends, because I will be resigning my membership, within minutes of the announcement of his election, along with my wife and acquaintances.

  5. I despair! UKIP have spent years (mainly Nigel) trying to step away from this label of “far right” handed to us by the liberal left and media. We banned far right groups members from joining. We’ve been attacked in the street and been verbally abused yet stood firm and turned a protest party into a serious player on the political scene.
    We are now at a crossroads that will determine our future or very existence in politics.
    I like many have never ducked the big issues or difficult conversations but we have an element trying to turn us into the failed and now historic BNP.
    I hear things like “why do muslims flee Islamic countries then try turning other countries into Islamic countries”. Can no one see the irony of trying to turn UKIP into the BNP?

    • Dean this is rather like saying anyone who builds motorways is like Hitler. No one should address the fact that Muslims want a Muslim society? Just don’t mention it? Is that not ducking a big issue?

      Nota bene. Whatever you ‘banned’ you still got called the usual. That’s how it works if you oppose the syetem mate.

    • @ Dean
      We don’t want to turn UKIP into the BNP. We just want it to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the dangers we face, not just from 23,000 potential terrorists in our midst, but also about the existential threat to our whole way of life if something isn’t done NOW about muslim ambitions to create an islamic UK a couple of generations down the line.

      Btw, before you dismiss the BNP completely, they were the ones who first exposed the muslim grooming of young girls in the North, to rape and prostitute them to other muslims following mohammed’s example of paedophilia. The BNP leaders were taken to court over those allegations (Brown was PM at the time) and a good English jury cleared them. Brown didn’t want to accept the jury’s decision and mumbled some idea about ‘getting’ them some other way. I remember this clearly because I sent a letter to Gormless Brown telling him what an arrogant ***** he was.

      Maybe if the police et al had taken more notice of the BNP’s warnings, the scumbag kuffirphobes we have seen arrested all over the country could have been stopped earlier. But the authorities were all more concerned about not being accused of being ‘islamophobes’, weren’t they – MUCH more important than protecting young girls from racist rapists.

      • Panmelia
        I am so pleased that I’m not the only person to remember that BNP first tried to expose the grooming scandal. I was given to understand that they tried to bring it to the attention of Jack Straw, the Home Secretary at the time, back in 2004, I think it was.
        He didn’t want to know!

        They also tried to bring it to the attention of the public in a 2014 party political broadcast but the broadcast was censored. They were only allowed to show the first few seconds of it. It was a cartoon that showed a British Bulldog chasing other party leaders. From then on a censored sign was put across the cartoon and a BNP spokesman just explained what was in it.

        That censored version is available on YouTube and so is the uncensored version.


        • Brenda, yes I think I’ve misremembered Brown being PM: that wasn’t until around 2008 and the BNP exposures were earlier, as you point out. Brown must still have been Chancellor, but it didn’t stop him from behaving like the PM.
          Thank you for telling me about the YouTube PPBs.

          Censored and taken to court for trying to expose horrible crimes committed by racist muslim paedophiles against young white girls – that was the Establishment treatment of the BNP, so which of them should be subjected to public opprobrium and spoken of with contempt?
          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t heard of any of the public servants, high or low, who should have stopped such depraved abuse going on for years, coming out and publicly apologising for their neglect of the complaints of
          white(not BME:ignore)
          young (can’t vote:ignore)
          working-class (uneducated:ignore )
          girls (word can’t be trusted: ignore)
          against muslim men??! (omigod, we don’t want to be accused of islamophobia: ignore complaints! IGNORE!!)

    • What is your definition of ‘Far Right’? This is merely a MSM term of abuse.
      For example the evilbbc never ever in 40 years has used the term ‘far left’ – it is not in its lexicon.
      You might be interested to know that two issues dominate the political consciousness of the 18million Brexit voters last year. The first is sovereignty and the second is immigration – all immigration.
      It would be immensely popular to deport one million foreigners asap. All illegals, all false asylum seekers, all criminals of dual nationality, all longterm welfare claimants of dual nationality.
      I cannot see a problem with the expulsion of all members of the families who had people involved in the pk rape and sex slave gangs on the basis that my preferred option of mass hangings is not on the cards.
      If my views are ‘Far Right’ then so be it but if so I would suggest that ten million others share my views. Perhaps you should go and join the greens.

      • @ CK
        Too right. That mass deportation would not only be popular, it could be the first step in saving our country for the British people and their way of life. Mass repatriation to islamanialand would be the next.

  6. I don’t understand how a campaign can be done in a ‘fair, open’ fashion without ‘negative campaigning’. Criticism of other candidates is an established part of UK electoral law. Is this to be another process like last time around when JRE was told not to rock the boat?

    • Graham, I think these articles don’t fall into the ‘criticism’ category. Added to which, the Leadership campaign hasn’t started yet, and other would-be Leaders don’t know what any of their opposition’s policies are. Added to which, I don’t think hurling blanket slurs at UKIP members and by association the Party they belong to is fitting behaviour for any aspiring UKIP Leader.

  7. Well said both! Thank you for speaking for me!
    We keep being warned that voting for a courageous Leader, whose knowledge of Islam is far greater than ours but whose other policies for UKIP have yet to be unveiled, so are unknown, will ‘split the Party’.
    If that means that Etheridge, and any others thinking the same way clear off, then Frankly, what’s not to like? He and his ilk need to go anyway. I only read his tedious articles once each, so luckily I can’t remember all the slurs against me personally, as a supporter of Anne Marie – but to diss our Party all over the MSM surely must be against some Party rule? That’s what I’m angry about, not the muck he has deemed necessary to throw onto me personally.
    Should she become Leader, Anne Marie will constantly have his character assassinations brought up by mainstream MSM, which will make it more difficult to get any UKIP message out. I’m angry about that as well. Extremely angry.
    I hope Etheridge, and Coburn and Arnott who have supported him, are thrown out of the Party by our interim Leader, because, whoever is chosen as Leader now has another whole mountain to climb, and another whole picture painted of our Party to erase.
    Etheridge has only the Times and the Mail left in which to plant more poison – I imagine the Spectator wouldn’t give him the time of day – they do have standards.
    It is still going on, on Twitter today – it simply isn’t good enough – do something, Mr Crowther, please.

    • The party only acts in response to formal complaints, Dee. Are you going to submit a complaint form and start the process?

      • Rob, I only read Etheridge articles once each, and I’m not prepared to re-read his hysterical tosh and drivel in order to launch a complaint. I really don’t care, as long as Mr Crowther acts to stop him and others from slinging mud at UKIP and its members – which surely, he will do. Mud sticks!
        As you can see from the two top comments here who now believe that UKIP is ‘turning into the BNP’!! They are entitled to their opinion, but where is their evidence? It’s quite an extreme thing to call us.
        I’d say that headlining an English Parliament was as near BNP/ EDL Heaven as one could get. Some people wanted it, and had it been a majority view through DD I would accept it – but I actually wrote to ukip Daily (I pulled it because of Stoke, as I felt it would be disloyal to our Then Leader, and I didn’t mince my words in my letter) because I understood we were the ‘United Kingdom’ Independence Party, not a Little England Party. And I wanted to oppose that policy.
        I can’t believe some members are panicking and actually want to stop someone from standing who opposes Sharia Law – do they know what Sharia Law really is? Do they know that Anne fights for all women, especially those imprisoned at home in this country because Sharia Law is rampantly applied in many Muslim communities? Do they know what her other policies are? Because I don’t! I support her as Leader because she will address the biggest danger to my granddaughter and yours, and that is Sharia Law, which, when Muslims become a majority of MP’s, will happen in the future, if we don’t educate people, including some Muslims, who think it’s something to do with cultural issues. It needs to be banned, along with Halal FGM and breast ironing, child brides and polygamy. Someone has to say so, and if they do, and mean it, people will vote for them, because many agree and yet have no one to vote for.
        Many many Muslims also want to break free of the restrictions of Islam, some want to leave but are afraid to do so – no-one is helping them – Anne Marie has the guts to do so, because she is determined to fight for ALL women.
        But mud sticks, obviously, and instead of allowing all prospective Leaders to put forward their proposals, UKIP MEP’s have decided to hysterically go to MSM and tar us as Neo something or other …. UKIP – the People’s Party, hates its people!
        If people are joining because they want to support Anne Marie, instead of May who thinks Sharia is good for Britain, and Corbyn – who knows, but the Sharia system of Government is Communism on steroids, why should they immediately be assumed to be ‘BNP’ or EDL for heavens sake, Alt-Right or other hysterically Guardianista labels – I’m not! I’m a Granny!! But Etheridge and Arnott – let’s not forget, Arnott who thought a Prison sentence was ‘reasonable’ for Kevin Crehan, calls US extreme! With impunity! So far!

        • Dee: Steve and other party officials will only investigate normally once they receive an official complaint on the correct form. If you don’t want to prepare the paperwork, despite feeling so strongly, why should anyone else?

          • Rob, I really don’t want to fall out with you, because I really appreciate you coming on here and taking the flak, it’s a pity our interim Leader doesn’t – but it is down to any Leader, interim or other, to take these two or three miscreants aside and tell them to shut up. Another public upset of any magnitude just at the start of our Leadership Election Mark 3 is not what we need. We do need the Leader to come on this Members forum and tell us how he has chosen to deal with this – ignoring shouldn’t be an option.

        • Brian Williams // June 24, 2017 at 9:08 am // Reply

          Well said Dee! I am not a grandfather – yet – but I am old enough to be one and I remember when freedom of speech still existed, except for incitement and slander/libel. We had no mandate via plebiscite to enact these horrendous changes, which we are not allowed to criticise!

        • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOT. // June 25, 2017 at 1:01 am // Reply

          Dee I am in total agreement,if UKIP cannot be truly Radical then it is
          doomed to failure.I believe that Anne Marie Waters would be a really great leader,not only for us,who still believe in UKIP,and so desperately want it to survive,she would also become popular with the general public.The Islamification of Britain is the most serious threat we face today,yet the Dhimmi traitors on either side of “The House” who still govern us,have bent over backwards to accommodate every wish of the Islamists,and their most perverted of religions.They are sleep walking us into a total disaster,and are oblivious of the dangers we face from Radical Islam.Click on my link,and take time to read the excellent article written by Guy Milliere,

          Next plese see my second link,my main comment is 11 down.It took me some time to write,and edit,so it would be acceptable to Viv to appear here on UKIP DAILY.Can you believe that many of my supporters within UKIP,have told me that my comment is either too
          radical,or inappropriate at this present time.Let me answer them,and everyone else:Courting popularity for UKIP has indeed backfired,as Nutall’s spectacular defeat at Stoke proves,the sheer stupidity to pander and appease the Muslims of Stoke,with that damn pro Halal leaflet,was so absurd,as Muslims just don’t vote for UKIP, any fool could have told him and his numpty advisors that they always vote Labour.Dee to move forward we need to clear out the deadwood at the top of UKIP.These are the self same people who were complicit
          with that pro Halal leaflet,their absurd policy of making UKIP,a hostage of the Islamist vote,was ill conceived,and lost us huge support throughout the country.
          Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP RCT Branch,Pontypridd.

  8. For clarification: if someone has complained (which I think likely):

    AA.6.3 Party members shall refrain from commenting on cases in Party meetings or in public while disciplinary proceedings are pending. The Disciplinary Panel may invoke disciplinary proceedings against any member it considers to have breached this

  9. Caution, please, folks – there may well be a disciplinary complaint in progress regatding said article, and I wouldn’t want to prejudice anything…

    • Why exactly, Rob? The membership isn’t interested in pettifogging Party rules any more.

    • Brian Williams // June 24, 2017 at 9:14 am // Reply

      But with that logic, one could not criticise anything. A lawyer would have to point to the mechanism for informing people that such and such was being investigated, surely? Does such a mechanism exist?

    Etheridge’s time in the limelight is fast ending. His unpopular views and third rate articles leave much to be desired but it is his egoistical Mount Charles document that his character is laid bare. Well meaning but mediocre.
    Another man who leaves his wife when the glory of being MEP dawns on him and his secretary. I am sure his disabled wife has managed without him and still has fond memories of their happy time(sic) together.
    UKIP really has been abysmal in the quality of its leadership with the few great exceptions led by Man of History Nigel Farage.

  11. So this Etheridge runs to the MSM sowing discord against his own party. Bet they rubbed their hands. What does he expect to get out of it? A safe Tory seat? Dinner party invites? Look at me how PC I am?

    UKIP is totally messed up. Something else is needed which will again create enthusiasm for mass campaigning. If I were a member of UKIP I’d be utterly disillusioned.

    PS Time the police cracked down on Typocrims in social media. I’ll grovel for a caution instead of prison. Where there are typos there are ‘extremists’ that’s what I say.

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