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Letters to the Editor – Friday 12th January 2018

If the ‘central party’ and their leader thought things would quieten down, they were wrong. The following letter from our contributor Jim Makin shows that members are not only not going to accept the “business as usual, nothing to see here, go away” prescription from the leadership, they are thinking ahead:


we in East Hampshire have been sunk in despair at Henry’s antics. He has shown such appalling judgement that he has absolutely disqualified himself from our leadership.

In any case with his “full shadow cabinet” he was playing the establishment’s game – UKIP can neither afford nor manage such an unwieldy structure; to succeed we must push our own agenda, not react to the establishment. We should have a top team of perhaps half a dozen.

We have to accept that we are seen as a single-issue protest Party. We need to behave like one whilst laying the foundations to eventually oppose the creeping anarchy mismanagement disinformation and subjugation that our current political masters are deploying.

Is UKIP now done for?

We thought so, but Gerard Batten’s piece in UKIP Daily gives us a shred of hope. It occurred to us that he is possibly the only man of sufficient stature, who might command our members’ trust to lead the Party out of this mess.

He is well known, well respected, well thought-out, of long-standing, untainted, has done an excellent job on Brexit (and has upset the Guardian about Islam for good measure). Furthermore, yesterday’s article demonstrated that he is tune with what needs now to be done to fix the Party (if that is possible) and to make it an electable force again.

If we must have an election then the NEC must make it clear that it will be as short a campaign as possible and only two or three candidates should stand. We consider that none of the previous leadership candidates will be adequate to the task.

Gerard will likely be our last chance. If you or better still your branch agrees, then please email the NEC via head office to tell them that Gerard needs to be persuaded to accept/stand for the leadership.

If you have a better idea, send that, and publish in UKIP Daily.

It’s time for the branches and members to make our views known, and for the NEC to do what it takes.

Respectfully, Jim Makin

Our contributor Felicia Catto is writing with an appeal to readers to make use of our ‘Sample Letters to the NEC’ and email the chairman especially but also the other NEC members. Copying in other NEC members (‘Cc’ in  address list of your email) seems to be a very good idea to ensure that they know that and what you’ve written to the chairman:


after Henry Bolton’s letter to members alerting us to ‘a change in his circumstances’ or words to that effect; after the comments pouring in from members all this week on the relevant articles that he must go, the editors of UKIP Daily put up another piece of ‘Sample Letters’, urging members to write to the NEC.

Of course neither the chairman or any other NEC member can speak to us/acknowledge receipt of our emails because, as Paul Oakden made clear in his statement sent to members, there’s to be a blanket of silence until they meet on Thursday. But let that not discourage us: they do get our emails, so do write to the chairman and the rest to inform them of our opinion.

We don’t know if Bolton-supporters have been encouraged to mail in their support for him. If so, you can bet that their emails will be used to support those on the NEC who want him to stay. We can’t let that happen!

Respectfully, Felicia Catto

And finally, another issue of the wonderful “Causal Caustic Comments” by Peter Mchugh, secretary of the Bromsgrove branch:


Wednesday 10th  January.   

So Theresa has reshuffled the motley pack that comprised her post election cabinet, and we are now expected to buy into the idea that she captains the perfect ministerial team to oversee our final and long overdue separation from the EU, and to guide our initial steps as a newly independent nation.

She has not appointed the mooted : NO DEAL ON BREXIT minister, as the press suggested she might.

She has appointed  more youngsters – and more from the ethnic communities,  but is there anything to suggest that they are the answer to our current problems or the issues we face nationally and internationally, and, are they even an improvement on the outgoing bunch  ?

Well frankly, NO !   and if her party’s track record in office is anything to go by that is extremely unlikely, because there is nothing palpable to suggest that Westminster itself,  is the answer to any of our current problems .

The sheer smugness of the reshuffle is in itself galling, as these self interested career politicians pose for the media and congratulate themselves on clawing a few more rungs up their own personal political ladder, and then reflect on how they intend to spend their extra ministerial salary.

We have a transport minister who has cancelled previously sanctioned and much needed upgrades of rail routes across the country, whose department has negotiated a deal with Govia who operate the Southern franchise, which is going to cost the taxpayer tens of millions,  and who is going ahead with the sure failure,  HS 2.

Brexit is no nearer, though the recent nationwide petition has forced parliament to discuss it’s subject: Leave the EU Now, on January 22nd  – this  may spur the laggardly Ms May into action.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is opposing a Brexit-related, managed divergence deal,  and British workers under the age of 50 will face increased taxes and higher contributions because the national pension fund will run out by 2035 –  worth knowing !  

In the light of the above, we Brits will need to get used to the fact that when it comes to BAD GOVERNMENT, we do it better than anyone else,  and longer.


by Peter Mchugh, Secretary, Bromsgrove branch

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25 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Friday 12th January 2018

  1. On behalf of Head Office can I ask you all: If you do email the NEC please do NOT do so via – the list of NEC member emails is published on page 11 of December’s Independence magazine – note you should also copy in (Paul Oakden) (HB) (Jonathan Arnott) and Gareth Bennet (I don’t know his email but you can contact him via

    • Why would you copy in Jonathan Arnott, should it not be Paul Oakley who is now General Secretary of Party Central? I cannot believe that Oakley uses a Virginmedia email address; a year ago I cut up my Virgin credit card, cancelled my family’s 5 Virgin mobile phone sim cards, and have recently swapped Virgin broadband for BT (was locked into a contract!). NOBODY in UKIP should be giving a penny to beardy and in fact UKIP should have long ago organised a boycott of all his businesses. Perhaps Oakley has now done this but as of the August independence it was still his email address. Patriots have to realise that how they spend their money really matters, gay people won a lot of power through their pink pound campaign, we even have a pound logo but we don’t do anything to direct our spending.

  2. When writing to Paul Oakden make sure you copy in Mick McGough and Elizabeth Jones (if not others also). That way there is less chance false figures are reported to the meeting.

    • Why Elizabeth Jones, she has said absolutely nothing on social media as far as I can see. I don’t like these NEC members who don’t make their feelings knows, they are accountable to us not the other way round, they have to tell us what their intentions are, and their intentions should be based on the feedback members are giving them. However, again the weakness of NEC accountability to members is revealed as NEC members have no constituency and so most members don’t even know an NEC rep. Who would you write to? I chose Paula Walters because she is from same place as me, although I now live 250 miles away! Elizabeth Jones lives 11 miles away but I know nothing of her, there is no mention of the Henry affair on her facebook and she hasn’t tweeted for almost a year. Paula Walters is even worse, her facebook has a photo of her and nigel, so you are expecting some political content, but no it is all about her grandson’s christmas presents. Although she was a vocal member of the “Woolfe Pack” (remember them?) is seems since joining the NEC she has been cowed and gone silent. “Bubba” Kate Fanning is the only other one along with Mick Mack who are open and transparent.

  3. In respect of Felicia Catto’s letter regarding the NEC meeting next Thursday. It appears it might have been postponed.

    • I also had that link sent to me.
      I find it interesting that a) ‘the central party will not speak about this’; b) they cannot even inform members of the actual date of the NEC meeting or that it has changed and c) that there are still leakers in the NEC who are doing this with impunity.
      It underlines again their disdain for us, the grassroots: we play by the rules, they do not.
      Time for us to stand up against them.

      • Had I still been a member I might have suggested, nay encouraged, mutiny on the good ship UKIP.

      • Or could it be that, as per constitution, if leader says he can’t attend the meeting then they have 10 days before his final chance runs out and vote is taken whether he can attend in person or not.

  4. Well done Jim – a welcome initiative.

    One caveat – ‘We have to accept that we are seen as a single-issue protest Party.’
    Unless some really flukish situation arises over the Brexit imbroglio, the electorate will continue to regard UKIP as irrelevant. Without some degree of electoral success the Party will wither away completely.
    Much better to go all-out for being a force to be reckoned with through a comprehensive, imaginative and intelligent manifesto which offers the patriotic electorate a real choice.

    That means understanding where our votes are going to come from and how to get them – something our leadership has always totally failed on, with commensurate results.
    Gerard’s Ten Points gives cause for renewed hope.

  5. My annual membership drawing to a close, I was minded to renew when suddenly the HB/JM story broke and I started to think twice. Then, astonishingly, I received a reminder letter from Henry, asking me to continue to support UKIP so that we can build a better country “for the children”. How he had the nerve to write that, when he himself has reportedly abandoned a toddler and a new born baby in Vienna, I do not know. I dont normally like to moralise – We are not on earth for very long (I’ve had friends die in their 50s) and people should be able to do whatever makes them happy while they can, and I can imagine that for a man living in a different country from his wife, it gets cold at night and there will be temptations for which I would never criticise anyone giving in to now and then. But really! Henry is stretching this philosophy to the limits! I know what it is like to grow up seeing one’s father for just an hour every fortnight, and never in my whole life being told his phone number or address, and I can tell Henry from experience that it traumatises you. How ever old you get (and I am a pensioner) you never really feel “good enough”, if you grew up thinking that your father didnt love you enough to want to live in the same house. With such young children, Henry must have been on pretty friendly terms with his third wife fairly recently – just do the maths, so I cannot help but wonder how things got so bad so quickly. Surely, to protect his children, he could have built bridges. Otherwise, what does parental responsibility mean? Henry can say, and indeed he has said, that his love life is none of our business, and if he were an ordinary Member who merely pushed leaflets through letterboxes, that would be true. But as soon as you run for office, whether it is Councillor or MP or Police & Crime Commissioner or Leader of the Party, then your love life is NOT an entirely private matter any more. Every aspect of your life becomes fair game for the tabloids, besides which, the 23,000 Members (yes sadly it does now seem to be so few) whom Henry represents deserve to have a Leader they can respect, not one who is going to take the easy way out when things get difficult or a bit boring and the temptation of a bit of excitement is offered. And with the age difference of 30 years, I’m not sure which one of them looks more like a predator.
    PS Yes I did vote for him. I even travelled hundreds of miles and campaigned for him during the hustings process. The word “disappointed” doesn’t begin to describe how I feel now.

  6. I always liked reading any of Gerard Batten’s articles and he seemed to me a decent enough fellow with lots of knowledge. UKIP doesn’t seem to have many potential leaders left in the stable to call upon. All this political posturing stuff does our heads in. I was willing to give Henry a chance, but his whole scenario is now too painful to think about. Mr Batten is a long-standing member; he surely couldnt do any worse than who we’ve had so far.

  7. Agree entirely with you Jim. We find ourselves yet again in another Last Chance Saloon. Or at least we believe so, though in fact we may be totally deluded even about that. Bolton’s behaviour means that the party will never be taken seriously until he is gone and forgotten. Apart from anything else he has shown the self awareness of a cabbage, and he is clearly a number 2 or 3, not a leader.
    Gerard Batten, together with Margot Parker if she is available, has to be the man for this, not least because of his thorough knowledge of everything to do with Brexit. No doubt we’ll be quoted all the usual procedural bs and sub paras by the usual suspects, but we need to cut the cxxx fast and get back on the pitch. Especially with our former leader winding people up all over the place: a valid but risky strategy. Personally the prospect of another ref campaign makes me feel sick already, as the implications for what little remains of our democracy are dire.

  8. Mick McGough of the NEC has broken ranks and despite whatever omerta code was agreed to at the NEC, he takes the view that Henry has broken that by issuing his own statement, so Mick is calling for Henry to go (on his facebook page). Other members of the NEC should have the guts to say what they will do. With neither transparency nor accountability, the NEC is no better than a house of commons full of remainer MPs representing leave constituencies!

    • Thanks for your persistence Graham.

      At least over the next 28 days the activities of the NEC will be under thorough examination. Presumably they have to record their decisions on published minutes ? After 28 days what they have decided will be known.
      If they fall short this time it will give just cause for urgent reform, replacement or abandonment.
      It is helpful when people like John Bickley explain their point of view and answer questions on UKIP Daily. The NEC need to face up to your questions and provide answers.

      • Unfortunately John doesn’t answer. I asked him 2 questions, he answered neither! Always excuses. For example, on the salary of the chairman, in the actual financial accounts it states that the chairman was paid £50,000, but as he was only in place from August-December, that is five months. However, it isn’t clear whether or not that means his salary is £10,000 a month (being 50,000/5) or whether or not some of that £50,000 relates to the predecessor chairman. In either case, we do know for a fact that the chairman job is a part-time job, half-time to be precise, as dislosed by Roger Helmer, who pays Paul Oakden an additional salary for his work supporting him as an MEP. John argues this is a data protection issue, but it could easily be disclosed by (i) John asking Paul to waive those rights, (ii) Paul disclosing voluntarily, (iii) John treat it as an explanation of an amount in the financial statements. All he has to do is provide a breakdown of the salary between the old chairman and the new one. Anyway, they are now finalising the accounts for last year (2017) and as Oakden has been in place for a full year (albeit only working half-time) then the full amount will have to be disclosed and there can be no uncertainty that whatever is shown in the accounts was paid to him and him alone.

        Also, to be honest the NEC no longer owes me any responsibility as I resigned my membership!

        • Heck, Graham,

          I know you mentioned in your recent article that you were going to let your membership lapse but this resignation has come as a bit of a shock.

          I wish you all the best but hope you will keep in touch with people through this site.

          Kind regards

      • Abbreviated NEC minutes are *cough* MEANT *cough* to be published on MyUKIP shortly after the following meeting has approved them.

        • I looked on Monday and the latest minutes published not here were from June 26th 2017 …
          If there’s no content for months, people will just stop looking. That’s one way of discouraging transparency.

          • Please, don’t use the word ‘minutes’ to describe those documents as they are anything but. Who knows what they are, unattributed summaries is probably the kindest way of describing them. All of the interesting content is omitted. For example, the discussion about the results of the GE17 campaign was reduced to a single sentence, from memory something like ‘A discussion of the GE17 campaign was held and lessons learned’. Please don’t dignify them with the word ‘minutes’!!!

          • Point taken, Graham – most definitely taken! You’re spot on.

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