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Letters to the Editor – Friday 10th November 2017

Today’s letters address a wide array of subjects. The first is by our correspondent Cll Paul Foyster, on Catalonia:


The Catalan independence battle continues.  Protests against the actions of Madrid continue and the Basques have joined in to show solidarity, as have the Northern Catalans, with demonstrations in Perpignon by those who also wish to be part of a Catalan state rather than the French one.   This issue remains as live as it was when I first visited the province, when Franco and his fascist Government were in power well over 50 years ago.  

It’s not going to go away, however much Spain and France would like it to.   I will not dwell on the appalling sights of Police violence during the referendum, uncondemned by the EU but it was fortunate the Mossos, local police, did not physically resist the takeover, thus avoiding a shooting conflict.  At least one side showed some restraint.

Madrid could not resist a hard and fast over reaction but if the December elections return a majority for independence MPs in the Generalitat ( Catalan parliament), which now seems likely, then Madrid will be in an even worse place than they are now.  They have also created political prisoners,  “martyrs”.  Who would have thought we would see that so close to home ?  

For the EU all this is as bad or worse than Brexit, independence movements throughout Europe will be encouraged,  It’s been demonstrated that they approve of the use of Police to suppress peaceful political protest and they are uninterested in democracy if it threatens their aims. This organisation is ruthless.

I fear for Catalonia. The Iberians are decent people, wherever they live, and I hope the issue is resolved without violence, both sides should compromise rather than allowing entrenched positions to further polarise. My main contempt is reserved for the EU, who have demonstrated so clearly just how far they are prepared to go to maintain their dream of a united single state Europe, irrespective of whatever huge proportions of the continent’s population actually want or need.

We made the right decision in our own referendum. It was not just about money and needs implementing quickly and without further compromise.  Get out first. Negotiate later.

Respectfully, Cllr Paul Foyster

The next letter comes from our correspondent and specialist on Brexit and the EU, Septimus Octavius:


This was one of the most interesting comments over the last few days:

“Jean-Claude Juncker declared that ‘no dealers’ had no friends in Brussels.”

Well, who would have thought that?  Of course the EU are terrified out of their skulls that the clock might strike midnight in Brussels on 28 March 2019 without a deal having been concluded (i.e., by ratification by the European Parliament)!

Why?  For two principal generic reasons.  Firstly it would mean that the UK would not have to pay anything at all by way of a “divorce bill”.  Secondly, EU exporters to the UK, particularly German car manufacturers, would suddenly find WTO tariffs slapped on their sales.

The only person I can think of in continental Europe who might possibly want such a result is President Macron…

With only that possible exception, all of Europe desperately wants a deal, but naturally they want to delay it as long as possible so as to continue getting the £161 million net contribution that the UK pays to the EU every week!

It is essential that our negotiating team have these points to the forefront of their minds during the talks.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

Next, we re-publish a comment post from David Allen which may not have been seen by everyone. David describes what is going on inside UKIP:


I’m doing my best by outlining, article by article, my suggested approach to the portfolio I’ve been trusted to move forward. However, I can’t do much more until we have some form of functionality that enables me to communicate with the membership and an administrative base within the party and begin planning the campaign. That must also apply to everyone else. We don’t have a final version of the new logo as yet (The Premier League issue being a classic legacy from past incompetence) so have no letter heading. We cannot even write to anyone until that is resolved.

We were left with a completely dysfunctional organisation which is being re-built as we speak. Strategy papers are being produced, technology platforms are being created, donors are being reassured by good solid planning proposals, something which has been missing.

UKIP had to change from the piecemeal operation it was to a robust, functional organisation that uses resources efficiently and in a targeted way. UKIP was broken, and our national standing reflects that. Humpty Dumpty is, indeed, capable of re-assembly but no longer will it be a fragile egg, but an organisation that manages its resources properly that will enable us to work much more effectively than before.

I understand the impatience being expressed as it comes from several quarters, but certain priorities must be addressed immediately, such as getting back into and remaining in the black. The re-construction will take time, though members will shortly begin to see the manifestation of the changes Henry Bolton (and other candidates to varying degrees) promised to do.

Currently, we represent an enthusiastic piece of rolling stock, ready to go, but with no wheels. Re-fitting those is a task currently underway.

Respectfully, David Allen

And finally, here’s a video clip I’m sure many will enjoy (I did!), showing Liz Jones at the anti-BBC rally:

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25 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Friday 10th November 2017

  1. See the “Party Updates” email sent out today, folks! ?

    • I can’t. I haven’t received anything.

      • Share your email,with me via Viv, and I’ll forward to you and investigate why you didn’t get it, if you like…?

        • Dear Rob

          Thank you so much for this kind offer especially as I know you are quite busy. I have just emailed Vivian to ask her to let you have my email address.

          I signed up on the UKIP website ages ago to receive updates but received nothing. When reading on Ukipdaily posts from people who had got them I would go to the UKIP website and sign up again. This pattern repeated three or four times and still nothing. It is so frustrating and disheartening.

          My membership number is 428030.

          Once again, thank you for this offer.

          Kind regards.

  2. Members should have received an update email from Paul Oakden yesterday, not sure why Henry couldn’t send it, particularly as PO is on his way out. Anyway it was basically a gloat about AMWs exit from the party. But based on what is written, why doesn’t Henry immediately expel Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson, and all the NF/BNP members who were in place before ban was announced? Unless he does so it all sounds highly hypocritical.

    • Graham

      I haven’t received an update. I signed up to receive these updates but have never received anything at all.

      I think we are all wondering why Bolton can’t send something. I recall in his leadership campaign he promised to engage more with members. Instead he has contemptuously ignored us. Typical mainstream politician tactics. I cannot ever trust him now.

      Incidentally, do we need an update that gloats about AMW leaving the party? Along with so many others, I want to know what’s going on with UKIP. That’s what I pay my membership fee for and I am most definitely NOT getting value for it.


      • PO says in the email AMW has resigned her membership “having discovered that her extreme views have no place in UKIP. ” This is why I say if this was true then Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson should be expelled as they share the same views. But of course, they won’t be expelled, and so you can see it is total, hypocritical BS.

        • Graham

          It’s difficult for me to make any kind of constructive comment, either to agree or disagree, when I haven’t had a chance to read, in full, what was actually in that email update.

          However, as you will see, above, Rob McWhirter has kindly offered to try to sort it out for me so, hopefully, I will have a clearer idea in due course.


  3. Yippee – sounds like Leo the UKIP lion might be sorted, a great achievement by the new leader. Highly paid MEPs will be able to communicate again, or is that start communicating?


    Will we be seeing Henry on TV forcefully saying that the authorities need to pull their fingers out and do something. Will there be articles in newspapers from the UKIP leader pointing out that this is still being allowed to continue and that police officers who allowed this to happen and council officials who looked the other way are either still in the same jobs or in a nice earner elsewhere?

    Well one can hope of course

  4. “Get out first. Negotiate later. ”

    Absolutely the right strategy and the only one that will see us out. Whatever they might say our traditional enemies across the Channel have not changed their spots.

  5. There should becan update going out on Leo by tomorrow at the latest.

    As for MyUKIP, I have already takien on board Graham’s other comment about “all bugging the same few admin staff for support,” and not constantly nagging the MyUKIP Team, or the rest of the Tec sub-committee for a meeting… An up-to-date NEC page on MyUKIP is, in Graham’s parlance, 2nd priority or lower…

  6. OK, I forgot my message repetition service’

    What IS Henry doing.

    Never give power to a committee.

  7. Paul Foyster,
    As a Pyrenees watcher since 55, I concur. & love the N.Catalans joining in. Maybe the Bretons could also chip in. They’re a bit stroppy too.

    David Allen,
    Congratulations are in order. Someone has told us something, anything, maybe, is happening. Who’s in charge of communications.
    Anyway, thank you.

    Now that it’s become more generally accepted that the fast way out of the EU is best for everybody, but particularly for industry. It comes down to the best method. My preferred method is UDI, But only because I don’t like the existing tenets and beliefs or sophistry of our existing civil service; and the stranglehold they have over government.

    I also agree with your commemnts. However, I’m pathetically grateful for any small titbits . But perhaps somewhere in some small corner, they’re thinking about organising.

  8. Well , David Allen ends with “rolling stock and no wheels” Henry Bolton was expected to attend a meeting in Folkestone to resurrect the Rememberance Line, a disused railway that used to serve Folkestone Harbour.
    Henry did not attend but sent a “legal bod” to speak. Completely under thought or researched . I FEAR for UKIP

    • If Bolton can’t be bothered to attend a meeting in his home town then he’s hardly going to be bothered about the party, the members or, indeed, the country.

      Maybe it’s time to think about a vote of ‘no confidence’ in this so called leader. I won’t be sticking around long enough for that. I’ve had a bellyful of it now.

      • Brenda, I am about to send off my membership renewal though I feel pretty much the same as you. The way I see it as a David Kurten voter is that David is still there. He did not stomp off like some.
        I like the man’s energy and political grasp. I think he could be just what the party needs right now. In fact we could do with one or two more like him. As he has stuck with us, despite everything, the least we can do is stick in there with him for a another year.
        I hope we here more from him. His enthusiasm is a sign the party is still alive. And where there’s life there’s hope.

        • Farringer

          I do take your points on board. In truth, I was on the brink of returning my membership card during the leadership election. This was because I was being pressured to vote for a candidate I was very uneasy about. In the event, I just disassociated myself from my local branch.

          I was considering voting for David Kurten until John Rees Evans declared his own candidacy. Then Bolton came along and he seemed ideal, especially as JRE wasn’t appearing much at that time. A letter published on UkipDaily by Liz Phillips who had known Bolton for some years and gave him a glowing report finally convinced me. I voted for Bolton.

          I now regret that and wish I’d voted for David even though my vote would not have altered the result. Bolton not appointing David as deputy shows the contempt he has for others.

          My membership expires next summer. I guess I’m just hanging in there because of the decent people such as David, for whom I now have enormous respect. However, it won’t take much more for me to resign in the very near future. I was about to do that today until I saw your comment.

          Kind regards.

  9. To David Allen.
    Use our much loved and now famous sun/£ logo on your letter head. We still have it. Forget the lion, despite due diligence, it is dead anyway. Who wants it. It is only for the benefit of non members only, not for us . Steve Crowther said so in his conference speech.

  10. Leo has had a minor adjustment of his hairdo and I understand will now be filed. How do I know? I had to use the old logo for by election nomination papers last week but when I sent my leaflet to Printbridge for printing Pete offered me Leo MK 2
    On a more serious note we need dispatches from the frontline for our branch members weekly please Henry whether you put David in charge or DIY – it costs nothing to let every member know what progress has been made in cleaning out the Augean stables and getting the message about the Tory Brexit cock up out to the people on a regular basis but silence is costing you support and renewed memberships – mine are somewhere between angry and in despair

    • Hi Purple

      In your second paragraph you seem to be almost pleading with Bolton to do something or make contact with members. This is in no way a criticism of you or your ‘pleas’, simply an observation.

      Bolton has, thus far, ignored all requests to engage with members and ignored any criticisms of his failure to do so. Ignoring people is one way of controlling them. Therefore I can only conclude he is some sort of control freak. That is my considered opinion. I am also not convinced that he has the best interests of UKIP at heart.

      I make no apology for saying that I am now just about ready to walk. He is driving people away and, potentially, crushing the party. Maybe he has his own agenda because he certainly doesn’t seem interested in grass roots members.


    • Key point is Leo #2 now ALWAYS goes hand in hand with “For the Nation”…

  11. Also, I am horrified by David’s comment that all 35 members of Henry’s cabinet must be facing the same situation as him. Henry needs to urgently create an inner cabinet of say 6 people focused on the top issues of Brexit, Immigration, the Economy and focus whatever resources we have on those central issues. To have 35 people running around like headless chickens, all wanting to prove themselves, all bugging the same few admin staff for support, is absolutely the worst approach. PRIORITISE! And frankly David’s area should be a second priority. If David had said ‘I have this portfolio but I have been told it is not a priority at the moment whilst we get on top of the big issues’ then this would have been a reassuring message.

    • There have been no reassuring messages since Bolton was elected leader. Although it would have made no difference to the outcome I wish I’d voted for David Kurten now.

      I wonder if David Kurten’s hands have been tied in some way. He would never have treated us in the disdainful way that Bolton seems to be doing. David K is tweeting regularly about what he’s been doing in the London Assembly, commenting on current topics and writing some good articles for The Conservative Woman website.

      I still believe we ended up with the wrong leader. David Kurten would have been far better. There is no way I would support Bolton now. I have lost all respect for him.


  12. I’m left speechless by the David Allen letter. I thought the Lion logo had been thoroughly due diligenced? Why even go there, why pick a fight with the richest sports body in the UK who have more money and lawyers than we have members of Henry’s cabinet (ok, I went too far there!). The comment about ‘incompetence of the past’ made me laugh as ‘the past’ is 6 weeks ago and all the same people are still in place, just the deckchairs slightly reshuffled.

    I’m curious, what has Rob’s technical committee been doing all this time, as it seems David has ‘no way to communicate to members’? I wrote to tell Rob that the NEC shown in the myUKIP was hopelessly out of date, his response was he’d raise it with the committee!!! Perhaps the problem is over-reliance on committees rather than letting people get on with their jobs? Updating a webpage is a 5 minute job that anyone can learn.

    Whilst producing the strategy papers, perhaps we could consider a simple interim period. Listen to what Nigel says on his LBC show and repeat it to amplify it. Simple. You don’t have to disappear from view whilst these worthy documents – that won’t survive the first encounter with the enemy – are being drawn up.

    David, here’s how you get out of the red and into the black, it isn’t by navel gazing. Its by getting a strong message out there that attracts and (more importantly) retains members and donors. Why would anyone support a political party that has nothing to say???

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