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Letter: Young Independence write to the UKIP Leadership candidates

Note from Ed: Young Independence, UKIP’s youth wing, have forwarded the following letter which they sent to the 3 candidates for the UKIP leadership. We will publish any replies that they receive.


8th November 2016

Dear Leadership Candidate,

We’re writing to you on behalf of Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, Young Independence is an important aspect of the whole ‘UKIP Family’. We are the young, fit and hard working foot soldiers of this party, delivering your leaflets and getting your councilors elected.

In Oldham back in 2015, Young Independence ran a full campaign, renting a house and helping John Bickley achieve a second place, one that we all worked hard for.

Young Independence is full of members who have expertise in running social media campaigns, online advertising and in creating attractive and compelling graphics to compliment campaigning.

We’re writing to you, as a candidate for the leadership of UKIP, to ask what your plans would be for furthering Young Independence, and making the party more attractive for the under 30s.

We will make both this letter and your responses public, we ask that you please get back to us by the 11th, when ballot papers are expected to start arriving.

Yours Sincerely,

Jamie Ross McKenzie Jack Smith Fraser Walker
YI Chairman YI Secretary YI Treasurer
We will make all replies public, so keep an eye on our social media!

Jack Smith
YI Secretary

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10 Comments on Letter: Young Independence write to the UKIP Leadership candidates

  1. Thinnish Free-Thinker // November 9, 2016 at 9:19 pm // Reply

    What’s so special about the under-30s?

    • Excuse me, but are they not the future?

    • TFT, this is an astonishing question and I just don’t know how it even occurred to you to ask it. All of us were under-30 at some point, so it’s like asking: “What’s so special about anyone?” Everyone who has some contribution to make to the survival and wellbeing of our country is special.

      What’s so special about under-30s UKIPPERS? They’re our gold nuggets, that’s what: rare and valuable treasure. Unless we can renew ourselves with younger members, the Party will die with the older generations that now constitute the majority of members.

      Anyone who was born after 1975 and brought up in the EU without personal remembrance that Britain was once a free, independent nation that didn’t take orders from foreign bureaucrats, is remarkable indeed if they take issue with that state of affairs and want to do something about it. The very fact that they have escaped the brainwashing effects of pro-EU, leftard teachers and lecturers for at least 14 years makes them very special and our hope for the future.

      • The flaw in the argument that older people supporting national survival will die and thus the cause will die without the current younger supporters is the following.

        People get more conservative in a proper sense as they get older. Many of those screaming about Brexit from the youngest won’t see things the same way given time.

        Every credit to the minority of young people not brainwashed by loopy left revolutionary schemes but they will not be the sole supporters of the future.

        • Mike, I take your point, but the original question from YI is how does UKIP attract more under-30s? It takes young people to attract the young to a cause. Do we really have the time to wait for people to get more conservative as they get older? – that’s a very risky long-term strategy.
          Even if older UKIP supporters don’t die off, they become increasingly unfit to do the donkey work, and we need young, fit, committed patriots to pick up the flag, the leaflets, the tours, the stalls and, most of all, to use their generally superior technology skills to support our cause.
          They have the added challenge of overcoming the reticence of their peers, among whom will be many who agree with them but unwilling to admit it. Asked why she would not wear her UKIP badge openly at university, one of our young members replied:”Because I don’t want my head doused in chocolate milk shake.”
          The more young people we have on our side, the more will overcome peer pressure to join. The aim is to reach a tipping point at which no one, young or old, is worried about declaring their love for their country and belonging to the party whose policies are 100% pro-British interests and pro-nativist.
          It’s going to take a lot of work and an increasing number of supporters to overcome the lib/left PC multiculti groupthink that has dominated our society and educational system for decades.

  2. This is an excellent question. I don’t know the answer to it, and I hope the new leader does.
    The old song says everyone is born as a little conservative or a little liberal, but I don’t know how true that is. I’ve come to my own political views after a lifetime of disappointment in the mainstream politicians who have come and gone, and from a creeping doubt as to whether they have the good of this country and its historic people uppermost in their minds, to a disturbing certainty that they don’t. So I rather admire young Ukippers who have seen through the political elite at once, apparently, and gone for the radical straight off
    I’d like to know this: how have YI members escaped years of being taught by largely left wing teachers who don’t mind passing off their views as the only ones that exist?

  3. I am so glad this question has been asked of those putting themselves forward for Leader. And thanks to YI for letting us know via UKIP Daily the question you have asked, which I think is up there among the most important of all.
    I look forward to reading the answers you get, and I hope you all in YI make sure to hold the Leader to promises given.
    Thanks to you all, we need you in UKIP (and many more of you!).

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