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Leadership candidates named

All 11 candidates for the UKIP leadership have been passed by the NEC and will all appear on the ballot papers to go out next month.

The NEC met today to consider the eligibility of each of those members who applied to become candidates in the Leadership Election to go forward to the ballot.
Returning officer Piers Wauchope confirmed the NEC had voted by a majority that the following candidates will be included on the ballot:

David Allen
Henry Bolton
David Coburn
Jane Collins
David Kurten
Marion Mason
Aidan Powlesland
John Rees-Evans
Ben Walker
Anne Marie Waters
Peter Whittle

The leadership ballot will be managed by Electoral Reform Services who will issue ballot papers on 1st September.  The result will be announced at the conference in Torquay at the end of September.

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36 Comments on Leadership candidates named

  1. Susanna Calladine // August 12, 2017 at 2:39 pm // Reply

    There are many leadership candidates which I think is great – good luck to them all.

    But just like other UKIP members, I might be confused about which person to vote for ?

    So, in a situation like this, I would recommend the following :

    1) Decide for YOURSELF – what is your absolute priority.
    Is it schools and education ? Is it health and welfare ? Is it economics and manufacturing ? Is it immigration and Islam ? Is it civil equality and LGBT rights ? Is it British traditions and Christian teaching ?
    Is it something altogether different ?

    2) Once you’ve decided where your priority lies
    – choose the candidate who shares your priority with the most energy, persuasion and commitment to see it through to the end.

    That’s my strategy, anyway.

  2. Sonya Jay Porter // August 12, 2017 at 12:47 pm // Reply

    List of candidates coming out at the ‘beginning of next month’ eg September? A bit late, surely, it doesn’t give us much time to think about it.

  3. Damned if the NEC vet independently, damned if they don’s and something turns up.

    Delighted nothing has so far.

    Best of British to all candidates, and may the best woman win ?

  4. A great relief to see sense prevail reading the full list of eleven candidates last night. It was almost too much to read the less than muted criticism of David Kurten the other day in addition to Anne Marie.
    They are outstanding candidates in their boldness and clarity of thought and ability to articulate it.
    Thank goodness they can press on with campaigning and we can have a full choice.

  5. Dear Editors, thank you for this site, a beacon of enlightenment in a sea of nonsense. You are doing UKIP a great service.

  6. Pleased all 11 got through. The issue is for members to decide not the NEC or present leadership. Since for UKIP guess I’m somewhat left wing, there are quite a lot of us in the party, supporters need to understand that.
    As a branch chairman I won’t name my favourite but I do know that unless whoever is elected concentrates on the things that matter to the majority of the nation I will be considering my own future, as will many of my colleagues.
    With a bit of luck by Spring we will all know where UKIP is heading and a new leader deserves time to settle in. Islam is an issue that needs attention but not the obsession that we get from some candidate, there are less controversial and strident ways of helping integration and changing cultural attitudes, border control will help too. it’s simply not the most important of our problems, those would be the exit negotiations and a load of other stuff.
    I will be mailing the candidates a very short list of questions on behalf of our local members. The first test will be to see if they bother to answer.

    • “The first test will be to see if they bother to answer.”
      Indeed! Will you be publishing the answers here?

      I have already sent the candidates a questionnaire on Islam and related matters (Sharia, Halal, terrorism). Some candidates have replied.

      Islam has declared war on us, on our values and our way of life. UKIP has to address this matter urgently. Other areas are important too of course (education, law and order, the economy, NHS etc) However these will all be swept away once Islam takes hold. As it surely will unless a concerted effort is made to stop it.

      This is the reality of the situation. I wish it was not, but sadly it is.

      • Apropo of nothing Hugo.
        I hope the new chairmanship will be in the gift of the new Leader.
        I don`t think Nigel would have been as effective as he was without Crowther to outwit the “posse”(NEC hiding behind Rules and Regulations – it`s a drag on enterprise and a person who has to think on his feet)
        It`s only my impression speaking from the side lines, but I think part of what has gone wrong with UKIP is a) we haven`t had an enterprising Leader and b) even if we had the “old women” (NEC constituted as such, whatever who the members are

  7. Ah ha, awaiting moderation, well it is rather late, sorry.
    Regards, John.

  8. I have either made a mistake or been blocked. Hopefully the former.

  9. kenneth james ogilvie // August 12, 2017 at 1:10 am // Reply

    So the NEC bit the bullet and allowed Waters to stand. If they hadn’t it would have destroyed UKIP. I am currently a relapsed member and waiting to see who the next leader is before I rejoin, we need someone to shake the party up and there are a few candidates that won’t/can’t do that. Waters probably won’t win, the party members will go for another wishy washy leader, but it was her right as a paid up party member and voter to stand. I wonder what Arron Banks is doing at this moment of time, the NEC has a lot to answer for

    • People keep saying it’s the NEC with a lot to answer for but is it not as much about the unelected, appointed members and their collaborative clout stifling the life out of the party?

      We’ve just witnessed John Bickley’s paranoia about “dispelling myths…!” (He needs to get out more) , rebranding before the new leader arrives! (“I stood to
      lead ukip but find myself in charge of the LBGT UK-First rainbow left-legged Party), and now Noel Matthews at the chairman’s behest, redesigning all the previously non existent Regional representation.

      Still. AMW gets to run. Which is a good start. How much better if a few of them committed to working together in tandem…..

      I’ll keep dreaming then and hope I live long enough.

      George Bender-Prenderghast

      (Alan Piper’s my nom-de-plume John)

  10. Congratulations to all at Daily UKIP for the excellent work in running this blogsite. You are doing something vital for UKIP democracy.
    Congratulations to dozens of regular contributors as your no nonsense comments to Bickley/Flynn/Crowther etc made it perfectly clear to them that a clique would not get away with murder.
    Of the 11 I am sorry to say that in the case of at least six of them they are living in a fool’s paradise as they will get derisory votes. Well enjoy your few weeks of fame paid for with £5,000. Unless you suddenly become media savvy and raise your profile you will simply be unknown to most voters.
    Powlesland will get a vote due to his NEC profile etc but he is not leadership material.
    Collins has a good following but I do not expect it to be enough to breakthrough.
    Walker has no big profile nationally.
    That leaves Kurten Whittle AMW and JRE. Kurten is in with a good chance and perhaps would co-operate with the other front runners after election as a cabinet of all the talents? Whittle is not to be trusted and could be a clique placeman. JRE lacks a big enough platform. That leaves AMW who as I intimated before is the marmite candidate. Perhaps there are far too many retired ex tory gentlefolk in southern suburbia for Anne to gain a big enough vote.
    After all Diane James won despite refusing to take part in hustings and then Paul Nuttall won despite being third rate and economical with his biography.
    Another wild guess no more than 22,000 votes will be cast.

    • “Congratulations to all at Daily UKIP for the excellent work in running this blogsite. You are doing something vital for UKIP democracy.”

      Indeed so. I am extremely grateful to Viv and the editorial team for their hard work and no nonsense approach.

      Bickley sabotaged the comment section of his own article by making daft demands about pen names. Rather than debating the substance of his article, it degenerated into a farce. I can see why the party lost its way in the last year!

    • Thank you for the compliment Citizen and Hugo. We do our best!

  11. Is it still possible that all candidates will lose their deposits and that the elected person will have the votes of a small minority?

    If the NEC has a mailing list of a majority of the party they could ask the members to indicate their probable voting. In that way this could be shared with the candidates to see if some would then drop out.

  12. What a relief! The UKIP management have pulled back from the brink and saved the party from self-implosion.
    Now it is up to the membership to decide who the next leader is, and hope it will be third time lucky.
    I have been looking for this news all day and fearing the worst. What a pleasant surprise to see Anne Marie Waters on the list; I dreaded the fallout if she had been excluded. If she doesn’t win, I’ll be disappointed, but the fact that she will be on the ballot papers makes all the difference.

    Anne Marie for Leader: her time has come!

  13. It is helpful that none have been blocked.

    UKIP must be radical or it is nothing. Beyond Brexit the next major challenge is Islam. The other parties have their own reasons for not being honest about it. UKIP must be honest and true to the principles of democracy, free speech, and “one law for all”.

    All candidates should now clarify what their stance is on Islam itself (not “Islamism” or “extremists”).

    We need clarity from all candidates regarding the humane treatment of animals, and their desired party policy regarding Halal and Kosher abattoirs.

    And we need them to tell us what they propose should be done with the thousands of terrorist sympathisers already known to the security services.

    I urge all candidates to respond to the questionnaire on these matters which I sent to them recently, so that we can have clarity from them, on a level playing field with responses collated in one place.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 12, 2017 at 4:29 am // Reply
      Yes Hugo,thank god that Anne Marie Waters was not blocked.Yes the greatest threat that we face is the Islamification of Britain,everything else is totally meaningless.
      Hugo,one of the first things the new leader must do is to overturn that disastrous pro
      bloody Halal policy,first seen in that most stupid Muslim Appeasing leaflet at Stoke,
      where Nutall failed us so spectacularly.Thank God he’s gone,the new leader must then get rid of the dullards responsible for that vile,and despicable and absurd change of policy.We also need to get rid of the rotten cabal,who care more about themselves than my beloved Party,these bullies must go,they have lost us so much support,we have lost over 20% of our members,as well as huge loss of support from the general public.Also all those who attacked Anne Marie Waters,have brought the party into,disreput,how bloody dare they criticise Anne Marie because she said that Islam was evil,they show them themselves up to be both spiteful and stupid,and they should not longer be standing in the leadership election,they have nothing to offer,they all represent the past,Etheridge has gone,he at least could see how little support he had,so Coburn and Collins why can’t you.
      Everyone click my two links and read what I and others have to say about this sheer bloody minded madness,we must face Islam or die,if we don’t rise up soon it really will be too late.Still don’t believe me,then google up:Is.Sweden a Failed State.

      • All candidates must get up to speed on Islam. I know that Ben Walker is doing so – I am in email correspondence with him. He has purchased the Koran and is reading it. Ben is also strongly opposed to non-stun abattoirs. I see this is a key battleground for UKIP – we must assert the important principle of “one law for all”, with zero tolerance of special exemptions from the one law – given to religious special pleading. Zero tolerance of Sharia Councils too.

        Zero tolerance of Sharia finance too, which the daft Cameron introduced with Sharia bonds. It is the imposition of Sharia law via the back door.
        It makes me laugh though that if the Commons is relocated to a building which was sold off via a Sharia bond – they will not be permitted to drink alcohol. Hoist by their own petard!

        Maybe AMW will win, or maybe not – I don’t know. However whoever does win should not allow her skill, enthusiasm, and knowledge to go to waste. She should hold a prominent role, whatever the outcome.

        • “He has purchased the Koran and is reading it.” He would do better to buy a copy of McLoughlin and Robinson’s “Mohammed’s Koran”. After the first 100 pages the rest of it is the Pickthall translation of the Koran, but with the chapters ordered in reverse chronological order with all the abrogated verses crossed out and footnoted. The main thrust of the religion is therefore much easier to understand.

          • Keith, many thanks for pointing this out. Yes, the chronological order is key. It is absolutely necessary to understand the principle of “abrogation”.

      • Geoffrey I agree, but can I gently remind people that it was actually Nigel that ‘revised’ the Halal policy. However, as Citizenk remarked somewhere, many of the ‘old guard’ may have listened to his dissing of AMW and vote for the safety of ‘a well-known person’. It may be unpopular with some to say it, but I truly believe that if Anne Marie should win, which I fear is unlikely, she will provide a home in UKIP for so very many that feel disenfranchised because no-one speaks for them. Would her Deputy Stuart Agnew sort out the NEC? Hopefully. He has always been his own man, which is a huge advantage.

  14. Looking from the ‘outside in’, merely as a UKIP supporter rather than as a paid-up member, first of all I’d like to wish all the candidates the very best of luck.

    Personally, having read some great contributions here, there are two stand-out candidates for me: David Kurten and Anne Marie Waters.

    Nothing against the other candidates, but I feel that at 11, the number does seem a bit excessive. Then again, at least there is an element of choice for members to pick from, after all the Lib-Dem leadership ‘contest’ only had one candidate, Vince Cable! And then again, Theresa May became leader of the Tories, and subsequently Prime Minister, after all her rivals mysteriously dropped out!

    UKIP has a lot of ground to regain, and after Nigel Farage, any new leader was always going to be a tough act to follow. For some time, I did think that Steven Woolfe would have been a perfect leader, calmly spoken and not easily phased by difficult questions. Paul Nuttall seemed a ‘nice bloke’, but when appearing on TV debates, had a tendency to come across as unnecessarily ‘aggressive’ when provoked (perhaps unintentionally due to the Scouse accent), something any new UKIP leader will have to expect.

    I know a lot of people who voted UKIP in 2015 (because of Farage), but went back to the Tories in 2017 (because of Nuttall and Corbyn!). I just hope that the next UKIP leader can claw most of those people back, and as it has been stated here already, by challenging the status quo.

    Best of luck!

    • “Not easily fazed by difficult questions” – a strange definition for “let’s step nextdoor and settle things mano á mano”, and then there was the resignation from the party, which meant awkward medical proof never had to be presented… ?

  15. Does that mean we now love the NEC and all previous criticism is nullified?

    I trust they will have no trouble in endorsing the new leader whoever he or she is and will actively support whatever radical(legal) initiatives are proposed including a reasonable form of consulting grass roots on policy and perhaps the introduction of an on line voting system.

    Oh and a proper information to members service, surely if the public have a parliamentary right nationally to the disclosure of information, surely members of UKIP have an equal right (Full minutes for instance – not just a Jonathan Arnott precis)

    Oh! and best wishes to the first X1, just bowl straight and bat stylishly, I`m sure the best Captain will emerge.

    • No, Roger, is the answer to loving the NEC! They did the right thing, but I think they knew the fall out would have been colossal. So actually, we love the members, most of whom we were passionate about the principle involved. Those opposing AMW standing seemed somewhat lacking in the principle department. Luckily, the NEC ‘got it’.
      What members want now is (I’m almost moved to use CAPITALS!) a complete end to smears and insinuations, especially from members who are in positions of authority within the Party. The Press will be watching, and Party loyalty must come first.

    • No, I think the NEC had a good deep think about the way the support was going and decided that, rather than tear UKIP apart, all candidates should be allowed to run. The outside vetting process was an escape mechanism which I suspect they decided not to use; I’d love to see the recommendations from the vetting process.

      • iMac, while the NEC unquestionably took the right decision, was more money just poured down the drain on a ‘vetting process’ unnecessarily? Someone should answer for that imo.

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