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Leadership and the Future.

Those who frequent these pages will be familiar with my political views over the years as expressed in some 69 articles published in the Daily.

The absence of appropriate clarity and vision in the party and a dearth of candidates with only broad generalisations or single-issue focus supporting their campaigns,has prompted me to enter this leadership contest. It will still be a miracle if we achieve a successful result, simply because, as is the case with most administrative things within UKIP, the election process is flawed, but at least a substantive argument for a political direction will be made. Whether it will be heard or not, though, is another matter.

I’m still in the process of collecting assenters. My campaign website contains a wider portfolio of ideas in written and video format and is being added to regularly. Alternatively you can email me at, so do that if you want to support me.

This article has two parts. The first is about leadership; the second a very clear and supported description of what we can do as a small party to increase support and begin a return to relevance.


Leaders are of their time. When that time has passed, and if they remain in a leadership position, they become the captives of their ideas and their infrastructure, unable, any more, to develop or excite,so rest in the subordinate roles of managers or facilitators, though the title of leader may often remain. That which embodied the ethereal quality of leadership is no more, because the flame has died.

Before becoming leaders, they would have been innovators, perhaps even campaigners, often at odds with the existing regime, or the norms of the day. Much time would have been spent thinking,because that is where the vision is born, where the ideas are created and honed. Typically, the battle to express and enact those thoughts and ideas will be an uphill one.This is why deputy leaders or closely associated people can never make leaders themselves as their positions aren’t born of the same uniqueness but of patronage and servitude. When in the shadow of a leader, some of the celebrity might rub off but none of the quality. We have to be very careful not to make the same mistakes again.

The exertion of leadership is why they are of their time, because the effort to see the vision through takes away all the space that used to be there for the construction of the dream. All one’s energy is expended in cementing the ideology in place, protecting it from lesser people who would wish to destroy the aims, often from within one’s own camp, so leaders are often undone or frustrated by their closest enemies; a process that builds when the flame begins to weaken.

It takes a particular set of circumstances to bring a leader to the fore. Often, those who could achieve are overlooked, or ignored, for an unthinking preference of the mundane, or the celebrity of office, or some other unearned advantage. In reality, these usurpers are people who could be nothing other than followers whatever their appearance might be.

This is one of those times for UKIP. Do we want a leader or a facilitator? We’ve had one leader and know what that feels like, so perhaps we need to look more closely at the current opportunities that present.

I have a vision. Whether that sees fruition, or indeed, if it is any good, will only be revealed in time, but I urge you to stimulate your critical abilities and mark out for yourselves a set of internal criteria for determining leadership quality, then judge the candidates in accordance with them. Don’t be fooled by the superficial; look for the vision.

Our party is at a crossroads; if we get this wrong it could be the end. Already members are haemorrhaging away, so whoever is to turn that around must be quite different. I urge you to look at the clarity and purpose of the arguments and not the noise. Remember, it is not our remaining members who need to be convinced but the millions of people who desperately need a political approach that will truly seek to solve the structural and economic problems of today.

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About David Allen (89 Articles)
Author and political innovator. UKIP Borough Council candidate 2016, KCC candidate 2017, Parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood 2017 in which he saved his deposit.

21 Comments on Leadership and the Future.

  1. Toby Micklethwait // July 12, 2017 at 8:13 am // Reply

    Dear team,,_2017

    “At least 18 of the party’s 20 MEPs were reported to be considering resigning”

    Has anyone worked out why most of our MEPs oppose the idea of AMW leading the party?

    AMW’s policies seem exactly in line with UKIP’s 2017 manifesto pages 34-38, so … no explanation there.

    Is it because AMW is head and shoulders above most of our MEPs in ability, intelligence, and courage?

    Is it because our MEPs fear an honest eye being cast over their use of EU money?

    Is it because UKIP Central fears someone honest having a good look UKIP’s accounts, membership list, rigging of elections and misuse of the rulebook?

    I want a leader who will remove the corruption from the party. Is that going to be possible?

    The new leader will need to be tough.

    Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • Toby I honestly am a mixture of furious and ashamed at all this ridiculous posturing by our (mostly) talentless MEP’s. I don’t think any worth their salt are having anything to do with this disgraceful behavior, which puts UKIP in a very bad light in the eyes of the public. Not because of Anne Marie imo, but this is behavior worthy of Anna Soubry and her ilk, and what the public have come to expect from politics. UKIP’s boast that it was different now looks hollow indeed.

    • Toby, I suspect it is because anyone with an IQ greater than that of a brick realise that if AM Waters becomes the next UKIP leader then UKIP will be branded BNP2, regardless if she is far right or not (Most know my view on that).

      Now considering she has Jack Buckby has her campaign manager, I highly suspect she will not be on the ballot papers and that will be a shame because it will cause a lot of unnecessary discontent within UKIP but then no one told her to pick the BNP poster boy, did they.

      If they do allow her to stand I do think it will be a two horse race between her and JRE and the Poll I am running on my website is clearly indicating that. but it is early days, so do keep an eye on it.

      All the very best of luck to all candidates that have shown their willingness to grab that poisoned chalice, whoever does win will have a seriously hard time trying to save UKIP after the past 9 months of idiocracy.

  2. I think UKIP’s last hope is AMW and if she’s defeated by the hopefuls, navel gazers, or Party constitution obstructing new supporters, it deserves its fate.

    I don’t mean to be rude to David or anyone else ( still like his F2PTP idea) but Without Nigel we are a Party of nonentities who got trashed last election when It became a straight fight between Corbyn and May, she who is either politically autistic or is deliberately scuppering Brexit. Either way, Our fight there is done.

    If May jumps, is pushed or just foxtrot oscars, someone like the Mogg might just pull it off but there’s nothing there for ukip right now.

    The biggest issue now, indeed the only issue in town that will engage the electorate is Islam/sharia and no one is better qualified to do that than AMW. Calm, knowledgeable, relentlessly committed and totally blunt, where her opponents will be frightened to tread. But She can’t do it by herself. We need a leader who will speak out. Challenge the establishment orthodoxy. And the fear of being called out for doing so.

    If she does win here we know the MSM will be over her like a rash. We know she’s not single issue and we know she has some genuinely good ideas. But if ukip cannot get behind her, take on the media, develop an online presence and party structure as she suggests, broaden the message beyond Islam and sharia and fully engage on the one issue that right now resonates with the electorate, then what has ukip become?

    20 years ago we’d hardly heard of isharia. 2 years ago Merkel unleashed the end of Europe as we know it. And most people still don’t understand why. But they can see the consequences and are frightened by the establishments refusal to engage. Or be honest.

    There is UKIP’s issue. And there for the time being is a candidate genuinely qualified to run with it, and give this party it’s chance to rebuild, get better organised, find its mojo and become genuinely radical again. Be a real shame to blow it. And for what?

    • Alan, I fully agree. The only trouble is, Britain cannot afford to lose the time it will take to set up a new Party if UKIP blows it. If I were a millionaire…..

  3. Hugo van Randwyck // July 11, 2017 at 6:27 pm // Reply

    I like hearing about professionalising and appealing to more voters, avoiding ‘extreme’ as far as current public opinion is. Starting with the answer of 326+ MPs and 250,000 + members. What sort of professionalism is needed to achieve that, what sort of incremental polices i.e. looking at current policies and making them incremental.
    Some previous articles may be helpful
    Leadership Academy


    UKIP could be 30% in the polls in 3 months, using change management processes. I have helped a company increase sales by 10% a week.

  4. Your entry has been removed for the second time today, Dave. Suggest you add again, including a citation to your website (look at the other entries to see how its done)…

  5. Why not just publish your Manifesto here, on this site ?
    Even if it duplicates material elsewhere this would cost you nothing, and be easier for people to refer to, especially when seeking to compare manifestos.

  6. Good luck Dave. I hope whoever wins the leadership race will include you in their team. You are a man of fine qualities and that understated English intellect which has served this country well at times of danger. Having said all that I will still be supporting AMW as she has a good portfolio of policies and fully encompasses the type of ‘leader of destiny’ that you outline in your above article. AMW has a sense of her own destiny and this at times must greatly unsettle her but the very future nay survival of our country depends upon her success in the coming UKIP election. AMW is still young and that also is a bonus as we are in for a political fight of titanic proportions ( equivalent to the English Civil War)which may last for decades.
    If AMW wins then the party will double and double and double and double again over the next 3-4 years* and AMW will need two things. Firstly a kitchen cabinet of loyal advisers and secondly a loyal guard to protect her from harm. There will be people out there maybe in power now who will try to prevent the AMW revolution sweeping the country (to glory).
    *Poss up to 250-350,000 members and after that it could be a movement encompassing millions. It will be de rigeur in the New Society to have been a long term oldie UKIPPER. Bye bye to the MSM and political has beens red blue green and yellow.

    • I understand youre sentiment but can see no substantive reasonbing for your, quite laudible, optimism. As it happens I have heard AMW speak, I have contributed to Sharia Watch, and support the objectives of her campaign for the truth about Islam. In that sense I am not an enemy. However, I also see nothing but disaster for the party were she to be elected leader. The very nature of her campaign and the subject matter makes her divisive, not because she is unreasonable, or extreme, because she is not, but the subject matter certainly is.
      We need to be a strong and broad political party, or at least that’s what I want, and I strongly believe that the best way to achieve the aims of eliminating Islamic terrorism and the sectarian nature of their communities is from a position of strength and not one of weakness, which is where we are now. We, perhaps agree on substance but certainly not strategy.

      • Many thanks for your response David – you certainly have a lot more to offer UKIP than some of our present ‘self appointed’ elite. I suggest that anyone interested in seeing the depth of AMW’s ideology should watch her leadership campaign launch speech (Rotherham 1st July 2017) on you tube which includes opening statement by Stuart Agnew MEP and is followed by Q & A. Unlike the farcical Q&A sessions at previous hustings etc by previous candidates AMW allows an open mike situation so you may observe her depth of study of The Way To Victory for UKIP. Our homeland does not need a safe pair of hands, it requires a clean pair of hands. Some MEPs standing for leader are under the false assumption that because of being MEPs they are natural leadership material. They would lead the party to extinction.

      • David I have to agree with ck I’m afraid, and observe that it is the fear of being divisive – a fear manufactured by lefties and MSM – that has always stopped us having the conversation needed about how to protect our country and those who live here from creeping Sharia which is Islam unreformed.
        In my opinion it is a siren song to say let’s have all these really nice policies and get people to love us and ‘ then’ we can deal with the massive problem we dare not speak of. All the while we are weak the Globalist grip gets stronger. We fight for all of Britain, including Muslims who want reform. Have policies that will be the solution to the Islamization problem and people will flock to UKIP. Comment on Twitter from an ex Tory who has just joined UKIP because she wants to support Anne, she sees it as essential. There are very many like her, and more to come. If it wasn’t for the uncertainty as to both whether Anne Marie will be blocked and voting date (apparently Minutes record NEC voting 7 to 1 that August 6th cut-off date) many more would have already joined – although the Leadership contest is, to my mind, shambolic, as is the state of UKIP. That shows you how desperate people actually are.

        • As I said, I understand your optimism, but it simply is just that. I think you underestimate the scale and strength of ‘moderate’ opposition. It is much better to win the argument, gain the understanding then act. This is simply not the subject to gain universal support and the party doesn’t need another one trick pony. Resolving the problems associated with Islamification, or Islamism must be faced but within a broader political vision because a political party must be more than that. I think AMW should stand but the party would end were she to be elected. We are not a party to be used for a single issue campaign, but should embrace this subject as a part of a wider portfolio.

          • David. You are highlighting the main issue in this leadership decision. We have time to thoroughly discuss this. The election is not for some time. AMW manifesto is broad. I look forward to hearing your further opinion in the coming weeks.

      • David. Thank you for standing for the leadership. There is sufficient time to familiarise ourselves with the proposed policies of all the candidates.
        I would be interested to know which of AMWs policies are divisive and find out about how you would tackle the major issues facing the nation.
        To me AMWs manifesto is full of common sense. AMW is controversial because she talks about the issues the elites prefer to avoid.
        So what do we do? Keep public discourse respectable and avoid what controversial as now. How would you tackle matters without being divisive? I think the UK is already divided and AMW is just talking about the issues that divide us – she is exposing the divide – not creating it.
        But true – an AMW leadership would probably be divisive for UKIP – but again that is because opinion within the party is divided and AMW would just be bringing that matter to a head.
        But I will certainly study your manifesto and proposals.

  7. Interesting, David, how can we judge when we don’t know what your vision is? I agree UKIP desperately need one, the people of Britain desperately need one – many are crying out for someone who will lead us toward the future they themselves want for Britain. However, it isn’t enough to offer a vision – you also have to know what policies you will implement in order to achieve fulfillment of that vision.

  8. Good luck. I’ve added a placeholder for you to,_2017

    But please feel free to improve your entry

    • How odd that the party that has nailed its colours to the mast of proportional representation for all interparty elections (Local Authority, GE etc)keeps to the first past the post system for UKIP Party Leader!
      Within hours of the resignation of Leader Nuttall Interim Leader Crowther had been declared after a telephone round robin of some but not all NEC members. Perhaps the ‘three days’ should read ‘three hours’?
      How interesting that the only candidate identified as “extreme right wing tendencies” by the inclusion of “ex EDL leader” Tommy Robinson’s name is AM Waters? Tommy Robinson is now UK correspondent for REBELMEDIA which cannot be termed extreme rightwing. As far as I know the EDL no longer exists. As far as I know Tommy Robinson is not a UKIP member. Perhaps for balance some facts about Coburn and Etheridge could be included – possibly the latter’s written attack on AMW’s supporters as neo nazis in the Daily Mirror and thus bringing the party into disrepute. If he wins you can expect a formal complaint. From the branch constituency I am a member of.

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