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ITV’s “Undercover – Inside Britain’s Far Right”. A Review

This programme (broadcast on Thursday 9th November) was promoted as a shocking exposure of Anne Marie Waters and her ‘far right’ policies. What it turned out to be was an exposure of far-left propaganda because for some reason the far left organisation ‘Hope not Hate’ was allowed to give the ‘balanced’ view, interpreting the video clips shown

Let’s start at the back: this programme was in the making for one year – one whole year! A year ago, AMW wasn’t even on the radar of most Kippers, never mind running for leader. Recall: a year ago we had Paul Nuttall running for leadership …

So obviously this programme did not start out as hit piece on AMW. Right at the end, one got a glimpse of why that programme commissioned: to throw a light on “Britain First”, in the wake of the murder on Jo Cox MP – her murderer was supposedly engaged in ‘Britain First’. It was probably aimed to be broadcast on the anniversary of her murder. So what has that got to do with AMW? Precisely nothing. But see below.

Three intrepid female journalists set out to create false identities online, fabricating images of themselves as far-right extremist supporters in the hope of being able to get into the ‘inner circles’ of those awfully dangerous organisations.

Not one meme, not one slogan was left out, from ‘US alt-right’ to ‘EU-wide’ youth movements like ‘Generation Identitaire’, and of course ‘White Supremacists’. Never mind that ‘White Supremacists’ are a very recent meme, coming from the USA well after this programme was conceived and started. ‘Events’ are reported in voice-overs pregnant with impending doom and danger, followed by the ‘reasonable’ interpretations by Nick Lowles, HnH head: all done up ever so tastefully, like ‘cinema vérité, in a bare room with the odd screen and spotlight. Some other HnH bloke was also wheeled out – sorry, I didn’t catch his name.

We got clips of AMW at the PEGIDA march from 2016, of her at the Manchester march after the attack at the Manchester arena. The undercover journalist ‘Hazel’ is always shocked how AMW ‘is seen’ with such other horrible people like Tommy Robinson.

Another undercover journalist, ‘Mary’, goes after ‘Britain First’, ‘Sarah’, the last of the trio, goes for the BNP.

They follow these fearsome ‘alt-far-right white’ groups to places like Rotherham or Rochester, but not one word – not one! – do they find to mention what happened in these towns: gang rapes and grooming of underage white girls. No, it must be the pure hatred of those people which makes them chant ‘pedo, pedo’ at muslim pedestrians! 

‘Hazel’ managed to write a blog at the HuffPo about her ‘experience’. It’s worth quoting because it regurgitates the points made in the programme by HnH:

What I discovered was that far from being the old image of skinheads with jackboots and swastika tattoos, those who identify with the far right now are much more likely to be wearing Barbour or North Face clothes, and have sharp haircuts.”

Blimey – that must have been shocking!

“They use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blogs and podcasts to get their views across, which connects with young people. This image change is actually drawing women in.”

Good grief – they are capable of using social media? Shocking! Social media are the exclusive preserve of HnH, Momentum, all the SJWs and of course the wonderful Establishment media of which ’Hazel’ is a part. And – women go to these events? Shocking!

“The fact they seemed so ordinary – and welcoming – was a surprise. Yet underneath the gloss and the friendliness, it became clear that some of the same old attitudes remain.”

So beware these ordinary people! Do not think for a moment that they just may have a point when they are against immigration and islamification! Everybody of a HnH mind must look immediately for their hidden, extreme far-right agenda.

As ‘Hazel’ pats herself on the back (careful you don’t dislocate your shoulder, dearie) about her incredible courage ‘infiltrating the inner circle’ of AMW and her friends, shuddering when discovering ‘sinister undertones’ in every phonecall and overheard remark, let’s be plain: this programme should be referred to the Office of Fair Trading because it did not do what was promised ‘on the tin’.

We were promised an expose of AMW’s past. We got one (!) mention that she used to be a Labour activist – that was over within five seconds. (One wonders if the HnH ‘advisers’ counselled to keep that fact well buried …).

We were shown some video clips of the UKIP Conference – just before the results were announced. It would seem that ‘Hazel’, like most everybody else in the MSM, thought AMW would win and thus thought she’d have a wonderful scoop on her hands, being in the ‘inner circle’ and all. (HnH must have been salivating. And now all their work was for nothing …)

We did not get a balanced view of the threatening ‘far right’. We got video clips, but the HnH advisers and shocked ‘Hazel’ were conspicuously blind on their left eyes: Antifa, Greenpeace – they all held and hold training camps for activists. They all use social media, as do jihadis, organised worldwide.

The worst however was the brief interview with a former Head of Terrorism at Scotland Yard, Richard Walton. He sees the internet/social media as the true culprits for the “increase in far-right terrorism”, mentioning also the Left and jihadis. That is the one frightening point in the whole programme: the threat by the authorities to free speech in the name of combating terrorism.

My verdict: the producers of this programme at first wanted something scary on ‘Britain First’ because Jo Cox MP’s murderer was allegedly a member, widening the scope to include other far right groups. Thus they set up undercover journalists who worked on this project – for one year!

Events overtook them while they collected their material: the Manchester Bombing and AMW announcing her candidacy for the UKIP Leadership.

I believe that the Identitarian Group was initially the third subject of this programme, the others being Britain First and the BNP. Their video clips were simply stitched into the programme without rhyme nor reason because AMW standing as UKIP leader and then losing threw the whole thing into disarray.

The video editors must have been very busy to give this production some semblance of cohesion. They did it by interspersing clips with continuous interpretations, explanations and subliminal thwarting of reality which the two HnH representatives provided in ponderous pronouncements, and by the voice-overs insinuating doom-and-gloom. The whole programme should really have been called “How ‘Hope not Hate’ sees the new Right”.

Remember my reference above to Jo Cox, the murdered MP? HnH was one beneficiary of the funds raised by the public in her memory. Coincidence? You may very well think so – I couldn’t possibly comment …


[Ed: read also “Undercover Hardcash Productions – ITV, 9-11-17”]

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50 Comments on ITV’s “Undercover – Inside Britain’s Far Right”. A Review

  1. A very interesting review I have only just come across. For a detailed evisceration of this poor programme from left field, have a look at this
    I clearly don’t regard Hope Not Hate as Leftist but agree they should be the subject of a documentary

  2. Dear Viv,

    I notice Nick Lowles of HnH was listed in the credits as a ‘consultant’, so clearly the whole programme was an alt-Left HnH propaganda piece.

  3. AMW is a provocative neo-Nazi who, along with a bunch of attention-seeking, self-congratulatory and ignorant acolytes, like Jack Buckby, Tommy Robinson and others, has managed to get perhaps a thousand of ex-UKIP mugs to fund her lifestyle and her indulgence in blaming a tiny group of religious fanatics for the woes of the whole country.
    Until or unless UKIP gets real and tackles the REAL issues that face us, such as the atrocious drop in living standards, a crumbling infrastructure and crime, then it will wither and die as a political movement.
    Let me state, right now, that the absurd conspiracy theories oft repeated on this site , citing ‘global conspiracy’ ‘cultural marxism’ ‘MSM elitism’ and ‘Sharia law’ laced with repetitive non-evidence gleaned from Breitbart, The Rebel and Info Wars – all commercially active entities after your money by the way- only go to show that a lot of people can be fooled a lot of the time.
    UKIP needs to grow up and engage with real issues. The price of butter in your shopping basket is a damned sight more important than rattling on about George Soros or the New World Order. Equally the leadership of UKIP needs to establish exactly what direction it wants to go in. Stop talking about burqas and start figuring out how to best fund the NHS and preventing kids having acid thrown in their faces. Stop whining about the BBC and get your own communications in order. And finally, become accountable to your members, and fast. UKIP should not be a money tree to fund a bunch of unrepresentative ‘leaders’ indulging in ‘proper f****** lunches’ and back slapping junkets whilst active members pace the streets with no funding trying- now this is the general idea- to get votes.
    On Remembrance Day, lets remember. No Votes + No MP’s = No Power.

    • Whilst I agree with your general thrust that UKIP needs to get its act together, there are some glaring contradictions in what you say. First, AMW is not a nazi, neo- or old school. Is Gerard Batten a nazi? He shares her views. Lord Pearson? Second, being provocative and attention seeking are the characteristics required of a supposedly radical political party! This is how Nigel was successful, and remains successful. Third, UKIP needs its own media outlet like the Rebel or Breitbart and yes, these things need money and can be commercial.

    • Mr Bav over 70,000 people attended the Football Lads March which was an anti-Islam march in all but name. I don’t think you’re seeing the bigger picture. A wise man once told me ‘If the people want sausages, give them sausages.’ Rightly or wrongly the people right now want an anti-Islam party. If that party isn’t UKIP then they’ll go somewhere else for it.

      • Not anti- Islam enough to join AMW though, or she would have 70000 members rather than perhaps a thousand. Mind you they are not exactly flocking to UKIP either…!
        It’s Labour and surprisingly the Liberals who are getting the numbers. In fact if you look up the private donations to the Liberals ( Electoral Commission stats ) they are doing really well. UKIP is not. AMW is not on the lists.

        • Last week you said she only had a couple of hundred members. It turns out she has 1500 and she will have at least a couple of thousand by the end of the year and perhaps five thousand by the middle of next year. That’s without a £2.5 million staff salary bill and large donors. UKIP I understand has about 12,000 and dropping. I think she’s doing pretty well since you’ve only been able to join for two weeks. With regard to donations and donors I’m sure like annual accounts those records need only be submitted once a year.

          • Can’t really dispute the numbers as I don’t have the facts, but I reckon you could well be accurate regarding future numbers for AMW

          • Our salary bill is far, far below £2.5m. We only employ 14 staff, about what LabCon employ in their social media dept. We can’t spend what we don’t have. I’m certain HB will drive our membership forward as he grows into his role and drives UKIP forward

          • This £2.5million figure is the annual amount of money (roughly) that the 21 MEPs on Henry’s cabinet receive in salary and expenses, not the salary costs of the UKIP permanent staff. That money should be spent on their EU Parliament duties. But with that financial cushion, they still should have a lot of spare time to devote to party matters.

        • The FLA don’t need to join UKIP or AMW’s party – they’re doing very nicely by themselves thank you. UKIP attracted 4 million voters at one time – they couldn’t get 70 to join a march nowadays. Why not? They’re not radical – and as far as I can tell they have no policies that might qualify as such.

    • If you believe that their is no connection between the ‘drop in living standards, a crumbling infrastructure and crime’, and the mass influx of people from the third world, then you have not been paying attention.
      The mass importation of people from countries with low GDP per capita to high GDP per capita does not raise the performance of the imports, it merely puts additional costs on the indigenous people who created the first world standards. What we are witnessing is the deliberate destruction of Western Civilisation by an enemy within the gate which must be destroyed: the price of butter is a secondary issue.

    • I would agree with much is what you say about the new direction for UKIP, the need to offer broader appeal and greater member engagement. However, you may have missed something. These comments were for the old UKIP. A leadership election has taken place where Waters lost, the old guard lost and the changes you see as necessary are being progressed as we speak.
      We must be prepared to address all issues and it is important that we propose sound and effective political solutions to combat Islamic terrorism, which remains a major security concern. Preventing the blowing up of kids in concert halls or mowing down pedestrians is more important than the price of butter, as is freedom, as is justice, as is self determination. Time and time again people have given their lives for these fundamental principles, for without them economic welfare doesn’t get a look in. Our task is a return to relevance, which in turn garners support, which in turn changes voting intentions. We have a real task ahead of us.

      • Hi David
        I agree, of course security matters. No party can ignore the defence of the realm and its people as the very first duty of government.
        However I doubt even Mr Corbyn would dare ignore that as its a given.
        There is though, no immediate catastrophic threat to the country from Islam. The ‘terrorists’ so far are few in number and despite the casualties , upsetting as they are, this is not on a scale that warrants it being the primary obsession of any party. A handful of nutters with knives and trucks are not the Luftwaffe or the Red Army. We cannot allow it to disrupt normal life. Or the bastards win.
        Thats why the economy comes first, but I entirely agree with your last words…
        // “Our task is a return to relevance, which in turn garners support, which in turn changes voting intentions. We have a real task ahead of us. //

        Amen to that. In fact it should be our mission statement. !

        • Mystery why the Islamics use terrorism here when the demographics mean they can take power from a regime too rotten even to defend its own long-term existence let alone ours.

    • Here are For Britain’s policies:

      Which policy makes you think AMW is a neo-Nazi, Mr. Bav? Please QUOTE it and explain why you think that.

      You won’t give a straight answer because you can’t, can you? She doesn’t have any neo-Nazi policies.

      • I can’t find any smoking gun against Hitler either. Its an historians holy grail . In no document anywhere is there a reference from Hitler about gassing Jews.
        That’s the trouble with Fascists. They hide behind respectability and the nation state. They recruit from the gullible and the weak minded.
        Then they murder.

        • Ah got you Mr.Bav.
          It`s the Nation State that gets up your nose.
          In your final analysis you don`t really go along with the concept of democracy being governance by “the people” they are not to be trusted, much better to stick to the stability of “what we know”, our ancient institutions, our duplicitous legacy parties, our EU masters, he really believes in Cleggy`s mantra – we`re not good enough, we are a second class nation – we should keep our “appointed place”, that`s really in that care home for retired ancient European nations – our BOX – the EU, we`re not meant to think for ourselves, it`s the cradle of corporate mediocracy,
          BUT ….. it`s not democratic – it`s totalitarian enterprise we- the Grass Roots Don’t COUNT – in fact we are DANGEROUS and if David and his mate HB don`t see that our country is under attack from International corporatism, big business, Islamic culture and practice and Sharia law and all the pseudo left and rightwing isms then they are never going to put an effective UKIP together.
          It`s just going to be beige fudge – all the way, yes squeaky clean and fully PC, but beige boring and completely bu**ered.

      • Thanks for showing everyone that you have not one shred of evidence for your absurd claim that AMW is a neo-Nazi.

        • Is this a UKIP site or AMW’s?
          Looks like HB was right about entryism.

          • I challenged you to produce evidence to support your claim that AMW is a neo-Nazi. You couldn’t. A lie is a lie, whether it’s a HNH supporter or a UKIPper telling it.

    • As I understand Mr Bav the world is run by honest well-meaning people who would never slyly self-serve or propagandise ruthlessly and as is the MSM? May look tnat way down at Little Binding in the Marsh?

  4. This sort of bilge is forgotten by the next day by most viewers.

  5. Martin Sellner was attacked for trying to obstruct the ‘humanitarian’ work of NGOs in rescuing ‘refugees’ in the Mediterranean. Needless to say this was a deliberate falsehood as footage of the actual ‘refugees’ would have clearly demonstrated, which is why they, like the ‘children’ rescued from Calais, were not shown on film, either. What is actually taking place is a criminal conspiracy by the enemy within to import large numbers of almost exclusively single young adult sub-Saharan males in order to dilute our identity, facilitated by the unprovoked attack on Libya by David Cameron, Nicholas Sarkozy and “We came, we saw, he died!”.

    Nicholas Sarkozy’s views on the ‘imperative’ for white people, but not Arabs, to interbreed, can be found on YouTube, recorded in Canada in 2008. When will people wake up and smell the coffee?

  6. Good review and fair comment, Viv.
    I found nothing shocking except perhaps a few common or garden expletives denoting frustration. However, what I found particularly nauseating was the admission in Paul Oakden’s message last night that he and UKIP HQ had colluded with Hardcash and Hate not Hope- not exactly our friends – to diss and misrepresent again A-MW ‘s campaign to become leader. Since she came second there must be thousands of members who are severely disenchanted at such gross behaviour at the top.
    Did anyone notice Oakden failed to say anything about the two red hot issues: PESCO integration of our armed forces and procurement under EU rule and OUT NOW CAMPAIGN …. not a dickie. Shocking, quite shocking!

    • PO is obviously putting himself in the shop window to find a new job, most likely with tories, so he has to toe their line now.

  7. Thanks for the informative review Viv.

    Just a quick comment on part of the UKIP statement in Paul Oakden’s email:
    ‘The NEC allowing her to stand was based on a belief that our membership had a right to decide whether UKIP should allow itself to become a single issue, anti-Islam party. Thankfully, it comprehensively rejected that approach. Ms Waters is no longer a member of our party, having discovered that her extreme views have no place in UKIP.’

    But Anne Marie’s views on Islam are largely shared by JRE and DK.
    JRE produced a specific 22-page manifesto entitled ‘Tackling the Islamification of Britain’.
    And David Kurten answered in a questionaire:
    ‘The Qur’an, Hadith and Sharia Law all contain violent verses which incite violence – in some cases to kill Jews, Christians, unbelievers, apostates, homosexuals and ex-Muslims. Some Muslims do not take these verses literally, but many do, particularly Wahhabis and Salafists, and want to apply all Islamic writings in all times and all places.

    And in the leadership election Anne Marie received 2755 votes, David Kurton 2201 votes and JRE 2021 votes.
    Combined total 6977 votes (54%).

    Henry Bolton received 3874 votes (30%).

    How did the leadership manage to arrive at a ‘comprehensive rejection’ of AMW’s views from that?

    • And herein lies the problem, Henry seems to be ‘my way or the highway’ but if that is the case then 70% of people will leave as he only got 30%. He seems to lack good grace and the humility to understand the limited mandate he received.

    • …I tell you why Howard, because far to many on the top table of UKIP are suffering from delusions of grandeur, a desire to blend into bland main stream establishment friendly ways and control freakery derived from jealousy of Anne Maries ability to compellingly and authoritatively talk about not only Islam, but every other contemporary political issue ( take a look at her manifesto )

      • I’ve heard Ms Waters speak on many occasions and I’ve yet to hear any strategy, plan or solutions proposed. As for being authoritative on other issues, I beg to disagree, my experience would suggest exactly the opposite. If you were to present cogent argument you may get somewhere but, as usual it’s all simply attitude venting. But, then again, that’s what you get from cheerleaders.

    • Howard, there was this questionnaire:

      I have no idea whether Bolton has read the Koran, let alone understands “abrogation” and “taqiyya”.

      I cannot see the purpose of UKIP beyond Brexit, unless it will address the difficult issues which the other parties are shying away from.

      It is vitally important that the leader and seniour members of the party should have a clear and honest understanding of Islam.

      I sent my questionnaire to Bolton and received no reply at all. Not even a brief email declining to answer it. He did not reply to two reminders either.

      I am sure that JRE, DK, and AMW all understand Islam, and Ben Walker was quickly getting up to speed on it. If either JRE or DK had stood down and recommended their supporters vote for AMW, she might well have won.

      At a recent branch meeting about three quarters of those attending were either ex-members, or were considering joining AMW. And these are the keen ones – together we have delivered tens of thousands of leaflets and held street stalls etc. If HB wants to turn this around, he has to rapidly demonstrate that he understands Islam and its associated evils.

      • Hugo, I’m not sure you understand the underlying and fundamental contradiction that the concept of abrogation creates. It’s never a good idea to charge one with ignorance when lacking oneself.

      • Thanks Hugo. The questionnaire is a welcome reminder, firstly of a series of very important questions and secondly, of the enlightening absence of answers from several candidates.

        I think your comment also reflects accurately the serious problems UKIP currently faces. I agree that the future of the party is looking very uncertain at the moment.

        P.S. On a more cheerful note, how’s the giraffe burka doing these days? Still comfortable?

  8. What a tedious programme. It was hard to stay awake for the revelations. Were there any or did I nod off?

    Hope not Hate were judge and jury. Can we expect an investigative programme into HNH? Like heck we can.

    I wonder how much the 3 undercover reporters were paid for coming up with nothing new whatsoever.

    AMW is brave and honest with the vision and passion that earns my total respect. This programme endorsed my respect for her.

    Not one statement that she made was a surprise or a shock. What you see and hear at hustings is the same as when she is with her ‘friend,’Even when being driven to Torquay for the conference by that friend /undercover reporter who had been shadowing her for a year her message was the same. Just a tad fruitier.

    With her as UKIP leader we would have had a strong direction and vitality that would have alienated some members but I suspect that over the passage of time we would have a revitalised party as opposed to a forever diminishing presence which is the way we seem to be heading.

  9. I’ve joined Anne Marie Waters in For Britain because UKIP is not any better placed than any other Party that lacks MP’s in fighting the BREXIT cause. And that has become their OWN ONE ISSUE.

    I want a moderate party that is in touch with issues the working class and forgotten. One that will freely talk about Islam and states that this needs discussion in Parliament. That will work with everyone no matter their race, faith, sex, sexuality on stopping the extremism within Islam spreading and causing the harm we see today.

    I’ve voted UKIP since 2002 and in the last election. I campaigned for Leave on the streets during the EU Referendum and now I’m willing to admit UKIP has done its job and is no longer the party that can bring any form of political change.

    For Britain!

  10. “It’s okay to be white”
    Freedom of speech is being able to state your opinion without fear of persecution or assault.

    I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it. That is true freedom!
    Who are they to tell us what speech is right or wrong who are they God? I will damn well say what I please. We our Ancestors have earned the right for us to say it.
    It is almost laughable the same hatchet job they do over and over again. They silence the truth for their lies time and time again.
    We don’t buy their nonsense anymore we can see the destruction on our streets of our way of life, since the inbred hordes came marching in.
    These leftist filth have sunk so low,their father is the father of lies.They know no other

  11. Good breakdown Viv.

    It seems for HnH the biggest threat to this country is some middle aged woman hiring a village hall and giving a speech to half a dozen geriatric BNP supporters. I guessed ITV edited out the part where she later raffled off a tin of Quality Street.

    On the show itself the production and investment was so cheap I suspect those reporters were probably on minimum wage. Did you notice the way the voice over actress used an Irish accent when quoting AMW? Totally pathetic.

    Anyway in my opinion Anne Marie Waters came out looking determined, brave and patriotic. In case you haven’t seen this one here is a recent video of hers on great form. Her points are polished and rational.

    She now has over 1500 members for her party so far and rising. Things are looking good.

  12. One depressing feature of current political debate is that so much of it is conducted by slogan rather than argument.

    For UKIP, when characterised as “far right” a response could be that that UKIP is in the centre, and the accuser perceives UKIP to be so far to the right only because of their viewpoint way off to the left.

  13. I suppose the Liberal left would call these people far right.

    This video is worth watching because this is exactly what is going to happen.

    “Britain Heading Towards A Civil War With Islam”

  14. It was pretty dull, but the worst aspect of it is its use by Paul Oakden in his Party Updates email yesterday to delineate for us Henry’s position on AMW. There is a whole section on this ITV documentary, which is basically a gloat about her losing and leaving. It says “The NEC allowing her to stand was based on a belief that our membership had a right to decide whether UKIP should allow itself to become a single issue, anti-Islam party. Thankfully, it comprehensively rejected that approach. Ms Waters is no longer a member of our party, having discovered that her extreme views have no place in UKIP.” and ” under Henry Bolton’s Leadership [UKIP] will never single out, persecute or discriminate against any group on account of its gender, sexuality, race or religion.” These words ‘her extreme views have no place in UKIP’ are problematic to me, as several senior members of the party share exactly the same views, and in fact have gone further, e.g. Gerard Batten’s desire for muslims to sign a pledge of loyalty, and you can find Lord Pearson’s speech to the house of lords online. Are we to continue the witch hunt to expel all such people? If not, is it not a little hypocritical? Bill Etheridge is certainly still going about his witch hunt. The point is, rather than defend the views of the Battens and Pearsons of the party, there is simply a meek and craven response to a program that was basically a party political broadcast for HNH. Many of us standing as candidates in elections have been targeted by HNH. Nigel has spoken many times about them. And yet this email from PO (the email is a copy of the response they sent in to ITV) not only fails to mention HNH and their history of attacking UKIP members PERSONALLY, but it even indirectly endorses their view that AMWs views were extreme when UKIP still has people with exactly the same views in senior positions. I would ask, where is the consistency here, and moreover, where is the fight? Where is the challenge and pushback? How are we different to the LibLabCon?

    • Graham UKIP is not different to LibLabCon. Many of the members maybe yes but the leadership no.

    • And his use of the straw man phrase that Ukip would “never single out, persecute or discriminate against any group on account of its gender, sexuality, race or religion,” implying that AMW would, is pathetic. He must know she wants our laws applied equally to all; how is that discriminatory? He’s once again shown himself no better than the underhand MSM.

  15. Thanks for a detailed review, I wasn’t going to but I recorded this and watched it myself yesterday evening.
    Perhaps it was just me, but I didn’t find it at all shocking, and it didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know already.
    I felt this was just aimed at the wrapped-up-in-cotton-wool fluffy liberal-left, certainly as you say Viv a lot of the clips being shown were really taken out of context – it showed people marching and chanting about Muslims being paedophiles, yet failed to even provide balance by explaining WHY these people were marching and saying these things.
    Perhaps in the interest of fairness, someone should produce a documentary ‘exposing’ the far-left in Britain, and telling the truth about Hope Not Hate?
    (Paul Oakden must have been so pleased to appear on national television, he even managed to send out an email to members and subscribers yesterday evening.)

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